MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 32CHAPTER 32: WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT – THE WEEKEND CONTINUESI think Jayson and Jake took pity on me. They both knew they had already enjoyed my body before the trouble with Nate occurred. Then, being gracious, they volunteered to take Nate back to the marina and return, leaving Tom, Tim, Cody and I to relax and not be subjected to any more of Nate’s attitude in the process of throwing him off the weekend. The weekend that was occurring in large part as the result of his suggestions. But his demeanor was the problem, not the idea of the weekend so the rest of us would enjoy it without him. Upon returning, though, they saw the effects on me from the play we had so thoroughly enjoyed. And rather than sinking in the cool water of the lake drinking beer, they thought of a better, more practical idea.I saw them whisper and they starting directing the action. Tom was to gather the towels, beer cooler and other miscellaneous items, Tim was to get Cody on board the houseboat. I watched the activity and wondered what they were doing. I was happy just sitting and letting my cunt soak up the water and to rest before this started once again. But they seemed intent to not let me rest and I wanted to react but knew my purpose here and let it go. I guess that is the difference between being a true personality submissive and a submissive like I am to giving Tim pleasure in challenging me. I will do what Tim asks but there are times when it would be nice not to. But I also knew this would turn out well because Tim always made sure that it would and my enjoyment was often in the challenge and the completing the challenge, putting myself out there for others. But like with Nate he would make sure that the challenge would be safe and ultimately enjoyable. The almost excessive series of fuckings on the cove was an example and despite the potential for being tender, if not sore, it had been completely, utterly, and amazingly a wonderful experience.As I watched the activity, I was suddenly being picked up by Jayson and only then noticed that Jake had boarded the rear of the houseboat. Jayson easily carried me to the boat and raised me up for Jake to take me into his arms. He then carried me up the stairway to the upper deck and directly to the hot-tub that I saw was operating now. He set me onto the edge, turn a knob and the jets started churning the water. I turned my face up and he lowered his and we shared a kiss. I then slid my body into the water and sighed deeply with a contented smile spreading over my face, my eyes closing with the sensations of the hot water soaking my muscles and joints, the churning water from the jets nearly applying a massaging effect on my body.I sensed more than heard or felt the presence of someone. I opened my eyes to find Jake sitting next to me on the edge of the hot-tub. He was holding a glass of wine and extending it to me which I took with a grateful smile. On the other side of the deck I saw Jayson at work at the grill preparing something. Tim was at the table set in the middle of the deck, complete with an umbrella for shading. With weather like this, there wasn’t any reason to use the indoor kitchen/dining space if it wasn’t necessary. I noticed, though, that all the guys had put on their swimsuits. I enquired about that.Jake smiled, “It wasn’t that we wanted to, Michele. Not with you around. But, we were passing through an area of the lake with a lot of boats and groups and families. Although I am sure from the stories we have heard there might normally be a lot of nudity out here, it is still not acceptable by law so we thought it would be best to be cool until we got more isolated.” He smiled but then got that twinkle in his eyes and that smile that said other thoughts were there. “Besides, we all agreed that we weren’t going to be wanting of your affections this weekend and this weekend was just beginning. So rest up my dear, later may be different.”I slipped down into the water so it was to my chin and I looked up at him and smiled at him, “Yea, yea … promises, promises.” He shook his head and reached down and kissed the top of my head. I watched him walk over to a Jayson and Tim joined them. They talked and looked my way several times, smiling and nodding. I knew I was going to be in for it later. But that was the whole idea of the weekend.I remained naked, of course, despite the boats around. As the meal was about ready, they called Tom to turn into the middle of the lake and cut the engines. We were apparently going to drift during dinner. Only when I went downstairs to get Cody’s food for him and completely exposed on the back spiral stairs did I draw much attention. During dinner there was only a brief description of taking Nate back to the marina and his fussing once he was removed from the boat. But that would be the last time the episode would mar any more of the weekend. Of course, it was finally pulled out of Tim what had occurred in the cove once they left. The retelling was just as erotic to me hearing it as it was to the guys. They all developed obvious hard-ons. I say obvious despite them wear shorts because all four of them had tents over their crotches by the time the story was over. The part about getting a DP in my cunt had quite an effect on them and I was wondering to myself what nasty thoughts these four might come up with to try to top it. Could you top that? I had to admit that I couldn’t quite imagine how.Sometime shortly after our relaxing dinner of grilled steak and trimmings we arrived at the cove Tim and company had identified as our home base. A cruise that should have taken three hours took five hours because of the events with Nate.Arriving at our location, we spent time making it secure with a good anchor off both the front and rear. With the fading light I announced that I wanted to try out the slide. Tom asked me to wait and located what he was hoping to find. A hose connected to a pump that would suck water from the lake and empty it at the top of the slide making it suitably slippery. I stood at the top of the slide and sat down and went amazingly fast with a large splash at the bottom. I came back to the surface laughing and reaching for the ladder at the back to pull myself back up. As I reached the top deck at a run, I spotted Jake approaching the slide for a try. “No, sir. New rule.” Then I turned to Tim. My role this weekend was not lost on me. He nodded his approval, whatever it was he knew it would add to the fun and he was pleased that I remembered and sought his endorsement. “New rule: the slide is for naked butts, only!”The guys looked at me and all smiled. They were all in favor of naked with me. It didn’t slow Jake down more than to undo his shorts and push them down. I was upon him by the time he was bent over to take his shorts off. I gave his now naked ass a playful slap and he grabbed me and spun around as he pulled me to him. We were going down the slide backwards with me in his arms. He let go just before we hit the water. Again, I came to the surface laughing but this time adding some squeals as I felt Jakes hand between my legs. I splashed him and made it to the ladder and was up to the top deck only to be embraced by Jayson and spun in front of him and we went down this time with me riding his lap. I ended up going down with each of the guys a couple of times and several more times by myself. I felt like a girl, again. Laughing and shrieking on the slide. Actually, I felt like in the old days when we would hang out and be so carefree together. Yes, I was Tim’s back then just like now, but we were a group. It felt that way, again. I just knew this weekend was going to be great.We waded ashore with chairs and a cooler. The guys made a fire and we sat around it talking about our lives and what we had been up to. It was wonderful. It was like it was supposed to be. We sat around the fire with the light flickering off our bodies while we drank and talked, but mostly laughed and enjoyed our company bahis şirketleri once again.Once back on the boat and getting ready to call the day an end, Tim provided a little guidance to the sleeping arrangements. “Honey, it would seem that Jayson and Jake are due some quality time, don’t you think so?”I looked immediately to the two and smiled but responded to Tim without turning to him. “Yes Sir, I do. If I may be so bold, perhaps you two can share a bedroom, that way I can easily move from one to the other tonight as might be possible.”Tom chuckled, “Watch out, guys. She may start talking about making you part of her stable so she can use you whenever she feels the need.”Jake said, “Oh?” Then Jayson and Jake said at the same time, “I could live with that.” Everyone laughed, including me.I walked up to them and took a hand in each of mine and turned us for the section of the boat with the bedrooms. Jayson walked us into the one with his stuff and I smiled. I know this room. They played two out of three ‘paper, rock, scissors’ with me the prize for first. Jake won. I moved to him and took his hand and backed my way to the other bed. He stopped me as the back of my legs touched it. He lay down and pulled me on top of him. He wants me to ride him? That’s good, too. I lay along his body and we kissed. My legs spread outside his with my pelvis on his hardening cock and I grind into it, feeling it grow more. There’s no apparent rush in our approach to this but I am also very aware that Jayson is in the bed across the room and he is waiting for his time with me next.So I did become more deliberate in my actions. I broke the kiss and brought my knees up under me which moved my pelvis from being in contact with his cock to my cunt lips. And as I sat atop him, I slid myself along the length of his cock and it had the desired effect as his cock became increasingly hard and rigid. And the more I slid back and forth the more it became so. He groaned more and sighed more as my lips enclosed his cock and coated it with my juices. When I slid completely off the top of his cock onto his abdomen, I pushed back to hit the head with my ass to tease him and prompt him to flex as the normal reaction to the pressure. I rotated my pelvis and moved back so my cunt came into direct contact with his cock. All I had to do then was make slight movements to move my hole directly over his cock and push back and raise myself more vertically and sit down. Now with him inside me I just sat down, impaling myself on his cock and driving it completely inside in one move. The result was a gasp and shudder as he suddenly felt my cunt walls enclosing his cock and then squeezes his member once fully inside.I sat on him. Just sat there but then started deliberate flexing and contracting of my muscles inside my cunt, feeling him more fully inside me. And I felt him react inside me, feeling his cock flexing, also. Jerking and twitching to the stimulation I was giving to him. I raised myself just a few inches and slowly lowered back down, over and over. Then rising a little further until I was rising to nearly the top and only the head of his cock was still inside me. And rather than slowly lowering over him, I started dropping completely over the length of him until I hit him on the down side. Over and over I did this. Then a hesitation to again squeeze him, then adding a grinding of my crotch into his. I leaned forward to kiss him and let his cock naturally slide nearly all the way out and I made small movement in that position, his cock barely inside me but I moved over him only inches as we kissed. And his moaning increased. As did mine.I am crouched over Jake, his cock barely inside me, kissing him, now feeling his hands on my breasts and nipples and I am moving my cunt slightly over the head of his cock. And I can’t believe that I am again nearing another orgasm. How many have I already had today and I am rising up to another. And so easily and naturally.He is a constant source of sounds now and his hips are rising up under me but my actions aren’t consistent or predictable so we seem out of sequence. But in a peculiar way it almost seems to add to the sensations. There is a suddenness to the contact than normally with the steady driving of cock into pussy. This has a random sense to it that sometimes surprises, especially when the completely unexpected happens like when his cock slips out of me and jams directly into my clit and the entire length of his cock slid across it in one long, continuous stroking of that very sensitive nub. Or the time when we were mistimed and his cock slipped out of me and he tried to adjust only to jam his cock against my asshole and penetrate with just the head until I rose up and sat back down on his cock with my cunt. Sudden jolts of new sensations that had me ready and wanting. Again.I gasped at him, “Jake, I need you soon. Are you ready? Please be ready, I want you at the same time.” I knew Jayson would hear it all but I no longer cared, I would be with him next and Jake would hear us then.“God, Michele, I’ve been trying to hold on to wait for you. I am so ready.”And with that we both let go as if we counted to three. I exploded at the first feeling of cock jerk violently inside me and the first spurt of cum shot out. I felt my own juices cover his cock and mix with his cum as I continued to rise and lower on him. When I couldn’t feel his cock reacting any longer with a twitch or jerk or his own body trying to drive up to match my downward motion, I stopped with only an occasional short rise and lowering. But this wasn’t a driving action for stimulation. This was more of a massaging, comforting action for easing into completely stopping.We lay like that, me comfortably on top of him as we regained our normal heart rate, not to mention our breath. I was happy and comfortable staying just like that, kissing and hugging, as his once hard and driving cock became soft and slowly slipped from my again very used cunt. Once it did slip out, dragging a thin line of our mixed juices with it, I swung my leg over him and put both feet on the floor. I took the few steps to the other side of the room and knelt next to the bed and kissed Jayson on the mouth. He turned his head to me and we necked, my hands sliding down his body, stroking it, playing with his nipples and magnificent pecs before sliding my hand down to just touching the head of his cock. As we kissed, I stroked him and felt his member growing in my hand. I broke the kiss but didn’t let go of his cock. I kissed and tongued my way down his upper body until I was at his lower abdomen. I turned my head to improve the angle to accept his cock into my mouth. And I did. With no preliminaries, I opened my mouth and took his wonderful cock in and began sucking and licking, driving my mouth onto his length.It didn’t take long to get him to the hardness for a good fucking. How could it? He just spent the past time listening to Jake and me going at it not ten feet from him. And he knew he was next. So how was he not going to be hard? And just a few minutes in my mouth were all that was necessary but I decided not to end there for him. I continued to suck and lick his cock, playing with the full length with my mouth, working my way back up to the head and taking just it into my mouth and then between my teeth and gently biting down on it, just enough for a reaction and following that with a drive of my mouth to the base of his cock. With the head of his cock inside my throat, I pushed down harder and swallowed. At least that was the effect I tried to produce before I had to rise back up for air. But that was more than enough for him. He swung his legs off the bed and pushed my upper body onto the bed and raised my ass so I was fully on my knees in front of him.He put both hands on my ass cheeks and spread them out. I thought, oh boy, here he goes putting that big cock of his into my ass, but no. He lowered his hands slightly further and spread my cheeks, bahis firmaları again. In the process he opened my lips and easily slipped his cock head between them and into my hole. He paused there, just inside me, pushed another inch as though teasing and then drove full depth in one stroke. His thrust pushed me into the side of the bed and I gasped out. As he got his rhythm, he moved a hand from my hips around me and onto my hanging breast. He kneaded it and rubbed the nipple as the other one swung to the thrusts of his cock into my cunt. This continued until his other hand left my hip and he put more weight on my back so his hand could also snake around me. But this one moved in the other direction to my cunt but more precisely to my clit. He was a good enough lover not to put too much attention on the clit but moved around it, into my lips next to his driving cock, up my abdomen before returning to my clit.He had me moaning and gasping like crazy. He was making more grunts as he plowed into me with determination, but I found myself pleasantly surprised to be reaching for yet another orgasm. How were these guys doing to this to me? Even Cody brought me to two orgasms today. Whatever these guys were doing, I hoped they would be able to keep doing it. But right now I was beginning to wilt. Then, he stopped. Worse, he pulled completely out. I was beginning a protest when I felt his strong hands pull me up from my kneeling position and guide me onto the bed and onto my back. He crawled on with me and spread my legs. I smiled at this and raised my knees and spread myself out further. With cock in hand, he approached me and slid directly into my hole again. There was never a question of my being wet and open for him. He had left my hole only a moment before.He put his hands alongside my body at the level of my breasts and plowed into me with more energy and purpose than he had exhibited just moments before. Whatever stimulation and excitement I might have lost in the change of positions was quickly regained. For both of us. God, I was close and he was, too. I could feel it in both of us. His cock jerked at the deepest point inside me and my muscles around my abdomen and upper thighs began twitching and quivering.He pulled almost all the way out and I held my breath for the thrust I was expecting and it didn’t come. He stayed right there, in me but just barely. He leaned forward and kissed my lips, but keeping his cock head the only part inside me. He broke the kiss and lowered his face alongside mine, his lips next to my ear and his breath on my ear made me shiver. With everything else, his breath was all it took to make me shiver; I was so close to cumming … again! Then it wasn’t only a breath, it was a whisper, “Are you ready, Michele? Tim says you can be such a slut when you let yourself go. That this submissive side of you is to allow him to guide you to let yourself go and be the slut that waits to be released.”“Oh, God! I am so ready. Please, I want to cum.”“I know you do, Michele. How many times have you cum today?”“I don’t know, many. God, I love to cum!”“I know you do, Michele. Will you be a slut for me now and cum all over my cock that is inside your needy cunt?”That was it. The moment he said ‘cunt’ he thrust fully into me, completely into me. And I came. Hard. And he did, too. He had been waiting, holding off, for that exact moment of penetration and stimulation for me. And as I came around his cock, my pussy muscles squeezed and milked his cock inside me. And he came. I felt his cum shooting out of his cock like jets from a hose. And that drove my orgasm to an even higher plateau of orgasmic bliss. I wrapped myself entirely around him. My legs and arms tightly around him as he continued to plow into my hungry cunt, still clenching around his still spurting cock.When we both stopped our gasping, moaning responses to our own orgasms, I truly was spent. What a first day with the guys. The last thing I remembered for a while then was being snuggled up against Jayson. I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew I was semi-awake in the darkness murmuring the pleasure that is still so vivid. The voice that comes back to me, though, is Tim. Jayson must have carried me to my husband. I snuggle securely into him, “I love you. And, thank you.”“For what?”“For being the man you are. For being able to give me all this.”He strokes my back tenderly, lovingly, “Because you are the woman you are, Honey. Because you are the woman you are.”The next morning, when my eyes open, the bed is empty. I hear noises of the men somewhere outside the room. The door to the bedroom is closed which muffles the sounds from outside. I get up to join the day but decide on the shower first. I open the shower stall door to find Tim leaning against the sink counter holding a large mug of steaming hot coffee. I dry myself quickly because the sun and dry air will complete that task. I step up to him, take the mug and take a cautious sip before taking a bigger one. Is it any wonder I love this man? He can find so many ways to keep me satisfied AND he is so attentive. Such a good Master.I sit in the galley talking to him as he makes me a three-egg omelet with an English muffin. “What are the plans for today?”“The guys want to go fishing. There is supposed to be a good location not far from here.”I put on a playful pout. “But, Sir, whatever will become of me while you are so occupied?”Tim looks at me like I am nuts but sees the playful expression. “Oh, fishing is very strenuous activity. All that sitting in hard chairs, lifting cans of beer, reeling in line and re-baiting empty hooks. Oh, yes, very strenuous, indeed. I am sure the guys will have to take breaks for some rest and diversion.I giggle, “If Sir would like, I could possibly see if I could find some way to take their minds off that terrible, strenuous activity.”We both laughed at the game but it did provide me with the expectation for the next part of the day. But, first, there was Cody. Being stuck on a boat took away his freedom to wander off when he needed to. “Has Cody been to shore this morning?”“Oh, no. I am sorry, I should have thought of that.”“No problem. Give me about an hour while you guys get things ready for fishing so I can take Cody into shore. He needs to do his thing and get some good exercise.” He smiled at me but let it pass. The implication is that Cody needs to take care of his business. But Tim also knew that part of Cody’s need is regularly mating me.I gave Tim a kiss and made my way to the back of the boat. I opened the gate at the very back and called for Cody. He came from up on the second deck, his tail wagging furiously at being called by me. I jumped into the waist deep water and gave a little more room to the boat and called Cody to jump. He hesitated but got more excited as I splashed the surface of the water with my hands and continued calling him, encouraging him to jump. He finally did and as expected, and the reason for creating more room, his splash was significant. He immediately started dog-paddling for the shallows and I stayed behind him. For one thing to assist him if he needed it but also to not be too close when he was out of the water and the shaking would start. I should have had a camera. With the morning sun behind me, his shaking created quite a rainbow effect. Probably seems silly since I was naked and was already in water up to my waist, but it’s as natural to shield yourself from a shaking dog as you would if you were wearing a swimsuit washing the car with a c***d holding the hose. The water isn’t going to really bother and you’re probably already wet, but …He danced at the edge of the water waiting for me to catch up to him. As I approached into the very shallow water, he came out and gave my leg a swipe with his tongue and ran up onto the beach, turned to check my following him, then took off into the scrub brush inland. I continued to follow up the little rise on shore and stood at the top watching him run kaçak bahis siteleri through the brush. He must have scared up a rabbit or other a****l because his whole tone and attitude changed. His running became more intent and he barked on occasion which is not normal for Cody or Jackson. I sat down on a sandy spot and watched him. My only concern was if another cove curled around behind us here and other people might be around. Not that I would expect Cody to be a problem, but if they had a dog it might lead to something from it. Or, just people being overly concerned about a loose dog.While he ran around and did take care of his business, I thought back to home and Mom and Helen. Wondering how their weekend was going. I thought it was possibly good for Helen to be able to have some quality time with just one of us for a change. It has always been a group and I suspect that can be a bit stifling to get feelings and concerns out in the open. So this might be good. Mom was such a good listener and was so good at getting others comfortable to open up and express what was on their minds. She really was such a great mom. Too bad we don’t always recognize those things when we are younger.I came back to the present when I noticed Cody far off. He stopped in his sniffing and looked back checking my location. I waved to him and he looked more intently at me, looked around his current location and turned to me, walking. I waved again and enthusiastically clapped my hands just in play. His ears perked up and he started running in my direction, weaving his way between the brush. I noticed a rabbit take off from in front of him and he turned his head to watch but continued on his path towards me. He was soon right in front of me and still moving. I was sure we were going to have a collision and braced myself, but he did slow enough to merely pushing me over and jumping around and over me he started licking and playing. I glanced behind me and the boat was far enough away for some level of discreteness so I remained on my back where he had me and opened my legs. He found my cunt in no time and began his licking. As I got stimulated and moistened, his licking continued and his tongue probed at my cunt, occasionally managing to slip inside just a bit.When I felt suitably stimulated, I grabbed his collar and had him lay down. I had to smile when he immediately raised his leg exposing his sheath and the red tip of his cock. I ruffed his head and neck fur, “Oh, you think so, huh? You think you know me so well that you just raised your leg and expose yourself?” I bent over and kissed the side of his snout, “You know you do, don’t you. Yes, you do.”I rubbed my hands along his side and his stomach as I made my way down his body to his sheath. There, I gently took hold of his sheath and gave it a couple strokes from the outside. I little more of his cock was peeking out so I lowered my mouth to it and stuck out my tongue and took the drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip into my mouth. I then more deliberately licked the end and before hardly any time I had just enough sticking out to take it into my mouth and suck. Cody likes being sucked. Playing with his cock can get him hard but sucking is a quick way to making him hard and exposed. I guess that’s not unusual. I think all males, dog or man, like to be sucked. Maybe psychological in way. The pussy is made for fucking so it is wonderful. The mouth, though, is made for other thing and I don’t know if taking a cock was intended to be one of them. But that may be an added turn-on for males; their cock engulfed in a mouth that otherwise is used for so many other things that are innocent and non-sexual.But I have again diverted my mind’s attention from the task at hand. Refocussing my attention, though, provides a discovery that my mouth is sliding up and down on a long, hard cock. So I pull my mouth off it and kiss the tip one last time. I then turn onto my hands and knees and face the boat. Why? Intentional or accidental? Did I want to watch the activity of the men while being fucked by Cody? Did I want the potential of them seeing me seeing them as I was being fucked?And fucked I quickly was. Cody was on my back and I had assisted him into my ready cunt. After adjusting his hold on me, he thrust deeply into me causing me to gasp at the sudden and complete penetration. He was such a good fucker for me and our familiarity with each other worked so well to provide us both with pleasure.And very soon I felt his knot forming and bumping into the outside of my cunt, separating my lips and wanting access to my hole. My focus became singular and wholly intent on pressing that knot through my hole, stretching it out enough to take it and again feeling its presence inside me. That singular focus and intention couldn’t be better exemplified than the realization later that Tim had waded ashore and was sitting on the beach, patiently waiting. But his wait wasn’t going to be short. This wasn’t something you can rush. Once I was tied to Cody, I was not going anywhere until we were both done with satisfying our needs through each other.With a final insistent push from both of us, the knot pushed through my hole and we were again tied as his cock and knot continued to grow inside me. The thrusts of his cock were now restricted by the knot but the knot growing and swelling inside and moving as a large mass was so erotic and it was every time. The part of the knot movement that was so nice was when he tried to pull further out to pump back in but was restricted by my tight cunt hole. That restriction, especially when I rotated my pelvis up improved the potential for contact with my g-spot. And that was like someone making direct, impact contact with my clit, only on the inside where it was even more sensitive.I was ready to cum and I could sense that Cody was close, too. His cock inside me was twitching and jerking with more regularity so I initiated more random movements and shifting of my body in relation to his. Trying to add to his stimulation as I was certainly increasing mine. And luckily, I felt him tense and go rigid on my back as his cock jerked sharply inside me and the first blast of his cum shot out and hit my cunt walls. Then the next and next, but by that time I was into my orgasm, the first of this new day. And it was with Cody. I smiled, even with my legs and stomach muscles quivering as the orgasmic sensation shot through my body, I smiled at the brief thought of four guys on the boat and my dog gets me first.After we finish coming in and on each other, I encourage Cody to stay on my back which he does and is comfortable doing. Many times I enjoy the extra contact of his furry body on my back. Coming off the release from cumming and feeling his breathing slowly return to normal, feeling him occasionally lower his head to lick my back and shoulder. Often by this time my face and upper body has collapsed onto the ground or floor, but this was loose sand, native sand and not comfortable grass, blanket or rug. I stayed up on my arms.When we separated, Cody came to my head and gave me several licks along my face and neck. I giggled at the attention and petted him in return. I moved to my knees and then to my feet after several minutes and located Tim still waiting. As I approached with Cody at my side, I noticed the bottle of water Tim was holding out. I thanked and kissed him, opened it took several good swallows. Cody wasn’t as particular and was satisfying his thirst from the lake water.“I take it the guys are ready to leave for fishing?”“Yes, they are. Are you?”“Not for fishing, but I am ready, willing, and available.”“That’s my slut.”“As you requested, Sir.” We both smile and enjoy yet another good, long, and passionate kiss.Wading back out takes a lot more encouragement to get Cody to the boat and then up onto it. I encourage Cody out and help support him as he gets close to the back of the boat and it takes both of us to muscle him up. I take a little extra time while Tim is busy with Cody to try to rinse my pussy out. But, I am sure I’ll be receiving much more cum throughout the rest of the day.* * * CHAPTER 33: WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT – THE WEEKEND CONCLUSION will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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