Michael and Elle Pt. 03


I’m naturally submissive. I had no idea what to call it or even that it had a name until I met Michael. He is naturally dominant so we fit together perfectly.

When we first met I had no clue about his darker tendencies, I just knew I needed to be with him. Something about him drew me to him. It probably helps that he’s a tall, good looking man with big brown eyes that I could just fall into for days. He has the sweetest smile and as I may have mentioned the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen.

I remember our first kiss, how it felt like something inside me uncoiled and I was finally, truly alive. For the first time in my life I was present. From then on I was addicted to him.

The first time we had sex there wasn’t anything truly Dom/sub about it, but it was the most intense experience of my life. He is one of the most passionate men I’ve ever had the immense pleasure of meeting. I lost myself in him that night.

We’d gone back to his place after going to a concert in the park. It was very warm out so I had a little sundress on. Every so often he’d run his fingers down my arm sending little sparks dancing across my skin.

I remember feeling a flush creep across my chest when we got to the door, part of me afraid he’d be respectful and not try to do anything the other part hoping he’d lead me directly to his bed. We ended up on the couch, sitting close together, talking about the concert.

I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to what he was saying, I was fascinated with his lips. He must have noticed because I remember him smiling at me with a funny look in his eyes and then his hand on my legs turning me and sliding them across his lap. His forehead against mine with his other hand cupping the side of my face for a moment before his lips were on mine. I’m fairly certain I have a couple toes that are still curled from that kiss. It was that good.

“Elle” he murmured between kisses, “I know we don’t know each other very well…”

I cut him off “I don’t care”. He groaned as he deepened the kiss. The next thing I knew his arm was sliding under my legs the other around my back and he was lifting me up and carrying me to his bed.

If my mouth hadn’t been busy at the time I’m sure my jaw would have dropped. When we got to the bedroom he slid his arms out from under my legs letting me slide down his body til I was standing in front of him. He stepped back and sat on the bed then guided me to stand between his legs and took my hands in his.

He gave my hands a little squeeze and then let go to move them to my hips. He pulled me closer and my hands slid up his arms to rest on his shoulders. I felt his hands slide up my back pulling me forward. I leaned towards him, so close our lips are almost brushing against each other’s.

His hands moved up to the back of my neck and my eyes drifted shut as he pulled me in to kiss me. Oh god that felt amazing, slow, soft and unhurried.

My knees wobbled a little when the kiss deepened. His hands moved lower, over my shoulders, my upper back, the small of my back, they slowed as they moved over my butt cheeks. There was a slight squeeze and then they were moving lower again, down to the tops of my thighs until they slipped up under my dress.

I could feel his breath change as his hands moved over my bare skin, up they went til they are just below my cheeks and I could feel his thumbs just under the edge of my panties, slowly moving back and forth.

My hands griped his shoulders tighter then moved to the back of his neck. His thumbs eased farther under my panties closer to my entrance. I was so wet it was almost embarrassing. One hand moved around to the front, to pull my panties down I thought but instead it slipped down the front and gently ran over my lips just barely grazing my clit.

I moaned softly against his lips my hands curling in his hair. As his fingers slid back they parted my lips a little further and I felt his other hand start to pull my panties down. I stepped out of them when they reached my ankles and that’s when I felt him slide a finger into me. I had to break the kiss as my head fell back and I moaned a little louder.

I felt his lips on the exposed skin at the v of my sundress as he slowly moved his finger in and out. When he added another finger my knees almost buckled and I felt his other hand on my hip steadying me. My hips started to rock with him as he moved in and out, brushing my clit with his thumb with each stroke. It didn’t take long before I cried out softly as I came. I tried to catch my breath as his hand moved away from my pussy.

His hands were on my hips squeezing gently and I looked down into his eyes. He gave me a sweet smile and said “You have far too many clothes on.”

“So do you” I said quietly and moved to unbutton his shirt. I moved back a step as he stood. I got his shirt unbuttoned, slid it from his shoulders, it was tossed some where behind me. He slid the straps of my dress from my shoulders, gave it a little shove when it draped itself sınırsız escort around my hips. When it hit the floor I stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. I reached back and popped open the clasp on my bra, he slid it down my arms and it disappeared behind me to join his shirt.

I unbuckled his belt and undid the button at the top of his jeans. He drew me back into a kiss as I slid the zipper down and slipped them over his hips a little. My hands slipped under the waist band of his underwear, I felt him moan softly as my fingertips brushed the head of his cock and I used the backs of my hands to pull his pants out of the way and down so I could ease his cock out with out getting it tangled.

Keeping one hand on his cock I slid his pants down farther. I loved how hot and hard he is. I felt his hands move to the sides of my head, cradling my face as he deepened the kiss and moaned against my lips.

As I inched his jeans down my hand moved past his hip, oh my he has a great ass. My hand lingered there, alternating between caresses and a squeeze.

I switched hands on his cock as I moved to slide his pants down on the other hand. With agonizing slowness I finally worked them down his thighs. I moved my hands to his hips to push him to sit on to the bed and knelt down pulling them off completely.

He surprised me by standing back up. A pleasant surprise since I was eye level with his cock. I looked up at him with a smile and took hold of it in one hand, lifting up out if the way. My eyes closed as I ran my tongue over one ball and then the other, then a soft kiss at the base of his cock. I ran just the tip of my tongue all the way up and then circled the ridge before taking just the head between my lips and giving it a very light suck. Another swirl around the ridge and then back down to the base.

He moaned softly as I licked his balls so I stayed there for a little while licking and kissing gently. I slipped one into my mouth and sucked lightly, I felt his hand run through my hair to rest on the back of my head. I ran my tongue all around it and gave him a firmer suck that caused a deeper moan, before moving to the other.

I gave it the same treatment before letting it slide from my mouth and moving up to the base. I stopped here for a few moments, licking and sucking. His hips started to rock gently as I made my way up the underside of his cock. When I got back to the tip I lapped the precum waiting for me there and moaned softly as I took him into my mouth as far as I could.

Almost immediately I felt his hands move to the sides of my head holding me there. His hips drew back slowly and then thrust back almost as slowly. As he eased his cock into my mouth I slid one hand around to grab a butt cheek, the other stayed wrapped around the base of his cock. While his cock slid between my lips I moved my tongue back and forth over the underside as it glided past.

I notice the pace had started to increase and moaned with excitement. I peeked up at him and saw him watching as he fucked my mouth. “Don’t stop” he said softly ” I want to cum in your mouth” I moaned a little louder, it spurred him on and the pace increased.

My eyes closed as his head fell back and his cock swelled between my lips. His hips slowed as he started to cum, I swallowed quickly and then slid back down his shaft to draw back with a nice hard suck. It took a few strokes to milk him completely. His hands slid from my head down to my shoulders as he bent down to draw me up into his arms.

When I stood I looked up at him with a smile and his head dipped forward and he brushed his lips against mine. He turned me so that I was backed against the bed and leaned down as I sat and then scooted back with my hands.

When I was far enough he moved to lay beside me. I felt his hand slide from my hip over my ribs to cup my breast, his thumb lightly brushed my nipple. I sighed against his lips and then his lips were moving away from mine to cover my neck in small kisses and licks that made me moan softly.

As he moved lower I felt his hand squeeze my breast and pinch my nipple lightly. When he circled it with his tongue my back arched slightly offering it to him, he obliged by taking it into his mouth with just the slightest suck. After spending a few minutes licking and sucking with increasing pressure he moved to the other to lavish it with as much attention. My hips moved restlessly as other parts of me begged for his attention.

I felt his lips start to move lower over my skin and then his hand ran up the inside of my leg from my knee to my thigh, encouraging me to open my legs. I ease them apart and when he had enough space I felt his knee slide between my knees. I opened them further and he settled himself there. My hips rocked slowly, begging him to move lower.

He took his time as he made he way down, scattering soft kisses and long licks over my stomach. I could feel my lower abs tremble when he reached the hollow of my hip bones. When şırnak escort he moved to my thigh I thought for sure I would die from the anticipation. He gave the other leg just as much care and attention, all the way from knee to hip. By the time I could feel his hot breath against the sensitive skin of my pussy my legs were shaking, my hips bucking slightly, pleading.

“Oh god I want to feel your tongue…..Oh yes” I moaned softly as his tongue parted my lips and grazed my clit. Slowly he slid his tongue all the way up my slit and circled my clit gently. When he pushed his tongue into me I had to fight the urge to slide my hands into his hair and grind myself against him.

My hands fisted in the sheets as his tongue slid back up and he sucked my clit gently. “Right there, don’t stop.” I breathed and was rewarded with him sucking harder “Oh god” I moaned. I was lost in ecstasy as he licked and sucked, my orgasm coiled around me dragging me under waves of pleasure. My back arched as I exploded and I fought back a scream. It felt incredible.

I was so sensitive that when he licked me softly I almost pulled away. Dimly I felt him move over me and I reached up and pulled his head down kissing him deeply. I could feel his cock hard and ready against my swollen lips. I couldn’t help but rub myself against him, I needed to feel him inside me. I was a little surprised when he broke the kiss and directed me to roll onto my tummy.

I rolled over reluctantly, already missing the weight of his cock against my swollen lips. I felt him straddle my legs and his hands move to my shoulders, caressing and rubbing. Oh that’s nice, I thought to myself. “You’re really good at this” I say quietly.

“Lots of practice” he said with a laugh.

As his hands moved lower over my back he gave me little kisses and licks on my shoulders. When he reached the small of my back he skipped over my butt and moved to the back of my thighs. Now I’ve never told anyone this, but having the back of my thighs touched is a huge turn on for me. Only a lover touches me there.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as his hands moved up towards my ass. I was trying to ease my legs father apart but they were trapped by his legs on either side of mine. I arched my back slightly and felt his legs move farther apart, it’s not much but it gave me a chance to open my legs just a little.

I felt one of his hands on my hip holding me there as the other dipped between my legs, sliding over my lips, parting them. When he slid two fingers into me I gasped softly arching my back further. I felt his hand press down harder, trying to control my hips as his fingers slid in and out. I groaned when his fingers disappeared, expecting more teasing. It turned into a moan when I felt the head of his cock pushing into me.

“Oh yes” I gasped.

“God you’re tight.”

I groaned as he pushed further. He’s bigger than what I was used to and I was breathless in anticipation. I was dying to feel him in me. When he drew back and trust gently I moaned. I wanted to open my legs so I could take all of him inside me but I was trapped by his legs.

A few more shallow thrusts and then he stopped and his knee slid between my legs. I eagerly opened my legs and moved to pull myself onto my knees. Before I could I felt his arms move around me pulling me back into his lap thrusting the rest of the way into me.

My head fell back against his shoulder as he held me there. My hands pressed his arms tighter around me. My knees were too far away from the bed for me to draw myself up then thrust back down onto his cock, so I settled for a little swivel of my hips. It caused him to thrust up sharply and I realized he wasn’t all the way in. My breath caught in my throat. “If you were mine I’d take you every night” another thrust, “and probably the mornings too” another thrust.

I moaned as one of his hands slid down between my legs to rub my clit, the other slid up to cup my breast and he gave my nipple a little pinch. My hips rocked slowly and I whispered “Please.”

“Tell me you want me Elle.” He whispered in my ear.

“Oh god, I want you.” I breathed as he slowly thrust into me “Please.”

“Good girl.” Something in me glowed when he murmured that.

We stayed that way for several more minutes although it felt like hours. His thighs flexing under me as he slowly thrust upward, his hands moving over my skin as he explored me. I turned my head where it was resting against his shoulder and he captured my lips as his arms tightened around me. When the kiss broke we were both breathing hard. “Please.” I whispered.

His hands moved back to my hips as he pushed me forward. When I got to my hands and knees I tried to push back into him but his hands stopped me holding me there as he slowly drew back and then thrust back into me. It was absolute agony, and I loved it. I could feel every inch of his cock as he moved, my pussy squeezed as he drew back, not wanting to let go of him for a moment. taksim escort

Finally after several slow strokes I felt his grip on my hips ease and I drove myself back on his cock. My breath exploded from my chest and my back arched “Oh yes” I moaned. I heard him groan softly as he ground his hips in a small circle and then drew back. When he thrust forward I pushed back hard.

I was drowning in pleasure as he drove his cock deep into me. As the pace increased I heard him moan, it matched mine. I felt his hand slide around my hip to rub my clit. I reached out to grab a pillow to stifle my moans as they grew louder and loader.

“Yes Elle,” he said softly “cum for me.”

I could only nod slightly as it started to wash over me. I was screaming into the pillow as he slammed his cock into me. My contractions drove him over the edge and just as the last one hit I felt him swell inside me as he started to cum. His hands gripped my hips tightly, almost painfully, as his cum spurted deep into me.

Oh God that felt amazing. One more thrust and then he slowed holding himself in me while he caught his breath.

He pulled me with him as he laid down on his side, pulling me against his chest. We didn’t speak as we lay touching each other. I shifted to lay more on my shoulders so I could see him. He was smiling slightly as his hand slowly moved over my arm. I reached up and ran my finger tips over the side of his face, tracing his cheek.

“So,” I asked “when can we do that again?”

He laughed and kissed me softly “I’m not a machine you know.”

“A girl can dream.” I said breathlessly when he pulled away.

“Can’t get enough huh?” He said with a quick little peck on my lips.

“When it’s like that ummm hell no” I giggled and slid my hand through his hair to the back of his head pulling him back into the kiss.

It was when he started to get hard that I realized he was still inside me this whole time. His hips shifted slightly and he moaned softly against my lips. “I was kind of kidding you know.” I said breathlessly.

He thrusted into me a little harder. “I wasn’t.” He said and kissed me deeply. I felt his hand on my leg pushing slightly, encouraging me to pull it up out of the way.

The kiss broke as he shifted onto his knees straddling my other leg. As he moved he used little thrusts to turn inside me. It felt incredible. He leaned down and kissed me hard, it matched his movements as he drove his cock into me. I felt his arm behind my knee, pulling my leg up farther. I had no way of holding him back if he went too deep and right then he was very deep, almost to the point of pain.

My eyes opened as he lifted his head, I looked up into his eyes and saw the slight smile curving his lips. I knew he could see the fear and excitement shining in my eyes. When his hips drew back my eyes drift closed and as I felt his cock slowly slide back into me he moaned low and deep. “God I could fuck you all night, you feel so good.”

I giggled quietly “You can’t, you’d kill me.”

Another slow thrust, “Oh I think you can take it.” He said as he thrust a little harder.

His hips started to move faster. “Oh god” I moaned. I felt his lips on mine I reached up and slid my hands through his hair, cradling his head.

When I felt him start to sit up a little I reluctantly let him go. I felt his hands on my bent leg as he settled back onto his knees. When he thrust into me it was so deep it was tinged with pain, my breath caught in my throat. I wanted to tell him it was too much, that I couldn’t take it but there was pleasure mixed with the pain. I couldn’t say the words, I wanted him as deep as I could have him.

The pace increased and turned into a hard pounding thrust. His moans matched mine as we lost ourselves in the waves of pleasure washing over us. It built almost to the inevitable crescendo and then I felt him stop with his cock buried deep inside me. My eyes sprung open and he gave me a devilish smile.

As he pulled out of me he turned me onto my back pushing my legs apart and then his lips were on my pussy. My back arched as he licked and sucked my clit. “Don’t stop, oh god please don’t stop.” I moaned.

My hands slammed into the head board as he sucked hard. I pushed myself against his lips as I felt a massive orgasm building deep within me. When it hit my back arched so hard I was sure I could feel bones snapping. I couldn’t stop the low scream that escaped me.

Then he was over me, pushing his cock back into my pussy. I didn’t know if I could take anymore, but I wanted to.

When his lips meet mine I moaned, kissing him with all the passion brewing inside me. His hips drew back and I thrust mine up to meet his when he slid back into me. After a few strokes I felt his right hand under my tailbone as he lifted my hips.

“Yes,” I moaned “fuck me hard.” I barely got the words out before he slammed his cock into me. He moaned against my lips as the pace increased.

I was a little afraid as I felt another orgasm building, pulling me under as I gloried in the feeling of his cock moving inside me. Just as the first contraction hit me I could feel his cock swell as he spurted deep inside me. He groaned between kisses as he continued to move, shooting hot cum into me.

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