Meeting Cindy


I’m Billy. Nancy, my live in girlfriend, was the love of my life. She lived with me for five great years. She was the warmest and most loving person I’ve ever known. She was aways fun to be with and very classy in social situations. She was always helping friends and she treated me like a King! Everyone who knew her loved her.

Like most people, there was another side to Nancy. She got off on doing kinky things sexually with me. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, and loved uninhibited sex. She lpved sex outdoors, and she loved for me to give her oral, especially after we had unprotected sex. She said it made her feel powerful and loved unconditionally. Only her closest friends knew about this side of her, she loved telling them the dirty details of the things we did.

One of her friends was Amy, who she knew from the gym. Nancy once asked me to do a strip tease, in a Superman costume, at a Sex Toy Party that Amy hosted. Once I was naked, they wanted me to give Amy oral until she had an orgasm, while the women attending watched. I did it and it was fun, although Amy’s pussy smelled stronger than any woman I ever met!.

Several months ago Nancy passed away suddenly. I was devastated. My life was suddenly turned upside down.

I felt hurt, lost, and alone. I started working long hours to keep my mind off the pain of losing the love of my life. I just wanted to be alone. I didn’t socialize. I rarely talked to my friends or neighbors, and I never answered questions about why she was no longer with me. I just worked all day and tried to sleep at night.

Eventually I started working less and riding my motorcycle in the evenings. It was peaceful riding alone. As the weather warmed and Spring returned, I felt like I was returning to normal.

The Covid Pandemic seemed to be easing, restrictions on restaurants and bars eased, and most reopened for business. I thought it was time to get out and see people again. I hadn’t had a beer in my favorite watering hole in months. One evening I rode my bike over to the tavern.

As I walked into the bar I noticed two women sitting at a table. I couldn’t remember where I knew them from, but I knew I’d seen them before.

I sat on a barstool, ordered a beer, and started watching the ball game on the TV above the bar.

Suddenly, one of the women at the table said, “Look it’s Superman!”

I was flabbergasted! The two women at the table were at the sex toy party that Nancy’s friend had hosted months before.

I was a little embarassed being reconized by them, but what could I do? I turned around and said, “How’ve you been?”

The woman who had said, “Look it’s Superman,” replied, “You don’t have to sit there alone. Please, come join us.”

The women looked to be in their late thirties or early forties. The one who spoke was a brunette, slim, and dressed in a tank top and shorts. Her friend was a short haired blonde, a little heavier than her friend, and was dressed in jeans and a brightly colored blouse. The brunette looked and sounded a little trashy. The blonde seemed more classy. I thought she was very cute.

I was feeling a little starved for human interaction. Two attractive women were inviting me to sit with them so I said, “Okay, thanks!”

I grabbed my beer, went to their table and sat down. I said, “I don’t think we were ever really introduced. I’m Billy.”

They introduced themselves as Rachael, the brunette, and Cindy, the cute blonde.

“You’re not really a professional stripper are you Bill?” Rachael asked.

“Oh God no! What you saw was just a one time thing! My girlfriend asked me to do it for her friend. I was just an innocent victim.” I answered.

Rachael said, “You really were a victim, I couldn’t believe how that girl’s pussy stank! It was really hot! I almost creamed my jeans when you ate her out!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed the show,” I replied feeling quite uncomfortable. “It was really embarassing doing it, especially with all of you watching.”

“Do you like eating stinky pussies?” Rachael asked.

“I like a woman to smell like a woman, but Amy was a bit extreme. My girlfriend didn’t tell me how “fragrant” Amy was.”

“You’re a gentleman, Billy. That girl smelled like a hooker’s snatch at closing time in a whorehouse! You have to be a badass. You ate that until she came twice!” Rachael replied.

“She really did smell.” I said, laughing. “I could smell and taste her for a week. It just wouldn’t wash off!”

Rachael said, “C’mon man, it looked like you liked it as much as she did! You really like to eat pussy don’t you?”

“Sometimes.” I said.

“That girl who brought you told us that you even like to eat her out after you cum in her!”

“Sometimes.” I said.

Then Rachael said, “That’s so hot! I was really horny after that party. When I got home I about raped my old man. After he creamed in me, I asked him if he’d eat it? He just laughed at me. I thought to myself, I know a guy who would eat it!”

Her friend Cindy had been silent up dikimevi escort until then. Suddenly she said, “At least you had Brian to relieve your frustrations. All I had was a new vibrator! When I thought about that woman saying that he likes to eat her out after cumming in her, I thought I was going to wear that vibrator out!”

I was feeling a little more comfortable. It seemed that they liked what they had seen at the party. They also heard that I often ate my girl’s creampies, and that I liked it! They were telling me that it made them horny. They didn’t seem to think that I was some kind of weirdo.

Then Cindy asked me, “Is it true? Do you really like to eat out a woman after you cum into her? Please tell us?”

“Yeah Cindy, I won’t lie, I actually do. When my late girlfriend first asked me to do it, I refused. Then she told me her best friend’s husband often ate her out after sex. She told my girlfriend that she had the strongest orgasms of her life when he did it. Nancy wanted me to do it for her to see what it was like. After thinking about it, I decided that I didn’t want to deny Nancy something that her friend seemed to like so much. So after we had sex one night, I went down on her. She really got off on it. She said she’d never had an orgasm like that before. I knew then that it couldn’t be a one time thing. I knew she would want me to do it again. It soon became a regular thing for us.”

Cindy than asked, “But did you really like doing it? You must have tasted your own cum!”

“I did, but amazingly, after I did it a few more times,I started to like it. I always enjoyed going down on her before sex, but this was different. She was so wet, so warm, and smelled strongly of sex. I liked that. I felt I was doing something really nasty, something that most men won’t do. I liked that feeling. I was proud that I hadn’t denied her something that was so important to her. It became a regular thing for us after that. So yes, I liked doing it!”

Cindy grinned and then asked, “She’s gone now, do you think you’ll do that in your next relationship? Are you hooked on eating creampies?”

I was quiet for a moment, then I said, “I’ve thought about that. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I know some women would think it’s gross and wouldn’t allow it, or maybe think that I’m some sort of weirdo. I wouldn’t like that. It would be great if I met someone who wass into it.”

“It sounds like it’s something you did enjoy. I think you really are hooked on it Billy. It’s okay! I think you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what makes you happy,” Cindy said.

“I don’t know. Maybe I am hooked on doing it. The opportunity hasn’t come up yet. I really did feel like Superman making Nancy cum like that. I miss her. We had a lot of fun doing things like that. Cindy, you make a lot of sense. If I get serious about another woman, she will have to be cool with my eating the creampies we make.”

Cindy smiled and said, “Thanks for being so honest. I learned something tonight.”

Rachael then said, “Well, Amy told us that you eating her out in front of us was the hottest thing that ever happened to her. She thanked your girlfriend over and over. You must be pretty good at eatiing pussy. I’m really glad that you did it for her, that was really nice of you.”

“Well you ladies know a lot about me, tell me about yourselves,” I inquired, really trying to change the subject.

Rachael told me that she’d been married for nearly 20 years. She had a seventeen year old son, and was a bartender.

Cindy was an administrative assistant, widowed two years ago, and was childless. Like me, she had been trying to adjust to her new situation of living alone.

Cindy then asked, “What do you do when you’re not stripping or eating out stinky pussies at sex toy parties?”

“C’mon, I told you that was just a one time thing!” I said.

“I’m sorry Billy, I shouldn’t have said that,” Cindy replied.

“I own and operate a little motorcycle shop here in town. I build custom bikes, do repair, sell parts and accesories, and sell bikes on consignment. I love to ride motorcycles.”

“That’s great,” Cindy said. “I own a 2017 Harley Street Glide!”

“You do?” I said, “Do you ride much?”

“No, really I can’t ride it at all. I just aquired it when my husband died. Actually I’d like to sell it, but I’m scared run an ad. I’d have to show it at the house. I just wouldn’t feel safe letting strangers into my home.”

“I’d be glad to try to sell it on consignment for you.” I said.

“That sounds great. You seem to be an okay guy. May I call you to set up an appointment for an appraisal?” She asked.

I handed her my business card and said, “Here’s my card, I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. You lost your husband, I lost my girlfriend. I know the feeling of loss, and the confusion that goes with it. I can cut you a deal on the consignment fee.”

“That’s so nice! I’ll call you tomorrow to make arrangemnts for dikmen escort you to come see the bike,” Cindy said.

I finished my beer and said, “It’s getting late and I have to open the shop early, so I’ll be going now. It’s been really nice meeting you both. I can’t believe that we talked about what we did tonight.”

Rachel responded, “Look man, after seeing what you did at that sex toy party, I had you pegged as a perv or something. It turns out that you’re really an okay guy. What you told us tonight stays with us, what you did for Amy really boosted her self confidence, I’m very sorry you lost that girl Nancy. You must have loved her a lot.”

I just smiled. Then I got up and paid my check at the bar. As I walked out I said, “Call me tomorrow about the bike, Cindy.”

“I will,” She responded.

Cindy called shortly before noon the next day. We agreed that I’d go to her home to appraise the bike at 6:30 that evening.

I closed up at 6:00, washed up and changed clothes. Then I drove my truck to Cindy’s place. Cindy took me into the attached garage where the bike was. It was a gem! It was in perfect shape, had a few tasteful extras, and very low mileage. I told her I thought we should ask $18,000 for it.

Cindy said, “That’s great! That’s more than I thought I could ever get.”

“Fine, no guarantee, but I think I can get top dollar for it. Can I come by tomorrow to pick it up? I’ll put it in the front window of the shop and run an ad.” I said.

Cindy said, “Thanks, but I work late tomorrow.”

I said, “Well, if it isn’t too much trouble, I could ride it to the shop tonight, if you’d be kind enough to follow me and take me back to my truck.”

“Not a problem at all,” Cindy said, “I’d love to see your shop.”

I got on the bike started and gave her the address. She followed me to the shop where I put the bike in the front window, then gave her the twenty five cent tour of the shop.

As she was driving me back to her place she said, “It’s nearly 8:00, you must be starved. Please, let me fix dinner for us. I’d really like to get to know you better.”

I said, “Thank you Cindy, that sounds great!”

When we got to her house she sat me in the living room, gave me a beer, then went into the kitchen. A few minutes later she called me into the dining room where she said, “It’s just left over pot roast. It’s hard cooking for one. I have left overs a lot.”

When we had finished eating I said, “Thank you Cindy, it’s like you already know me. Pot roast is one of my favorites!”

“Really, from what I saw at Amy’s house, I thought something else was your favorite thing to eat.”

I was surprised and said, “I didn’t think that was on the menu tonight.”

“It is if you want it.”

“Are you serious? You bet I want it!” I said.

“Can I sit in a chair in the middle of the living room, like Amy did that night. That was so hot!”

“Anything you want, Cindy.”

“Anything? Then I’ll turn on the stereo, and you can strip for me first.”

Cindy placed a chair in the middle of the living room, turned on some old Blues music, then removed her shoes and slacks. She sat there in just her blouse and cute thong panties. She was adorable.

I started to dance to the music. I quickly removed my boots, then my shirt, my pants, and finally, when I removed my shorts, Cindy applauded and grinned.

I was completely naked in front of this lovely woman. I remembered being naked in Amy’s house that night in front of those women. I had butterflies in my stomach, just like I did that night at the party.

Then she said, “Billy, I showered this morning, but I worked all day. I hope I don’t smell like Amy did down there.”

I said, “You are beautiful! I want to smell and taste you just the way you are! Please, let me lick and suck your pussy!”

Then I got on my knees in front of her, looked into her eyes and asked, “May I thank you for dinner now?”

“Please do!” She said, as she leaned back and spread her legs..

I kissed the gusset of her thong for several seconds. Then I reached for the waistband of those cute thong panties. Cindy smiled and raised her hips so I could remove them. I turned them inside out and put the crotch into my face. I inhaled loudly then put them down and said, “These smell so much better than pot roast!”

She leaned back in the chair and spread her legs.

I said, “Put your legs over my shoulders.”

I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her to me. Her pussy was shaved or waxed clean. She had those cute butterfly labia that I love. I could smell her pussy. She smelled like a really aroused woman. I always loved to eat Nancy’s pussy when she would come home after working all day. I loved that smell! Cindy’s crotch smelled much the same. My heart was pounding!

I took another deep breath and licked gently from the bottom of her slit to the top. I kissed her protruding clit, and then probed her hole with my tongue. She was getting wet very quickly. elmadağ escort She moaned as I sucked at her labia, then I played with her clit with my tongue.

I looked up into her eyes and said, “This is way better than pot roast!”

Then I went back and sucked real hard at her hole.

She said, “My late husband thought oral sex was nasty. I’m loving this!”

I said. “I guess I’m nasty then, I’ll be as nasty as you want me to be.”

Cindy then grabbed my hair and started humping my face. Her pussy smelled so good, her juices tasted great, she was loving it and so was I!

“Suck on my clit!” she moaned.

I happily did just that. I really had missed doing this so much.

I licked and sucked her wonderful pussy for quite a while. Her moans were getting louder, she pulled my head into her crotch again then she screamed, “Oh God! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

She clamped her thighs around my head and kept humping my face as I kept licking and sucking her. I hoped that this moment would never end!

Finally she relaxed and said, “Oh my God that was unbelievable! Thank you so much.”

I kissed her pussy again, then stood up, I breathlessly said, “Thank you, Cindy. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that! I hope you’ll let me do this again sometime.”

She stood up and kissed me, my face was covered in her juices, I smelled like an aroused pussy, but she passionately kissed me!

Then Cindy grinned and said, “A good hostess always serves dessert after dinner. You said you like creampie. If you’ll help me make it, will you eat it?”

I said, “Are you serious? I’d love that more than anything!”

We went to Cindy’s bedroom. I said, ” I should wash my face, I’m still wet with your juices.”

She said, “No way, I want to be a nasty girl,” Then she drove her tongue into my mouth again and we kissed for a while.

I finished undressing her, and we lay on the bed.

She grabbed my rock hard cock as I lay on my back. She bent over and kissed it. Then she straddled it and it easily slid into her vagina.

There is nothing like that feeling of entering an aroused woman’s wet vagina. Words cant explain how good that felt.

She ground herself on my groin and moaned. Then she started bouncing up and down. She was wild, a real tigress in bed.

I was in heaven. Her wonderful tits were bouncing and she was grinning. After a couple of minutes she got off of me and said, “Do me doggy!”

She got onto her hands and knees. Her ass was beautiful. I got behind her, bent down and kissed and licked her wonerful pussy. She moaned a bit.

I said, “That’s the right way to do doggy. You have to lick it first.”

She chuckled and said, “That’s fine, but you’re going to have to lick it last too!”

I slipped into her pussy and fucked her until she had another orgasm. I still had the wonderful smell and taste of her pussy in my mouth and nose as we fucked like wild animals. It was a dream come true!

Then she said, “Lie on your back.”

Then she straddled me and rode me until I said, “Cindy, I think the cream is about to arrive.”

I felt a very powerful orgasm as my cock throbbed and filled her beautiful pussy. I could feel my warm cum and her juices running down my cock. I was excited knowing that I was going to eat her pussy again, but this time full of my cum. She remained still for a minute or two while we both caught our breath.

Then she said, “How are we going to do this, Billy?”

“Well you can lie on your back and let me eat my dessert, or you can sit on my face and let me suck it out.”

She lay on her back, bent her knees, and spread her legs. Then she grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass.

Her pussy was wet, her labia swollen and open, and I could see my white cum slowly running out of her hole. It was a beautiful sight! My heart was racing. I thought I might never find a woman who would let me do this again. This really was a dream come true. I was going to eat my cum and her juices from this wonderful lady!

“I have to be honest. When your girlfriend said that you liked to eat her out after sex I was curious, so I watched some of porn showing guys doing this. That’s where I got the idea for the pillow. I really want to be a nasty girl!”

I said, “I’d be glad to help you with that. I’m going to eat your just fucked pussy, Nasty girl!”

I gently kissed her, then slowly made my way down her body. I sucked on her left breast for a moment. She grabbed my head and pushed downward. When I got to her navel I darted my tongue into it and said, “How am I doing?”

She giggled, then said, “You’re a little high there Mister. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

My heart was racing. I hoped she’d like it as much as Nancy and Amy did.

I then slid down and gave her messy pussy a lick and looked up to see her smile. Then I stuck my tongue into her still open vagina where my cock had just been shooting cum. I said, “What do you think now, Cindy?”

She giggled again and said, “This is so nasty! I love being this nasty!”

I licked and sucked her whole pussy. I kissed her inner thighs, I kissed and licked her wet ass cheeks, I sucked at her clit and swallowed a lot of our juices. She was moaning and giggling the whole time while humping my face.

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