me and my boyfriend

Big Dicks

hi yesterday my boy friend came to my house when i was alone and he had brought a pair of pink salwar kameez and a red silk saree with matching lingerie. when he arrived at home i was very happy as we both were alone for whole night at my house when he came i had just come out of bathroom after having a shower when i was taking my underwear to wear he stopped me and handed the panty he had brought to me and asked me to wear i smiled to him and wore that bahis siteleri panty after that he put on the bra and tied at the back side in me than i smiled and shy like a girl my eyes went down than he said sexy and handed me the salwar kameez to wear i closed the room and wore that and i was looking like a real lady when i came out of the room having wig on my head.that salwar kameez was a punjabi style and was looking good on me he said that “you canlı bahis siteleri are looking hot” and kissed me after that he started kissing me all over the body and asked me to play some songs we danced alot on the songs and kept loving each other . in the evening he asked me to change in to saree and i followed his instruction and wore the saree with matching blouse and peticoat.i put on lipstick and nail polish and some foundation on my face after canlı bahis that i cooked fod and served to my man we enjoyed the food and i noticed that my man was seeing me continuosly. after having food we went to sleep there my man made love to me he kissed me and started making me naked after that he holded my cock in his hand and said” girls should not get erection” i shyed at this and than he made me suck his cock and i enjoyed a lot after sucking his cock for few minutes he started licking my ass and penetrated his cock in my ass after taht i penetrated my cock in his ass and we both ejaculate that night we dont sleep and just loved each other. i enjoyed the night very much 

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