mom fucked by tailor

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Mom fucked by tailor

By: Naresh

Hi all, after reading all the hot stories in ISS i finally got the guts to narrate a real incident that happened in my life 2 yrs ago. I am naresh from chennai working for an MNC and i m 22 yrs old. We are a family of 4 consisting my dad, my mom, my younger sister and myself. My dad owns a small scale industries and he keeps roaming half the time in search of new clients. My mom shilpa, is about 44 yrs old and she is a housewife. We are a quite well of family. Now let me describe about my mom, she is fair, slim, about 58 kgs and she is very very hot. Her structure must be like 34-30-34. Seems she was a babe during her college days and my dad was lucky enough to get her during that time. There have been times when i have noticed that ppl keep staring at my mom’s assets even when i am with her.

Now let me start narrating the story, this happened during my final year of engineering. I was enjoying my study holidays for my final semester at home, and one evening my mom asked me if i could accompany her for shopping. Since i was feeling bored i agreed to join her and we started off to T nagar in our car. After shopping for quite bit, my mom wanted to give her cloth for stitching her blouse. Generally she bring a sample cloth to give it to the tailor for measurement. This time i was aware that she didnt get one with her. Since it was very crowed at T nagar that day, i asked my mom to go and give the blouse for stitching and told her that i will wait in the car. The tailor shop is at the first floor. My mom went up to the shop to give the cloth to the tailor.

After waiting for about 10 mins, i luckily found a place to park my car and since i was getting bored, decided to go upstairs to join my mom and also was wondering why it was taking time. Generally my mom just gives the cloth to the tailor and return back within 5 mins. When i reached upstairs i noticed that there is were no helper boys working. The entire shop was empty. When i was about to enter, i was hearing my mom and the tailor speaking (his name is Suresh).

I didn’t go inside immediately and was waiting outside and tried to peep inside, i heard the tailor saying that he doesn’t have any measurements with him and was asking my mom to bring a spare blouse. My mom didn’t know what to do and was keeping izmit escort quite. By this time i got the chance to peep in and noticed that they both were in another room inside, i went to the window from the main room and started peeping inside. After a lot of confusion, the tailor asked my mom if he can take the measurement there itself. After a bit of hesitation my mom agreed and the tailor came out with a tape from his drawn and came close to my mom.

He first asked my mom to turn around and started taking the measurement. I first thought that he was a decent man, but suddenly i noticed that he was staring at my moms back. After taking the measurement on the backside, he asked my mom to turn toward him, my mom didn’t remove her pallu and was waiting for the tailor to take the measurements like that itself, but the tailor didn’t move at all and was asking my mom how he can take the measurement without my mom removing her pallu, my mom was very hesitant and dint know how to react, while speaking itself the tailor came close to my mom and removed her pallu from her shoulder without her permission and my mom was just taken aback in a shock. The tailor then started taking the measurement from her shoulder to her belly, at this time his hands were brushing my moms boobs in the front and this aroused my mom to a great extent.

And next the tailor took the measurement in the side ways and the tape was over her boobs this time. My mom without knowing what to tell, was just waiting for this one to get over. Next the tailor kept the starting of the tape from the nipple and was taking the measurement, my mom was completely aroused now and she closed her eyes in ecstasy, the tailor looking at my mom, started pressing her nipple from the blouse itself. Suddenly my mom asked the tailor “what are u doing?”. He responded that he wanted to take the measurements properly and he started to unbutton my mom’s blouse. My mom without protesting kept quite and she was definitely horny by now. By now, the tailor removed my mom’s blouse and my mom was in was just in her bra and i could clearly see my mom’s cleavage and this caused a huge tent in my pant.

Now the tailor started taking the measurements again and now he was pressing my mom’s boobs harder. My mom was completely out of her senses and she was enjoying the entire scene. I was shocked yahya kaptan escort by her reaction to his pressing. The tailor looking at my mom, got to understand that she needed some attention and he went behind her and started unbuttoning her bra, my mom suddenly realized this and asked the tailor, “what are u doing”.

The tailor said, “Nothing shilpa just trying to take the exact measurements”. My mom was shocked hearing that the tailor was calling her by the name, but by this time she has already submitted herself to his seduction. Guess she wasn’t fucked by my dad for a long time. Within a flash, the tailor removed the bra and he started taking the measurements again, my mom by now has started breathing heavily and she was letting out light moans. The tailor taking advantage of the situation decided to take the initiative and started pressing my moms left boobs from behind, and my mom was now completely in his control and she was resting her head in his shoulders. The tailor now threw her bra away and he now started pressing both the boobs madly. I was completely shocked that my mom didnt even show the slightest of resistance to his entire act.

By now, my mom turned around and the tailor planted a deep kiss in her mouth. They kissed for a while before the tailor started to remove my moms dress one by one. And in the mean time, my mom was busy unbuttoning his pant and she pulled out what could be called as a monster cock, it was about 10 inches in size and my mom was just taken aback.

The tailor now, held my moms head and guided it to his cock and she took his tool in her hand, her hand was not covering it full. She started stroking his cock as the tailor sat on sofa in that room, smiling and mom too giving him naughty smile, “how you feeling Suresh?” she asked. Suresh smiling and said, “aaaahhhh gooodd take it mouth then I will know how good you are.” At his order, mom immediately his tool in her mouth. She was not able to take it full it was so huge. Ramu pressed her head on his dick, mom was taking it inch by inch and in few strokes it entered her mouth completely. She was sucking it faster now.

Suresh was moaning loud, “yyessss mam take it all yyessss aaaaahhh hhhhmm mam you are a great cock suckerrrrr” He was pressing her head to go deeper in her, it was touching gebze escort her throat, mom was sucking it faster and as he was going to cum, he held his cock tight, “mam I am gonna cum” mom looked at him, held his cock tight in her mouth and he shoot cum in her mouth. She drank all the cum and sat on sofa, kissed him. They sucked each others tongue and enjoying the cum. This time my mom was very wild in her kissing and she was behaving like an actual slut.

After that my mom asked him to fuck her pussy, he obeyed the order and tore her panty, her hairy pussy was exposed, he then starting licking her pussy, she cummed all over his face. Finally he put his shaft around her pussy and starting pressing, It was desperate scene of my mom getting fucked by a the tailor, he started hammering her pussy faster and faster, she asked him to slow down, but he didnt not hear to that and he was just ramming it deep into her with strong and hard strokes. It was able to hear sounds like chup chup chup. mom with pleasure and pain was moaning like “aaaahhh aaaaaaahh hhmmmmmmm oooohhhhh yyyesssssssss fuckkk me harderrrrrrr yyessss fasterrrrrrrrrr deeeppeeerrrrrrrrrr ooooohhhh aaaaahhh yyessssssss.”

He slowed down for a moment, while mom raising her hips to get him more inside, he then again increased his speed, he was touching her g-point again and again and mom was experiencing the real pleasure, it was clearly visible on her face, her expression, her action, holding him tight and she climaxed. But he was not yet complete, she looked at him, “mam, I can delay my orgasm to longer period to give you immense pleasure.”

I also attributed, after that when I went to see what is happening next, I was amazed to see the scene, my mom made the tailor to lay down on the sofa and she started licking his dick he cummed on her face the final part was more interesting, he asked him to give her a ride she then sits on the tailors dick and starting riding his dick. He was under enormous pressure and he started cumming in her pussy. She initially scolded him for cumming in her pussy and told him that she might get pregnant.

But she said that she will manage by sleeping with my dad who ll be back by next weekend. She said that it was time for her to get ready and that i would be waiting down. I sensed that she was getting ready and went down into the car, the mom came after about 5 mins and apologized to me saying that it was over crowded in the tailor shop. But i only knew the actual reason why it took such a long time.

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