My Pregnant Neighbour


Have you ever met someone and had the feeling you’ve met them before?

That was my first thought when I met Emma, my new neighbour, on the Saturday she moved in next door.

We talked over the fence dividing my yard from hers. Emma’s face, framed by her long dark hair, looked familiar, but I couldn’t think where we might have met. As she flicked back a strand of hair, I saw the wedding ring on her hand. She was moving in alone, so another question sprang to mind. Were she and her husband still together?

I saw Emma again at around lunchtime on the following Saturday. “I’m off to work,” she said, sounding surprisingly cheerful for someone who had to work on the weekend. Midday seemed like a strange time to be starting work, and I wondered to myself what sort of work Emma did. That was another question to add to the list.

Emma certainly worked unusual hours. On some Saturdays, she left around lunchtime and returned only a few hours later. On weekday evenings, Emma went out at around 7.00 p.m. and seldom returned before I went to bed. Then about five weeks after she moved next door, she stopped going to work altogether.

Around the same time, with the weather warming up, I started to see Emma out in her backyard, sunbathing in a bikini, next to the pool. But it wasn’t just the sight of her in a bikini that caught my attention. Now I could see why, although tall and slim, she was slightly pear shaped. She was pregnant.

I’ve always had a fetish for pregnant women. So if I saw her sunbathing, I’d find an excuse to go outside and chat over the fence. Later, I’d fantasize about what it would be like to have sex with her and wonder if it could happen. It didn’t seem likely, unless I was prepared to ask her straight out.

One night after tea, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it, and I was a little surprised to see my neighbour standing there. She wore a short skirt and a tee shirt that looked rather too small.

“Are you driving to work tomorrow?” she asked. “My car is in for a service and I’ve got a doctor’s appointment in the city. I was hoping you might be able to give me a lift.”

We agreed on a time, and as I closed the door, I was already looking forward to tomorrow’s trip to work.

In the morning, as I walked downstairs to the garage, I found Emma already waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. She was dressed much as she had been the previous evening, in a short skirt and a top. The tight, tanned skin of her swollen belly peeked out of the small gap between her top and waistband of her skirt. The curve of her stomach pushed the waistband down so it sat almost under her bump, as if to support her stomach.

As we drove towards the city, we chatted about nothing in particular. Then, out of the blue, she said, “So you like pregnant women? You’ve been much more chatty since I started to show!”

I couldn’t be sure whether she was teasing me, or whether she was serious. I felt my face redden slightly, which probably gave the game away. I ankara olgun escort guess I hadn’t been as subtle as I thought with my backyard chats.

Emma continued, “I know some guys like pregnant woman. That’s one of the reasons I keep wearing my wedding ring, even though Dave and I are getting a divorce.”

“I’m sorry you getting a divorce,” I said, because it seemed the right thing to say.

“It’s ironic really. When we were first married, Dave kept saying how much he wanted kids. But I found out I was pregnant after we broke up, and all he could say was he’d pay for the abortion! I couldn’t believe he’d say that! He wasn’t happy when I told him I wouldn’t be having one. He said, ‘You’re dreaming if you think you’ll get maintenance from me for the kid.'”

Her words surprised me and we drove on in silence for a few minutes. Then, changing tack, Emma asked, “Do you want to come over for a swim tonight after work? I think the pool is warm enough now.” Definitely teasing this time, she added, “And that way the fence won’t interrupt your view!”

As soon as got home that evening I changed into my togs and went next door. Emma greeted me at the door, already in her bikini. Her top was tiny – the cups barely covered her nipples.

“I’ve got quite a bit bigger, since I got pregnant. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear the top for much longer.” Emma said, apparently able to read my mind. “I guess I’ll be even bigger when my milk comes in.”

“Have you ever tasted breast milk?” she asked, directly. “It’s quite nice really. I can understand why babies like it so much. I had a bit of a taste when my sister was breastfeeding.”

An image of Emma’s sister feeding her baby from one breast, while Emma greedily sucked on the other one, immediately popped into my mind.

The possibility of tasting Emma’s milk was something I hadn’t even considered, until now.

I snapped out of my daydream as Emma led me down the passage towards the back of the house. “We should have a swim now, before it gets dark,” she said.

The recent warm weather didn’t seem to have had much effect on the water temperature, because the water was cold. After we had splashed around for a few minutes, Emma sat on one of the concrete steps at the end of the pool, the water lapping at her waist. Her hard nipples stood out under the soft, wet material of her bikini top.

Unnecessarily, Emma asked, “Do you mind if I take my top off?”

Before I could reply, she undid her top, lifted it over her head and placed it on the tiles surrounding the pool. Now unsupported, her boobs sagged slightly downwards towards her swollen belly.

Emma lay back, her eyes closed and her elbows resting on the top step. I swam over and sat next to her. The sight of her topless was too much to resist. I reached over and cupped her right boob in my palm, feeling its weight and the contrast between the hardness of her nipple and the softness of the skin surrounding it. I felt a sudden ankara ucuz escort surge of lust as I kissed her on the lips.

As we kissed, our hands explored each other’s bodies. I could feel my dick beginning to harden, despite the coldness of the water. I guess Emma could feel it too, because she whispered in my ear, “We should go inside. I don’t think the neighbours want their kids to see us shagging in the pool!”

We dried off quickly in the bathroom and then Emma led the way to the master bedroom. The bedcovers were already turned down. Leaving the lights off, she lit a small candle, placing it on the bedside table, next to a tube of K-Y and a rather large vibrator.

“I was going to masturbate this morning, but I was worried the doctor would know when examined me! I did shave my pussy though, when I had a shower. Isn’t that silly? Shaving for a doctor’s appointment!”

We lay down on the bed, Emma on her back, me on my side next to her. “How many months pregnant are you now?” I asked, caressing her boobs and then sliding my hand down to rub her belly. For some reason, she looked bigger now she was lying down.

“Six,” she said. “Can you imagine how big I’ll be at nine months?”

I kissed her neck and face gently while I continued to rub her tummy. After a few minutes, I trailed my kisses down to her boobs. I sucked and licked one nipple while massaging the other with my fingers.

“It’s not only your nipples that are swollen,” I said, smiling, hoping to encourage Emma to play with me. Taking the hint, she wrapped her right hand around my dick, slowly drawing the foreskin backwards and forwards over the head.

My hand continued its downward journey. I gently massaged Emma’s hairless pussy and then ran my finger up and down, along her slit, which seemed quite small, too small, actually, for her big vibrator. I played with her inner lips, which protruded slightly from the cleft.

“Can I go down on you?” I asked.

Emma responded by parting her thighs. I began by licking the outside of her lips and the warm, soft skin surrounding them. After a minute, I penetrated her with the tip of my tongue, using it to gently push her labia apart. When I reached her clitoris, I covered it with my mouth, and my tongue explored the little nub and the overhanging skin. I placed my hand on Emma’s stomach so I could rub her belly as I simultaneously sucked and licked her clitoris. Before long, I felt the muscles of her thighs suddenly tighten. Her low moan sounded like a mix of relief and pleasure.

I moved back up the bed to lie down next to her. “Wow!” she said, economically, but enthusiastically, her eyes shining.

I reached over and took a tissue from the box on the bedside table to wipe some of my salvia and her juices from my lips. “Your turn now!” she said.

So soft was the touch of her mouth and tongue, all I could feel was warmth and wetness. It aroused and excited me again, almost immediately. I lay back, eyes closed, ankara yabancı escort head on the pillow, no doubt with a stupid, blissful expression on my face. After a few minutes, I reluctantly put my hand on Emma’s shoulder to get her to stop. I didn’t want out first time to end with me coming in her mouth.

As I sat up on the bed, Emma knelt on her hands and knees, showing me what she wanted. I quickly knelt behind her, my dick just touching her slit. Reaching back between her legs, Emma spread her lips with her hand and I slid smoothly inside her.

It took us a moment or two to get the rhythm right – her pushing back, as I pushed forward. I placed one hand on Emma’s hip to guide her while the other hand caressed her hanging belly. Soon I forgot about her pregnancy, my thighs slapped against her bottom as I drove my dick into her as deeply as possible, until I began to cum.

I didn’t feel the usual three or four spasms of release, just a surge of pleasure more prolonged and more satisfying than usual. It felt like someone had turned on a tap, because a continuous stream of my cum flooded Emma’s pussy. She let out a little startled sound as she felt the force and volume of my ejaculation.

As we lay back down on the bed, I wasn’t surprised to see Emma take a handful of tissues from the box to mop up the cum already leaking from her pussy. Emma pushed the wad of tissues between her lips. Slightly incredulously, she asked, “How long has it been since you came? I’m going to have to wear my panties and a pad to bed tonight!”

After cleaning up, Emma said, “I’ll have to have you over more often. I’ve got plenty of spare time now I’ve stopped working. And I’m so horny, I want to have lots of sex, right up until I’m due. Then when I have the baby, if I have too much milk, you can take care of it. Nursing you would feel much better than using a pump!”

I didn’t know how serious Emma was. All the same, the possibility of fulfilling some long held fantasies now seemed tantalizingly close to becoming reality.

We cuddled up together on the bed, Emma’s head on my chest and my arm around her shoulders. Lifting her head for a moment, and with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Emma said, “We’ve met before you know. Before I moved in here, I mean.”

“Where?” I asked.

“At HotGirls. I used to work there as a dancer. And you came in one night with a group of guys wearing silly hats,” Emma said, laughing out loud at the memory.

HotGirls was a strip club in the city I’d been to a few times. Unfortunately, I remembered the night only too well. I’d gone there with some workmates from the liquor importers I worked for and some representatives of a Bavarian beer supplier. At our offices earlier in the evening, in honour of our new business relationship, the Germans had given each of us a strange gift – a “Loden Huete” – a traditional German hat. Having already sampled a fair amount of the German’s product, my boss had insisted we wear our hats to the strip club. I felt like a refugee from an Oktoberfest celebration. Of course, the Germans thought a bunch of Aussies walking down the street wearing German hats was hilarious.

“And you didn’t notice me at all,” Emma said, pretending to be hurt.

“Of course, I wasn’t pregnant then,” she added, with a wicked smile.

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