My Initiation – Part 11


From my vantage point at the window I can see the jeweled butt plug between the cheeks of the sub as she was bent over the Doms lap. I watched as the Dom spread the cheeks open to push the plug in real slow. I thought I was going to cum right then and there when I heard the sub moan as the Dom pushed the plug in a little bit more.Then I saw the Dom look down at her side, reach down and grab something. At first I could not make out what it was. When almanbahis şikayet she moved her hand I noticed it was a rather real looking cock vibrator, and pretty good size, too. I heard her mumble something to the sub as she took the vibrator in both hands. Then I heard the hum as she turned it on. The hum got louder as she twisted it, then she turned it off. As her hand moved to between the subs legs, I watched as the sub parted her legs. almanbahis canlı casino I got a wonderful view of her shaved pussy, open to the probing fingers of the Dom. I heard a moan as she inserted a couple of fingers and pushed them deep inside. The sub tried to bend her knees to open her pussy more for better access. The Dom took full advantage and pushed her fingers harder into that opening. Then I watched in fascination as she moved almanbahis casino her fingers in and out, slow at first, as the sub tried to buck against them. With her other hand, the Dom slapped those luscious cheeks a few times as the sub squirmed on her lap. Oh those luxurious hips were dancing and I was getting very hard. The Dom pulled out her fingers, grabbed the vibrator and proceeded to lubricate it with the juices on her fingers. When she licked her fingers, I almost moaned, but I caught myself before I was noticed. I had to watch this scene play out.The Dom put the large vibrator against the subs pussy and started to push. I heard the sub utter a guttural moan as the cock penetrated her pussy.

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