Mia , Martin – Party of the Year

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The year was 2005.

I had met an amazing woman Mia at the end of my first semester of university, shortly after New Year’s we started spending a lot of time together. Mia was cool, much cooler than I. She was always the shortest one in the room, but her unique style and in your face attitude made her stand out. Mia has dyed blonde hair she would wear in loose pigtails, the tips of which were dyed bright red. She had a few tattoos and piercings you could see, and a couple you could not. She dressed in goth clothing spiked with rainbow colours. Mia knew everyone at school, stopping in the halls to chat with an endless parade of friends, I thought she was interesting, I knew right away she was someone I wanted to meet.

I am very much the opposite of Mia, a nerdy sci-fi geek with an unremarkable body. I wasn’t tall or short, I wasn’t fat or thin, I wasn’t athletic or artistic. I dressed in t-shirts, hoodies and jeans. I had a small loyal band of friends but didn’t know a soul outside of my tight group. I was shy but determined to introduce myself.

To my surprise, Mia accepted me into her very large circle right away. Casual chats in the hall and a shared class lead to study sessions, group hangouts and invitations to social events. As the snow melted we found ourselves spending every day together. Mia would often nap in my bed, stripping down to panties and one of my goofy t-shirts. I would admire her perfect legs and feet when I thought she wasn’t looking.

Mia somehow always knew what I was thinking, one day she called me out on my desire for her. I was embarrassed but I didn’t want to deny it. So I told her it was true. She seemed amused we talked for a while before she put her finger to my lips. She slipped off her panties, low-rise purple booty shorts with a lace pattern on both sides. She sat upright on the bed with her back against the wall. Throwing her panties at me, she spread her legs wide, I was awestruck. My eyes ran up her shapely legs to her shaved pussy lips with a little tuft of hair at the top.

“Well,” Mia said, “let’s see if you’ve got what it takes.”

I started to undress but Mia stopped me.

“No, not yet.” She said, “Before this goes any further I need to know you can make me cum with your tongue.”

I was really nervous, Mia would be my first time eating pussy and she looked at me in a way that clearly communicated her high expectations. I got down between her legs, she smelled heavenly and delicious. I was fortunate to have gotten excellent advice from my best friend on what to do. I gave 110%, eating her out like she was my last meal. I rotated my tongue around her engorged clit and swallowed all her ankara eve gelen escort juices. At one point her legs started to tremble, I tried to sit up to make sure she was alright but Mia forcefully pressed my tongue against her clit with both her hands against the back of my head. She let out several high pitched noises, her whole body shook.

I had many questions but Mia was not in the mood to answer them, other than to assure me she was alright and that I had done a good job. As we lay in bed together Mia teased my rock hard cock with her feet, my erection strained again my denim pants. She put her feet in my face and told me to suck her toes, her way of rewarding me for a job well done. I’d always had a foot fetish and Mia’s toes were perfect. Her slender feet had long toes, cascading in length in perfect proportion. Her nails were nicely painted in a shade matching her underwear. They were soft and smelled as sweet as she did.

Mia would continue to spend time with me in much the same way we had before. Only now when she would nap in my bed she would do so naked or in just a t-shirt. She would sleep deeply after I had given her an orgasm or two with my tongue. Occasionally awakening to demand another. She never offered to return the favor but she would tease me with her feet, at times allowing me to strip naked and masturbate in front of her. She giggled the first time she saw my naked body, insisting it was fine.

Once she began teasing me with her feet while I masturbated, it took all my will not to cum instantly when her soft foot caressed my balls and shaft. It was like a dream, I shot a load so far it made her laugh. Most of my sperm ended up on her toes, like she had done many times before she moved her feet to my mouth. I pulled back, shocked by the prospect of eating my own cum. Without much emotion Mia cleaned her toes. She looked at me differently. Surprised and disappointed with a hint of uncertainty. I didn’t know it then but she was planning to test my loyalty and willingness to obey. Our future together would depend on me passing her test.

Near the end of the school year, everyone was talking about a big blowout taking place at a house off campus. Hyped to the max, the invitation only event was being called the party of the year. My nerdy friends dreamed about going, knowing they would never be invited. I counted on Mia to get me in. When asked about it she replied,

“Oh, you want to go to that? Sure I guess I can get us an invite.”

Mia never ceased to amaze me.

On the night of the party Mia came over early, teasing me with her toes but refusing to allow me to eat her out. gaziosmanpaşa escort

“Later.” She insisted.

Mia did her hair and make up in front of me, dressing in her unique fashion, concealing the sexiest black thong I had ever seen. I literally wiped drool from my mouth as I stared at Mia’s perfect ass before she slipped on her short party dress and heels.

Mia got us in the front door. The party was full of people I’d never met. Mia knew everyone, she was quickly pulled from one group to another, giving out hugs like candy. Even in her high heels Mia was the shortest one at the party, she quickly disappeared into the mass of strangers. I had a seat on the couch in front of a giant fireplace, awkwardly trying to talk to people. After a while I was determined to find Mia. I searched the house, finding her in the pool with a group of people I didn’t know. Her dress lay on the ground, she swam in only her matching black bra and thong.

Mia seemed annoyed to see me, she whispered something to a tall spiky-haired dude swimming with her. He whispered something back. They got out of the pool drying themselves with large towels. Mia’s toned body glistened in the setting sun, drops of water ran down her flat stomach, pooling in her sunken belly button. I couldn’t help jealously noticing her companion’s six pack abs and muscular body. Wrapping herself in the towel she gathered up her dress, heels, and purse, brushing past me like I didn’t exist. She padded barefoot up the stone walk with her friend in tow. Stunned, I was trying to figure out what was happening when my phone beeped. I flipped it open to reveal a text from Mia on the tiny screen

It read, “Wait for me.”

I went back inside and sat down on the couch in front of the large fireplace. I made no attempt to talk to anyone, lost inside my own world. I thought about leaving, but Mia’s text told me to wait. I thought about looking for her but that didn’t work out well last time. I stewed in my own thoughts for what felt like an eternity but was probably about twenty minutes. My phone beeped again.

“Thank God” I stumbled taking my phone from my pocket on the crowded couch, nearly dropping it. Another text from Mia was on the screen.

It read. “Upstairs bedroom end of the hall.”

I leap up the stairs climbing two at a time. Rushed to the end of the hallway only to find the door locked. I could hear voices inside one of them was Mia, the other was he muscular friend. My phone beeped again.

“Wait for me. 15 minutes” The text from Mia read.

I could hear their moans of pleasure. I could hear Mia shouting “Yes.”

I wished gölbaşı escort I could have broken the door down, but my ideas about what I would have done next are unclear. Instead I walked back to the landing, flopping down onto a couch, completely alone. I could hear the party going on downstairs. I checked my phone for the time, anxiously awaiting the fifteen minute mark. The deadline came and went. After twenty minutes I returned to the door at the end of the hall. Loud energetic fucking could be heard coming from behind the locked door. After forty minutes the door opened. The muscular dude from the pool exited, wearing only his board shorts with his six pack on full display and his boner pressing against the fabric. He looked at me right in the eyes, smirking he said,

“Enjoy the party bro.”

I didn’t respond, he descended the stairs slapping hands with his friends and grabbing a beer. My phone beeped again.

“Come in.” Mia’s text read.

I rushed to the open door closing and locking it behind me. The room was dark, at the centre was a king-sized bed, Mia’s clothing littered the floor. The room had a powerful smell of sex. At the centre of the large bed Mia lay completely naked. She was covered in moisture, her messy hair clinging to her face. Her face was flushed and her breathing heavy.

“What was that?” I asked, more confused than anything else.

“That,” Mia replied, once she had caught her breath. “Is how it is going to be for us from now on. Like that or not at all.”

Mia explained that she was not going to be exclusive with me and that I had better get such ideas out of my head. She gave details of the many men she had been with since we met. It was an impressive list in size and quality of dudes. I didn’t know what to say so she made it simple for me. She pressed her toes painted black to match the thong crumpled on the floor against my mouth. I began to suck on her spectacular feet. She laid back and enjoyed the attention for a while.

“Are you up for this? She asked, giving me a chance to back away.

I nodded and she smiled.

Spreading open her legs, even in the darkness I could see the muscular dude’s thick cum oozing out of Mia’s well fucked pussy.

“Well,” Mia said, “let’s see if you’ve got what it takes.”

I knew this was my only opportunity. I got down between her legs, she smelled sweaty and dank. I was completely unsure about what would come next. I gave 110%, eating her out like it would be the last time. I rotated my tongue around her engorged clit and swallowed their salty juices mixed together. As I sucked , she squeezed out every last unappetizing drop of cum into my mouth. At this point her legs started to tremble, I dove in deeper forcefully pressed my tongue against her clit. She let out several high pitched noises, her whole body shook. I had many questions but Mia was not in the mood to answer them, other than to assure me that we were alright and that I had done a good job.

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