My Sister’s Toys


Yes, I was stealing my sister’s panties. Hers and mom’s to tell the truth. No, not out of their rooms, just out of the laundry basket in the bathroom. 18 year old me got his kicks out of it. After smelling and creaming them, I put them back in the laundry basket so that no one would find out about my doing. I did that for years without getting caught, or better said with everyone pretending that it wasn’t happening at all.

It was around the time I just turned 19 and sis was 21 when it happened for the first time. I woke up in the middle of the night, because I was hearing unknown noises. It sounded like someone was moaning. No, it wasn’t mom getting fucked by dad, it was something new. It took me some time to figure out the direction it came from. It came out of the wall separating mine and her room and landed directly in my ears. I was hearing my sister moaning for the first time ever.

Yes, listening in on her made me rock hard. Much, much harder than listening in on mom and dad. Yes, I jerked along with her. While dreaming of her riding my cock; of her sucking the cum out of my balls. I came hard. I came fast. And I came a huge load. The next night, the exact same thing happened. And the night after too. It got to be part of my daily ritual jerking along with my sister masturbating. Oh, and on a good day I even had some of her panties to sniff and to cum on.

With time the moaning got louder, and more intense. It made me harder and it became even better. But it made me curious too: What to hell on Earth was she doing over there? I made plans of finding it out. All I needed was to be home alone.

But life is a bitch. It took ages for me to be home alone. All off a sudden someone was home with me all the time. Until one final day, my parents decided to leave town for a short weekend vacation. Just the two of them. Probably fucking the shit out of each other for two days straight. Damn it, I wished that I could watch them or yalova escort even better, join in.

But I am drifting off. Our parents were out of the house, and sis left too. She was out hanging out with her friends, which basically meant getting shit faced and not showing up till the next day. It was now or never. I went on an exploration trip. Over into my sister’s room. A place that was off limits for everyone in the family but her. Luckily the door wasn’t locked, looked like nothing out of the ordinary, like a normal room for a girl her age. Well, as far as I could judge. Haven’t been in much of those rooms back then.

In the forbidden zone I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I would have been happy with some dirty underwear. But what I found in one of her drawers was much, much better: her toys. Some dildos in different sizes and shapes, a vibrator, wait, she had two anal plugs, in different sizes. That discovery made my dick rock solid. Within a few seconds.

Shortly after my pants were hitting the ground. I set my boner free. Free to play with: I sniffed all of the toys. I sucked on her dildos while beating off. I tasted her pussy that way. I came pretty damn fucking hard on the floor in front of me. No, I didn’t bother to clean up, I just put her toys back in the drawer and then left the room after I was done.

Sneaking over into my sisters room when I was home alone — which unfortunately wasn’t every day — became a ritual of mine. But sniffing her toys, sucking her dried pussy juices off of them soon wasn’t enough of a kick for me anymore. It still made me hard. The orgasms were still awesome. But the kick was gone. The nice feeling in my gut that I was doing something taboo was next to gone. I had to get it back.

So I came up with they idea of using her toys for what they are made for. Yes, up my ass with them. At first I did some research on how to do it right. Just to be on the safe side. When I was home alone yalova escort bayan the next time, I prepared myself, went over into my sisters room and lubed up her smallest but plug. My dirty hole swallowed it without any problem. So I went for a bigger one, because bigger is better here. Or at least it is for me. The sensation of having something up my ass, great. Knowing that it had been up my sisters hot butt before, even better. Yes, the strange feeling in my guts was back again. To improve my enjoyment I was sucking one of her dirty didoes. I was in heaven. It didn’t take long until I covered the floor in front of me with my my jizz. With a lot of my jizz. After I was done, I cleaned the tools I used, put them back and left to do something else.

And once more, using her toys became a regular thing for me to do. Yes, my hole got used to using even her biggest toy. Nope, I never cam hands free. At least not back then. But I came close a few times. Very damn fucking close. Back then I got addicted on the feeling of having something up my ass. Yes, I still love getting my back hole filled up from time to time.

Looking back right now I am still wondering why it took so long for someone to catch me in the act. Or at least someone getting mad at me for messing up the floor in her room. Or for using her toys. Or for entering her room, the forbidden zone. As I latter found it it was due some different reason: My sister had different plans. She wanted to catch me in the act. And one day, she achieved her goal, she caught me red handed. Riding one of her dildos while wearing her panties. With one of my hands jerking off my rock solid dick. Doing it all in the middle of her room.

To my surprise Sis wasn’t shocked at all. Needless to say, I was the total opposite. I think I had my first heart attack back then. She just smiled. Closed the door behind her. Locked it. And kept on smiling at me: “Now I finally caught you.”

She knew escort yalova that something was going on. But she kept silent. Constantly working towards catching me in the act. And on that damn day, she just had me. But she wasn’t mad or anything at me. She only ordered me to keep on fucking myself. To keep on riding her toy. To keep on enjoying myself. To pretend that she wasn’t there at all. I was fucked anyways, so I just went on.

Sis watched me for some time, took a few pictures, even shot a short video, then she joined in the action. She got undressed, went over to her dresser, took out one of her toys and sat down in front of me, spread her legs and began to fuck her pussy with her huge two. She used the second biggest dildo she had, well, the biggest one was up my ass. Watching each other toying our holes was a huge turn on for both of us.

It got even better when sis changed position, bent over and sucked on my rock hard dick. Hands free. She knew how to suck cock. She took him balls deep. Gagged on him. Covered him in her saliva. I didn’t last long. I nutted a load down my sisters throat. She swallowed every drop of it. She swallowed my first load. One of many many to follow.

After I was done, after the arousal was gone, some sort of remorse set in. Sis was still toying herself, but I just had to leave. I left the used toy behind this time and wend into the bathroom to clean myself up. While doing so, I was thinking if I might have gone too far. On the way back to my room I ran into my still naked sister. No, we didn’t fuck. We talked. For a long time. In the end we came to the conclusion that what was happening between the two of us was wrong. Terrible wrong. Nothing but a huge fucking turn on for the both of us. So we kept on going. Damn it, we kept on going. And it got even kinkier. But this my dear readers, is a tale for a different day. Now I have to go over and ask my sister to relieve me of the hard on I got during writing those lines. Have a nice day.

Yes, you might have guessed it: Nothing but a made up story. Just a fantasy.

And one last think: A special thanks goes out to Jenny for getting rid of the worst errors. Have a nice day.

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