Mistress Roulette – Part 4


Again, I struggled to get the sweet-smelling panties off my mouth and nose, but failed. I was too tired and too wildly horny to think straight. Forced to breathe in the last woman’s beautiful scent, I kept thinking about how I had made her orgasm against my lips. The door creaked open and someone approached me. I wondered if Mistress had finally come back to check on me; to finally give me my reward for being her good girl. The woman’s hair fell across the side of my head as she leaned in close. “Someone has been a naughty, little thing,” she remarked. I couldn’t tell if the woman was put-off by the wet panties over my nose. That was soon put to rest after she slowly licked my lips. If I wasn’t strapped to the corners of the bed, I would have wrapped my arms and legs around her. After her tantalizing kiss, I lifted my head, eager for more. “No, no. Behave like the good girl I hear you are,” she warned, lovingly. “Let’s get these off of you.” She lifted the naughty adornment off of me and sat down gently. “Keep your eyes closed, or you won’t get your present,” the woman instructed. She moaned, almost cutely, “You are quite the pretty, little lady. Do you mind if I kiss you again?” I shook myself, trying to stay focused and coherent amidst my horny madness. “No, Miss. I’d love it,” I confessed, biting my thin lips in anticipation. As soon as her mouth touched mine, my cunt tightened almanbahis şikayet and I could feel its aching needs surge up into my belly. I needed to cum. I didn’t know if I would be able to survive until my release; if I was released. I boiled with desire as she made love to my lips with hers. She teased my tongue by first gently sucking on it, then taking long laps of it with her own. After a few minutes of this intense foreplay, I could tell she was very turned on. “Ohh, honey, you’ve got me wet. I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s really exciting me,” the woman whispered, breath and body trembling. She sat up a little. “I can’t believe how much of a turn on this is. I’m not taking advantage of you, am I?” “No, Miss,” I assured. “Suffering with desire like this, it brings me true happiness. I’ve never known pleasure in this way until I met Mistress. I’d do anything for her.” I probably said too much. She’d only asked one simple question. “So, making me wet, makes you happy?” The woman pressed. “Yes, Miss!” I yelped, eager to suck and worship whatever she put near my lips. I could hear the sound of her fingers dip into her moistened cunt. It was music to my ears as she cutely whimpered on top of me. “Is there anything I can do for you?” She asked, nervously. “No, Miss,” I gasped, trying to keep my sanity. “I’m here to please you. I want you to have almanbahis canlı casino fun with me. Let me help you get whatever you want.” The woman cooed as she listened to me. She started to breathe heavily, inches from my face and her warm gasps reminded me of the last time Mistress made love to me. “Oh, I don’t remember ever being this wet from just touching myself,” the woman confessed, almost embarrassed. “My fingers are just dripping! Oh my… I’m sorry if this is rude, but, would you like to taste me?” The woman seemed shy about asking this. I wanted to make sure she had no reason to be. “I would love to, Miss!” I urged. “Please, let me taste you! Let me experience the delicious beauty dripping from your fingers.” She was taken aback by my indulgent request, and soon, I smelled her hot perfume approach my lips. “Are you sure?” she hesitated. “God, it smells so strong. I’m sorry, it might be because, well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex with anyone.” I didn’t answer. I just reached my head up as far as it could go and stretched out my tongue, straining to find her erotic honey. The wonderful lady seemed overwhelmed as I took her fingers deep into my mouth. Again, I licked and sucked, imagining it was my pussy being filled and fucked. Her hot flavor overpowered me. I worshipped her fingers wildly. I loved them. I tried to get the woman to cum just almanbahis casino from my sucking. I felt her watching me as I slurped vigorously on her slender digits. I could somehow hear how turned on she was by it. Her legs began to tremble against me. “Oh, my,” she gasped. She removed her fingers and repositioned herself. “What else, I mean, would there be other things you would do for me?” “I will do anything to give you sexual gratification. I want to be your tool. Use me, please.” The woman didn’t know what to do with this. She seemed burdened by the all the possibilities I just opened to her. “Is there something you’d recommend? Can you, maybe give me some options?” It was almost adorable how awkward the woman was being. If I wasn’t so horribly aroused, perhaps I could have enjoyed it more. She was obviously very horny and wanted to get herself off, but didn’t know how to ask. “Yes, Miss, of course,” I offered. “I’m unable to move, so I can only really use my mouth, Miss. Or you can use my body however you see fit. Anything you put in my lips, I can suck and lick and pleasure. Or, if you prefer, I can use my mouth to say dirty things. Mistress says I’m pretty good at that.” The woman took some time to weigh her options. After a brief silence, she spoke. “I’ve always wondered, what it would be like to have someone suck on my toes. I’ve heard it can be really arousing and have never been able to bring it up with someone before.” “I would love to worship your sexy, lovely feet, Miss,” I confessed, parting my lips. “God, just thinking about my toes being sucked on by a gorgeous, little thing like you, it has my heart racing.

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