My Future Son-in-law


Tonight was going to be fun.

I stood there in the shower of my hotel room making sure to fully wash and condition my hair. I shaved my legs and pits and tidied up my pussy hair leaving it neat and trimmed. I then climbed out, dried off, and slipped into a robe whilst I dried my hair and put my best face on.

My heart was beating fast as I watched myself in the mirror, a little anxious as to what I was about to do but equally excited. It was my turn to help keep the family tradition going. A unique family tradition but one we were somewhat proud of.

Tonight I was going to be wined and dined by my future son-in-law, Kane to welcome him into the family. Tonight we were going to chat to get to know each other, we were going to flirt before we were both spending the night in my hotel room where we were going to fuck long into the night.

All to welcome him into the family.

It’s a tradition that stretches back years. My husband, Troy, fucked my mother a week before we said our vows. He also had fun with Lily-Mae, our sweet daughter-in-law, last year before she married our eldest son, Callum. Truth be told I was a little jealous when he told me what had happened; how sweet and seductive she had looked when they went back to their room before sucking his cock like a pro.

Yes, I was jealous but in a good way.

To say I was delighted when our daughter Megan announced her engagement to Kane was an understatement. Not only is Kane a really nice man who’ll treat her right, look after her and all that, but also because it’ll be my turn for the tradition and by all accounts, he was more than happy to take his part… More than happy to treat a woman over thirty years his senior to a night of good loving. Good lad.

I was to meet him downstairs in the hotel lobby before he took me to the shops. He was supposed to have bought me a dress to wear, some underwear tonight, and some pajamas for overnight but he’d asked if we could meet earlier and we could shop together for it although he would still pay. I was happy too, it meant more time together, more time to tease. I remember helping Troy pick out stuff for my mother years ago; I had picked well. She had loved the silken slip for under her dress and Troy had commented just how good she looked in her lacy nightgown when she slept alongside him.

That was over thirty years ago and there was definitely more choice in the shops and so I couldn’t blame Kane for wanting advice.

Plus teasing him in the lingerie section was going to be fun. So was him sitting there in the hotel room whilst I changed.

I chose a simple outfit to go shopping in. I wore a plain t-shirt bra, it was white and I chose matching white panties just in case Kane saw them. Over it, I had chosen a figure-hugging turtleneck t-shirt and a golden necklace with a jewel that nestled snugly in my cleavage. My skirt was maxi length and pleated, giving short glimpses to my heels underneath when I walked.

I looked good. I felt good.

I felt even better when Kane greeted me in the hotel lobby dressed in a smart shirt and tight-fitting black jeans. His hair had been carefully sculptured around his face and his beard neat and trimmed.

‘Looking good Mrs. K,’ he said as he stood up and gave me a kiss on my cheek which sent a spark shooting down my back.

‘Please call me Lara. We are going to be family after all,’ I said.

‘Of course Lara, of course,’ he said softly as he held his arm out for me to grip onto as we walked down the street into the shopping mall.

We were only there for a couple of hours but he bought me a lot and to say I had fun trying everything on was an understatement. Where I could I would leave the curtains of the changing room slightly ajar, flashing Kane as I changed, giving him cheeky little glimpses on what to expect later.

We bought my cocktail dress first and I chose a gorgeous gown made from pure satin and came in a deep emerald green color that paired well with my pale skin. It hugged all my curves and had a flirtatious leg slit that rode high up my leg and I knew it would leave Kane to wonder if I had any underwear on underneath. I loved it. I bought myself heels that matched the color.

The answer, by the way, was no – I was planning on going commando through dinner to help tease the boy.

It was the lingerie boutique towards the back of the mall next. I kept picking everything up, feeling the material, and placing it daintily against my body trying to decide what I wanted. I could see Kane starting to look uncomfortable as if Megan didn’t do the same thing I was doing.

She almost certainly did, but there’s something fun about watching men’s eyes pop out their heads as you study a pair of crotchless panties.

‘Do you need some air, Kane?’ I teased him as I picked up an kaçak iddaa emerald green bra that would fit perfectly with the dress and heels. I smiled to myself, I had a definite theme going now.

‘No, no,’ he said.

‘Good,’ I said. ‘What do you think?’ I held the bra next to me. It was lacy and see-through with a tiny little bow that nestled snugly in the middle. It had dark emerald green straps which carried on round the bottom of the cups.

‘Beautiful,’ he replied quietly.

Ignoring the eyes of the rest of the shop that kept an eye on the woman in her mid-fifties buying underwear with a younger man I carried on. I found the matching panties that came with the same tiny bow detail, the same lacy see-through pattern, and the same dark green that formed the main part of the pants.

‘Beautiful,’ he croaked again.

I smiled at him and placed them in my basket, taking care to find the matching garter belt and stockings. I chose a negligee to sleep in from the same style and I couldn’t wait to wear it. Not just for Kane but Troy afterward when I tell him how the evening went.

We went back to my room to change for dinner. I changed in the bathroom as Kane sat outside. I felt hot and horny as I stripped, my body excited for what lay ahead. I wore the gown and heels and the light breeze around my pussy as I walked sent shivers. It felt naughty and daring to not wear panties, not caring who is looking and who might see anything.

It was the perfect meal in a perfect restaurant and it was nice to chat with Kane.

‘How did you feel when Meg told you of our tradition?’ I asked.

‘Truth be told Lara I was more than happy to take part. She was insistent we carry it on, of course, but I really wanted to anyway.’ He kept his gaze on me, not moving his eyes and I felt him burning into my skull. I liked it.

‘And if you have children?’ I asked.

‘We shall carry it on, it’s a nice right of passage isn’t it?’

I nodded. The grown-ups never minded a night of passion with the next generation for some reason. Never.

‘Has it always gone on?’ He asked.

‘It has for generations yeah. I’ve got five sisters too, my lucky mother had dates with all six of her future sons-in-law. My Dad was a little jealous, every time one of us got married she would disappear for the night and come home unable to walk with a smile on her face. It bonds us a family you know.’

Kane nodded. ‘I can imagine.’

‘My grandparents were the same, my sisters have done the same — even various cousins and all that. It’s a weird tradition but one no one wants to give up. One we are proud of.’

‘What about Jennie?’

‘Jennie?’ Jennie was of Meg’s closest friends. A cousin who’s gay and happily married to her lovely wife Sophia. ‘Oh, they decided against having her Dad fuck her. Didn’t seem right.’

Kane nodded again. ‘Makes sense, doesn’t work in situations like that.’

‘Precisely,’ I said. ‘It’s why my sister Claire fucked her instead. She’d always been bi-curious and so it made sense.’

Kane almost choked on his food with that comment. ‘So what will happen later?’

‘Well, Kane. We will go back to my room and I want you to make me cum as much as Meg said you can. She has promised me quite a lot and by the sound of it — my daughter is a lucky woman. I want you fuck me hard.’

He grinned. ‘That I can do.’

I was excited as we made our way back. We held hands, his touch a comfort and send jolts through me. We kissed once in the elevator, his hands along my back and he pressed me tight against the elevator wall. I could feel all of his body against mine and it took my breath away yet.

The doors opened on our floor, and we both almost ran back to the room and marched in.

‘You, Mr, wait there,’ I said pointing towards the bed as I gave my future son-in-law a sharp kiss on his lips. His breath smelt faintly of beer but it tasted sweet. The kiss was electrifying. ‘Don’t you dare move. I shall be back in just a second.’

I walked slowly into the bathroom, my head turned towards him and maintaining eye contact. I took the bag with my new lingerie in with me. The stunning gown he got me came off quickly and I placed it neatly in the corner. With my hands shaking in excitement I opened the lingerie and put the garter belt on around myself before pulling the emerald green panties up and against my already damp pussy. The bra came next, the lacy material feeling good against my skin and making me feel sexy. The stockings, the matching emerald green heels, and the expensive jewelry he’d bought me just added to it.

I felt like a million bucks and the hunger in his eyes as I strode towards him gave me the confidence I didn’t think possible.

‘You need to be in your underwear too Kane,’ I said. ‘It seems only fair.’

‘Your kaçak bahis wish is my commend.’ He gave me a shy, cheeky grin as he stripped. It was my turn to ogle now as he slipped his shirt off. He had a broad chest, rippled with muscles and a small patch of hair in the middle. His legs were like tree trunks and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his tanned and unblemished skin. He looked at me, wearing nothing but a pair of black designer boxers. They were short and tight, in the hipster style, and I could see a delightful outline of his cock through it.

He lay down on the bed and I straddled him, sitting across him feeling his growing cock press firmly against me as I kissed him hard and deep. My tongue met his and I felt his breathing sharpen with mine. I was hot. I was horny. I needed this younger man.

I continued to kiss him, before kissing his cheek, the nape of his neck, his ear. I peppered him with kisses, my lingerie-covered body pressed tight firmly against his bare skin. I kissed his chest, his nipples, licking them slowly and enjoying the involuntarily low growl he made. I continued to pepper him with kisses until I’d kissed his cock through his boxers. He was ready, so ready for his mother-in-law’s mouth.

I greeted his waiting dick the second I pulled his boxers clean off. He was big, with a nice thick girth, and was cut. His head was just ripe for me to run my tongue around it. It felt right to have him filling my mouth as I started to suck him off slowly.

‘Ooh Jesus Lana,’ he murmured, his hands in my hair pulling it tight, pushing me further into him. He wasn’t going to let me stop, if I even wanted to, from making him cum.

Fortunately, my daughter had already forewarned me. ‘Get him to cum quick and then he’s hard for ages.’ She had wanted us both to enjoy tonight.

I got into a routine. I would suck, lick the shaft, and tip before using my hand to jerk him a couple of times. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ he growled as I quickened my pace up every stroke. I carried on, quickening my pace until I felt Kane start to twitch and, without warning, he exploded into my mouth — his hot sticky cum hitting the back of my throat.

It tasted sweet. It tasted like heaven.

I swallowed it all, making sure to take every single drop before looking up and grinning at him. ‘You approve?’ I moved towards him, kissing him on the lips again. His naked body was pressed against mine and I was loving every second of it.

‘Oh yes,’ he said. He pulled his arms around me tight and span me onto my back kissing me once more. ‘Your turn now I think. I want to make you scream over and over again.’

My heart skipped a beat with hearing that. He was a good lad. I went to pull my panties down for him, my pussy was soaking wet and ready for everything now but he stopped me.

‘No,’ he whispered. ‘I’ll decide when they come off. I love lingerie. I need to feel it and fuck you in it first.’

‘You love to feel the lace against your skin? Against your cock?’ I asked.

Kane didn’t respond bar kissing my neck, his hands massaging my breasts through my bra. It felt like an electric shock. He kissed them too, kissed my stomach and my thighs and, through the lace of my panties, my clit.

I couldn’t help myself. I moaned loudly as I felt the material move to one side and he eat me out without pausing for breath. Kane found the right rhythm almost straight away. I felt myself get wetter and wetter and I was soon screaming as I came shamefully easily with his head buried between my chunky, curvy thighs.

I was still pretty much dressed too, my stockings still on, my heels still on, and flailing wildly in the air.

He gripped my ankles and made sure my legs were spread wide open. Delicately and with practiced ease he slid my panties to one side once again before he slid his cock inside me. He was hard as a rock again and I felt every inch of the girthy delight as he slowly pushed it inside me. It felt good, too good.

‘Jesus Kane,’ I whispered as he started to thrust. He started slow, then quickened up. I felt every movement of his rhythm deep inside me and I was pushed into ecstasy. He positioned himself away from me, his hands running down my legs before guiding them onto his shoulders. I shuddered as he continued to fuck me, I could feel just how deep he was, his cock filling me and sending sparks around my body. He continued to thrust quickly, fucking me hard until I was on the brink of another orgasm and I came quickly and with a scream. My pussy was soaking wet and Kane was not done.

I wasn’t done.

I was hungry and eager for more. I flicked my heels off as he repositioned himself on top of me and with his cock still inside of me I pulled him close, kissed him, wrapped my arms around his back, and flipped. We rolled over on the illegal bahis bed until Kane was on his back, my curvy frame on top and that delightful cock of his still in me, still giving me those little jolts of pleasure.

I kept on kissing him, pressing him tight against me as he fucked me slowly. I unhooked my bra and threw it away — Kane immediately devouring my large curvy breasts. His mouth met my nipple greedily and sucked, licked, and bit them. His face buried into them and I felt every kiss, every touch. Pushing him back into the bed I arched backward and rode, feeling him pulsate and throb. The hunger in his eyes screamed out. He was a much younger man, about to marry my daughter, yet he was looking at my curvy body, the flab of my stomach, my heavy breasts, the laughter lines and wrinkles like I was the sexiest woman alive. He was hard, his cock buried deep inside a woman old enough to be his mother and he was fucking her so hard as she rode that she was constantly on the cusp of an orgasm.

Meg had warned me what sex with Kane was like but I hadn’t expected it to be this good. I couldn’t wait to tell Troy.

Before my legs collapsed and gave away Kane made a movement motion with his hands. I slowed down and got off, almost sinking onto all fours as he jumped up. He pulled my panties down and off and he fucked me from behind, slapping my ass for good measure.

My head was buried deep into the pillow and I was screaming now. It felt like I was in heaven. I kept repeating his name over and over, almost with each hard thrust. Kane was taking no prisoners, no slow-mo from behind, this was hard and fast. My body felt sweaty and I was gasping for breath as my orgasm built once more. It hit me hard, shot through my body and I collapsed further onto the bed, twitching and panting as he fucked me through the orgasm, allowing it to build up and flow through me again.

‘Turn around,’ he whispered. ‘I want to look at you when I cum.’

I turned around gratefully. He had a huge, filthy, grin as he fucked me once more. I felt him completely on top of me, his frame heavy on mine and I loved every inch of contact, the skin on skin felt electrifying and he took great delight in slowly wriggling his cock around inside me as he kissed me. Our tongues deep inside greeted once another until he quickened his pace up and exploded.

He came deep inside his future mother-in-law’s pussy. And it felt perfect. It felt right. I felt him explode, I felt the cum shoot inside me and it mixed in with my pussy juices, settling perfectly inside me and helping that electric shock that was still going around my body. Before I could say anything, his fingers met my clit once more as he pulled out.

‘I can’t finish on me’, he said. ‘Sorry.’

He wasn’t sorry. He finger fucked my cum filled cunt until my final orgasm kicked in with a flourish. I squirted, soaking his hand and the bedsheets and I couldn’t do anything but lie there for ages. I was soaked with sweat, I still had cum dripping out my pussy and now I had a lot of my pussy juices covering my thighs. Kane was no better, cum still dripped off the tip of his cock and I had soaked him too.

We lay there for ages in each other’s arms. We were going to need a shower before bed.

‘Meg is a lucky woman,’ I said not being able to help myself.

‘And I’m a lucky man,’ Kane said with a smile. He looked me up and down. ‘I know where she gets her beauty from.’

I blushed and changed the subject away from me as we both stood up and headed to the bathroom. ‘So you’re a fan of lingerie then?’

‘Yeah, can’t get enough.’

‘I hope Meg listens,’ I said.

‘She does. All the time.’

I nodded. ‘Good.’ I don’t know why I needed to find out but I had to. We were an open family when it comes to sex, you have to be with our tradition, and I just wanted Kane and Meg to have a healthy sex life where they were open with each other.

And if he fucks Meg as he fucked me? Well. She’ll be fine.

We showered together, Kane gently and sweetly washing my back and I took great delight in washing his. My hands were all over his muscular body and carefully washing his cock. We couldn’t keep off each other, couldn’t stop kissing. It was going to be hard getting back to normal; hard but we’d manage.

‘I’m glad you love lingerie,’ I said as I dried off. ‘You’re in for a treat.

‘Another one?’ He had dressed in another pair of tight boxers ready for sleep. Nothing else.

I pulled out my negligee. A silk nightie in the same style as the underwear I’d worn. The lace trim nestled against my breasts and the silk hugged my curves. His eyes lit up.

‘This is only over once we’d had breakfast,’ I said, stifling a yawn. I was tired and very satisfied. ‘Someone will just have to wake me up early.’ I lay on my side away from him and smiled to myself as one arm reached underneath, the other over me. I felt his cock nestle snugly against my silken-covered ass.

‘That…’ he whispered in my ear. ‘that I can do.’

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