My Last Night on Tinder


I’m not someone who denies what’s going on in the world.  This was back in the early weeks of the pandemic.  Wearing a mask wasn’t common yet.  There were maybe a thousand confirmed cases in my city, which seemed like a lot, but nobody was panicking yet.  Even though we all assumed the total was higher.I had not been into my office in a few weeks.  Other businesses were slower to close.  Bars and restaurants were all shuttered.  When I fired up Tinder, I thought the best thing I could hope for was some dirty chat.  I’m someone who’s always been very sexually active and going it alone with no inspiration wasn’t cutting it for me.My profile was blunt.  Something bahis şirketleri along the lines of “we are all home alone and horny,” why not enjoy some adult flirting.  Sure, it was cheesy, but also direct.  You can’t write a novel on a Tinder profile.I got a few bites and we sent a few flirty messages back and forth.  Some were more than flirty.  One sent pictures.Then there was Jordan.  Jordan wanted to be fucked.  I thought she meant a few weeks later when the pandemic would obviously be over and we’d all be back to our normal lives.  Because that’s what we were dumb enough to think in March 2020.We went back and forth for a couple of days.  bahis firmaları Then we ended up talking on the phone.  She mentioned that she lived in a remote suburb.  “What’s an attractive woman in her twenties doing way out there?” I asked.  “I thought it was all soccer moms and trophy wives?”“I was trying to be a trophy wife,” she responded.  “And he cheated on me.  Now he’s moved out and I’m all alone in this big house in the middle of nowhere.”“I wish I could keep you company.”“Then come over,” she said.  Jordan was hot.  She had dark hair and glasses and resembled Zooey Deschanel, but with brown eyes.  “What about the pandemic?”“I haven’t been kaçak bahis siteleri out in two weeks, have you?”I’d only made quick trips to the store to buy groceries.  It took me nearly an hour to get there.  She lived pretty far out in a suburban McMansion in a planned community on a golf course.That kind of drive always makes me think.  Am I making the right decision here?  Am I about to get mugged? Will I get COVID?But I hadn’t had sex in weeks.She met me at the door in a sleeveless red shift dress.  Her hair was down and she had her dark-framed glasses on and wedge sandals.Jordan told she was just happy to have some company and we could hang out and watch a movie.  I don’t even remember what she turned on, honestly.  We were in her media room and she turned down the lights and had her head on my shoulder in a matter of minutes like we were on a third date and taking things slow.

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