Me, My Sexy Wife and the New Guy at Work


My wife and I have been together for many years. We’ve had some wild experiences dabbling in three and foursomes but I definitely wish for way more. This is the story of my favourite time so far.First of all, I’ll paint the picture of the wife, Angelina. She is a very fit five foot six, with long, straight dark hair. She is East European and sexy as hell.  She turns my crank hard to this day as much as ever.  When I reminisce about our sexy encounters I get instantly turned on and the one that I like to think about most often happened over ten years ago.I work in construction mostly decorative trim work like crown moulding and such.  I was running a big job and had hired a new hand. His name was Marco, a young guy, with an Italian background and very handsome. He had a very similar body type as myself, fit and slim. Of course, I thought to myself that the wife would like him but really I had to focus on getting the job done and quickly put the thought out of my mind.A few days after I hired Marco, the job was coming along smoothly I got a surprise text from the wife that she was in the area and could drop off coffees if I wanted.  I told her that would be great and I sent the list of coffees for the crew.  About half an hour later she showed up and I told the guys it was coffee time so we went on break.When I got to her I saw she was in conversation with one of the guys and I interrupted to give her a kiss and hug.  Then she noticed the new guy and I saw her do a double-take. She gave him that incredible smile that lights up any room.  She handed him the last coffee and said, “I guess this one is for you.”I told her this is Marco, the new guy. I saw right away that she thought he was attractive.  Marco was acting a bit self-conscious so it was a dead giveaway that he thought my wife was hot. Naturally, I was all smiles but had to keep my cool in front of the crew and definitely not say or do bahis siteleri anything to embarrass her right there.After some chit chat Angelina took off and we all got back to work.  Marco was with me the rest of the day but the conversation was all about work, with no mention of my wife at all.  Later that night when I got home was when things got interesting.Almost as soon as I sat down she asked about the new guy, where did I find him, what’s his background and such. I knew she had been very taken by him so I laughed a bit as I said, “Oh you like him.”She didn’t reply but as she turned away I could see that beautiful smile and I had my answer. At this point, my mind was running wild trying to formulate a plan to set up something really exciting but I was worried that she would never go for it because he was my employee. While I contemplated the possibilities, she made dinner. We didn’t talk about Marco the rest of the evening that is until we went to bed.Out of nowhere she reached under the covers and started rubbing my cock then pulled the covers down and started kissing and licking it.  I got rock hard in seconds and I knew this was happening because her mind was on Marco. I didn’t want to mess things up so I didn’t say anything. Then when she had me throbbing hard she got on top and started riding me cowgirl. I started running my hands all over her body, I grabbed her ass and tried to hold on. She was thrusting up and down so hard and deep I actually thought She might break my dick off.After just a couple of minutes, she came. I felt the goosebumps all up and down her legs and even her tits had goosebumps. This was defiantly a really good, deep climax. I knew she was good for another or maybe two more.I was convinced she had Marco on her mind while riding me. If ever there was the right time then this is the moment for me to say something. While lost in the passion I go for it and I said canlı bahis siteleri “Well, I guess you really like the new guy?”She answered in a pretending-to-be-shocked-to-hear-that, kind of tone. “Who, what do you mean?”I said, “Marco.  I saw your smile when you met him today.”She said nothing and continues riding me, slowly then harder, faster. She came again. This one was just as good as the first, if not better. I told her that I knew she would like him right when I first met him. She came again!  I told her that I’d love to see her riding him just the way she was riding me right then…she came a fourth time then slowed down, stopped moving and lay on top of me. I was still inside her and we were kissing and from the bottom, I propped her hips up so I could start fucking her slowly pulling in and out. She was so wet I could feel her juices dripping down my balls. While I was slowly fucking her she asked if Marco said anything about her.This was confirmation that she really was imagining the same thing I was. Angelina was not very verbal in bed and she doesn’t share her fantasies so I’m constantly left guessing. I told her that we didn’t talk about anything but work stuff however, I could tell he liked her very much.This caused her to start grinding on me again. She was lost in her fantasy, pushing so hard she cums a fifth time.  It had been a while since she climaxed so many times and so deeply. This was a really good sign.Now totally spent, she slid off of me, face down onto the bed next to me. I got behind her beautiful ass and started fucking her with long strokes.  I was so close already, so excited that it took everything I had to hold it.As I was fucking her I kept telling her how much I wanted to see Marco doing her just like I was fucking her.  I flipped her over, spread her legs and told her I’d love to hold her legs open for Marco to fuck her.  She softly replied, “Yes.”That canlı bahis was all I could take. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I pulled out and covered her with cum. She was impressed with the coverage and so was I. I’d also not cum that hard in a while.The next day at work, I was all smiles but I tried to act normal and get some work done. I was showing Marco how I deal with some complicated trim designs when I got a text from the wife that she’s bringing coffees again.  Oh boy, this is getting serious I thought to myself.When she texted that she’d arrived I told Marco to go down and grab his coffee and I will finish up a couple things and be right down.  I did just that and a few minutes later when I went down I saw her chatting with Marco. She was acting just a little bit flirty with him, not over the top but enough that he’s got a big smile. The other guys didn’t even notice because she has a great, bubbly personality, very friendly and they were in their own conversation but I did notice.I interrupted them to give her a kiss and thank her for the coffee then told her to hang out if she liked but I wa in the middle of things and had to get back to work. I left her there to chat with Marco a bit. When break was over Marco came back to work and asked if my wife comes with coffee every day?I told him, not always but from time to time.  There was a pause then Marco said, “You are a lucky guy.”I quickly took the chance and let the cat out of the bag.. “Well I guess now that she met you, she’ll be bringing coffees more often.” He didn’t know what to make of what I just said.  I could tell he was a bit nervous about saying the wrong thing so I helped him out. “It’s okay, she thinks you’re handsome and I’m fine with that.”He was surprised to hear me, his boss and her husband say that.  We got back to the job and we didn’t talk about it again, that is until after work.  I asked him to grab a coffee with me after work and he nervously agreed.  So I told him that it’s my wife’s birthday this weekend and I’ll be taking her out to dance. I’d like him to join and have a fun night out.  He said, “Sure, sounds like fun.”

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