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My girlfriend’s daughter (hotel)First a little about me. Male, mid fifties, 6ft 1in, about 205 pounds, pretty good shape, divorced, with two grown k**s. My girlfriend of many years is around the same age and is also divorced but with two younger k**s. We have a great relationship and have amazing sex. I am always hard for her and she gets so incredibly wet for me. She loves to ride me until I shoot inside her. We have tried practically everything and even filmed some things.About two years ago my girlfriend moved into my house with her two daughters for economic reasons. Both girls are good girls. They don’t cause trouble and do great in school. The older daughter, Heather, just finished her first year in college and the younger one is still in high school.The encounter that I am writing about recently took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time of quarantine we decided that we needed to take a trip across the country to get away from the house for a while. After driving for most of the first day we were all exhausted and found a hotel. We booked a room with two queen beds.In the middle of the night Heather had a bad dream and she came over to the side of bed that her mother was on. She called “mom, mom” repeatedly. My girlfriend is a very heavy sleeper and didn’t wake up. Since I am a light sleeper and I was now awake and I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had a really bad dream and couldn’t sleep. So I asked her what did you want your mom to do about it? She said that from the time she was little until now her mom would usually come into her bed and rub her back until she falls asleep. Now I need to tell you a little about Heather before I go too far. She is almost 19 years, 5 foot 4 inches, 100 pounds, with long blond hair down to almost her waist. She is all legs and incredibly skinny. Skinny like I can see her bones going down her spine skinny. But here is the crazy part. You might not even notice her. Heather does not try to draw attention to her. But she does stand out in a way that she cannot help. She is just a skinny teen except for one thing; it’s her crazy massive chest. One day I as doing the wash and I looked at her bras and they are either a 32F or 34DDD!!! Her breasts must be so incredible heavy. I know for a fact that her back hurts from carrying them around. She is so disproportionate in her chest it is nuts! For those of you that don’t know how big this bra size is, I looked up famous people with this size and Sofia Vergara came up. Sofia Vergara is a little taller and heavier though. Heather has no real curves and has a nice ass, nothing that would make you stop and stare (my girlfriend has an amazing ass). She walks around my place in big tee shirts, with no bra, and baggy boxer shorts. I can tell that her tits are hanging half way down her torso and she has actually walked around in her underwear in front of me on the trip. But when she goes out it is incredible to see when she puts on her uplifting bras and her chest comes out.One more point that I need to make before I resume. During Heather’s freshman year in college she had her first sexual encounter. How do I know? I was in bed when my girlfriend was talking with Heather on the phone and I could tell from the conversation that I was overhearing that Heather had lost her virginity. She shares almost everything with her mom. I also know that it was a one-time thing and she is really not very active in the sexual sense. Okay now back to the story.I really didn’t want Heather to wake up my girlfriend. I said that since your mom is sleeping, I could rub your back if you want me too. She thought about it for a minute or so and finally whispered yes. So she walked back over to her bed and lay back down next to her sister who is sleeping very soundly. For visual purposes here, you should know that my girlfriend and Heather were sleeping as far apart in the room as you could go. Also Heather was wearing a baggy tee shirt (no bra of course) and her baggy shorts too (typically with underwear underneath). I know that she wears underwear bahis şirketleri under her shorts because when she is lounging around the house she usually likes to pull her knee up to her chest and I see her tiny underwear through the leg opening. I walked over to Heather’s side of the bed wearing my basketball shorts and tee shirt. She lay down facing away from me on her left side and I did the same facing her back. She couldn’t give me too much room because her younger sister was sleeping right next to her. With my right hand, I started lightly rubbing her back but I found it difficult because she was only inches away and it was hard for me to get my arm in between us. So I suggested that maybe she should face me and I’ll reach over and rub her back that way. Because of the difference in our height she basically had her head in my chest and I was able to reach her entire back. While I was rubbing her back our knees were touching. At some point she put her leg over my leg so that my legs were together and her left leg was on top of both of my legs.I don’t know why I did what I did next, but I suspect that it is just what I always do with my girlfriend. I moved my right leg until my knee was firmly lodged in Heather’s groin. When my girl and I are in bed and she puts her leg over mine we wind up entwined and I guess it just felt natural.Anyway I was not really thinking about what I did I just did what was normal. After a little while I realized that Heather was applying some pressure to my knee. I really didn’t notice at first cause I was really tired and just wanted to get some rest. I focused on what was happening and soon she was slowly grinding against my leg. This was driving me crazy. Whether she realized it or not I was getting really excited. So while I was running my hands up and down her back I slowly started to rub lower and lower until I had my hand on her ass cheek.I slowly started to lightly squeeze and kneed her little ass. At the same time she continued to lightly grind against my knee. I started to put a little pressure on her ass to push her tighter into my knee to see if I was reading this correctly. Maybe she wasn’t aware of what she was doing. I was getting so hard that it hurt. Well she continued to grind against me. So I decided to take it up a notch.I took my right hand from rubbing her back and I brought it down between us to where my leg was between her legs. I gently rubbed my hand on the front of her leg. I went from her knee up the front of her leg to where I hit her shorts. I moved my knee a couple of inches away from her crotch. At this point I knew that there was no turning back if I made my next move. I took my finger and traced a path from the front of her leg to the gap in-between her thigh and her panties. I always find this area very erotic on women. It’s very soft and stimulating. So I ran my finger around this area and I did not get any resistance, just more pressure on my leg.After a little while of this playing I decided to go for broke. I ran my finger along the elastic by her crotch and then I snaked it under her underwear. She was incredibly hot and wet under there! For me one of the best things was that she didn’t shave. Her pussy hair was the softest fur that you could imagine. I ran my fingers over her mound and all over her pussy lips. During this time Heather buried her head deeper into my chest. She made almost no sounds during this time. We had to be careful because of her sister that was inches away and my girlfriend that was in the next bed. So after exploring around her pussy mound I took my fingers out from the side of her panties and put my hand under her waistband and down the front of her panties. This gave me more access to her soft mound. This time I wasted no time and I ran my finger up and down her slit. I did this a few times and then I gentle dipped my finger into her hot pussy. Since I knew that she didn’t have a lot of experience I didn’t want to go too fast and scare her off. I hooked my finger in her pussy and moved it back and forth. I could feel her breathing rapidly bahis firmaları as I fucked her with my finger. I only used one finger because I could tell that her relatively unused pussy hasn’t had many things in it. I used the palm of my hand to keep pressure on her mound and her little clit just to make her crazy. It’s just like a young girl not to know to reciprocate (at least that was my experience from when I was a young guy). So I pulled my hand out of her panties, sniffed my fingers and she smelled like flowers. I took her left hand that was balled up against her chest and slowly moved it over to my rock hard cock. She didn’t pull away but she kind of just left it on my shorts. I went back to putting my hand under her panties and continued with my rubbing and hoped that maybe she would start the same on me but she just left her hand there. I knew that I did not have much time and was worried about being caught so I made a decision and I got off the bed and I told her that I would take care of her but I would need a little something too and not to worry. So I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled her shorts panties off in one move. She was looking at me with some apprehension and I proceeded to open her legs and then I started to move my head between them. She kind of grabbed my head and in a whisper asked me what I was doing. I quietly told her just relax I’m going to take care of you. She told me that nobody’s done this to her before I told her you’ll love it. So I proceeded to flatten my tongue and move it over her mound and move it back-and-forth. She immediately clamped her legs together so tightly that I thought she almost broke my neck. Being that time is of the essence I started to flick my tongue over her clit and I stuck my little finger in her to bring her off like a bomb. Again she clamped her legs together and humped my face and I struggled to breathe. My face was soaked from her juices. Heather started to shake and whimper as she came from my tongue. As she calmed down she whispered that she never had an orgasm like that before and now wasn’t even sure if she ever really had one. Well now I’m rock hard and need a lot of relief. I’m not waiting for Heather to do something. She is too inexperienced so I’m taking control. I glance around the room and make sure everyone is still sleeping soundly. I skim off my shorts. I place my right knee on the bed and I’m standing on my left leg. I position myself between Heather’s still slightly spread legs. I’m not totally sure what I’m doing next but I need to cum in the worst way and she is going to help me do it.So I’m semi-positioned between her legs and in the dim light of the room she can now see my cock pointing right at her. She whispers that I am very big (I’m about 6.5 inches long and about 1.75 inches thick, my girlfriend says that she can’t get the head in her mouth when I’m overly excited). Well I know she may have seen maybe 1 or 2 cocks before, but those were on teen guys. Anyway she starts to close her legs but can’t cause I’m situated between them. She then quickly covers her pussy with her hand and quietly announces to me that she isn’t on birth control. I whisper that I need to cum and that she needs to trust me. I live with these people so just how stupid am I will to be. I know I was thinking with the wrong head at this time but I’m still trying to gauge her reactions at each step of the way.I take my cock in my hand and use it to nudge her hand away from her pussy. She slowly places her hand on her side and looks at me with a little apprehension. I told her everything would be all right. I now start to rub my blood-engorged cock along her wet furry slit. I don’t know what to do but I’m on a mission to cum and I have this teenager right here and I don’t want to waste this opportunity. I rub my cock up and down repeatedly and even she is starting to respond again. She begins to hump back the opposite what from the directions I am dragging my cock along her pussy. At this point I don’t care if she gets off its my turn. So I try to lodge the kaçak bahis siteleri head of my cock in her pussy. I figure that I can try to get the head in and maybe then I will shoot on her pussy. I know from when I fingered her that she is incredibly tight so I don’t really think fucking her is a possibility and its not like I have time here I don’t!I start to push my cock head into her pussy. It’s like pushing my cock into a soft wall. It’s going nowhere and I’m getting frustrated. I start to stand back up off the bed and I think she was a little relieved because she thinks its over and I’m done and she won’t be fucked. Well I had a new plan. I reach down and I grabbed her by her slim hips and I pulled her down the bed about a foot or so. I then semi-climbed back on the bed the way I was before. This time I put my right knee over her hip carefully avoiding her sister (it was a good thing her sister was facing away from us otherwise I wouldn’t have gone this far). Effectively my ass was resting on her pubic mound. She looked at me with a question in her eyes. I reached down and I took the bottom of her tee shirt and I started to lift it up her body. She immediately grabbed it from me and I said very quickly that I need to finish fast. So with a little hesitation she let go and I moved the tee shirt over her breasts. I could not believe what I was looking at. It was something that should have been on a bigger woman but there they were. Beautiful, full, heavy, and soft. I’m thinking that she has no idea what is coming so I move fast. I shimmy up her body a little more and I drop my cock in the valley between her breasts, which at this time are on her sides being they are so big. I think she thought that I was going to stick it in her mouth and she was a little relieved for the moment. I have to say that having an idea of her experience level that I really did not have time to teach a teen how to give a blowjob.So with my cock on her breastbone, I reached forward and grabbed a breast in each hand and pulled them towards my cock. Her eyes got really big and I guess that this was something she never thought of or was just plain surprised. Either way I didn’t care at the moment. I stuffed my cock between her massive breasts and started to fuck them as fast and as quietly as I could muster. I told her this wouldn’t take long. After a minute or two I was starting to sweat and worry that it was taking too long but the feeling was amazing. I leaned over and whispered in her ear that I needed her to hold her tits for me while I tried to cum. So she cupped the outsides of her breasts and pressed them together once again sandwiching my cock between those twin wonders. Now I had the freedom to concentrate on cumming. As I fucked her tits I would rub her nipples and lean back and run my fingers over her slit. She started to shake again and let go of her tits as she came. Her orgasm really excited me and I could feel my cum starting to boil up. I reached forward and quickly grabbed her tits again while my cum blasted her chin and neck. I couldn’t stop cumming and I was really making a mess. My cum was pooling between her breasts, but mostly it was covering her throat and starting to drip down the sides of her neck. I had no intention on shooting on her face. I figured that she might have screamed, I might have missed, and in addition I didn’t think her level of experience would warrant this. As soon as the throbbing stopped I jumped off the bed leaving a trail of cum down her body and went into the bathroom. I grabbed her some tissues to help her clean up and I went back in the bathroom to catch my breath. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and just shaking my head. I went back into the room and passed Heather coming into the bathroom to finish cleaning herself. She whispered in my ear that she didn’t know a guy could cum that much. I told her that I was inspired. She gave me a little peck on the cheek and a quick hug and said that we should get some sleep especially since we have a big travel day tomorrow. I climbed back into my bed and had trouble sleeping because I had another hardon after thinking about what just happened. I also wondered how this would affect our relationship. Let me know if you want to hear more. A few more things happened a couple of weeks later.

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