My Name Is Samuel


Last season of high school tennis, for me that is, last match, last swing. Scanning the crowd I look for father, absent. Sammy gives me a small wave, I return with a wink then face my opponent; a strong blonde woman standing in opposition to me waiting for a serve. The ball goes up, and then the racket, massive connection and the ball zips from me. First bounce connects far left court, the woman reacts running to her right and diving for the ball, her racket just inches to short. Our match, my high school career, ends with an Ace.

The excitement of the match ends and the sadness overwhelms me, the end of high school is soon, Sammy and I have different colleges to attend and two different lives to live. Rather then changing in the locker room after the match I ware the blue skirt and white polo as I leave the building. I suppose I just want to wear these clothes as long as I can. Just outside the big brown metal doors Sammy waits for me.

“I thought you would change.” Sammy says

“No, I couldn’t all the girls were excited and no one really showered or changed.”


“Don’t worry I don’t smell to gross.” I laugh

“You’re fine.”

“I know” giggling we walk off.

My house is within walking distance of the school, the walk is long enough to want someone with you. Sammy and I walk for a ways in silence, the closer the end of school gets the more silence we tend to have in our conversations. Ever sense we both turned 18, the tension between both of us has grown, as if 18 is the final marker for the end of a high school romance.

“Did you see that Ace?” I ask.

“Oh My God, Lynn that was amazing. You smashed it I thought that girl was going to start crying after the game.”

“I know right, she dived and missed it.”

“You were way better then her.”

“Were?” I reply

“Well, are.” He pushes me. I shove him back a little harder but he does not budge. Sammy is a senior wrestler, much stronger then I am but very gentle. “Hey,” he continues “I got the movie you’ve been asking about.”

“Which one?”

“The really old teenage mutant ninja turtles. The one from the 90s.”

“You finally found it?”

“Yes, can we watch it at your house?”

I giggle. “Of course, you know the rules, out before 8, mom and dad will be home by 8:30”

We walk to the small two story red brick house, talking and laughing as we enter. The manila carpet is perfectly swept, by my mother’s maid, and so we remove our shoes at the door. My parents are anal about house perfection, ironically they are hardly ever home to make it any less. Sammy and I start the movie and lay on the long white leather sofa together; we face the same direction with me in front of Sammy. He wraps his arms around my mid section and we watch the green ooze transform the slow moving painted turtles into “human” killing machines.

“You smell.” he says playfully to me.

“Hey!” I flip around to face him, my long red hair flops on his face.

“But your hair smells nice, like honey.”

“Honey Melon thank you.” I kiss him. He returns with a longer more passionate kiss. My mouth opens and our tongues slide together. His hands slide slightly under my polo and caress my stomach. He pulls me close and moves one hand down onto my ass. My left leg arches over him and I straddle his waist. We continue to kiss, first only on the lips then his kiss sink to my neck, soft biting and a large lick up to my ear. He blows into my ear then nibbles on my lobe. I move to his neck and return a few kisses then I slide off of him and onto the floor. Sammy has been one of the best boy friends I have ever had, he does not pressure me or ask me to further then I am willing. I am willing to make out and let him grope at me under my bra. But, today is the last time we will be at the house alone, he has been so good for six months never asking for more, he deserves a treat. My hands slide up his jean covered thighs and onto his belt.

“Finally.” kolej escort he says.

“Hey, I have been a good girl friend.”

“Shh.” he undoes his belt and unzips his pants. “Suck.” He commands.

“No, gross.” I place my hands on his boxers both on opposite sides of his penis and begin to massage his groin. He leans back farther against the sofa, the leather squeaks.

“Please, just suck on me.” He pleads with me.


“God why do you call me that?” Sammy puts his hands on his boxers and pulls them so that his erect penis slaps against his the lower part of his belly button.

“Oh hush. Sammy is just cute.” With one hand I cup his balls and massage, the other plays with his long pubic hair.

With his eyes closed he lifts his shirt slightly and lets out a sigh. “My name is Samuel.”

“You’re my Sammy.” My hand moves to his cock and begins to stroke at it, I grip it hard and pump high and very low.

“Owe, Shit, stop.” Sammy knocks my hand away. “God, haven’t you done this before?”


“Look, like this.” Taking his cock into his hands he shows me by wrapping his index and thumb together. “Softly, you’re trying to make it like your pussy.” Then his three fingers wrap around. He moves some up, till his foreskin covers the head, then slightly down till the head is completely revealed. He takes my hand and places it around his cock, then helps teach me how to stroke. I continue after he removes his hand.

“Good?” I ask.

“Better, not the best I’ve had.”

“HEY!” I stop.

“Shh, just do it.” I continue.

I grab his boxers and take them all the way off; he opens his legs further. My soft stroke gets a little faster and his waste starts to grab at the air. “Good” he tells me.

My pace increases and his cock swells, drips of pre-cum slide over the pulsing purple head. My hand moves fast not just up and down, but side to side and diagonally.

“Jesus!” he swears at me slapping my hand off of him. “Come on Lynn, look you are about to rip my cock off here. Just up and down.” His voice rises as he sternly reprimands me.

“sorry.” I continue looking at the floor, trying to concentrate on quickly pumping. Unsatisfied Sammy takes his polo off and stands, his thighs come unglued from the leather with a reverse suction sound.


“Sammy, I do not want to.” I reach up and pull his cock down slightly, now pumping horizontally.

“Ok, fine.” He scoops me up off the floor and lays me out on the sofa.

“What are you doing?” His fingers crawl up my thigh and rest on blue panties. His finger traces the outline of my lips. My body surges to life, and I can feel my vagina moisten as he caresses.

“Has anyone ever…” he starts

“No, don’t stop.”

“Has anyone ever eaten you.”

“What?” My body arches as his two fingers search for the edges of my underwear, he pulls at it and snaps it.

“God, you are dumb. Oral Sex.”

I get up and stare at him. “Look, I do not want to suck your cock Sam, ok.” He laughs at my statement then pushes me back down. Pulling my legs closer he sticks his head under my skirt and grinds his chin against my pussy. I feel his teeth gnaw their way up to the top of my underwear and grip at it pulling them down. His head pops back up from its submarine dive with a soaked pair of panties. He shakes his head like a dog and I laugh. He places his bear chest against me and slides up, his cock moving at a steady pace up my leg. As he does so his hands pull my white polo off exposing the pale color of my white skin. I put my hands on his shoulders stopping that advance of penis mid way up my leg. He lungs forward causing my arms to bend, my grip giving away his cock goes up between my legs and resting on my clit. He hugs me tight letting our chest feel the rapid beat of our hearts; he wraps his arms tight and pulls me close to him making it tough to breathe. My blue eyes lock maltepe escort with his green. He grins and begins to rock his pelvis. His cock slides in-between my lips, soaking up my wet juice and then running it over my clitoris. My head begins to spin and I gasp for air, his grip lessons, and his pace increases and my back arches up leaving a small ring of sweat on the leather sofa. He stops. Sam shimmies down my body resting his head on my chest, his cock absent from my body. Lusting for his cock my pussy presses against his stomach and my legs lock around his butt. He unclamps my bra.

“What size are you really?”


“Your small for a B.”

“But still larger then A.” I reply

“30 A”

I slap him on his back. “32 B” we share a laugh. His face turn to rest in between my tits, he looks up at me and smiles. I return a smile and blow softly at him, he shakes his head like a horse. One of his hands leaves my back and runs along my thigh, then disappears from my body. He sits up from me and begins to slide, his hand on his cock as he makes his way to my temple. The head of his cock teases out side of my pussy. My right hand moves and pushes it away.

“We can’t.” I say. He laughs at me.

“Why not?

“I want to wait till I am married. Ok?”

“Ok.” his cock returns to my clit and he continues to buck at me. He gets faster and faster, pre-cum drips out on to my trimmed patch of red hair and leaves a thin strand behind as it seeps down to my skin. The thick mane of his pubic hair tickles my clean shaven lips. “Would you at least suck on me then?”

“I really don’t want to.” I reply. He removes his body from mine and stands in front of me, all of his body erect.

“We don’t want to ruin your sofa.” He grabs his jeans and carefully zips them and buttons. I push my skirt back down so he can not see my exposed vagina.

“Eye for an eye.” I stick my tongue out at him.

“Come on.” He scoops me up into his arms and I hug his neck pressing my chest against his. Looking down I can see that the white leather is wet. Sam is right. He takes me over to the oak stairway and carries me up the stairs to my pink and purple room. Sam kicks the door closed behind him and moves to he center of the room, and drops me on the floor.

“Owe, you ass what the hell?” I stand up and look at the red rug burn on my ass. Sam drops his pants his penis pointing at me in half mast.

“We’re fucking.” he says coming towards me.

“No we are not. I told you Sam.”

“Its Samuel.” He grabs my arms and throws me to my bed, my upper body hits the spring mattress and then I collapse to the floor. He comes toward me violently, and I kick at his shins.

“Stop Sam, stop this isn’t funny!” he grabs one leg then falls on top of me. My arms punch at him and I try to grab his face, he turns me around as if I were a child, and pins my arms to my side. Picking me up he bends me over the bed. I can feel his now fully erect penis in between the cheeks of my ass.

“No.” I squirm and try to kick in between his legs. As strong as my tennis legs are, they do not phase him. He places his legs inside of mine and then spreads them apart. I continue to kick now only hitting the side of my bed. His hands pick me up and press my face against the top of his bed, his penis moves against the opening of my vagina. “No, Sammy, No. I want to be married.” He does not reply, his head rests against my neck.

“Shh, it is ok Lynn.”

“Samuel, don’t”

“Shh” he pulls my long red hair back and lets my face turn to the side. He moves so that I can see his deep blue eyes. He smiles as he watches tears run from my eyes and stain my comforter. Sam’s cock dives into my pussy. His first thrust hard and deep forcing himself into my vagina in one blow. I can feel the damp walls of my clinching pussy scream as the opening tares wider. I scream, a scream of pain that turns into a loud moan. He holds his proud cock mamak escort in deep; squeezing my arms tightly against my side his nails dig and cut my outer skin. We both hold our breath in the silence. Sam sighs and begins to pump, a slight trickle of blood runs down my leg. My muscles tense, each thrust burns deep inside of me, my head reeling in pain. My blood boils and my head rushes with excitement, as his blood stained penis hits me harder grinding on my pelvic bone. His balls slap against the bed and he lunges me forward.

“Stop, STOP” I cry. Each word being lost to the humid air around us.

Sam breathes heavily voicing his lustful pleasure as he exhales. I feel his penis surge and swell against my clinched walls, his thrusting becoming violent. Each thrust making a squish sound from the concoction his penis has made from my blood and juices. My swollen pussy drips out this mixture and soaks into the manila carpet. My chest burns as it rubs raw against the bed. Sam lets out a big moan and his cock leaves my pussy. I am relieved and take in a deep breath my ribs pushing up against my sandwiched arms. Sam leans down to my ear and bites hard at the lobe.

“Here it comes bitch.”

“No. Please, we are not protected” he answers my plea with another ‘shh’. I wait in silence for a moment, and he does nothing. I hear his heavy breathing and feel him position his penis at my ass. “Don’t, God please don’t!”

“I am going to cum somewhere, where do you want it?”


“I can take all your virginity now. If you want.”

“Sammy…” I cry and continue to break down in tears.

“As you wish.” His penis returns to my pussy. The head pushes through the entrance, and he stops.

We breathe heavily together. Sam does not continue. My muscles exhausted I let my ass and vagina loosen.

“There we go. Now I have your consent.” He dives deeply in and I scream again. Only two more huge thrusts, one bruises my red swollen skin, and with the second the head of his penis swells. His penis surges and he explodes into my cunt. Sam moans and grips hard at my arms. I feel his cum rush up into my womb and then fill the crevasses around the head of his penis. His cock softens and he backs up from me, going limp. I lay on the bed still. Blood, juice, and semen drip from me and splash onto my bed room floor. I continue to cry and fall off my bed onto the floor. My blue tennis skirt covers over thighs.

Samuel stairs at me then turns to leave, picking up his jeans from the floor.

“Don’t go.” I say with my eyes closed. Samuel turns to face me, I look up at him. “I don’t want you to leave Sammy.” Samuel laughs at my request.

“My name is Samuel.” He spits on my face and walks out of my room. I hear him move around in the living room. After a brief moment of silence my front door opens and he leave. Grabbing my knees I curl up on the floor. I keep my eyes closed for a few hours. My body shakes when I hear the garage door open. Dad, back from work, is early for the first time in my life, but not early enough. I hear him call for me. Then I hear him walk into the living room. He must have seen my wet panties, bra and shirt. I hear him scream up the stairs at me. Dad busts open my door and sees me lying on the floor.

“Done Masturbating now? I hope so because your fucking clothes are all over the living room.” I sit in silence “Do you hear me? Lynn, damn it, you lazy fucking whore look at me!” Dad grabs one of my arms and pulls me to my feet, ignoring the obvious signs of sams betrayal. My long hair covers over my tits and I stare at the floor. Dad brushes my hair to the side revealing one of my breasts. “You, for one, do not masturbate in my house, understood?” he pauses “Two, you do not leave anything in the living room.” Father grabs my shin and forces me to look at him. “You look me in the eyes when I speak to you. Don’t try this crying bull shit. Damn it Lynn.” He strikes the side of my face and I fall to the floor. I hear him unbuckle his leather belt. “I do not like to hit you but you do not ever learn, this is a last resort that you make me do.” With that his belt comes off. I do not look up at him. An odd sound pings into my ears, my father unzips his black pants and they fall to the floor.

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