My Neighbor Husband is a Jerk Pt. 02


The following story contains foot fetish, creampie eating cross dressing and pegging if those are not your things please look for a different story.

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That was our routine for the following weeks, she would stop by my apartment after her morning run, and I worshiped her sweaty feet until she was satisfied.

Then one afternoon I heard a knock on my door.

“Surprise,” she said as she walked into my apartment. “I thought of giving you a treat and letting you worship my feet after a long day at work.”

“Thank you,” I said as i dropped to my knees in front of her.

“Not so fast…, you will have to do something for me first,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Ok.. what do you want me to do?”

“Start by taking your cloths off.”

I undressed and stood in front of her, as she was looking at me from head to toe,

“Good boy,” she said as she took her shoe off, “I bet you want to smell it, right?”

“Yes please,”

“Ok, but no hands, and you can not rub your cock while smelling it!” she said as she put her shoe on my bed.

I laid on my bed and buried my nose into her shoe taking a long sniff, the smell was intoxicating and my hand natural response was to grab my cock and rub it.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked as she took her shoe in her hand.

“I .. I am sorry, please let me smell it , I will not rub it anymore,” I pleaded her.

“Since I cannot trust you, I will have to tie your hands,” she said as she took two pair of handcuffs out of her beg. “Lay on your stomach and spread your hands!”

I did as instructed and felt as she cuffed my hands to the bed tightly.

“Hopefully that will be enough,” she said as she put the shoe in front of me.

I wasted no time and buried my nose into her shoe again, and without much thinking started humping the bed trying to get some relief to my throbbing cock.

“WTF??, you really can not contain yourself?” she shouted at me.

“No.. I was .. please …” I startled.

“I see I have no other choice but to tie your legs as well,” she said with a grin on her face. “Spread your legs wide!” she commanded, and proceeded to tie my legs to the bed.

I laid on the bed helplessly without being able to move waiting for her to put her shoe back, to my surprise she did no such thing, instead she walked around the bed and admired her work.

“Good, now that I got you in this position, we can get the real thing started,” she said.

“Real kızılay escort thing? what are you talking about?” I asked not knowing what to expect.

“See.. I have had this fantasy ever since I was twenty.. but none of the man I dated would fulfill it for me,” she said. “Luckily this is going to change tonight.”

“You mean that I will fulfill it for you?” I asked not knowing where she is going with that.

“Yes,” she said as she climbed on my back and I felt something rubbing against my ass crack.

“What are you doing?” I shouted and tried moving away with no avail.

“Using my strap on to lube your asshole before fucking it,” she said with lust in her voice. “Unless you want it without lube?”

“What? you want to fuck me in the ass? are you crazy?! get off!” I shouted

“Oh don’t be like that, I am sure that you will love it, just relax your asshole or it will hurt like crazy,” she said as I felt her starting to push forward.

I bit on the pillow bellow me as my asshole stretched and started to accept her “cock”, as much as I tried to relax, it hurt like crazy and I almost fainted from the pain.

“Please stop! only girls are supposed to be fucked, not guys,” I cried.

“Well, lets face it the tiny thing you have between your legs doesn’t qualify you as a guy,” she said.

I felt so helpless as she continued pushing forward and taking my ass virginity inch by inch, until her cock was all the way into my ass.

“See how your ass is accepting my entire cock?” she said as she slowly moving her cock out of my ass until it was completely out.”Now breath and relax,” She said as she started pushing it back into my ass.

To my surprise this time it hurt a lot less and it went in quicker. She continued pushing her cock into my ass each time faster and with less resistance until she was actually fucking me with no resistance at all, and I suddenly noticed that it does not hurt any more, instead each time she thrust her cock into my ass I felt a burst of pleasure that spread from my asshole throughout my entire body.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt, and I started moaning in pleasure telling her to go faster and faster, but to my disappointment she suddenly stopped and took her cock out of my ass.

“No.. please don’t..” I heard myself saying.

“Please don’t what?” she asked.

“Please don’t stop..” I whispered.

“Oh? you mean you like getting fucked?”

“Yes.. please .. ” I said.

“But I thought only girls are supposed to be fucked, does that mean kolej escort you want me to treat you like a girl?” she asked.

“Yes… no..” I started startling.

“What is it? yes or no?” she said with annoyed voice.

“Yes.. ” I whined.

“Yes what?” she persisted.

“Yes, please treat me as a girl and fuck me,” I shouted.

“I knew you will love it!” she said as she untied me. “Lay on your back and spread your legs!”.

I did as instructed and she climbed between my legs, and started fucking me again this time looking me in my eyes.

“Do you like getting fucked in the ass?” she asked.

“Yes,” I moaned. “Just please don’t stop.”

“If I continue, you will be a good girl and do anything I tell you to?”

“YES,” I shouted as I got close to cumming.

She increased the the speed fucking me faster and faster until I couldn’t take it anymore and my cock started to spasm and shot jet after jet of cum that landed all over my face chest and stomach.

“Wow you came even without touching your cock, I guess you really like being a girl,” she laughed as she took her cock out of my ass.

I got up and started heading to the shower, only to be stopped by her.

“Where are you going?”

“To clean up.”

“No no no, good girls eat cum,” she said as she scooped it of my face with her finger and brought it to my mouth.

“But .. I,” I started saying.

“If you don’t lick it and prove to me that you are a good girl I will never fuck your ass again!” she said with annoyed voice.

I did as she instructed and licked out her fingers.

“Nice,” she said. “Now scoop everything and eat it.”

She watched with a victory smile how as I scooped and licked all the cum of my face and body.

“Good girl,” she said once I was done. “Now for the new rules, from now on during our sessions you will be wearing only this,” she said as she handed me a beg with stocking and bra.

“Ok,” I whispered.

“Now, let’s see it on you.”

I put on the stocking and bra and stood in front of her.

“You know, seeing you like this I bet I know why your wife left you,” she giggled. “It’s because of your tiny cock, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied not knowing where to bury myself from the shame.

“I bet you could have never make a women cum with your cock like I made you cum with mine, could you?”

“No, I was never able to,” I said with tears in my eyes.

“Oh don’t cry, at least now we know that its because deep down inside you were always a girl who maltepe escort like being fucked in the ass aren’t you?”

“Yes I am,” I said.

With that she left leaving me with a tons of thoughts.

The next morning I wore the outfit with a shaking hands and waited for her to arrive, when she finally did she quickly entered my apartment and sat on the edge of my bed instructing me to kneel before her.

“Today is a day you are going to remember for the rest of your life as a girl,” she said with an exciting voice.

“Why? what is today?” I asked.

“Today is the first time you will taste a REAL man cum!” she said as she spread her legs and pulled my head by my hair into her pussy.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Just be a good girl and lick his cum out of my pussy!” she commanded.

I had no choice but to comply and I started licking her clit, she moaned heavily and started pushing my head down, the closer I licked to her hole the more the taste became salty, and I couldn’t believe how overpowering the taste of her husband cum was compared mine even though it was mixed with her pussy juices.

“Fuck my pussy with your tongue!” she command as I reached her hole.

I complied and started tongue fucking her.

“Yes, that’s it, lick all of his tasty cum out like a good girl.”

Suddenly she grabbed my head hard and started rubbing her soaking pussy all over my face.

“I am cumming!!” she shouted as her pussy muscle pushed more and more cum out of her pussy into my mouth and face.

I swallowed everything and let her abuse my face until she was finally done.

“Since you have been a good girl, I will give you one wish, what do you want me to do now?” she asked.

“I.. I want you to fuck my ass.” I whispered.

“Ok, but I am tired after my husband fucked me, so you will have to do the work,” she said as she lay on her back and put on the strap on.

“Come sit on my cock,” she said.

I got on top of her and started riding her cock faster and faster until she finally held me down with her cock buried deep in my ass.

“Did my girl liked the taste of a real man cum?”

“Yes,” I whispered

“Would you like to eat more of his cum tomorrow?”

“Yes.. please… ” I shouted trying to continue riding her cock.

“Today you licked it out of my pussy, for tomorrow I have a better idea,” she said as she pushed me up and started pounding my ass. “Do you know what it is?”

“What?” I asked as I was getting really close to cumming.

“Tomorrow, you are going to,” she paused.

“I am going to what?” I asked while she is fucking me.

“You are going to suck his cum straight out of his cock!” she said just as I started shooting my own cum all over her stomach.


To be continued in part 3

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