Me and My Cousin Ch. 02


Saturday morning I walked in the door of the house. I had been smart enough to take a shower using only water. I did not want to smell fresh and clean but I also did not want to smell like a night full of hot sweaty messy sex.

What I was not counting on was to be greeted at the door by my wife. She was butt naked and dripping wet. This was not common and I was sexually exhausted. My wife said to me “How was your night at work? I had hoped that I could help you fall asleep this morning by fucking you!”

I was intoxicated instantly by the smell of my wife. I could tell she was excited from two feet away. I said as confidently as I could, “Work was as good as it could be!” I moved toward my wife and began to kiss her. My cock responded instantly as the smell of her excitement was stronger when I moved toward her. I put my hand on her face as we kissed and worked it down her body. I came to a stop between her legs where I was met with a dripping wet pussy. I began to rub and she began to moan.

My wife is 34 with the curves of Beyonce. She has nice wide hips with a narrow waist. Her ass pops out and you could almost set a coffee cup on it. She has B cup tits and brown curly hair, with eyes that shift between green and brown. She is a swimmer so her muscles are long and lean.

She began to take my clothes off of me and when she got my cock free, she dropped to her knees and began to suck my dick like she has never done before. Two minutes in and I was about to blow my load in her mouth. Knowing this she took me to the bedroom where there were candles lit and an envelope on the bed. My wife said, ” I have a surprise for you, open it up!”

When I opened the envelope, what I saw froze me in place. My wife had gotten a hold of my camera and had copies of the last photos I took. Here in print form were the pictures of my cousin. I became nervous, but I will say my wife picked the hot photos. “I can explain,” I began.

“I don’t need an explanation!” retorted my wife. “I want to know what happened last night and don’t try to tell me you were at work! Good try by the way washing Leslie’s sent off of you!” What was weird is that she did not seem mad and if the way her pussy felt on my thigh was any indication, this was making my wife even more wet.

I escort izmir began from the start and told Chloe every detail, down to the very end where Leslie had told me she wanted me to fuck Michaela. I told her how many times we had sex and how many times we each came. By the end my cock was hard and Chloe had soaked my leg. For the last fifteen minutes she had been dry humping my leg rather she knew it or not, well not so dry humping I guess. When I was finished with the story, the only thing she did was move up my body, slide her pussy on my cock and begin fucking me. She grinded her cunt on my body like she never had. I felt her pussy muscles tense around me and she let out a sound I have never heard her make. Her pussy began to milk my cock and despite my thinking that I had no cum left in me I began to fill her pussy with my cum.

She stayed on top of me but laid down on my chest. My now softening cock was still inside her and I could feel our combined juices running out of her and onto me. The room smelled of sex and the silence was broken when Chloe said, “I knew anyway!”

I must have had a puzzled look on my face.

“The night the photos were taken when we had sex, I smelled spit on your dick. You were out of it but your camera was out so I took a look. The next morning when Leslie called, I knew why she was calling and I knew why you were so excited!”

“Then why did you let me go and why are you ok with this?” I asked.

“Because I figured you probably would not run off with your cousin, if it was anything sustained it would have to be an ongoing affair and we would still be together. Also we have talked about having a threesome. The addition of Michaela into the mix could be fun. Can’t you imaging having her 18 year old pussy on your face eating it out while I was fucking your cock, all while her and I were kissing. Or even Leslie and I sucking your cock as you watched.”

My cock began to harden at the thoughts of both of those possibilities. My wife moaned as my cock filled her pussy back up.

“Oh you like that you dirty old boy! You like the thought of your 18 year old cousins snatch sitting on your face. Smelling that young pussy! You like the idea of me teaching her how to eat pussy, while you stretch her escort izmir young pussy out with that cock of yours!” Chloe had not moved but my cock was at full attention inside of her. “You want to see Leslie and I on top of each other making out while you stand between our legs switching between the two of us.” It was with that statement my wife made that I blew my load inside of her for a second time. I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke it was dark outside. I heard talking coming from our living room. Then I heard a familiar laugh. Leslie was here. I quietly got out of bed to see what Leslie and Chloe were talking about. I heard Chloe say something but it was unclear. Then I heard Leslie, “what happened then Chloe?”

“He busted harder than I have ever felt him bust!” Chloe replied. “You two ladies do something to him for sure. This is going to be fun”

I had no idea that not only did Chloe know because of the pictures but that she was in on setting this all up. It made so much more sense now. I listened for a few more minutes to make certain that it was just Leslie and Chloe. Once I was certain, I entered the living room naked as the day I was born. I was already sporting a semi hard on. Chloe giggled as I walked into the room and Leslie jumped a little. I guess she was not expecting what Chloe and her had been talking about to happen so soon.

“I’m going to grab a quick shower. What do you two ladies say you get ready and let’s have our first threesome!”

I got out of the shower and walked to my bedroom. Chloe and Leslie were naked on the bed and they were making out. I watched from the door as their legs were entwined and they were humping each other’s thighs. They did not know I was watching as their kiss broke and Chloe started sucking on one of Leslie’s nipples. Leslie was moaning as she humped Chloe’s thigh and was on top of Chloe. As I watched, my cock began to harden and then began to throb as I was so excited by what I was watching. I walked into the room and said, “well it looks like this is off to a good start!” I kissed Leslie on the nape of her neck which made her shiver and I entered her pussy from behind.

My cock slipped out as easy as it had slipped in due to how wet Leslie was. She changed her angle and set her thigh so Chloe could still rub her pussy on her thigh and gave me better access to her pussy. I slid my cock back in and began to fuck Leslie from behind. Her nipple was still in Chloe’s mouth, my cock was buried in her pussy and she began to orgasm. I was able to ride the wave of her orgasm squeezing my cock mainly because I was not sure if I had any cum left. Her legs began to shake during the orgasm and post orgasm she collapsed onto Chloe pulling herself free of my cock. Her cream flowed from her pussy like a river and left my cock coated.

Chloe flipped around and got on top and she backed up on my cock. When Leslie regained her senses she began sucking on Chloe’s tits and kissing her. I was fucking Chloe with everything I had. Her pussy was soaking wet and as I ran my nails down Chloe’s spine and she began shaking. She then squirted all over Leslie and the bed. She begged for more, so I continued to fuck her. She and Leslie were pretty much just kissing right now. I watched as my wife’s asshole began to spasm with her body. I ran my thumb down her taint area and got it lubed up with her juices, then rubbed back up and began running the pad of my thumb against her puckered up asshole. It opened for me just a bit and I slid my thumb into her ass. She moaned into Leslies mouth and I began to fuck both of her holes. I could feel my thumb rub the head of my cock with each stroke.

I knew at this point that I was going to cum soon. I felt my balls tighten as I reached the point of inevitability. I had my thumb knuckle deep in my wife’s ass as I pushed all the way into her pussy, spilling my seed deep in her pussy. I pumped every last bit into my wife’s pussy then pulled my thumb and my cock out. Chloe collapsed onto Leslie and my seed began to leak out of Chloe. It covered Leslie’s thigh first then ran down the slit of her pussy. I would be lying if I said this did not turn me on just a little bit. I had no energy left in me and as my cock struggled to get semi-hard, I laid down between the two ladies of my life. One was under each arm and they both turned inward toward me and put their outside legs over mine. I felt a flood of their juices and my cum drip onto each of my legs. I could not be a happier man than I am right now. Well I guess that is a lie. I am really wanting to taste Michaela and slide my cock into her tight virgin pussy. That would definitely be the only way I would be happier.

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