Megan And John


Megan and John had been friends for a few years they got on well with each other and were like best mates. They had their own friends, Megan with hers and John with his mates. But they seemed to have more of a connection and John always thought he could talk to her more, being female, than he could with his own mates.  John was in his mid forties and Megan ten years his junior. John was quite shy and not an overly confident person, especially around women. Megan was very pretty with lovely brown eyes and dark long hair. She had always struggled with her weight so also lacked a bit of confidence and she came across as quiet and had an all-round innocent nature. But the pair was always confident with each other and was always very comfortable in each other’s company.John was married and Megan was in a long term relationship but she lived alone in her own flat. They both loved their partners and were happy but the one thing they both missed was sex. Both John’s wife and Megan’s boyfriend didn’t have much desire in that department, but Megan and John both had very high sex drives. Although they never really knew this about one another. And although they talked about anything with each other, the subject of sex never really materialised.Their partners never knew about their friendship, not that they had anything to hide, they just didn’t want them getting any wrong ideas.They would meet up at no particular time. It depended on work. But usually once a week but sometimes twice a week; they would rarely go two weeks without meeting and it was usually at Megan’s flat. They just used to chat and have a cuppa and listen to each other’s day to day lives. Things changed one weekend bahis siteleri when John’s wife went away to visit her family. They lived over two-hundred miles away and she would be gone for the whole weekend. And Megan and John’s friendship was taken to new heights.John did his usual thing on a Friday night and went to the pub with his mates. The next day, he texted Megan to see if she was about or doing anything. She said she wasn’t doing anything and was at a loose end.  Megan never saw her boyfriend at the weekends so John went to Megan’s. This was unusual for a Saturday as he was normally at home with his wife. It was a very warm day and they sat outside in the communal gardens of Megan’s flat. It was about 2 pm when John said he had to go home as he had some things to do.But just as he was leaving, Megan asked, “What are you up to tonight?”John replied, “Nothing really. I’ve not made any plans.”With that, Megan suggested he come back for the evening and said that they could get some drinks and she would cook some food.John replied, “Sounds good.”He didn’t live too far but it was still a little drive away. So Megan suggested because of having a drink, he could stay the night as the flat had two bedrooms.John said, “Great idea. I’ll come back about six.”John returned just after 6.00. Megan brought him a drink and said she was just going for a shower. After which, they sat in the garden as it was still very warm and they had a drink together. Then after a short, while they went inside for some food which John complimented her on and said how good a cook she was which she shyly said, “Thank you.”She would go somewhat embarrassed when anyone complimented her on anything.After canlı bahis siteleri a few hours of just chatting, the conversation inadvertently got on to sex and they spoke about the lack of it in their lives with their respective partners. And this is where they discovered that they both had an high sex drive. Megan went on to say she wanted sex a lot but was lucky if she could get her partner to have sex with her once a month, and then it was always her that initiated it.She said, “I have learned to accept it because if someone hasn’t got the urge they haven’t and that’s that.”John explained he was in exactly the position and felt even if he did have sex with his wife he felt like it was a favour.Megan went on in a little more detail. Talking about the things she liked in bed like oral sex, but her partner would never do that because he thought it was disgusting.John replied, “ditto.”Although Megan and John could talk about anything to each other they had never spoken so openly about such personal thoughts and there was a little tension and awkwardness in the room. So Megan broke the ice and jumped up and said, “Shall we get another drink.”On returning from the kitchen with the drinks, Megan was very aroused from their conversation and could feel the dampness in her knickers. She handed John a drink and could see he was also aroused and looked at bulge in his shorts. She stared for a second or two then stared at his face for a few seconds but seemed longer, she smiled then turned and sat down.Then in a joking way, she said, “Maybe we should give each other what we desire?” And then giggled as if to make light of what she said.John replied, “maybe canlı bahis we should,” but in a more serious manner.They both stared at each other their hearts were thumping and Megan said, “Do you really mean that?.”John replied quickly as he didn’t want to lose the moment and said, “did you?”She replied, “I shouldn’t, but yes, I did mean it.””Me too,” John said quickly again.He could feel his cock straining against his shorts almost uncomfortably. And Megan could feel her pussy was so wet it was almost like she had peed herself.Megan stood up quickly. Her legs felt weak and were trembling. She moved over to where John was sitting and straddled his lap. She was dressed casually in a white t shirt with no bra and a slightly baggy skirt that came just below her knees so she easily sat on John quite comfortably. They looked into each other’s eyes John always thought how pretty Megan was, but now looking at her like this he realised just how lovely and beautiful she was.Then they started kissing very passionately with their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. After a few moments Megan eased back and said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.””Do you want to stop?” He asked, feeling a little disappointed.To which Megan replied,”no way,” and they started kissing again.John looked at Megan’s nipples through her tight shirt and began gently rubbing them this made her moan and her breathing got heavier and deeper. He put his under her shirt to get a better feel of her large tits. They were in too deep in now. There was no going back.John then moved things on and put his hand up Megan’s skirt and began rubbing her pussy through her knickers. He couldn’t believe just how wet she was. This made her moan even more. He moved Megan off his lap so they were half lying down on the sofa. With his hand still up her skirt, he began to remove her very damp knickers before pulling them all the way down her legs and off completely.

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