My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 06


Thank you for the favorable comments and votes. There’s still so much that is going to happen to Greg before this story is finished. I invite you to read the previous chapters, too.

After Julie left the bedroom, I stood there naked, just as she told me to, and waited for Cathy to come out of the bathroom. I kept feeling my sore bottom and looking at it to see if it was still red. Each time I looked, expecting it to be a normal color again, I was brought back to the reality that my ass had been spanked, and spanked good. It was still red and sore. I could only surmise that the spanking Cathy gave me must have part of their plan. Damn it hurt.

After about seven or eight minutes, I heard Julie call to me from the hallway saying “Dinner will be out of the over soon, Greg.” Another moment later, Julie walked back into the bedroom just as Cathy opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the bedroom. “Oh, I see I arrived just in time,” Julie said, “How was your shower, Cathy?”

Cathy stood in the bathroom doorway, her hair wrapped up in a towel and another wrapped around her body, held up just above her breasts, tucked in neatly under her arm.

“It was great to get washed up,” Cathy replied, “I didn’t realize how much sperm ran down my chest.”

Looking at me, Cathy asked “How’s your bottom, Greg? I thought I saw you crying. Did I really hurt you that much?”

I knew what I had to do and say, especially with Julie watching. I was well past the point where I even tried to cover myself anymore – I mean, they had both seen me masturbate and Cathy got into the shower with me, so, what’s the point in trying to be modest now? It didn’t even matter to me anymore that my rock hard cock was pointing out in front of me like a railroad crossing arm…. I accepted my almost constant exposure to them as part of their scheming and I knew this night wasn’t over yet, and wasn’t going to be for a while.

I turned and faced Cathy and then spoke directly to her, not even looking at Julie, saying “Cathy, I’m sorry for taking advantage of the situation in the shower. I should have told you I was getting close to cumming. I knew it was wrong to let you go so far and I still did it anyway. So, you had every right to be angry and to spank me. In fact, Thank You for that, I had it coming and you did the right thing.”

Cathy walked the few steps toward me and when she got within arms reach, she reached out and grasped my cock with one hand and stroked my arm with her other hand. “Greg, it’s forgotten,” she said as she smiled, “turn around, let me see your back side.”

As I turned around, I heard her gasp and say “Oh, shit! I’m so sorry, Greg, I had no idea I had spanked you so hard. I am really very sorry. Can you forgive me?”

I turned around to face her again and before I could speak, she hugged me lightly, forcing my cock to bend up between us, laying flat against my stomach. Not knowing if I should hug her back, I just stood there with my arms to my side. The whole shower spanking incident came back to me in living color and I immediately started to blush with embarrassment.

I felt embarrassed at the attention she was giving me, considering the fact that Julie was watching us. She was soothing my feelings, just like a mother would soothe her child after being disciplined. I turned my head to look at Julie and was surprised to see her standing there, arms crossed across her chest with a satisfied look on her face.

I started to answer Cathy to tell her not to worry about the spanking, but Julie spoke up first saying “Well, let’s get you two dressed for dinner.”

Julie took my arm and walked me to the side of the bed and Cathy moved to the other side of me. I looked at the pile of lingerie laying on the bed I knew what was coming next.

It looked like every drawer we had in the house that contained lingerie was dumped out on the bed. There were bras and panties, camisoles, garter belts, stockings, crotchless panties, short nighties and all the ruffled panties we bought with Cathy that day in the store. I wouldn’t have thought my cock could have grown harder, but it did as I looked at the sea of soft and silky nylon and rayon.

Julie reached over and grasped my cock, just as Cathy had done three times already tonight and began to softly stroke me as she said “Darling, you can pick any two items on this bed to wear to dinner. It’s your choice…. any two things at all and Cathy is going to help you dress. Go ahead, Panty Boy, pick out any two pieces you want to wear.”

Admittedly, even though the spanking really did hurt my ass, I had already forgotten it and I was at a fever pitch. Hearing her call me ‘Panty Boy’ in Cathy’s presence turned up the excitement a notch, too. This was just so unreal, but, in searching my heart, I knew all of this was for me….. not for Cathy and not for Julie….. it was what I wanted.

As I started to pick through the pile of slinky lingerie, I held some of the pieces in my hands to feel the softness of them and rub the material together. I held ankara yeni escort some of the things up, looking at the front and back, imaging how they would look on me. The sheer excitement of having all of it at my disposal to touch, feel and wear caused me to almost lose all comprehension of Julie and Cathy standing right next to me. If it wasn’t for the feeling of Julie’s touch on my cock, I might have slipped off into dreamland, throwing myself on top of the pile and rolling around in it until I drifted off to sleep.

As I picked through the pile, I came across the “Fuck-Me Panties” and picked them up. The soft ruffles and softie feel of the material called out to me and I turned to look at Julie, trying to sense her approval if I selected these panties to wear. Oh, how I wanted to pull them up my legs and set them on my hips. But, the look in Julie’s eyes reminded me of what the “Fuck-Me Panties” stood for and what would happen if I put them on.

“Are you sure you want those now?” Julie asked. She raised her eyebrows and gave me an almost serious look. I interpreted her body language as saying: “You know what we have to do if you put those on.”

I knew I interpreted her look correctly. In my heart, I knew that she would stop everything, put dinner on hold, get the strap-on out and make love to my red and sore bottom right then and there if I continued.

I set the “Fuck-Me Panties” down and reached for a pink pair of the ruffle panties we bought with Cathy. I held them up and looked at them, remembering how they looked on me when I tried them on the first time. I rubbed them on my face to feel their softness and looked at Julie to see her reaction.

“If you pick those,” Julie said, “Cathy has a surprise for you.” My mind started to spin on all the possibilities for this ‘surprise’ Cathy had. What could it be? Surely not more panties – we had a ton of them already.

Something was pushing me to these pink panties, though….. I had an uncontrollable and unrelenting desire to put them on and feel the soft nylon slip up my legs and encase my throbbing cock. The sheer look and feel of the panty exuded sex and sensuality – I had been drawn to these panties from the moment I saw them on display at the store, and the more I held them, the more I was sure these were the ones I should wear tonight.

“These,” I told them quickly, “for one of the two items. Do I have to pick a second, or can I just wear these by themselves?”

“Let’s see what Cathy has to match.” Julie answered. A smile appeared on Julie’s lips as she turned to nod at Cathy.

With that, Cathy left my side and stepped over to Julie’s closet, opened the door and pulled out a bag from her store. “These came in last week,” Cathy said, “but, I didn’t know it when you guys came in on Saturday. They put these out on display when they restocked on Saturday night and I just saw them yesterday.”

Cathy reached into the bag and pulled out a matching pink ruffle bra. The sides and straps weren’t ruffled, but the cups had ruffles on them and I could easily tell they were part of a perfectly matched set.

Crossing toward me, Cathy smiled and handed Julie the bra. Julie released her hold on my cock and took the bra off the hanger, unclasp the back and put her fingers into the cups to feel the material. “Oh, look Greg,” Julie said, “it’s just your size!”

Julie showed me the tag. 36-A.

Cathy moved up next to me saying that the bra didn’t have underwire and she thought the soft cups should fit me fairly well, and added “I can take it back if it’s too big. They did have one 36-AA, but, you may be able to fill this one out. Let’s try it on.”

Julie stepped away and handed the ruffle bra to Cathy as she stood next to me. She wrapped the bra around my waist saying “Watch so you can see how to put these on easily.”

I watched as Cathy turned the bra so the cups were behind me and the clasp was by my belly button. “Just wrap it around your waist like this,” she said, “make sure the straps are up and then hook this part into this.” She held the clasp out for me to see and then pulled the strap out and let it go, allowing it to snap against by stomach. “Then, just turn the whole thing around so the cups are in the front, pull it up, hook your arms in the straps and you’re done. It’s a snap.”

I had seen Julie do this a thousand times, but, I never paid attention to exactly how it was done and now having been instructed in the correct way to put on a bra, she was right – it was a snap.

“Go ahead, Greg,” Julie said, “you finish it.”

I shuffled the bra around me so the cups were in the front and then I pulled it up over my non existent breasts. My male breasts didn’t have much mass, but, even I knew that every man has a little bit of chub up there that could be called a breast.

I snuggled the bra into place and slipped my arms into the straps and pulled them up onto my shoulders. I was simply amazed at the fit. My male breasts fit and pretty much filled it out. The yenimahalle escort cups were a little loose, but, even Cathy said that the 36-AA would be too small for me. They each took one side and adjusted the straps over my shoulders and Cathy went behind me to adjust the clasp so it was tighter. “You know,” Cathy said, “Maybe a 34-A would be a better fit. I’ve got it on the tightest hook and it still might be a little big. We can check it out better tomorrow when we shop.”

I had never – I repeat – never in my mind imagined me wearing a bra. But, now that I was in one, I had to admit, it wasn’t so bad. It’s not that I liked the feel, or anything like that, it had more to do with the fact that the bra matched the panties and I felt more dressed….. maybe I felt more complete in some way. I knew there was no real need for me to wear a bra, after all, I didn’t have real breasts to hold in place, but in the context of wearing the panties and a desire to explore the more complete side of feminine apparel, the bra definitely added some added ‘feeling’ to the experience.

I also felt a ‘freedom’, to some degree, wearing the bra and panty set in front of Cathy and Julie. There was no condemnation or gasps or shock from them. I got the feeling from them that what I was doing was totally acceptable, and ‘normal’.

I ran my hands up over the cups and felt the soft nylon ruffles. Julie’s hand joined mine and pinched one of my nipples thru the sheer ruffle cup. I never once understood the fascination that some men get from wearing a bra, but, I was beginning to understand…. actually, I was starting to understand about myself through my attraction to lingerie.

It wasn’t that I have some uncontrollable desire to be a cross dresser or a transsexual. I was perfectly happy dressing like a man and didn’t want that to stop. But, underneath my man clothes, I wanted to wear and feel the sexy clothes of a woman. ‘How strange,’ I thought.

However, there was something deeper, something more cerebral still undiscovered within me and it went right to the core of my being. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but, Julie knew, she must have sensed these desires in me and kept it in front of me so I could reach out and grasp it when the time was right. Perhaps the time growing near – perhaps this very night.

Cathy picked up the pink ruffle panties I selected, opened them up and held them out to me. When I moved toward her, she bent down so I could step into them. As I lifted one leg and then the other, Julie reached around me and grasped my cock and held it up against my stomach as Cathy slid the soft ruffle panties into place.

By now, I was both accepting and excited to have been naked so much in front of Cathy, and I was a little sad that I was now ‘dressed’. All night I had been enjoying their constant touching and holding of my cock. Surprisingly enough, Julie never once blinked an eye to anything Cathy did, be it the spanking she gave me or when Cathy took a hold of my erection. These ladies had a plan, I was more sure than ever, and they knew what they were doing and I was starting to love every bit of it.

Julie turned me and walked me to the large mirror in the bedroom. Looking at myself, I saw something new. “Well,” Julie said, “What do you think?”

Cathy moved to the other side of me, still wrapped in her towel from the shower and looked into the mirror with us. “My dad would say he looked as cute as a bug in a rug.” Cathy remarked.

Julie hugged me and I felt her hands running up and down my back, affectionately stroking me, praising me, caressing me and loving me. Her touch was warm and soft and I soaked it up.

Breaking the hug, Julie took a step back and wiped a proud tear from her eye. Smiling broadly, she put her arms around my waist and told me to help Cathy get dressed and then the two of us should come down to eat. “Dinner will be on the table in 15 minutes.” Julie told us. She kissed me softly on the cheek, hugged me again and left me alone with Cathy.

Cathy had the look of total satisfaction on her face as she looked at me. “You know, Greg,” she said, “one day I hope to meet someone and be as happy and in love as you and Julie are. I am in total awe of the two of you.”

I thanked her for the compliment and then took a minute to think about what to do next. Cathy broke the silence as she said “Well, come on, help me get ready and then we’ll go have some dinner.”

Cathy walked into the bathroom and I followed behind her. Standing in front of the bathroom vanity mirror, she unwrapped the towel from around her hair and shook it out. “Do you have a hair dryer in here?” She asked. I reached down under the vanity and found Julie’s hair dryer and handed it to her. “Do you ever help Julie with her hair, Greg?”

“No,” I answered, “I don’t think I’ve ever had that pleasure.”

“Well,” Cathy said, “A woman likes to primp and wants to look good for her man. Personally, for me, I hate it when my hair doesn’t look perfect. I would love yozgat escort it if my man wanted to touch my hair, to brush it and do it for me. Do you want to help me with it? Julie might like that, you know…. come on…. maybe you can learn something.”

As I watched, Cathy showed me how she used the brush to hold the hair while the dryer did its job. After a few minutes, her hair was dry and she handed me the brush. “Here,” she said, “give it a try.”

I brushed her hair into place, and with some coaching and guiding of the brush, it looked wonderful. “I guess I need to find something to wear, don’t I?” Cathy asked.

We left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom. “You know, Greg,” she said, “I just had this strange attraction to the ruffle panties after you guys were in the store the other day, and quite frankly, I just had to get some of my own.” She reached into the same bag where she found my bra and pulled out another pair of pink ruffle panties and another pink ruffle bra. She stood there, holding them in one hand asking “Do you think we should show up to dinner dressed the same?”

The sight of her standing there, holding the matching bra and panties in her hand, head cocked with the questioning look on her face was priceless. I started to laugh and nodded my head saying “It would be a shame if we didn’t, don’t you think?”

Cathy smiled back and it was obvious to us both that I knew she had planned and hoped for this. “Yes, we shouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.” She said.

She handed me the ruffle panties and bra, still on the hangers, unhooked the towel under her arm, pulled the towel off and threw it on the bed. Standing in front of me naked, she looked at me saying “I think you should show me what you learned, Greg. Why don’t you dress me?”

I knew grammatically her statement was a question. But, as far as I was concerned, it was a statement and I interpreted it as a command. ‘OH YEAH!’ I thought, ‘Sure, I’ll dress you.’

I unhooked the bra from the hanger and undid the clasp in the back. Moving up closer to her now, I drank up the youthful beauty of her body. Her shapely breasts jiggled in front of me with virtually no sag. Her nipples were pink and rich in color and it took all my will power to keep from putting my mouth on the little nipples and sucking them deeply.

I looked at her up and down. She stood and allowed it, too, even spreading her legs a bit so I could see her tender lips and the hood of her clit at the top. She had a fine body – it was supple and youthful and as far as I could tell, fairly inexperienced. I wondered if I would be able to enjoy her tonight, or if instead, she was going to enjoy me……

I laid the bra over my shoulder and tentatively reached a hand up to one of her boobs. When she didn’t move back or say anything, I touched her, cupping her breast in my hand. I brought my other hand up to the other breast and held them, feeling the weight of her boobs as I gently hefted them up and down. My fingers reached for her nipples and I gently squeezed them between my thumb and forefinger. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back saying “Ahhh, that’s nice.”

“Are you guys ready yet?” Julie yelled from the kitchen.

Shattered out of my breast feeling trance, I yanked my hands away from her breasts when I heard Julie’s voice. “It’s okay,” Cathy said, pulling my hands back up to cover her young breasts, “you can look and touch…. you just can’t insert anything in me. That’s the rules.” She smiled and reached down to rub my cock through my ruffled panties.

“We’ll be there in three minutes!” Cathy yelled back to Julie.

“So, then,” I asked, “do the rules apply to you, too? You can’t insert anything in me?”

She smiled a devilish grin and shook her head ‘NO’, then said “Come on now, get me dressed.”

I let go of her breasts, but not until I gave the nipples a sharp playful squeeze. Pulling her ruffle bra from it’s resting spot on my shoulder, I reached around her to wrap the bra around her waist and clasp it in the front like she showed me. I twisted it around and started to pull it up. As I did, she put her arms through the straps and I pulled them over her shoulders and set the straps in place.

Her hands went up to adjust her boobs in the cups, holding the material of the cup away from her body as she reached inside to adjust the lay of each boob inside each cup. Satisfied with the fit, she placed her open hands under each cup and felt them as a last check to ensure the bra fit nice and snug.

I jokingly asked if I was going to have to clean that bra, too…. Referring to my earlier sperm cleaning episode, to which she just laughed and said “We’ll see….”

I reached for her pair of the ruffle panties and knelt down next to her. Just as she had done for me, I held the panties open for her to step into. Peering into the juncture of her legs I was treated to the sight of her wet pussy lips slightly parting as she raised one leg to step into the panties I was holding open. Instead of letting her step into the panties, though, I nuzzled my face into her crotch and inhaled deeply. She smelled different that Julie, but, it wasn’t a bad difference, just different. I was still very excited and turned on to be just millimeters away from another woman’s vagina – and with my wife’s permission, no less.

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