My First Story by blueslipman (illustrated)

Double Penetration

My First Story by blueslipman (illustrated)I should start by saying that I don’t have a panty fetish, I have a nylon fetish. I love all things made of nylon, panties, slips, nightgowns and all other items made of that wonderfully soft fabric. I am however not a cross dresser. I have tried women’s clothing on once or twice in the privacy of my home but I have never had the desire to go out and it really didn’t do anything for me. I have also never put on makeup or wigs. I just enjoy the feeling of nylon on against my body. I do sometimes put on the lingerie while I am in the throes of masturbation but I have never had the desire to do anything else.My fetish started when I was very young, I remember sneaking into my mother’s room and snatching a pair of her panties from the hamper or her dresser and laying them on the floor. I would then lie on top of them and rub my penis back and forth. The feeling was exquisite and I did it as often as I could.Later I discovered that she had slips and nightgowns made of the same wonderful material. Again, I would lay them on the floor and rub my penis on them, due to the size of the material it felt even better because the silkiness on my stomach and legs seemed to intensify the feeling. I then discovered more ways to pleasure myself; my mother always had the softest and smoothest panties, slips and nightgowns. Once I was able to achieve orgasms it got even better but I had to be more careful so as not to make a mess.I never got caught until I was in my teens when my mother found her long, silky, blue nightgown in my room, she told me that what I was doing was perfectly normal but that she didn’t want me getting into her things. Of course that didn’t stop me. Later, my brother walked into my room while I was getting busy with a pair of my mother’s panties and looking at women’s underwear in a catalog. I was very embarrassed but that did not stop my lust of all things silky either.My love for women’s under things has also extended to all of my previous girlfriends and their lingerie drawers. I have used panties, nightgowns and slips from all my former lovers, unbeknownst to them. I have even filched some of these items from various sources and I have luckily never been caught. I keep them as long as I can but I usually have to throw them away before they are found. My fantasies are so far unfulfilled, but the first one starts off as most of them do, getting caught red handed by my wife.I am sitting at the computer, my wife left a few minutes ago. I have already found one of my favorite web sites; it is a lingerie site of course. I have decided to splurge today and I have taken all of her nightgowns out as well as all her slips, unfortunately my favorite slip is currently on my wife. I also have a pair of her panties out in case I find a need for them. I have spread them all out on the bed so that you can’t see the top of the bedspread.I took one of the nightgowns and I currently have it wrapped around my pole, slowly stroking it up and down. Sometimes I wear her panties and I rub the two nylon garments together over my dick. I haven’t done that this time I am just using one of her gowns that I got her a couple of years ago. She doesn’t wear it much and it and as well as all her gowns are still in excellent condition. I am continually buying her more lingerie and she has amassed quite a collection.So I am sitting there reading some very sexy letters about guys and girls finding the joy of nylon. I have really güvenilir bahis started to get into it when I hear my wife behind me asking, “What is going on here?” I turn and I realize that she has come home early; I am so mortified that words just won’t come out. She tells me that she has had suspicions about my lingerie fetish for a while and that she was hoping to one day find out if her suspicions were correct. I can’t believe that after all this time and with all my precautions that I am sitting here in front of my wife, naked with one of her gowns wrapped around my now quickly deflating cock.Then she does something that just floors me. She gets a wicked little smile and asks me which piece of lingerie is my favorite. I tell her that I like what she looks like in all her lingerie. She says that is not what she meant and that I know what she is talking about. I tell her that I enjoy her cream colored nightgown and her white slip the most and that they are just so soft, and that they feel good against my skin. She reaches back, unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor. She is now standing there with her bra, slip, pantyhose and shoes on. She then says to me “You mean this slip?” I just nod my head in approval. She hooks her fingers into the waistband of the slip and lets it fall to the floor. She bends over, picks it up and walks over to me, she kneels down and grabs the nightgown from my hand.The she looks up at me and says, “I love you and I want to please you, I will do just about anything you want to do sexually. I wish you had told me about this before so that I could have shared in this part of your life sooner. I am willing to do this for you but I do have one stipulation.” I ask her what she means and she says, “If we do this you have to make me one promise.” I told her I would do anything. She says very firmly “No more porn, you know how I feel about it and if you want me to do this then you must promise.” I tell her that this is what I want more than anything and that if this is what I have to do then I will stop looking at anyone other than her.She then wraps her slip around my pole and starts to stroke me very slowly. After a few minutes she looks up into my eyes and sees how much I am enjoying myself. She knows that I love it when she talks dirty to me so she says, “Your dick is so hard! Is this what you’ve been wanting? You obviously like it when I stroke you with my slip!” She continues to stroke me and after a while she moves her slip so that she can see the tip of my hard cock. She tells me that she has never seen me this hard before and that stroking me with her slip that it apparently must be doing something for me. She then bends her head down and starts to lick the head of my penis. I am in heaven.After a few more minutes of this I tell her that I don’t think I can take much more. She stops and stands up, looks over at the bed and asks if I want to move over there. I look at the bed and nervously realize that I remade the bed with her other nylon gowns and slips. She pulls me up and leads me by my hand over to the bed. She says she likes what I did with the bed and asks if she should stay dressed the way she is or if I would like her to change. I tell her that she can take off her bra and pantyhose but that I would like her to leave her shoes on.She slowly removes her bra, teasing me before showing me her beautiful breasts. She has wonderful tits and I love it when she rubs my dick between them, but that is not güvenilir bahis siteleri what either of us has in mind for today. Then she takes her shoes off so that she can remove her pantyhose, afterwards she put her shoes back on.She asks what else I would like to do. I tell her that I want to try everything we can think of. I ask if she would put the panties on that I had gotten out earlier. She picks them up and slips them up her curvaceous legs and over her ass. She then asks what else I want her to do. I tell her that I want to rub my dick on her panty-covered ass between her cheeks. I ask her to lay face down on the bed with her ass hanging off.She bends over and gives my prick a small kiss on the head and then lies down on the bed like I had asked. I get behind her and started rubbing my dick up and down her panties. Back and forth, over and over stopping every so often to keep from cumming and to reach between her legs to rub her panty covered pussy. I get very close to losing my load so I back off and stick my face between her legs; I lick her panty-covered pussy. Then I move her panties to the side and give her clit a quick lick. She shivers and tells me that I can do more of that. I give her another couple of licks, and then I stop and tell her that I will be doing more of that shortly. I move back up behind her and rub my dick a few more minutes against her panties. I stop again and tell her that I don’t want to cum like this, and that I would like to try something else.She asks what I want her to do and I tell her that I want to lie on the bed and have her rub lingerie all over my body and to pay extra special attention to my cock and balls. She gently pushes me down on the bed and onto the new nylon bedspread and as I lay back on the heavenly feel of the nylon she picks up two of the nightgowns, one of which is the cream colored gown that I like so much. The other is the slip she was wearing which she brought to the bed with her.With one in each hand she starts rubbing my chest, arms and legs, intentionally avoiding my crotch. I am mesmerized and can’t believe the incredible feeling of my wife’s hands rubbing me with her lingerie. I start to moan and squirm as she starts using both items on my cock and balls. She asks if I want to cum like this. I tell her that it feels wonderful but that I am not ready to cum I just want to lay here and enjoy her attention.After a few more minutes of this I tell her that I want her to stop so that I can pleasure her too. She asks what I have in mind. I tell her that I want her to take off the panties and put on her maroon nightgown and lay on the bed. She grabs the gown and slips it over her head, she then reaches underneath and removes the panties, she takes them and wraps them around my cock and gives me a few strokes and then hands them to me. I go to the end of the bed and lay down with my head inches from her crotch. I start to rub her pussy through her nightgown with one hand and rub her panties on my cock with the other; she closes her eyes and starts to moan.Soon her nightgown is soaked with her juices and I lower my head to smell her wonderful scent. She tells me that she has an idea. She sits up and grabs her black gown and tells me to put it on. I grab the gown and put it over my head, she grabs the bottom and pulls it down over my body. She tells me that I look very good in her gown and that she wishes she had thought of this before.She grabs my now nylon encased cock and iddaa siteleri gives me a few strokes. She rolls over and tells me to get on top of her. I already know what to do so I slide up her body and start rubbing our bodies together with my dick between her nylon ass cheeks again. I can’t believe that my wife is getting into this but I am having the best time I have ever had in our bedroom. I rub my cock against her for at least ten minutes, I get close to cumming many times but I continue to hold back.I roll off of her and tell her that I want to taste her sweet cunt. She knows what to do and she raises her ass up in the air. I get in behind her and lift her nightgown over my head. I then dive right in, licking and sucking her clit. She pushes back on my face and tells me to stick my tongue deep into her pussy. I eagerly comply and start to lick her juicy wet snatch. I love going down on her, she has the most wonderful scent and she really gets into it.She pulls away from my face and rolls over onto her stomach. She pulls me around so that we are lying next to each other in a 69 position with our crotches next to each other’s face. As I start to eat her pussy again, she begins rubbing my cock through the nightgown. She then raises the gown and starts sucking on my dick. We do this for a while before she tells me to stop and get between her legs again. She is ready to cum and I know which way she likes to be eaten to increase her orgasm. I get between her legs and start right in on her clit, she puts her nightgown over my head tells me to put and finger inside her, I start to pump my finger in and out of her wet box. I keep licking, she is almost there. She rubs my head through her nightgown and starts to fuck my face. I continue licking her clit and rubbing her insides with my finger. She starts to moan loudly and squeezes her legs together as she cums all over my face.After she has calmed down she says that was one of the most intense orgasms that she has ever had and that now it is my turn. She asks me what I want to do or what I want her to do. I tell her that this has been great and that I would like her to get on top and ride me. She pulls me up the bed and lays me down. She pulls my nightgown up and climbs on top of me. As she starts to go up and down on my rod, she reaches back with her cream colored gown and rubs my balls with the nylon. We go at it like this for a while when she stops and says to get behind her. I slide over so that she can lie down and I can mount her from behind. I love fucking her like this and with us both in nightgowns I am sure it will be even better.She lies on her stomach and I get on top of her between her legs, rubbing our nylon-covered crotches together again. I then lift our nightgowns and stick my cock deep into her. I put my legs over hers as she closes her legs together, which makes her feel really tight. We fuck like we have never felt anything so good. I can’t believe that my wife is letting me fuck her while we are both wearing lingerie. This is the most intense sexual experience of my life and before long I realize that I can’t hold on anymore. I start to fuck her harder and faster, telling her that I am going to cum. Just then I release the most incredible orgasm that I have ever had. I just keep cumming and cumming.Afterwards we lay together holding each other and she starts to rub my cock again through the gown. I tell her that I love her and that this was the most gratifying sex I have ever had. I also tell her that she is the most beautiful and understanding wife a guy could ask for. We kiss and I start to get another hard on. Well time to fulfill another fantasy, the question is will it be her fantasy or another one of mine.

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