Subject: My Nephew Trevor Just a quick note. If you object to gay male, adult/youth sexual encounters, please go elsewhere. However, I would also ask that if you possibly can donate to Nifty, please do. I knew I’m gay from about age 12, even though, back then, I didn’t even know the concept. But I’d sucked cock at Scout camp after some of the famous circle jerks, and I knew what I liked. My family is a really good one. Everybody pretty much accepted me as I am, even though I never “officially” came out. It was just kind of “known.” It’s also a mixed-race family, and everybody gets along pretty well. Normal family squabbles, but nothing major. I am a swimmer, and in fact have ARC Instructor certification, so I’m used to helping kids and adults learning to feel comfortable in the water. Oddly, black folks tend to be ‘sinkers’ and I still can’t figure that out, but I’ve figured out ways to help them help themselves, AND it’s also very cool providing a “helping hand” to help them stay afloat while they learn. I’m 22 now, just out of college, ready for grad school. On my way to be a teacher, I hope. So one day my 15-year-old nephew and I are at the community pool. He was sticking around for a week after a family visit and was staying at my place. He’s half and half, black and white, and the combination makes him look amazing sexy — beautiful perpetual all-over tan and well, a few other very nice assets he’d inherited. So we decided to go swimming one day. I’d seen him naked before and he’d seen me, too. His dick soft at age 15 was almost as big as mine hard. I’m like 4 soft and 7 hard, and he was probably 5 or 6 just hanging loose over his almost hairless balls. He sees me looking, as usual, and grins. “I like it too, Uncle Dave.” I grinned back. Then, before he even puts his swim suit on, he says, “I’m pretty sure I’m gay, too. That’s pretty much why I wanted to stick around longer. I wanted to talk to you and try to figure some stuff out. I figure you’re like the only guy I can just talk with.” That came out of the blue for me. I never suspected, and I told him so. “I look at a lot of gay porn, and read stuff on Nifty. But in real life, when I look at other guys like in the shower at school, I look at their butts, a lot more than their cocks.” “Yeah, I look at butt, face, then `bulge’, except like now when we’re naked I don’t have to think about what’s making that bulge.” He laughs and tugs at his junk. “I fucking knew you’d be cool, Uncle Dave, but I want to ask you a really personal question. Is that okay?” “Yep. Ask anything you want. But Trev, watch your fucking language, man!!” He cracks up and then: “Are you a top or bottom or in between?” I was surprised he knew the lingo, but I said, “I pretty much started out versatile, but now mostly bottom.” “So to be really crude here, you like to suck dick and get fucked more than the other way around?” I laughed and said, “Yeah, you could put it that way.” He laughed again, and said, “I’m still trying to figure things out, and I have zero experience, but when I watch porn, it’s the top guy action that gets me hard. So I’m thinking I’m probably the ‘other way around’ from you.” He laughed again. “Hey Trev, what would tops do without bottoms and what would bottoms do without tops? ” “Jack off a lot!!!” He laughed again and so did I. He and I were both chubbing up there in the pool changing room, and even though there was nobody else there at all while we were talking, I was starting to get nervous. I looked around. He held his now almost hard dick and said, “let’s go to the restroom.” I barely hesitated, grabbed my swim trunks, and his, and followed his beautiful brown ass. Holding his now probably 8 inches out for me to stare at, he says, “I think you want it, don’t you, Uncle Dave?” I nodded. “In the porn, the top almost always tells the bottom guy to ask to be able to do it. So can we play that game right now? Just tell me. Just say `I want to suck your dick, Trevor’.” “I want to suck your dick, Trevor.” “Last stall, man. And I hope you’re ready for a three-day load. I was really hoping things would turn out like this with you on your knees.” “I never thought I’d ever even istanbul travesti see you hard, let alone get my mouth on that beautiful thing of yours, so actually, thanks.” Several days, and like 2-3 blowjobs a day later, Trevor says, “You want me to fuck you, don’t you, Uncle Dave?” I nod and say, “I think about it every time you let me suck you, Trev.” He tells me what I really don’t have to be told to do. I strip down. He pulls out a packet of lube and I pull down his shorts and underwear. He rubs his dick on my mouth, but I know what he wants and so I turn around and bend over so he knows my hole is there for him. He spreads some lube, sticks two fingers in. I’m thinking FINALLY!!!! But I’m also thinking, this kid never did anything with anybody before??? He sure seems to know what he’s doing!!!! He pulls his fingers out and his dick head is now pushing past my ring. I want this so fucking much. I want him. “Ask, Dave. Ask me to fuck your ass and cum inside you. Ask me. Tell me how much you want it. ” I barely noticed that he had stopped calling me uncle, but when I thought about it later, it seemed right. “Trevor, I dream about you fucking me and filling me. I just wish you had two dicks so one could flood my mouth with your delicious cum, while the other one floods my ass. So please….” He obliges and fucks me pretty hard. Not wild, just a kid getting off in a pretty tight hole. After he pumps at least five shots into me, he pulls out and looks at me. I clean his beauty, and he fingers some of his cum leaking out of my ass and feeds it to me. “Now you got your wish, almost. Not two dicks, but my cum in both ends.” Then we calmed down, both still naked, but soft. “You are the first guy I ever fucked, Dave, and it was so fucking wonderful! The way your ass almost sucked the cum out of me, wrapped so tight around my dick, and then you moaning every time I went in balls deep.” “Thanks, Trev. I guess you know you made me cum from just fucking me. I didn’t even have to touch my dick, man. You did the job!!!” He looked at me almost surprised, but also kind of nodding his head, like I’d confirmed something. “You sucking off anybody else these days?” “Yeah, a couple of the guys from school.” “Do they fuck you?” “No, but with one of them we were working up to that.” “So, Dave, blow whoever you want, but I want your amazing ass to be just for me.” “You fuck like a champion, Trev, so my ass is yours — but you’re going back home in like two days, and in the fall I go to grad school in Rhode Island!!!” “We’ll figure out something. Maybe we can figure out some way for me to move there with you. Like you’re my ‘guardian’ or something.” Next day, his last day here for now, his dick in my mouth, he asks again if I still blow the guys from school. I nod. “I’m gonna find a way to spend the rest of the summer here, Dave. Tell them I said you want me to be there. Tell them I want to be fucking you while you drink their cum. Tell them I am the guy you decided to surrender to.” “Surrender?” “Just think, man. You love to suck me. You love when I fuck you. You actually asked me, almost begged me, to let you fucking drink my cum, man. You think that’s not surrender? You never actually begged me to fuck you, but if I stopped and your ass was empty for a week, you WOULD beg me, wouldn’t you?” “You’re right, but I have a fucking life ahead of me, Trev. I love everything we do. You actually make me feel like I matter. But shit, you’re 15 and you’re gonna find other guys, and I REALLY want to be a teacher and help kids. It’s not like I’m you’re slave or something. Yeah, you’re a pretty great top, and I love bottoming for you, but ‘surrender’ is a totally different thing, man. I’m not gonna wear some cock cage or shit like that.” “Dave, I fucked up using that word. I just read too much porn. It’s not just your ass or your mouth that matter to me. Yeah, I’m a horny asshole, and I was hoping my sexy uncle would, well, bottom for me. But what you said is right. You MATTER to me. You are this amazing guy who just respects all of us. You don’t even think about it. You just do. That’s why I trusted you when I said I’m gay. kadıköy travesti And then you trusted me when you admitted you’re bottom. Yeah, I was hoping for a blowjob, I know. It’s like I’m hard all the time. I mean I was jacking off sometimes even 7 times a day before we hooked up and you helped me out. But you are a fucking amazing human being, man. I wish I could be like you. You just know who you are, man.” “Wow, Trev! I always knew you are impressive, but you just gave me the biggest compliment of my life. But I’m still learning, too!” Then he laughed. “And you’re also the best cocksucker I’ve met. ” “How many guys have sucked that beautiful thing of yours? ” “You.” “So I’m the best out of no competition.” I laughed. So did he. “Maybe you should check out some other mouths and assholes, Trev. I’m definitely not the only one.” “Why would I? You’re everything I could ever want, man. ” “And you’re everything I could ever want, Trev. I’m actually proud to be that guy for you.” A couple of weeks go by and sure enough, Trevor has somehow talked his folks into letting him stay here for the summer. His dad, my brother-in-law, looks at me with questioning eyes. I just say “Yeah, he told me. He’s safe.” His eyes opened even wider. “He told you what?? ” “Oh, shit, I figured you knew. I didn’t mean to….” “Yeah, we know. I’m glad he decided to trust a guy with a bit more experience. Just – he can be well, I guess 15 is ‘asshole’ time of life.” “Yeah, I know. We had a week together and well, we’re good with each other.” Just then, Trev walks in, and I guess he heard the last couple of comments from his dad and me. “Dad, don’t worry. Uncle Dave is a great guy and he doesn’t mind having me around, even when I’m being a dick.” His dad laughs and leaves. “I didn’t tell him how much you love this dick when I called myself a dick, but maybe he guesses, because he laughed.” “I didn’t tell him how much you love this asshole when he said you could be one.” About a week later: “Dave, I know you might be blowing those other guys, but I know this guy from playing hoops…. He’s so fucking horny, and I told him I know a guy. Would you??? I mean, he won’t know who you are or anything, but shit, man, I know how much you love dick. So he gets his rocks off and you get another one.” At first I was pissed. How could he think this? Then I realized my cock was stirring at the idea of sucking another young cock. “How old is he? ” “He’s a senior, so 17 or 18, I guess. ” “And he doesn’t get any?” “I guess he’s not very good at that, really. He’s kind of nerd, but he told me a couple of times now that he’s always horny. ” “So how’s this gonna happen, Trev? I mean, how’s he NOT gonna know who I am when I blow him?” “You just said WHEN you blow him, Dave. You didn’t even say IF.” I didn’t even blush. “You know exactly what I think about a hard dick, Trev. Besides, I already like to do everything for you.” “Yeah, I know dicks are there for you to suck. I was surprised you didn’t suck my dad. But actually, Dave, Vic probably will figure out who you are. I’m not gonna tell him, but once I set it up, he’ll probably put 2 and 2 together. And probably come back for more.” “You plan to watch?” “You want me to?” “Can I eat his ass if he lets me? ” “You can do anything except let him fuck you. Your ass is mine. You know that already. But hey, you hardly ever eat MY ass, you jerk. It’s always there for you. But you’re already thinking about my friend’s. Shit. You didn’t even suck him yet and you want to eat his ass, man.” “Trev, I live for you, man. I’d eat out your fucking ass in a second. All you had to do was roll up. But I should have just gone for that amazing ass anyway. Sorry.” “You think my ass is amazing, Dave? I thought all you got hard about was my dick.” “I love your ass, Trev. I actually love your whole body. Your tits, your ears, your dick, your balls, your ass, your toes. You are really the man of my dreams.” “You just said ‘man’.” “I know. I mean it. You said the word surrender before. For me, it wasn’t like that. It was like falling in love.” “With ME, or just my body, Dave?” “With YOU. You are smart. bakırköy travesti You give a shit. Yeah, you got into all that top bottom sub stuff, but actually, you don’t only have a beautiful body. You have a beautiful soul. You told me I’m a wonderful person. Back at you double.” I made him cry. “Can we stop talking now? I mean, I don’t even know what the fuck to think now.” He retreats to his bedroom, and I wonder. Maybe an hour later, he emerges. “I want to apologize.” “For what?” “For treating you the way I did.” “You didn’t do anything I didn’t want.” “But I treated you like you were just a couple of holes to stick my dick in.” “Well, I agreed, and actually liked it, now, didn’t I?” “Yeah, but — shit, I’m gonna cry again, man. You actually accept me. I know I can be an asshole. But YOU — yeah, you want my dick, so there is that part, but you let me explore my weird side. And you still like me.” “Not just LIKE you.” “Dave, what is so fucking amazing about you is you just decided that you are who you are. I’m working on that, but all the porn has me fucked up, I think, and I treated you like all you are is two holes. I might be actually be a top guy, but I don’t have to fucking treat you like that.” “Trev, you’re fine. I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. And actually, I think you probably are a top, and a pretty damn good one.” “Dave, can I kiss you?” I wrapped my arms around him and we kissed. His body so close to mine. His dick against my belly. Mine rubbing up against his ass. I knew only my tongue and maybe a finger would ever get in there, but I was thinking about it anyway. I cupped his cheeks and he’s getting into the tongue duel, and I can feel his dick harden, and then suddenly he says, “I love you. You treat me — I don’t even know how to say it. I’m this fucking asshole kid, who reads too much fucking porn, and you treat me like — well, you treat me like I’m NOT.” “Well, you aren’t. I treat you like the guy you are discovering, and that guy is pretty fucking amazing.” “But I treated you like…” “I already told you, I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do.” “So you didn’t like the word ‘submit,’ but actually that’s what you want, right?” “For you, almost anything short of hari-kari. But there’s a big difference between ‘submission’ and ‘love.’ Even tops ‘submit’ to the sense that the bottom man they love is a human being.” “I’m being a jerk again.” “Yeah, but I love you anyway.” “Okay, here goes, man. I’m probably top when it comes to dick and ass, but YOU are definitely top when it comes to — what word do I want here? Shit. YOU are top at making everybody just feel comfortable. I already saw you do that with everyone around us. That’s why I trusted you. And now me. Even though I played that dom/sub shit just to make me feel important.” He was looking at me and I was returning the gaze. “And if what you said is true, from everything I know about you so far, you are working up to ‘top’ me in that, too.’ He laughed at the word ‘top’ of course. “Thanks, Uncle Dave.” (oh, the word “uncle” is back now). I’m still horny, and I want to break the now awkward pause. “So you gonna volunteer to let me suck the cum out of you, or do I have to beg again?” “Only if you eat my ass first. But actually, another first for me, but I want to blow you. And then when you get it up again, I want you to fuck me. I decided I want to know ‘the other side’. I want to know why bottom guys like it like that. And you’re the only guy I’d trust to show me.” “But of course before I do that, you’d have to ‘submit’ to letting me suck your hole first to make sure it’s ready for its first. I’m not as big as you, but first fucks, even when a guy wants it, usually means he’s nervous and his hole is tight, and that means getting in would be painful. So tongue fucking helps horn him up even more, and loosen him up too. Our assholes have like 17 zillion nerve endings, so….” He laughed kind of nervously, but then grinned. “I knew you’d finally get around to eating it, Uncle Dave. And I never knew about the 17 zillion nerves!!! They never taught us about that in sex-ed.” I grinned. “You sure you want to lose your virginity?” “Yeah, but lots of tongue first, man!! You’ve taught me a LOT already. So now teach me why some guys like dick in their ass. But first I want to check out what’s like to have a dick in my mouth. So lay back, man, before I change my mind.”

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