My Depravity Pt. 02

Big Dicks

Disclaimer: Everything written is my own experience. I will be altering the names of the people to protect their privacy.

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted our weekly meetings. As Uncle looked up, a shout identifying the visitor came through the door. (This conversation is in Cantonese)

“Uncle Lee, it’s me. Still need help with the computer?”

He frowned at that, sweat pouring from his temples and breathing heavily from his current activities. He was probably a little irritated with the interruption.

“Not now boy. I’m currently a little busy” he shouted back. An “okay” came through the door. He looked down at the object he was working on for the past hour.

My sweaty and reddened body lay beneath him, soft moans escaping my lips as he continuously thrust his very wrinkled and veiny cock in me. I was slightly worried that my son was about to come in, but luckily, providence was on my side.

He roughly grabbed my breast and kneaded it roughly, as if it belonged to him. And for the past 6 months, it did. He used his other hand to grab the hair at the back of my head, snorted deeply and spit right into my open mouth. This wasn’t the first time and I swallowed by instinct. At nearly his mid-fifties, viagra did wonders for hardness and regular exercising did a lot for stamina.

He could fuck a lot. And he did. I was his main target. He said he preferred me to his main paid whores, as I let him do things to me other girls wouldn’t. My lack of self-respect mainly helped with that.

“Your son almost interrupted us” he snarled out, his eyes wide with lust and tightened anger.

“I’m sorry” I panted out. “But you’re the one who asked him for help”.

He slapped me at that point. A soft cry escaped my lips bonus veren siteler from the unexpected hit, my body responding in even more pleasure.

“He needs to fucking learn timing” he panted out, increasing the tempo of his thrusts.

Fucking old man. The stupidity of the situation never failed to escape me.

If you’re wondering how this happened, some of you may remember that I have a very high sex drive. To me, this translated to sensitive touches. Uncle Lee was my next-door neighbour that lived alone. His wife died a few years ago and his children had all moved out to start their own families. When my family first met him, he had a facade of kindness and helpfulness that won us over. He became fast friends with my dad, regularly buying him herbal tonics and bonded with my son over social matters. Growing up fatherless and with my own father having dementia, I was grateful for what I thought was a positive role model. I would invite him over dinner, as I felt bad at the thought of him eating alone and he would usually bring some side dishes with him to enhance our dining table.

This went on for a few years, until last year when I went over to his place to retrieve my broken chair. Its screw fell off and one of the legs wouldn’t fit anymore. He offered to repair it at his place and I agreed, pleased that I wouldn’t have to pay someone to fix it.

I ended up paying for it in other ways.

He offered me some soju and I accepted graciously. What harm could there with a few drinks with a neighbour, who had ingratiated with the family? He was kind and thoughtful, so I went with it.

After a few cups and our inhibitions slowly left us, he would place his hands on my thighs every time we laughed, and slowly bedava bahis rubbed it up and down. I merely took it as a friendly gesture, but he got bolder. He would move closer and closer to me as I didn’t really refuse his advances. I wanted to be respectful of his age and he was clearly just being friendly.

That was clearly ignorance on my part as he was fucking me doggie style after 30 minutes, I’m not sure how things escalated, but I clearly am a pushover. He manhandled my breasts as if it was his property, and I let it happen because I’m a wanton slut. I hate myself, but I moaned at all of the touches, and I eagerly met his mouth with my pussy, as I needed release. After it was over, and he came inside me (he hated condoms and I wasn’t the type to say otherwise) he stood up and stretched. As he looked down at me, his cock slick with my juices, he lightly stretched. I was on my back, breathing heavily, shame and lust burning all around me.

“You fucking slut. I should have done this sooner” he said bluntly.

“N-no I’m not” I replied weakly, unconvincingly to anyone.

“From now on, come by my place after work. I have use for you now” completely ignoring what I said. And that I have work. And I might have to do overtime. And that I have a life.

“I can’t” I lightly protested. He ignored me again and went to his cupboard. He pulled out a little tray of pills and swallowed a blue one. A cold pit filled my stomach. I only went home 2 hours later.

Every couple of days, I would go to his house, where I serviced him to his heart’s content, self-hate and guilt eating every part of me. He would use the opportunity to push my limits. Slaps, hair pulling and everything were on the table. Mentally, I was horrified, deneme bonus but physically my body responded enthusiastically. I was both upset and turned on and I didn’t know what to do.

His insults got worse as I allowed this depravity to go on. He insinuated things about me, my child and my parent. I hated him with every fibre of my being, but I think he enjoyed that. I came back to him anyway.

One night, as I came home from Uncle Lee’s house, my son caught me in the hallway, my blouse was opened by a couple of buttons, my skirt wrinkly and I smelled of sweat and an odour that was only familiar with the sexually experienced.

“You helping Uncle with something? You’ve been spending a lot of time there” He asked me with a soft smile. My beautiful boy, ever kind and innocent

“He just needs some help with paperwork. Some administrative stuff” he lied easily. This was becoming a regular thing. Lying and whoring around.

I hated myself even more.

The worst is when my dad questioned me.

“Is Lee alright? I noticed you’ve been spending some time there” he was in one of his more lucid moments.

“Just Government paperwork dad. He’s not too good with that” I simply replied.

“Good good. I’m glad he has someone to help him. He has been quite good to us, and I think he is a little lonely” he smiled gently.

“You have no idea,” I said through strained teeth.

My family was gentle in his opinions of him, even as he ejaculated down my throat regularly, as he cast aspersions upon them.

“Your fucking idiot of a father should have been able to hear us by now” he would regularly joke, even as I tried my best not to be too loud. “Or your son should have figured things out.” He laughed gleefully, pumping his turgid cock in me. “Oh well, I get to enjoy my fun either way. It would have just been funny if they found out” he laughed again.

I hate this man. I hate myself even more.

(I hate myself for revealing this. But I feel a certain sense of relief as well)

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