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Subject: Chapter 4 – My Dreamy Muscular DILF My Dreamy Muscular DILF Category – Authoritarian, Inter-racial There are real life experiences weaved into the story but names have been changed and a majority of this is fictionalized. Please note that there are depictions of unsafe sex, drug use, domination, obsession and other themes including sexual experimentation, that are in no way an encouragement to pursue in real life. Please educate yourself on safe sex and other practices before engaging in any risky behaviour, particularly if it may be illegal in your country. This is my first series and I would appreciate any feedback or interaction with my readers to steer the plot in a direction that will be well- received. For the first few chapters there will be a lot of backstory and minimal sexual encounters. Lastly, if Nifty is serving you content that you enjoy, please consider donating to them! Enjoy. “My Dreamy Muscular DILF” – Chapter 4 I had been fantasizing about a man like Mr. Riyos for as long as I could remember. But Mr. Riyos was real, warm tantalizing muscle and flesh, within my reach, if I tried. I started dreaming about him. He became the object of my solitary masturbation and self-fucking session with my fresh cucumbers. At night, when the vegetable toy was hitting my sensitive spot, I moaned and groaned, whispering Mr. Riyos’s name. By 4th week, I was done playing hide and seek with Mr. Riyos. I was sure in my head that Mr. Riyos was trying to seduce me. That’s why he was putting on a show like walking naked in front of me or sunbathing in the pool. The last time I worked there, I caught him checking me out now and then. I considered to play his trick on him, that is, to seduce him. I decided to wear a tight polo top that reached my waistband and a Docker’s pant shorts that reached just above my knees. The shorts were a little loose around my waist. Underneath the pants, I decided to wear a red “PUMP!” Jockstrap with a thin elastic waistband that said, “PUMP!” on the front and the back. That way when I would bend or crouch on the floor during my work there, my pants would go down, my shirt will go up, and thus exposing my waistband with the word, “PUMP!” to him. I checked myself in the mirror of my bathroom under every possible angle, the upper part of my ass crack was exposed on the rear side when I bent or crouched, uncovering the good third of my smooth olive bubble butt. My shorts were loose such that I constantly had to slightly pull them up to keep them in place above the waistband elastic. On Saturday morning, I trimmed my pubes, shaved my balls and ass, and made sure I was ready for him if it reached that point. I extensively pleasured myself with a long one and a half inches thick cucumber. I repeated the process several times without reaching an orgasm. I felt hot as hell, ready to seduce Mr. Riyos to the point of no return. Just the thought of Mr. Riyos’s incredibly impressive manhood was making my boy pussy wet and quivering. I kept picturing being fucked by the thick steel rod in his bedroom. When I reached there, I didn’t waste any time and got to work as soon as I could, while he went back to his weight lifting on the bench in the Sunroom. He was playing his trick by titillating me with his fat cock, today I would return him the favor. I lowered my pants below the jockstrap waistband, I started mopping the floor. As I was mopping right across the sunroom, in front of the kitchen, I bent down to fix the mop. And stood in that position long enough to be noticed. Then I moved on to the bedroom. I checked from the corner of my eyes, he did see me. After he finished his first few sets on the upper body, he came to the fridge to re-fill his water bottle. I entered the kitchen from the laundry room. I had deliberately dropped a few socks on the kitchen floor. I bent down and started picking them taking longer than I needed to. Then I dropped them in the washer. When I stepped back, he was looking at me strangely with a smile on his face. He went back to his workout and I went to my work. After his workout, he made the same two glasses full of blue drinks in the Magic Bullet with Monster energy drink, orange juice, some blue stuff, some powder, and other ingredients. He gave one glass to me, while he took the other. sat on the recliner chair in the living space. He went to the recliner chair and started watching some game on TV, while I went back to finish other work. A while later, I looked at him, shirtless, from a distance, sitting on the recliner with his broad chest and muscular legs stretched out, looking so enticing. I decided to seduce him one more time. I went into the living area and bent down or crouched to clean the side tables. Then I sat right in front of him with my back facing him and wiped the center table. I was sure one-third of my smooth, olive ass was exposed to him. Once done, I stood up and looked at him and saw him smiling. I knew he was checking me out. As I went out to finish my work in the yard, he followed me and repeated what he had been doing for the past four weeks. An hour later I started ironing the clothes, while he still sunbathed on the floater. Just like the last BluTV time, sometime later, he entered the bedroom naked with a towel around his shoulders. I was deliberately crouched on the floor next to the bed bench, pretending to fold his underwear. I knew he stopped to check me out. But then he stepped inside the bathroom for the shower. He re-appeared after the showers, butt-naked, just like the last time. He sat in front of me with his semi-hard cock hanging between his legs and started moisturizing his body. When he started moisturizing his enormous cock, he asked me, “How is your cough?” I said in low voice, “I still have it.” “Do you want a gourmet lollypop?” He asked me with a smirk. “I would love that,” I said bashfully He finished moisturizing his cock, went out, and came back with another big gourmet lollypop, unwrapped it right in front of me with the same hands he used to moisturize his cock. He said, “Open your mouth” and pushed it in my mouth. Then said with another smirk, “Keep licking it, till you get the surprise. It will help your throat.” Embarrassed, I started licking it in my mouth and got back to ironing. It started feeling as if this was all that would happen between the two of us. There were moments I was scared of losing my job. He stood there staring at me sucking the lollypop in my mouth. Then he said, “It seems you like sucking. I have a special lollypop. One of the best in the world. I think you would love it.” I didn’t say anything since my mouth was full. I just nodded. I knew I would go back to my dorm again frustrated and resume my self-fucking sessions. After I finished my work for the day, I went to the dining table and finished the remaining blue drink that he gave me. He was sitting in his cotton boxer shorts, with his T-shirt on the armrest, watching some game on the TV, with his legs spread out. I could see the bulge on his boxer shorts that sent sensations down my spine. My face was flushed. He was fully aroused. There was no doubt about it. I tried to not look at his pronounced bulge, as I said, “Mr. Riyos, I am done. Is there anything else that you need?” He stood up and started walking towards me, his hard cock bouncing up and down, now clearly popping out to free itself from the cotton boxers. His polo perfume filled the room. I again looked at his awesome fullness and couldn’t get my eyes off. I must have looked longer than usual at his crotch, I moved my eyes to look at him. He was grinning as he caught me looking at his crotch. “Thank you! You did a good job. Here is your money.” He handed the envelope to me. I put it in my pocket. I was almost shivering as I saw him standing less than 2 feet away. “Thank you, Mr. Riyos!” I said in a quivering voice. He extended his hand for the handshake, the same hand he used to moisturize his cock. I switched the lollypop I was holding to my other hand and I extended mine to meet his. His firm grip was no match for my softer boy hand. “For such a nice job, you need to be rewarded with another exotic lollypop. I think you would like it. In fact, you might need it.” He didn’t leave my hand and pulled me to walk with him to the living area. He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to sit on the wooden center table. This hunk of a man was standing less than a foot away right in front of me, with his erect thick cock in his boxers projecting at my face. I looked at him to see where that was going. I wanted him to plug his cock in my mouth, but I wasn’t sure if he would do it. “You want the best lollypop in the world?” He asked commandingly. I nodded. “Close your eyes and open your mouth wide. I got just the thing that you need.” I did as told. “Open wider,” he said. I did. A few seconds later, I felt his cock on my lips and tongue. I opened my eyes. What I saw was a magnificent, 8 and a half inches cut cock that was at least 2″ thick with a plum mushroom head. “Play with it,” He said guiding my hands to his massive throbbing cock, coming out through the fly I didn’t resist. I placed both my hands on his shaft and started playing with cock. I licked it, sucked it, ran my hands on it, around it. I was amazed at the size of his cock. I could wrap my hand around it. It was beautiful a lot longer and fatter than I imagined. I pumped his shaft with one hand and tugged on his balls with the other and I was rewarded with a gush of juice on my tongue. Then he stopped me and said. “I know that you have been checking me out for the past few weeks. Here is your moment of truth. In the next few minutes, you will have to decide whether you want to leave or you want to stay. If you choose to leave, you will take this cock out of your mouth and walk away. And then keep wondering what it would have been like if you had stayed. Or if you choose to stay, you will experience what you have never experienced before. Pure ecstasy and bliss. Ride so intense, fuck so incredible that your body will tremble in pleasure and ecstasy. Do you want to leave or do you want to stay? I tried to move my mouth away from his cock to answer him but his hands on the back of my head won’t let me move. I looked up meekly to understand how he wanted me to answer. You will work your tongue Netflix around my cockhead thrice to say “No” and you will circle the cockhead six times to say “yes”. Long slow circles around the cockhead with your tongue. Your 60 seconds starting now. Part of me wanted to leave. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. But hunger and lust in me overpowered my mind and I started working my tongue around his cockhead a lot earlier before 60 seconds passed. He started counting. “One….two…three…” I stopped. He looked down and I looked up. Then I resumed. “Four…five…six”. And I stopped. “That’s a yes.” He said. He gave another sexy smirk, “Well bud, you have made the right decision. You are going to have the time of your life. We need to clarify some more about this situation before we proceed. You will answer in the same manner. Have you been fantasizing about me for the past few weeks? I answered by circling his cockhead with my tongue 6 times. “Have you been jacking off thinking about my cock” I circled cockhead 6 times. “Are you a virgin?” I circled his cockhead with my tongue 6 times. “Do you want to suck my cock to completion?” I circled 6 times. “Do you want to be fucked today?” I circled 6 times. “Say it there times, so that there is no confusion. There is no going back.” I circled his cockhead with my tongue 18 times. “Well, Good! You made the right decision.” “This cock is now your friend. Your life depends on it. You will treat it with respect. It is going to be in your hands or your holes as long as you are with me.” I circled his cockhead six times. He held my hands and pulled me forward. I knew his cock was not to leave my mouth. So moved my face with his cock. He sat on the sofa in front of me. I sat on my knees between his legs. Started sucking him with both my hands on his shaft and my mouth bobbing up and down on the head. His cock was so thick that my middle finger and thumb couldn’t circle it completely. Still, a half-an-inch was left uncovered. He kept directing me. Now suck, now swirl, now jerk. I did as I was told. His cock was leaking pre-cum which tasted little saline, bleachy, and mostly tasteless. I wanted to please this man by giving him full pleasure through his thick boy-pleaser. I wanted to be fucked today and that would only happen if he was pleased. He pushed my mouth away from his shaft, with my hands still holding it. He bent and pulled my T-shirt up. I understood the signal and removed one hand off his cock and he pulled the T-shirt from my left hand and then from my head. Then I switched the hands from his shaft and he pulled the T-shirt off of me and threw it on the floor. I went back to work on his shaft with my mouth and my hands. He bent down and started unbuttoning my pants. I moved my hand and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. He lifted me with my left leg and I was in the air with my mouth still sucking his cock. He placed my lower body on the other recliner seat. At this point, I had my knees on the other chair and my head in his crotch. He pulled my pants down to my knees with his one hand while his other hand kept the pressure on my head. I did the rest of the work and threw my pants. He started rubbing and caressing my butt cheeks, first the left and then the right. It felt great. And suddenly his hand went in the air and spanked me. I tried to scream at this sudden change but he increased pressure on my head and pushed my mouth deeper on his missile, “Keep sucking.” He started spanking me first on the left cheek, then on the right cheek. First slow and then fast. Soft and hard. Then he started spanking me right on my hole. It must have hurt me. Instead spanking on my hole sent strange pleasing waves through my body. A while later, he started poking and fingering my hole. I felt something wet on my hole. It must be the lube. Since I had cleaned and played with my hole that morning, his finger entered smoothly without any resistance. He started rubbing my prostate and it sent such strong electric currents through my spine that I started squirming in pleasure, still bobbing up and down his shaft. Then he entered two fingers in me, which also entered without resistance. “Have you been fucking yourself with a dildo or something?” I swirled and circled 6 times around his cock head. “Well, there is nothing like a real thing fucking your brains out.” He said as he continued fingering me, massaging my prostate. Then he pushed his 3 fingers in me. My hole could barely accommodate them but he didn’t care he pushed them anyway. I tried to scurry away but he held me back and spanked me hard on my hole, “Where are you going? I am not done yet.” With his 3 fingers in, he wasted no time and started finger-fucking me fast. I was in pain and pleasure at the same time. Moaning with his cock in my mouth. Then suddenly he removed his fingers. I moaned to register my protest. “Don’t worry, you will be stuffed in a few seconds”. Then he flipped me upside down with me still sucking his cock and my legs on his shoulder. He carried down the walkway, through the bedroom to the closed and picked something up from the drawer and then came back and sat on the same place in the living area. He flipped my Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle lower body to the side on the sofa. I heard him opening something and then he inserted something in my hole. First slowly and then just pushed it hard and turned it on. I moaned still bobbing on his cock. The vibrator started whizzing in my hole sending trembling sensations throughout my body. He pushed me down on my knees and asked me to suck him good. I knew what I was supposed to do. I put my lips and tongue back to work on his huge weapon. His dick felt amazing, throbbing in my mouth and hands again. I increased the speed to bob up and down on his tool and soon he was moaning in pleasure, thrusting up to meet my mouth as I worked his leaking dick. His balls were rolling in my fist, holding a load of cum for me to feed on. Wrapping my tongue around his cockhead, I slid it in and out of my mouth some more, teasing the ridge under it each time. Then, I dove down onto his throbbing hard cock. I could barely get half of it in my mouth. But I used my hands to cover the other half. He kept moaning and giving me more juices. I sucked him with long and slow strokes up and down as much on his rock hard pole, my hands stroking the rest of his shaft and large balls. I could feel his balls try to draw up and ready to shoot. He was squirming. Hearing how much I was turning him on turned me on like crazy. I have been dreaming of this for the last few weeks and finally, I have this hunk of a man in my mouth. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I was more determined than ever to give him the greatest pleasure he has ever known. I tried to take more of him into my throat but I couldn’t do it. It was too thick and big. I was gagging and choking but I didn’t care. I wanted it. And he was hard as a steel pole. I milked his prick up and down like that, again and again. His balls were drawn up so tight I couldn’t pull them anymore. I felt his hands on my head, “Oh fuck, you ready for it?” With that, he started to grind his hips up into my face. His hands on my head kept me in place. I had nowhere to go. His hips humped at me hard and his hands forced my head deeper with each thrust. He rammed his cock into my mouth and exploded, “Aughhh, ohhh fuck yeahhhhh.” He bellowed as he blew, stabbing his hips into my face and flooding my throat with his juices. Thick, salty, creamy, bleachy cum. And so much that I could not keep up with. “Don’t waste a drop. This is your reward for a good job.” He grumbled. As I gulped down as much as I could, more and more still pulsed out of his cock. I gagged and gasped as I swallowed. I was so aroused that I wanted to jerk off too but I kept my focus on his cock. I was finally getting my dream stud and I was enjoying every bit of it. I sucked him dry and licked him clean. When I couldn’t find any more cum to lick, I buried myself in his crotch and kept nursing on his cock. The vibrator was driving me crazy but the vibrations were not strong enough to push me over the edge. I wanted to cum but there was nothing I could do. A few minutes later, he stood up, lifted me in his arms, put me down on the sofa, pulled my jockstrap off of me, and pushed my legs up towards the back support. He sat down on his knees, removed the vibrator from my hole, and said, “Get ready.” And before I knew it, he shoved three fingers up my boy pussy and started finger fucking me hard and fast, I couldn’t breathe. He worked those fingers in deep. Then he located my joy button and started rubbing it. I felt like I was going to cum. The wave hit me again and again. I started pushing up into him. My head started spinning. Within minutes I started spurting jizz like a hose. Screaming out in ecstasy, I was blowing my load. He kept poking at my hole just as vigorously as before. Once I was done, I reached for his hand to stop. He stopped. My hole clenched on his big fingers. I was trembling all over. Once done, I closed my eyes in a state of trance. He took his left hand out, scooped cum from my belly and chest, and then said, “Open your mouth.” I opened my mouth and he inserted his two fingers into it. I sucked his two fingers. Then he took them out and scooped the remaining cum from my body and inserted those fingers back in my mouth. I sucked all the cum out of his fingers. And then kept sucking his fingers. He said, “Good boy!” Then he leaned over me, his face close to mine, and whispered, “That’s what you need. If my fingers feel this good, imagine how good my fat dick would feel smashing at that nub.” Before I could react, he pulled his fingers out, first from my mouth and then from my hole. My hole gaped open. I felt empty. He lifted me in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck with my head on his shoulder. He turned around and collapsed on the recliner with me on top of him. He covered the blanket over our bodies and we lay there. I was in my trance and didn’t want to move, floating on air and dizzy with pleasure. My hole was still throbbing and I could still feel his cock between our bodies. He slowly rolled me on his side with my leg still around his legs. I cuddled against him with his hot body heaving up and down next to me. His arm wrapped around my back, his big hand on my butt cheek. I laid my head on his chest and my hand around his abs. We lay there with closed eyes under the blanket in trance for the longest time. I think I dozed off a bit.

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