Mom’s in Town Ch. 19


The young man with a hand truck loaded with shoe boxes waited for the receptionist at the spa entry.

“Christophe darling, so nice to see you again.” she said with an exaggerated air kiss to both cheeks.

“Susi you are looking wonderful as always. Ms. Rachael said I should come over to see Mrs. Smith.”

“Yes, she set me a text. Mrs. Smith is in room 7. I will go and tell her you are here.”

Susi knocks quietly on the door to waken the resting Christine. “Rachael has sent over some shoes for you to try on.”


“Yes. She thought it would be perfect when you meet the owners later this evening. Christophe Shoes has a purveyor relationship with the hotel. The owner’s son is waiting in the entry. Should I tell him its ok to see you?”

“Mmmm. I already have shoes. If I say yes, do you think it is ok for me to wear only this lounge gown to see him?” Rachael asks as she holds her cell phone to her chest.

“I can assure you do not have shoes like these and Rachael said the hotel is picking up the tab. I’d go for it if I were you. The robe is fine. It is what Rachael wears all the time when she chooses her shoes.”

“Just give me a minute to finish my phone call to my daughter Brianna.”

Putting the phone to her ear, Christine continues her story of what is going on…

“No, I don’t really know what is going to happen but it sounds a bit like cross between a job interview and a casting call. They are pampering me like crazy and I had a waxing so I am baby smooth all over. Never felt so bald as an adult. I think the evening will be over by 11:30, why don’t you come and stay over again. I really like the way we are so open with each other and, if I may say so, the way you eat pussy has me all wet again. Do come and if you want to bring your roommate that would be ok. Both of you dress up as the women you are, I want to see you as you want to be seen. If your friend does not want to come tonight, make sure she comes for breakfast. Do come, I really want to see you again and also to meet her before I head back.” Christine pleaded before closing off and opening the door.

“Mrs. Smith? I’m Christophe and I brought about a dozen pairs in different styles in and around your size. Whenever you are ready we can measure standing, sitting, then learn what kind of outfit will you be wearing this evening – conservative, sexy, or erotic? Once I know, we can match the high heel style to the outfit for a complete look. Shall we begin?” was less of question and more of a direction.

“Might was well start now.” Christine said as she opened the door to her private room and admitted the slim 20-something year old in.

Christophe immediately knelt on the floor just in front of the divan. He took a measuring instrument and small moleskin pad out of his murse and waited.

“Let’s begin with you standing. Left foot on the instrument please.”

Christine took off the spa issued sandal and felt his soft hand guide her foot. He adjusted the length and width sliders and carefully stroked and adjusted her toes. He touched each toe softly as he lengthened it out and then spread it so they all took their natural shape.

“Mmmm Beautiful. That’s it. Stand tall and put all you weight on it.”

She felt his hand at the back of ankle and his gently caress urging her calf into a more upright position.

“Perfect.” 7.5 for the left foot he wrote into his diary.

“Now the right foot please Mrs. Smith.”

Without getting off his knees, Christophe continued then indicated that Christine should sit on the divan.

“I like to take multiple measurements since we wear shoes differently and they need to behave. Could you sit back, relax and cross your legs for a moment.”

Christine followed the instructions and, after crossing her legs, she felt Christophe touch her feet.

“May I?”

“Yes of course.” Christine offered, unsure of what he was really asking. She could not help but notice the somewhat unusual focused attention on her feet along with what appeared to be a growing bulge in the of his tan slacks.

Christophe softly cradled her raised foot and stroked the arch and then the instep from ankle to toe. A soft smile appeared on his lips as he relished fondling his client’s foot.

“You have beautiful feet and in such perfect condition. Rarely do I see anything like this – even on very young women.” he cooed as he continued to caress her feet. His left hand slid up her shin and folded back the hem of the robe to expose her knee. He looked directly at her legs as he guided the leg a little further outward allowing the gown to gap between her thighs.

“Wonderful legs. Perfect for what I have in mind.” he offered as he gently placed her foot down on his ankara türbanlı escort thigh and reached for the Brannock measuring device.

“Do you know they have not made a better one of these, since this company started in 1927? Let me put your left foot down.”

Christophe gently took her foot, slid it slightly down and along this thigh then placed it carefully into the instrument, fiddled with the sliders, measured and noted the change in size.

“Just as I thought. Let’s do the other one now.” he said as he positioned the one foot on his thigh while guiding the soft perfect foot down and into position.

Noting its new size, he confidently took it out and placed in on this other thigh.

“Don’t want to get these gorgeous feet dirty. Do we?”

“Heels need to fit snugly when standing but be loose enough when sitting to let them dangle exposing the instep and heel. Such an alluring pose – when you cross your legs and with the heels I have in mind, people will be sure to notice.”

Christine saw the tent in his pants, she had noticed earlier, continue to get bigger the more he touched her feet and stared at her legs. Her two bare feet moved closer together at the same slow pace as her knees fell apart.

“Will everyone find them as exciting as you do?” she asked as she pushed her feet together measuring the length and girth of his hardening cock.

“Probably not.” he said truthfully as he sat more upright and watched her naked toes slide up and down over the zipper of his pants. Christophe’s eyes tracked from her toes to her feet to her ankle to her calf to her knee to her thigh. Christine watched as his eyes closed slightly, heard him inhale deeply.

Noting the watch on her left wrist he guessed she was right handed. “May I?” he said as he gently took her left foot and brought her toes to his mouth.

“Please do. I’ve never had my feet worshiped before. I’m finding it quite exciting”

Christine closed her eyes and relaxed as she felt a soft tongue run over her new pedicure. The pointed tip of the young man’s tongue traced each toe and probed the gaps between them. It was very sensual and Christine fell back into the embrace of the divan. In doing so the front of her roble tugged at the sash that was keeping it closed. Her right knee fell apart pulling the hem higher on now spread open thighs. She let her right hand fall to her waist and begin its slow unconscious journey to her sex. Hidden by the robe, her fingers caressed her swollen lips searching for entry.

“Open you robe if want to?” Christophe urged as he began to take each toe separately into his mouth and suck on them.

Like worshipping a small cock he nibbled, tantalized and savored each of their lengths and contours. Christine heard his words through a dreamy haze. It was as if she could not stop herself when she untied the loosely knotted sash and pulled the robe apart. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that the pink gash of her hairless cunt was on full display. She could feel a slight trickle as her lubricating juices begin to flow down between her nether lips. She saw Christophe watching as she put a finger on either side of her vulva and spread herself open. Freeing her growing clit, from its confining hood, a small convulsion of sexual electricity ran through her body. She felt her left hand pull back the lapel of the robe and expose her rapidly firming nipples. She began to slowly pull and squeeze on the lengthening left teat as its areola grew bumpy and crinkly. Christophe noticed the response and turned her foot so he could lick and nuzzle the soft delectable instep. He pressed his mouth and nose into the sensuous curve and kissed it. His fetish was always feet. It started, when a young boy, he used to massage his mother’s feet after she got home from work. It grew into a full blown sexual fetish by the time he was old enough to get a summer job in his father’s shoe store.

Christine, now the beneficiary of his focused obsession, began playing more overtly with her nipple while continuing to openly masturbate herself. Moving her fingers in time with Christophe’s actions, they urged each other toward heightened plateaus of stimulation. He heard her fingers plunging in and out of the wet squishy cunt. He saw a flush develop in her chest that spread to her neck and then her face. He anticipated she was close and he squeezed her foot and put all of her toes in his mouth at the same time. Like sucking a huge cock, he let his tongue bath the sensitive underside of her foot. He loved the sole of the foot almost as much as he loved the toes, but he loved the toes best. Christine screamed silently as she rocked back and forth, thrusting her hips out and in, holding the climax back, maximizing tuzla escort the sensation before finally releasing the climax out of her creaming vagina.

‘MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she finally moaned loudly as she felt herself squirt a jet of liquid in a high arc past her fingers – almost wetting Christophe.

“Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god.” Christine cried out. “I did that only a couple of times before – with my first girlfriend and then yesterday. It was incredible, but I’m so sorry.”

“No, No. It’s ok. You would not believe how many of my customers do it the first time I fit them for shoes.”


“Yes, really. But truth be told, your she-jaculation was one of the sexiest I have ever seen.”

Christine realized she was emotionally drained, lying back on the divan, her wide open robe framing her naked body. Her erect nipples surrounded by large dark areolas peaked the smooth tanned flesh of her breasts. Her knees were wide apart, her saturated cunt on full view while Christophe slowly and carefully caressed her left foot. She saw that a few drops of her juice had splashed onto his pants close to the left pocket not far from the straining tent at the front zipper area.

She found she could barely move and lust lay back and displayed herself.

“God that was fantastic. Can I do something to help you?”

“Perhaps later when we are almost finished? I’ve know just what would suit you.” he said as he guided her feet up on the divan. “Don’t move.”

There was no way Christine could move. The fourth orgasm of the day had left her weak and unsteady – sated. She simply watched as he carefully opened the door to protect their privacy. Looking outside he saw the receptionist give him a wink and he returned the recognition with a Cheshire cat smile. He stepped out, quickly sorted through the boxes, selected two and opened them. Selecting one shoe from each box, he closed them up and restacked them carefully. Stepping back into the room, he quietly closed the door.

“Louboutins for you my dear.” He stated confidently as he showed her the black 4″ high heels with peep toes and cut out sides.


“Yes. I mixed and matched the sizes for a perfect fit. Try them!” Christophe chirped excitedly as he held out his hand to help her up from her semi reclining position.

Christine roused herself from her semi-comatose state, swung her feet off the divan into his waiting hands. The soft leather welcomed her feet and the glossy finish on her pedi-cured toenails slid effortlessly through the peep toes. The heels felt snug. Christophe extended his hand to steady her as stood up. Her soft white robe hung open and her vulva was at his eye level.

“I think we might as well dispense with this at this stage. Don’t you think?” she said as shucked off the robe and stood naked in high heels before him.

“Check your posture in the full length mirror.” he suggested nodding to his left.

Christine turned a bit unsteadily until she was ¾ view of the mirror. She drew in a sharp breath as she saw herself. She turned, posed, turned some more and beamed at how sexy she looked.

“Holy cow. They look beautiful. Very sexy”

“Check out how they make your ass look.”

The mirror didn’t lie. The image she saw of herself as she look sideways then over her shoulder revealed that the shoes made her stand taller with her shapely butt protruded a little more.

“I can’t believe that a pair of shoes could make look so good.”

“Not just any shoes Mrs. Smith. Louboutins properly fitted. Turn this way please.”

Christine turned, faced Christophe who was still on his knees, with his face not more than a foot away from her sex that was beginning to get excited again. She looked down again – disappointed to see him reaching into his murse and not staring at her cunt being so wantonly offered.

“May I take a few photos?”


“I like to keep a record. I’ll send a copy to the Louboutin rep. Then at the end of year we do a calendar that we issue to a group of special clients and their friends.”

“I’d like that.”

“Wonderful. Just let me get the settings right on this new i-phone X.” he quasi mumbled as he fiddled with his phone.

Continuing to kneel on the ground he crawled back a bit and began taking photos. Christine was somewhat disappointed as he seemed to actually be focusing on her new shoes. She stepped in a little closer and he scuttled backward to keep the framing of the photos on the shoes. Her pussy was starting to twitch as she imagined her picture being distributed to others for their viewing pleasure. She opened her legs a little to take a different stance.

“Please, left foot avrupa yakası ucuz escort ahead just little.” came the request from the enthralled photographer who was almost lying on the floor to capture a close-up.

Christophe looked up from her toes, to the ankle, to the calf, to the thigh and kept looking upward until he saw her vulva swelling. He was sure that the lips were even fuller than when she was masturbating earlier. The expressed pussy juice had created a glossy sheen that radiated highlights and sparkles.

“What if I put my one foot up on the divan like this? Would that make a good picture? Would that excite you more?” she offered as she overtly exposed herself to his camera.

The wide angle of the lens captured the foot on the ground as well as the long delicious line of her leg up to the triangle’s apex of a hairless pubescent cunt. Christophe had to adjust the obvious tightness in the front of pants as his excitement, like that of his customer now model, was growing. Moving in a little closer, and rising up a little, he put the lens right at the level of her crotch and captured just the bent leg with the shoe on divan and her waiting vulva.

“Could I get a shot with your hand partially concealing your vulva? One that coyly suggests sex rather than bluntly offers it… that’s it – Perfect!”

“I thought you liked the obvious, it seems that these photos are turning you on. What if I was to turn around and kneel on the divan?” That way you could get a picture of the red soles of the Louboutin’s.”

“What a great idea, just kneel on the divan facing away from me and lean forward over the back. OMG that is so good. I can see the red soles of the shoes framing your private parts. Could you keep your feet together and spread your knees apart even more. That’s so perfect.”

Christine could not believe what was going on. What started out as simple try on of shoes turned into a mutual fetish play of feet and high-heels. She complied with his request and spread her knees. She thrust her hips back and looked over her shoulder to watch Christophe moving in very close. She felt him put his hand on her hip to have her tilt a little to her left. When she did that the camera phone snapped off about 3 or 4 photos before she felt his hand – this time on her ass.

“May I make a small adjustment?”

“Sure, what are you going to do?” Mrs. Smith asked as she looked back over her right shoulder

“I thought I might pull the cheeks of your ass apart a little. I would like to capture what appears to be a perfect picture of your vulva and pink rosebud.”

“I think I’d like that.”

“I hoped you would. That’s it. It’s perfect. Now, move your heels together for the next one. I want to see the long heels touching your asshole.”

He took a number of photos as the long slender heels formed a diagonal with the tip of the heels gently pressing against the enticing opening. The sexual temperature in the room rose about 20 degrees as Christophe palmed the swollen cock in his pants. Christine turned around just in time to see the subtle but obscene act taking place.

“Why don’t you take it out? I could see that it has been straining to get out since you made me cum by licking my feet.

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“No, if fact, why don’t you pull down your pants and lie on the floor facing me. I have an idea for a few great shots.”

Christophe was eager to comply and soon was lying just in front of the divan. He looked down to see Mrs. Smith step on his right thigh with heel of her shoe. It caused a big dent that felt wonderful making him even more excited -if that was even possible. She took a photo as his boyish cock twitched in anticipation. A sharp bolt of pain hit his groin as she rotated her heel and pushed the sole of her shoe down on his balls. The toe point reached halfway up his cock as she took a few more pictures of the straining member. The skin was taut and an angry red head tried to rear up but she stepped harder and took more pictures. She then sat down on the divan while he lay in front of her.

“Your turn.” she said as she slid off the new shoes.

Christine put one bare foot over his balls. She saved the best for last as she put the warm soft instep of the other foot over the length of his cock and gripped its bell end with her toes. One single stroke and she felt his hips rise up as he began to intensely hump the two naked feet curled around his cock. Grunts and groans were heard as the thrusting got faster. It would not be long now she thought and was almost immediately rewarded with the feeling of hot creamy jizz squishing between her toes. She watched as the teenager continue to spew his huge load and saw it seep out between her feel and begin covering his stomach and dribble down his groin. Christine began to smear it over his scrotum with her toes as she continue to caress the now hyper-sensitive cock. She let her feet move the creamy goo around as the intensity soon overwhelmed him and he turned on his side to avoid the stimulation. She put her feet close to his face.

“Lick them clean.”

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