Mercy Fuck for Hubby’s Best Friend Goes Terribly Awry


My name is Emma, and after graduating from college with a degree secondary education, I moved back to my hometown of Savannah, Georgia, and got a job as a teacher in the high school I graduated from. This story is being told from my perspective, five years after moving back, and I’m now married to my ex-husband’s ex-best-friend.I met Clark, the man who would become my first husband, in a bar. He had also moved back to Savannah two years ahead of me to begin a career with a large paper company. It was fortunate that we went to different high schools, and with the two-year age difference, he hadn’t heard about my reputation of being a slut, starting when I turned sixteen years old.I’m not bragging, but it’s important to the story to know that I’m a pretty, well-build lady, at five feet and three inches tall, weighing one hundred and thirty pounds, and with blonde hair and blue eyes. Some people say I look a lot like the actress, Elisha Cuthbert, who you might know from the movie, ‘Old School’ and the TV series ‘24’, except that I have 34DD breasts, that men can’t resist.Clark and I dated for a year before becoming engaged when I was twenty-three, and we were married six months later. Clark’s best friend, Jason, also works at the paper company, and they have been best friends since the first grade. We double dated with Jason and his girlfriend, Beth, a lot. I found Jason to be charming, handsome, and devoted to Beth, but it was still hard for him to hide his attraction to me.Jason Becomes a Part of Our Lives and I Learn More than I Should HaveJason and Beth were married a few months before Clark and me, and by all outward appearances, they had the perfect marriage. He practically worshipped Beth, but I had been a slut long enough to recognize when a lady has a wild streak. They had been married for only a year before Clark found out that she was cheating on him. He forgave her and wanted to try to make the marriage work, but Beth desperately wanted her freedom, and divorced him.Clark tried to cheer up Jason, who was devastated from the divorce, and invited him over to our home to help take his mind of his sorrow. At first, I resented Jason’s intrusion into our lives, sometimes having him over to dinner three times a week, as well as socializing with him on weekends, but soon became attracted to him. Jason was always deferential and polite to me, and I began to question my feelings for Clark.We drank a lot of beer when Jason came over, and after Clark and Jason were inebriated, I heard all kinds of stories about their high school days. I found out they double dated a lot, and although Clark didn’t hesitate to brag about his conquests in front of me, Jason was more reserved, and didn’t seem to want to disappoint me with his prior behavior. I also learned that Jason was always on the first-string on the football team, but Clark was lucky to get any playing time. I was getting the idea that Jason had always been the dominant one in their friendship.Sometimes I’d go to bed early when they’d get drunk, and that’s when I learned some very disturbing things about Clark. On a Monday night when Jason was over, he and Clark had gone out onto our patio to talk, after I went to bed. The patio is right outside the kitchen almanbahis şikayet window, and when I came back for some water, I overheard them talking.Clark was just finishing talking about a night when he and Jason had been on a double date, and Jason laughed, before saying, “Fuck yeah, old buddy, I remember that well. Neither of the girls were in the mood to put out that night, and we took them home before parking down by the river to finish off our beers. We were both drunk and horny as fuck, and that’s the first night I convinced you to suck my cock.”They both laughed, as Clark said, “Yeah, you were an asshole that night. We both had the blue balls and when I talked about experimenting sucking each other, you promised to suck my cock too, but then didn’t do it.”Jason said, “Well, that didn’t seem to matter after you got a taste of my big cock, and you kept sucking even after you swallowed my cum, and even began sucking my balls.”Clark said, “It’s hard to remember everything about that night. But why didn’t you suck me too?”Jason replied, “The thought of experimenting was your idea, and I just agreed to try it to get you to suck me. But I was never into that, and figured if you’d suck me anyway, then have at it. But you loved it after you got a taste, and I remember that after that night you sucked my cock and gobbled down my cum at least once a week for the rest of high school.”He paused for a moment, and then Jason continued, “I’ve been horny as fuck since Beth left me, especially after being around Emma so much recently, but I still can’t bring myself to date other women. Emma is beautiful and hotter than shit, and I can’t imagine how you can keep her satisfied with that little dick of yours. Let me know if you ever need any help fucking her.”Clark has a decent-sized, six-inch cock, so if Jason was teasing him about it being small, then I thought Jason’s cock must be much bigger. That was confirmed when Clark further diminished himself in my eyes, saying, “ Yeah, well I might just try to convince Emma to fuck you, because I know she’d enjoy that big cock of yours. But before I do that, I’d like to get another taste of your meat and cum. I haven’t sucked a cock since the last time I sucked you after high school graduation and talking about it is making me kind of hungry.”Jason laughed and unfastened and pushed down his shorts and underwear, as he said, “Fuck yeah, buddy, I haven’t gotten off in three weeks, and I’ll have a big load for you to eat. I’d rather be fucking Emma, but your mouth will do until you can arrange that for us.”I couldn’t see everything looking out at an angle from the kitchen window, but Clark was on his knees sucking and slurping on Jason’s cock, which I couldn’t see, but from the amount of Clark’s head movement I knew Jason’s cock had to be big. Clark had his arms around Jason, hugging and gripping his ass, as Jason held Clark’s head in place on his cock. Jason was moaning and even beginning to thrust into my husband’s mouth, and I could hardly believe that I had married a cum-guzzling cock sucker.Clark had been sucking Jason’s cock for what seemed like five minutes, when Jason started making sounds like, ‘uuuh, uuuh, uuuh’, before he said, “Oh fuck yes, Clark, almanbahis canlı casino suck my cock and swallow my big fucking load.”Jason kept sucking Clark’s cock until he was pushed down to suck his balls, as Jason said, “Yeah, now feed on my balls, old buddy, like you used to do.”After moving away from the window, I listened as Clark sat next to Jason, and said, “Damn, Jason, that was wonderful and tasty after all those years, and I’ll bet that Emma will love your cock. I’ll start working on her, and in the meantime, I’ll take care of your cock whenever you feel the need to drain it. But we’ll need to be careful with the timing if you get with Emma. She’s off her birth control now since we’re trying to start a family.”Jason laughed, thinking he was teasing Clark when he said, “Okay, buddy, but I don’t think it’ll be that hard to convince her. Sorry if this upsets you, but I get incredibly good vibes from Emma and think she might already be a little attracted to me. I hate to say this and possibly fuck up my chances with her, but you’d better think long and hard before you let her have taste of my big cock. And be warned, I’d love nothing better that to knock her up for you.”I slipped away back to bed when Clark and Jason got up so Jason could go home, and I was looking forward to learning what Clark’s approach would be to convince me to fuck Jason. But with all that I already knew about their relationship and my husband’s submissiveness to his friend, it wasn’t going to take much for him to sway me.Clark Convinces Me to Fuck JasonThe next night after dinner, Clark started trying to get me to empathize with Jason, not knowing that I was already thinking about fucking him. He said, “I really want to thank you, honey, for allowing Jason to come over and spend so much time with us. He’s really lonely, and I get the feeling that being around you perks him up.”I wanted to make him work for it though, and to appear to be a little contrary, when I said, “I think Jason is a nice guy, honey, but don’t you think it would be best if he got back out there in the dating world to find someone to take his mind off Beth?”Clark said, “Of course, he should do that, but he doesn’t seem to be mentally able to face the chance of rejection out there. He’s so comfortable here with us, and really seems to like you, so I’d like it if we could give him some more time with us. He’s always telling me how beautiful and sexy you are.”That was my chance to make Clark defensive, and I asked, “Why the fuck should it matter if Jason is attracted to me? It’s almost seems like you want to share me with him or something. Is that it?”Clark at least partially lied, when he said, “No, of course I don’t want to share you, honey, since I don’t think you’d want that. This might sound a little weird, but Jason told me that it helps being around us, and especially you, since it gives him someone to think about when he, you know, when he takes matters in hand and relieves his sexual frustrations.”I came on strong, asking, “What the fuck, Clark, you think Jason likes to be around me because I’m his whacking material?! And it sounded like you said you didn’t want to share me, because you don’t think that’s what I’d want. But what the almanbahis casino fuck would you want, Clark? Does that mean that you do want to share me?”He was a little off balance from my directness, and gave a mealy-mouthed answer, “Well, yes, uh, uh, no, uh, fuck, I don’t know honey. I have thought about it since he’s been so depressed after losing Beth. I was just thinking that…”Clark’s voice trailed off, and I wanted to get him to talk about Jason’s cock, by asking, “What the fuck were you thinking, Clark? And why would I want to fuck him anyway? Don’t you think you take good care of me in bed?”He seemed to be struggling with his emotions, surprised that the conversation about sharing me was moving along so quickly, as he answered, “I was just thinking that if you like him enough, it couldn’t hurt to give Jason a mercy fuck every now and then. I think you would enjoy it, too, since he has a thick, uncircumcised, nine-inch cock. And although we have good sex, I think you might enjoy his bigger cock.”I was surprised that he confessed his true intentions so easily, and I wanted to rattle him by saying, “Wow, you seem to know a lot about Jason’s cock. Tell me how you know that.”Clark lied, excitedly saying, “We, uh, double dated a lot in high school, and several nights we fucked our dates in the same bed at the girls’ homes. I saw him fucking his dates, and his cock looked huge, as well as him having lemon-sized, low-hanging balls.”I said, “My oh my, honey, that sounds like quite an endorsement, and almost like you’re attracted to his big cock. But what makes you think he’d want to fuck me anyway? Have you two talked about it?”He lied again, saying, “No he would never have the balls to say something like that to my face, but from the way he compliments you and knowing how horny he is, I think he’d jump at the chance to fuck you.”I was almost ready to agree to fuck Jason, but I decided to give Clark the same warning that Jason gave him. I tried to use some of the same words, saying, “You’d better think long and hard before you encourage me to fuck a handsome man like Jason, who has a cock as big as you say it is. Affairs of the heart and sexual hungers aren’t easy to control, and it’s hard to tell how that might affect our marriage in the long run.”After pausing for a moment to let that sink in, and remembering Jason’s comment about wanting to knock me up, I continued, “Also, you know that I’ve recently stopped taking my birth control pills and I’m sure that Jason would want to fuck me bareback. From what I’ve read, some men think it’s great sport to impregnate another man’s wife, since he wouldn’t have any responsibility for the baby. Are you willing to take the risk of him impregnating me?”Clark replied, “Well, uh, I hadn’t really thought of that. But we were successful using the rhythm method after you stopped your birth control that one time, so we can just be careful.”I wanted to set the stage to overhear them talking about me again, before I fucked Jason, and I asked, “How do you see this happening? It would be awkward, and I’d feel like a whore, if you told him ahead of time, and he came over expecting to fuck me. What if when he’s over here on Friday night, I make it look like I’m drinking more beer than usual? I can act like I’m out of control and flirty, and maybe you can go out on a beer run. If Jason is as horny for me as you said he is, then we’ll see if he has the balls to make a move on me. If not, then at least he had his chance.”

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