My Elder Assistant, The Honeymoon Concludes


We were like two teenagers, intermittently running, then stopping to kiss and fondle each other all the way to the cabana.  As soon as we entered the nude beach area, Mary stopped to jerk her dress over her head.  Standing there in her beautiful bareness,  I couldn’t help but stare like a love-struck fool.  Her eyes caught mine, and she realized that I was paralyzed by her nude beauty.  We stared from a few feet away for a very elongated minute before Mary took flight toward the cabana.I watched her in some kind of silly stupor as she made it to the deck.  She tossed her dress on a chair before turning toward me and blowing me a kiss.  As Mary sauntered down to the water, I broke from my statue-like behavior.  Initially, I moved slowly but gradually picked up the pace until I was at a near sprint.  When I finally reached the deck, I quickly disrobed and headed toward her like a man in need.  When I arrived, Mary was waist-deep in the warm embrace of the Atlantic.Our lips met, and our bodies entwined like we were two halves of a whole.  “I’ve loved you for a very long time,” I uttered between kisses.”I know,” she reacted as her lips covered mine once again.Mary wrapped her legs around my lower back before appealing, “Push your hardness into my pussy, husband.  I need you now!”I kissed her hard once again as I blindly lined myself up with her swollen labia, and pulled her down onto me.  Her lips broke from mine as she groaned, “Fuck me good!”I tried in vain to pound her needy hole, but it is quite difficult to gather any speed underwater.  After she spewed a string of ‘faster and harder’s,’ I moved toward the shore.  As our hips emerged from the sea, I gave my bride a little of what she was begging for.  With my hips free from the restrictive water, I moved rapidly in and out of her slick womb.  Mary came hard due to my insistent penetration, and I paused as her contractions eased.  While I stood there with my love in my arms and my cock inside her, she purred, “Take me to bed, honey.”I moved us carefully toward the cabana and the outdoor shower.  Rinsing the sand from my feet was a little challenging with her still attached, but I managed.  Once inside, I eased us onto the bed before we started again.  Mary rolled me onto my back and rode me in a slow-motion bucking bronco kind of way.  After she came down from another climax, she asked, “Can we try anal now?””Of course, sexy!  Move around into a sixty-nine and let me get you loosened up a little.”  Mary eased off my slick member and spun around to hover above my face.  As I slobbered over my finger, my eyes focused on her puffy labia.  She was so flushed and slick with her own juices that I couldn’t resist pulling her down on my eager tongue.  While I traced her outer lips, Mary shuddered as goosebumps rose on her inner thighs. I had both of her buttocks grasped firmly in my hands as I lowered her gradually onto my wagging tongue.As my oral appendage penetrated Mary’s delicious sex, her hands grabbed my chin and hair simultaneously.  She pulled me hard into her as I worked the depths of her covetous womanhood.  Finding her g-spot, I lashed it continuously until she came spiritedly and fell onto me.  As Mary twitched and convulsed, I moved my face to her rear entrance.  I kissed and licked her pucker as she purred.  Her face was in my groin, and she gently lapped at my firm phallus.After her rosebud was amply slick and slightly loosened, I pushed a isvecbahis finger deep inside her.  Mary’s reaction was a deep guttural moan that continued as I finger-fucked her leisurely.  After a minute or two, Mary was beginning to loosen.  I took the opportunity to add a second finger, and she squirted across my neck and chest.  The orgasmic shower wasn’t the only side-effect.  Mary also released a growl that would scare most grizzlies away.  My repeated penetration didn’t stop when she came, and neither did her moans.In between broken breaths, Mary submitted, “Why did I wait… so long to… try this.  It’s magical!””Just wait until my tumescent cock is inside you, and we’re intertwined like octopi.””Can we do that… now?!””You need a little more loosening, and then we’ll try, sexy.”I started twisting my fingers as I slid them in and out of her.  My actions brought about another round of moans from her gaping mouth.  I started spreading my fingers as I withdrew them to stretch her even more.  After about the third time doing this, I noticed a continued drip on my neck.  Mary was so worked up that she was coming continuously.  While I was getting Mary ready for her the loss of her anal virginity, she was quivering while attempting to consume my member.  Her actions, while haphazard, were definitely having an effect on me.  I’d been hard far too long and was very close to my own climax.  Not wanting to waste my hard-on on a blowjob, I urged, “Okay, Mrs. Smith, it’s time for your anal copulation,” as my fingers slipped from her rosebud.Fortunately, she quickly released my penis and moved onto her back.  I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her backside to raise her up for easier access.  This wasn’t the easiest way to perform anal, but she clearly wanted to be face-to-face.  I used some of the fluids from her drooling pussy to lubricate her little star.  As I pushed them inside her, she begged, “Stop teasing me already and stick that tool of yours in my ass.”I grinned at her vulgar language while saying, “Just one more thing, needs a little lube.”  I moved my pulsing and leaking penis into her oozing box.  Mary instantly pulled me down and kissed me hard as I slid in and out several times.Mary backed away from the kiss slowly and mouthed, “Do it.”I sat back up and removed myself from her vagina and then lined up and slowly entered her anus.  Once I was sure that I was entering her, I lay back down and kissed her hungrily.  When I felt my head pass her anal ring, I paused as she sucked in hard.  “Keep going!” Mary urged as the initial sting wore off.  Her legs wrapped around my lower back and her arms around my shoulders as I pressed forward.  I could tell from her reaction that Mary’s pleasure was accelerating.  I gradually picked up the pace and knew that I wasn’t far from my own orgasm.  But Mary beat me to it as she began convulsing and spraying.  Her contractions were too much for me to take, and I began filling her with my seed.  My arms were wrapped tightly around her shoulder and head as  I folded my legs up under me.  We were a tightly wrapped ball of quivering flesh for several minutes.  Mary and I remained in that position as we enjoyed the aftermath of our strongest mutual peak yet.”So, how much do you think it would cost to stay here permanently?” I wondered out loud.”It’s not the place, it’s the company that makes this so perfect.””I know, I know, but this is a spectacular place to be!””You’re isveçbahis giriş right about that, and I do love the beach and the warm weather.  Do you think we could find a place in Florida near a nude beach?  I don’t think I can go back to wearing a bathing suit now,” Mary said as she wiggled her crotch against my flaccid cock.”Speaking of nude beaches, how about we head outside and get a little all-over tan? While we’re out there, we can look up ones in Florida and see if we can find something we like.””We should both hop in the shower for a quick rinse.  We should also apply some sunscreen so that we don’t get an all-over burn.”We slowly stretched out, and I stood and scooped up my bride and carried her to the outdoor shower.  “This isn’t the shower that I had in mind, but I love your exhibitionist tendencies.  Shall we wash each other?””Certainly,” I agreed as I placed Mary on her feet in the open stall.  She turned on the water, and we had a great time rubbing our hands all over each other as people passed on the beach.  Mary was the one facing the beach and seemed to be getting quite worked up as the people passed.  When our voyeuristic neighbors appeared and stopped, Mary said, “They’re here.”I turned to see the couple standing at the bottom of our deck steps in their own natural state.  Mary whispered, “Let’s invite them up and have a chat.””That sounds like a great idea,” I agreed.Mary waved and motioned for them to come up onto the deck.  As they climbed the stairs, I dried off quickly before taking care of Mary sensuously.  As the couple sat down, I moved the towel slowly over Mary’s body.  I dried her chest from behind while nibbling on the neck and ears.  Goosebumps quickly spread across her body as she softly moaned.  As I lowered the towel toward her belly, Mary’s nipples were also fully erect.Can I just say that it amazes me how quickly women can be ready for sex again?  And with some, such as Mary, it seems they’re never really ever finished.  As I knelt down and began drying off her legs and ass, Mary turned and pressed her labia into my face.  I sucked them in and lapped at them until she started to waiver.  When Mary’s knees started to buckle, she grabbed my head and motioned for me to stand.  Upon standing, we kissed, and Mary felt my growing erection pressing into her labia.After a minute or two of kissing, Mary turned to the couple and asked, “Would you like to come inside and watch us make love?”  The woman looked at the man, and they both shook their heads affirmatively.  Mary led me into the bedroom, and we pulled the couch within a few feet of our bed.  As we climbed into the bed, they got comfortable on the couch.  Mary got on all fours, and I moved toward her goodies face first.I gently lapped across her pussy and rosebud slowly.  Mary kept trying to push me in further by backing into my face.  But, I kept my tongue at a distance just to keep up the tease for her and them.  The couple had their hands in each other crotches and were busily stroking.  It was the woman, Susan, who took the initiative by moving to all fours mimicking Mary’s behavior.  She positioned herself like Mary, where we had a great view of her genitalia.Susan seemed much younger than Mary, and even me.  Her vagina, while obviously tighter and more compact, was not nearly as alluring as Mary’s.  Susan had almost no outer labia and a tiny clitoris.  However, she did have a swollen and seemingly isveçbahis yeni giriş well-used pucker that twitched involuntarily.  Susan seemed to enjoy exposing herself to us, and we both enjoyed the show.Her husband, Dan, nibbled on her firm buttocks, which elicited soft moans and the occasional yelp.  He continually moved, circling across the top and then down toward the inner thighs.  As Dan reached Susan’s soft inner thigh just below her pussy, she raised a leg and placed it on our bed.  That move gave him uninhibited access to whatever he wanted to nibble.  Dan took full advantage and moved onto his back and continuing his gnawing across her soft tissue.Susan was leaking from the attention and had several small red marks all over the areas where Dan had been.  They were like little hickeys traced all over her ass and thighs.Mary and I both were very turned on by their display and were also leaking.  I took that moment to nibble on Mary’s outer lips, and within seconds, she was moaning loudly and spraying all over my face.  Her climax took the other couple by surprise, and they both turned to see Mary’s nectar dripping off my chin.  I took my time enjoying the fruit of Mary’s stimulation as they both watched enviously.It seemed that neither of them could take it anymore as Susan lowered her dripping box right onto Dan’s face.  He, in turn, lapped furiously at her puss, causing her to grind frantically for several minutes as her climax gradually approached.  Susan’s entire body was covered in a light sheen of sweat as she began to convulse.  Dan’s hands were tightly gripping Susan’s firm ass as her climax hit.  Susan flopped wildly through the beginnings of her orgasm, but Dan maintained his grip and kept up his sucking to extend her peak.  Susan seemed almost the polar opposite of Mary sexually.  I understood why they enjoyed watching others.  It was another form of stimulation that helped push Susan over the top.  I’m sure that they had delved into many alternatives to bring her off easier.  That would be an interesting conversation later, but now I needed to be inside Mary.I moved in behind Mary and pushed my achingly hard manhood into her.  It was like the first time.  The feel of her glove-like grip on me had me on the brink from the first stroke.  Whether we were showing off or not, I needed to kiss her lips and fondle her breast.  I pulled out and rolled Mary onto her back so that I could make love face-to-face.  Once I slid back into her magical box and kissed her lips, I knew everything was perfect.  The rest of the world disappeared as I palmed her breast and rubbed her hardened nubs.Mary seemed just as embroiled in my tunnel vision, and we openly whispered, “I love you’s.”  Our sex was slow and loving as we gave each other all our love.  My need to desperately cum had vanished as I found all my pleasure in being part of her.  Mary gradually wrapped her legs around my lower back as I drew mine up beside us.  We were once again a ball of loving flesh as I continued to penetrate her.  The pace was unhurried as we both approached another mutual climax.  Our lips were so completely interwoven that we seemed as one.  Out mutual explosion hit us like an electric bolt.  Just as I sprayed her womb with my first volley, Mary clenched down onto me.  It wasn’t just her pussy, but every muscle in her body.  Our lips blew apart as we both screamed out in ecstasy as our bodies shook and squeezed each other.  The peak seemed to continue as I kept moving inside Mary uncontrollably.  I didn’t typically continue to move after orgasm, but I couldn’t seem to stop.  I was energized by this last climax, not drained as usual.

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