My hot wife


My hot wifeIf you have read my stories on XHAMSTER you know that my wife Andrea is a true hot wife. She has always dressed to show off her sexy little body and after we married I pushed her to take it even farther. As a joke once I hid all of her panties ,I figured she would say something but she didn’t so I wanted to see how long she would go before she asked where her undies were. We were invited to go out to eat with her boss and his wife ,their treat. I knew it would be somewhere expensive so we had to dress nice. Andrea showered first so while she was getting ready I took my shower. When I came in our bedroom after my shower I saw Andrea setting at her makeup table doing her eye makeup. She was wearing a pair of suntan lace top thigh high stockings an a white push up bra. Her legs were crossed and she kept working on her eyes as she said I laid your clothes out on the bed. I got dressed before she finished her makeup so I went in the den to watch TV while she finished. In a while I heard her heels coming down the hall so I stood up. She walked in the den wearing a short little black dress I’ve never seen before. It came way above her knees and was low cut enough so her cleavage. Her thirty four B cup tits looked like perfectly round globes because of that bra. She asked bahis siteleri how she looked. I said you look absolutely beautiful but isn’t that rather short to wear to a nice restaurant? She raised up on the balls of her feet to look at herself in the mirror over the couch and said do you think it’s to short? I said where are your stocking tops? She raised the hem over the stocking tops and showed me her naked hairless pussy. I said oh baby you can’t go without panties. She said you have made me go without them for a few weeks so I’ve grown to love the feeling. As we were walking towards the car I said but what if your boss sees your pussy. She said so what if he does. I said it wouldn’t bother you if he sees it? She said it never has. I stopped walking and asked what that meant. She said since you took all my panties I go to work everyday naked under my skirts and I’ve allowed him to see my pussy lots of times. As I helped her in the car she made sure I got an eye full of her slick slit. When I got in the car I said what do you think he thinks about you showing off your pussy. She said he wants to fuck me. I said are you going to let him? She said yes but not right away, she said I’m having fun teasing him . I said are you going to tease him tonight? She said of course, canlı bahis siteleri it was his idea for me to wear these suntan stockings , in fact he bought them for me . As we drove she pulled the hem of her dress up to show the lace tops and when the valet opened her door she let him get an eye full of nylon covered legs as she slid out. Once in the restaurant we met up with her boss and his wife at the bar. We had a few drinks while waiting on our table. I noticed her boss checking out Andrea’s legs when he thought it was safe. There wasn’t a way for Andrea to tease him while we ate so I came up with an idea. After we finished eating the bosses wife excused herself to go to the restroom. I put my hand on Andrea’s leg to keep her form getting up too and I said I need to go too. I knew with his wife and me away from the table Andrea would mess with him. After we said our goodbyes we got in our car to come home, I almost immediately asked Andrea if she messed with him while we were in the restroom. She laughed and said of course I did. I said what did you do. She said since I was setting next to him I turned so the table cloth uncovered my legs and I spread my legs and raised my hem up then asked him if the stockings looked ok on me. She said he had a perfect view of canlı bahis her naked pussy. He looked right at her pussy then quickly glanced around the room to see if anyone else could see. I said what did you do? She said I ran a finger between my pussy lips and rubbed it under his nose as I told him my pussy was soaking wet. I said I noticed his face was red when I got back is that why? Andrea said yes, I know his cock was hard she added. When are you going to fuck him I asked her. She said I don’t know , I’m having a big time keeping his cock hard at work. His dress slacks do nothing to hide his hard-on. I was almost begging her her to fuck him by the time we got home. She said I’ll see. After we got in the house she told me that showing off tonight had made her horny and she wanted me to hide in the closet so she could call Keith over to fuck her. She pulled her dress over her head and unfastened her bra. She was wearing only the stockings as she called Keith. She point blank told him she was horny and she needed him to come over a fuck her. When she hung up she said go to your hiding place he’s coming.In half an hour Keith rang the doorbell and Andrea greeted him in only the stockings. I watched them fuck on our bed for almost two hours. He finally came in her and got up and left. As soon as we heard the den door close Andrea spread her legs and said come eat my pussy and hurry it’s running out. I did as I was told and sucked her clean then I fucked her myself. It’s always so nice to feel her loose pussy.

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