My Best Friend’s Girl


For about two years I’ve had a deep longing to have sex with a friend of mine. The Problem is this friend is also my best friends girl friend. The other night we had plans to hang out and watch a movie at he house. It was late in the evening when I got over to her house. I walked into her house and into her living room.

“Hey where are you?” I called

“In the shower Ill be out in a sec you can wait in my room if you want.” She answered

I walked into her room and sat down on her futon and turned oh her tv. A few minute’s later I heard the shower shut off and the bathroom door open up. She walked into her room wearing a towel around her and nothing else. She’s about 5’2 with blondish brown hair, hazel eyes, beautiful legs and an amazing body. For me though one of her sexiest features is he perfect feet. She walked into the room and over to her dresser next to the bed.

“Hey.” she said

“Hey” I said back looking her head to toe.

She turned facing me and sat down on the edge of the bed crossing her legs and opened her dresser pulling out a pair of shorts and a tank top noticing me checking her out. She smile at me. Embarrassed I quickly stood up

“Ill let you get dressed.” I said

“Its ok.” she said as she uncrossed her legs and picked up her shorts.

She stood and slide on her short under the towel then stood up and turned around dropping the towel to the floor. And pulled on her top over her head. I sat back down Still looking at her. She walked over zonguldak escort and sat down next to me. Leaning over me to grab her camera. Allowing me to see directly down me top at her perfect breasts. She sat back up turning so her back was on the arm rest and laid her legs across my lap. She turned the camera on and turned it toward her and took a picture of her blowing a kiss into it. I continued to watch her not saying anything. She turned it around showing me the viewing screen with the picture she had just taken.

“You want that don’t you?” she asked

I didn’t answer at first not knowing what to say. After a moment had passed I asked

“What the Picture?”

“No, the kiss.” she laughed

“Well… Yeah” I answered ” Who in there right mind wouldn’t want a kiss from a beautiful women.”

I then felt her foot gently move putting presser between my legs. I looked down as she slowly and lightly began to rub her foot against my hardening dick. Her feet where about a size seven with perfect proportioned toes that where painted black.

“Then why don’t you let me give you one.” she asked

I continued to look at her gorgeous feet slowly rubbing on me I reached down and picked up one of her feet and began to rub her sole softly.

“Is that what you want?” I asked now looking at her to see what her expression was to me beginning to rub her foot.

“For a start yes.” She answered

I then Began to kiss the soles of her feet eyes still tunalı escort looked on hers As she watched me. Once I saw that she wasn’t going to stop me I began to suck her toes licking between each of her toes before moving to the next. As I sucked each toe I began slowly rubbing my hand up and down her smooth legs. She softly began to make sounds of pleasure as I did this. She then pulled her foot away and moved closer to me and began to kiss me first softly then began to slip her tongue into my mouth as she did this she stood up pulling me towards the bed. As I stood up she began to pull my shirt over my head then followed with her own. She lay down on the bed with me over her beginning to rub her breasts I began to kiss her neck moving down kissing and tonguing her chest then her breasts. As I began to suck her nipples I felt her foot rubbing on my now full erect dick in my pants.

“Take you pants off.” she said

Once my pants where off I pulled hers off and through them on the floor now leaving us completely naked on her bed together. I moved down between her legs and began to lick her now wet pussy. She began to moan as I began to finger her as I licked her clit. After a few short minutes she began to get really wet.

“I’m about to cum!” She yelled when suddenly her hairless pussy began to gush sweet hot fluid into my mouth. She then grabbed me.

“Lay down.” she told me breathing heavily

I then lay down on my back with her sitting between my tunceli escort legs. She leaned forward putting her feet on each side of my hard dick and began to give me a foot job. As she did this she leaned forward and began to give me a blow job. I watched he run my dick between the arches of her beautiful feet and the tip of my cock disappearing into her mouth with every down word thrust of her feet. After a few minutes of this she stopped and then straddled over me. Swatting down and pushed my hard dick deep inside her as she thrust down on top of me. She then slowly lifted herself and thrust herself down again. With every thrust down I thrust back pushing my dick deep inside her wet pussy. I pulled her body close to me now having her breasts in my face. I sucked on the nipples and kissed her chest. After a few minutes I rolled her over ton the bed into the missionary position. I began to pound on her pussy deep and hard. She position her feet against my chest now. As I started to slide my cock in and out of her I began to suck her toes again. The faster and harder I thrust into her now gushing wet pussy the loaded her moans got. I could feel my dick begin to throb now.

“Iam about to to cum.” I moaned

“Cum in me baby cum deep inside me.” She moaned back loudly

She then spread her legs sticking them out to each side pointing her toes as she did this I felt her begin to cum as I thrust as deep inside her as I could go exploding my load inside her I laid over her now chest to chest as she rapped her legs around me and I thrust slowly feeling my dick twitch inside her. I lay on top her kissing her. After a moment I sat up looking into her eyes

“Our relationship just got interesting huh.” I said

“It sure did this is going to be fun.” she answered.

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