My Exhibitionist Fantasy


It is Saturday afternoon, and I walk down Oxford Street, which is thronged as usual with busy shoppers. It is a warm day, and the sun feels good on my skin. I am wearing a cute red eighties rah-rah skirt that I found last week in a vintage boutique in Covent Garden, and comfy slingback sandals. My hair is tried up with a red ribbon, matching the skirt. The skirt shows off my long legs and smooth thighs, although it is just long enough to conceal the fact that I am not wearing any knickers.Apart from this, I am completely naked.My bare 32B breasts jiggle slightly as I stroll along the pavement. People are looking at me, of course, but it’s not just my partial nudity isvecbahis that attracts their attention. They are fascinated by the fact that both my face and my firm little breasts are covered in fresh semen. Thick ropes of creamy-white ejaculate are splattered across my face, some sticking to my forehead and cheeks and dripping off my chin, other droplets clinging to my nose and eyelashes. Some of it I know is even in my hair.There is even more semen on my breasts, strings of it sprayed across the pale mounds. Creamy gobbets coat my pale pink nipples and areolas, which are hard with excitement. Some of the semen is starting to drip off the tips of my little breasts isveçbahis giriş onto my firm tummy.The stares I get from the passing shoppers turn to smiles as they see how unashamed I am of the sexual nature of my exposure, and how I revel in their attention. I want them to stare at me, and every glance increases my arousal. I stop to look in the window of Topshop, and see my proud semi-naked body reflected back at me.I turn up Great Portland Street, and push open the door of the Costa Coffee shop. The barista smiles as I order a large cappuccino, with a salted caramel brownie as a special treat.“May I?” she asks, stretching out her index finger towards my breasts.“Of isveçbahis yeni giriş course.”She runs her finger gently across the smooth skin of my right breast and scoops up a small gobbet of semen. She holds it up to her face, opens her mouth, and inserts the finger right up to the second knuckle. She sucks it, withdraws the clean finger, then swallows.I tap my card to pay, collect my coffee and brownie, and walk to a table by the window. I sit, and watch as a little blob of semen drips off my breast onto the tabletop.The coffee tastes good, and I savour the rich, piquant flavour. My appearance has given the other customers in the shop a new topic of conversation, and I hear whispers, see glances of interest. Then a young woman, who has been sitting at a nearby table with some friends, comes over to me.“We want our boyfriends to add to your decoration,” she said. “Is that okay?”

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