my new car


my new carI was looking for my first car on the web , been at it for the last 3weeks looking at Suvs and pickup truck, mostly honda and Japanese brandmessage sent and the usual back n forth messaging startedi saw 3 and it was junk, or too must rustcursing about my student stuff to pay i coudnt spend much on itThe next day i did the same until i found a decent one, too good for me actually missing 2500 bucks i coudnt deal it the seller a jerkI was going back to the bus when i was ask to wait , looking back , the tall dark skin guy who was shopping for a suv too ask me if i like the jeep patriot”i dont know im not a jeep guy””its a 2008 but in great shape this place tell me i can only get a thusand for it, but i know i can get at least 3k””,,,,,””i mean could be less, do you want a look at it, over there”in the back of the parking , it was therei look at it from outside then inside and look at the back ”i did a road trip i slep there i could let it go with the mattress”we got out and i look at it , it was a nice ride a bit bigger then the crv but a nice jeep”wanna go for a ride?”it was a nice car”so if i manage 2.5 k is it a deal?””it could work yes but you must be quick i need to sell it so i can buy kaçak iddaa mine”i went home and tried to find more money trying to get a credit card and full it would be easybut my student dept and all was not helping i had to go there in personi spent the next 2 days searching desperately for the 1k but i coudnt find more money, the credit had been refusedi txted him if i could have more time but he coudnt he saidit was the last day , he txt me in the morningi txted i had only 1.5kmy phone rangi cant find 1k so fast i said with a sad voice”i understand look i will land it to you and you repay it , like each month or something, where are you i will pickyou up”i never been so much happy i was having difficulty finding my word and i went with him, smiling at him the whole way to his place so we could do the papper and stuff ”wanna drink a beer with me and i show you couple of thing abut the truck ?””sure”i coudnt believe how lucky i wasi will gave my own car now , a nice big truckhe made me sign a papper i really should have read as i drank the very cold beerwe got back to the garage and i drank the beer him showing me the motor and stuff and soon i fell down on the floor”hey you ok baby?””dont hirt yourself here kaçak bahis i wasabout to show you , i call it my sissy love bed;”help on my back on the matress he started showing me hook to the roof he pull one down and i watch helpless . my body not moving a inch , my head heavy”this is for the hands””like this , here one at a time, we arent in any rush”my hand over me in the retracting string thing spread up ”look here we have a bag with everything you need”opening a side box and a pink back was out ”but first we have to get your cute ass all ”i was undress my ass naked and he took my contract”i accept the contact and will have to take a thousand time the cock in my ass to pay my whole dept ””so now this is clear i hope you will like it””lets get started”he made me see how pink small and full of cute unicorn the panty was sliding it on me and touching my small ass”look there is a hole , there it is , white boy pussy”i look at him get his fat bbc out i was dizzy under his ”spell” looking at him about to make me his bitch , his girl”here here make my cock all wet baby”he close the jeep door and stretch putting music onmy mouth filled by his hard fat black cocki was fuck in the mouth , he layed down illegal bahis on my face and i was mouth poundedhead bouncing agaisntthe mattress in my new jeep , paying for it like a slut mouth numb , for his to fuck , he started moving all out then in making me see how big and wet he was until he had my legs in the hook thing toohis bbc popping me easy, numb and taking this huge bbc”oh yes good pussy , oh yes give it to daddy””all in that cute sissy boy ass , oh yes love it good boy , look at daddy making you his bitch””oh you sexy bitch gonna love this truck””legs up in the school parking taking your friend cock all the time”i was fuck and listen to his storyabout night of chasing boy in the dark of the night ”these panty are so cute ””i bought it for a boy 18th birthday ””you should have see him moan he was my girl as i fuck him ”i watch him tell me how much he like white boy tight holeopen and pounded taking i watch my ass become a pussy , my daddy relating how much he love it”ohhh look you take it soooo easy”splurt splut splurt”oh yes take my cum in there all of it”i could feel it , wet and big just ramming my hole full of ithe left me there dripping cum and was bacj with a beer and he took one long sip”round 2, of a 1000 more to come!””fuck you gonna be a good sissy bitch , you really cute you know”he fuck me all day, 4 times, before driving me home in pink panty, full of cumwith my new ass pussy

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