My Smoking Fetish Story Ch. 06


“Good morning, Human Resources, Sophie Williams speaking, how may I help you?”

“Congratulations, Miss Williams!”

“Alan? I mean good morning, Alan.”

“How does it feel to be promoted to Co-ordinator?”

I smiled, but quickly remembered Gina’s bad health news. “I’m delighted but would have preferred it be under different circumstances if I’m being totally honest.”

“Yes, yes, poor Gina.” He sounded sincere. “The company will ensure she gets good health care, and not just for Christmas”

“That’s reassuring and pleasing to hear, Alan.”

“Anyway, the reason for my call was to invite you out to dinner for your promotion. I am visiting the region next week and thought it would be great to celebrate.”

“Oh, urm … jeez … I’m not sure, I mean …” I cringed, trying desperately hard to think of a way out when Alan forced my decision.

“Excellent, I’ll very much be looking forward to having dinner with you, I bet you look fantastic in a dress!” He laughed as if his comment was an acceptable joke.

“I don’t think it’s very professional is it?” I spoke quietly, instantly regretting my decision to question him. “I mean … for us to meet for dinner like that … why don’t we simply catch up at the Christmas ball?

“Professional?” Sounding insulted. “I’m inviting you to a company expenses paid dinner, call it your 1-2-1 review if you like. It’s not a date, Sophie!”

“Oh,” I sighed.

“I don’t get many opportunities to treat my team, it will be good to catch up with you, hear how you’re getting on.”

I felt I didn’t have a say in the matter. I sensed his bullshit but what other options did I have? I decided to agree, but in my mind I also decided I wasn’t going to accept any funny business at the dinner.

“I’ll have to arrange a babysitter but sure, why not?”

“Good girl, Sophie, I know just the place.” His excitement travelled down the line and made me shiver. “I’ll book us a table for say … 7pm next Friday evening?”

“Friday?” Surprised he would extend his working stay into the weekend.

“Yes, we can have a good drink without worrying about work the following morning!” He roared with laughter.

My hand gripped the phone tightly, turning my fingers white as I cringed once more at the prospect of having dinner with him. It was great to have a supportive boss, a boss who championed me for opportunities, but at what cost? Either I was totally mis-reading Alan, or this was going to be a short-lived career with the company.

“I’ll let Kim know, she’ll be delighted to join us.” I winced as the words left my mouth. I knew his response would reveal his true meaning … and he didn’t disappoint … or rather he did.

“It’ll just be the two of us, Sophie. I hope that’s ok. As I said … it’s to celebrate. Anyway, I must dash I have a meeting to dial into.”

With that, Alan was gone. I slowly put down the phone and sank into my chair. “No good will come out of this.” I said aloud whilst staring blankly at the work on my monitor.

“No good will come out of what?” Kim asked as she suddenly walked into the office.

“Oh nothing.” I lied. “I’m going for a cigarette. I’ll see you shortly.”

“Ok, enjoy and I’ll see you soon.”

Sighing as I sat down on the bench outside, I pulled out my cigarettes and lit one. Kim had joked several times about Alan’s soft spot for me. I didn’t care much for it because I didn’t have an attraction towards him, I rarely saw or spoke to him and I knew he was married with four children. During the occasions we did meet he was always friendly and polite. I believed I would forever feel awkward because of what I did during round two of my interview. Now he had pretty much forced dinner on me, I needed to devise a plan before next week to divert any unwanted attention and consider how I would respond if my worst fears were realised on the night. I was not going to ruin my chances of a good job by being difficult and rude, but by no means was I going to be some directors slice of fun on the side either.

Thinking about my latest damned predicament I drew longingly on the filter and allowed the smoke to calm my emotions. The cigarette helped me relax, it always did. I found comfort dragging breath through a cigarette, inhaling the smoke deep into my lungs to satisfy my cravings. I enjoyed holding it deep for a few seconds, absorbing the addictive nicotine into my bloodstream before slowly relaxing and exhaling the thick smoke through my mouth. I also felt sadness and guilt that I had given in to the habit. I didn’t smoke around Laura but being a smoking mum is certainly where I developed my love-hate relationship with cigarettes.

“Hi … you’re Sophie right?” A male voice suddenly appeared.

I looked up from my daydream and exhaled. “Yes, who’s asking?”

Before me stood a young, handsome, but very nervous looking guy with his hands clamped together.

“I’m Ryan,” he smiled uncomfortably, “I’m one of the hotel porters … and urm … hi …”

“I ostim escort took my last drag from the cigarette before crushing it out and exhaling. “Hi, Ryan.” I smiled with amusement at his awkwardness. “Can I help you?”

“Urm, yeah … urm … I don’t know.” He struggled. “I urm … I was wondering if …”

“Ryan,” I stopped him, “just spit it out please.” Unable to bare the sight of his self-inflicted torture any longer.

“Yeah … sorry.” He chuckled nervously. “Urm … do you fancy a drink sometime?” He finally blurted.

“What?” I giggled in surprise and then instantly regretted it as his cheeks blushed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you. You just took me by surprise.”

“I’m not great at asking hot women out, sorry.” He nodded his head and stepped back. “It’s taken me ages to do this but … today I just thought what’s the worst that can happen, hey?” He laughed weakly at the situation he had created but clearly not prepared himself for.

In typical Sophie fashion I couldn’t help but return his question with sarcasm. “Oh I don’t know,” I pretended to ponder. “What’s the worst that could happen? Well, I could report you to HR for sexual harassment? Oh wait … I am HR.”

“Huh, wait … what?” He panicked.

“I’m joking!” I laughed.

“Oh, great. Thanks.” He responded, unamused by my joke.

“Today must be my lucky day. Two guys asking me out in the space of an hour.” I laughed out loud.

Ryan stood like a rabbit caught in headlights as I studied him for a second. He was very cute but perhaps a little young for me. Around 5ft 10″ he looked toned beneath his hotel uniform of black trousers and a long white sleeved shirt. I liked his short, styled, messy looking blonde hair, that thing guys do with hair gel when they scruff if up but it still looks nice.

“How old are you, Ryan?” I mused.

“Twenty,” he beamed proudly, but why I didn’t know.

“I’m a twenty-five-year-old single mother. I don’t think I’m what you’re looking for.” I told him before deciding he was too young and walking off.”

“I don’t care!” He called out boldly. “You’re beautiful and every time I see you I can’t help but smile to myself.”

I turned around to face him. I was in total shock but also flattered by his words and sudden confidence. “We’ve just met.” I returned softly with a smile.

“Yes, that’s true. But I’ve seen you every day walking into the hotel and during your cigarette breaks. I think you’re incredibly beautiful and … oh forget it.” He gave up. “I’m sorry I bothered you. You take care and enjoy the rest of your day.”

“Wait!” I called as he turned to walk away. It was his turn to stop and face me. I walked towards him. “I’d love to have a drink with you.”

“Really?” His eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open.

“Yes,” I smiled warmly at him. “I appreciate it took courage for you to ask me out, especially during work hours.”

“Thanks, but what about the other guy who asked you out?”

“Don’t worry about him.” I reassured Ryan with a chuckle. “That’s strictly work-related.”

Ryan quickly pulled out his phone and we exchanged numbers. “Thank you, Sophie. I’ll call you tonight and we can grab a drink anytime and anyplace you want.”

“I look forward to it.” I smiled at how happy I had just made him. He also shot to the top of my cute barometer.

“Me to … me to.” He beamed and near skipped away.

Smiling, I watched as he turned and walked back towards the side entrance of the hotel. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling that had been absent for such a long time. The courage it took for him to ask me out made me feel good inside. I was nothing special in my eyes. I didn’t have low self-esteem but I couldn’t remember a guy being that excited to take me out in a very long time, unless sex was involved. So what if he is only twenty. He was cute and clearly had the hots for me. Perhaps a genuine nice guy was what I needed in my life.

That evening, after I had put Laura to bed, I sat in the kitchen close to the back door enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and a few cigarettes whilst chatting with Ryan on the phone. We hit it off right away and I was relieved to find he was a confident guy once the ice was broken. We chatted for nearly two hours before we agreed to meet up that Friday for a drink. During our chat I had also drifted in and out of arousal. The wine and the sound of his voice was turning me on. Ryan would never know, so I slid up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and gently warmed myself up for bed.

Sure enough that night in bed, I masturbated for almost an hour imagining what Ryan would be like in the sack. I climaxed four times, rubbing my clit and sliding my vibrator in and out as deep and as fast as I could. After each climax I lit a cigarette before starting again. I felt eighteen again, giving in to my kinky side before finally falling asleep.

The remainder of the week was a busy but positive one, knowing I had something ankara otele gelen escort to look forward to certainly helped me get through all the hard work. Three weeks to Christmas Eve, Kim and I managed to decorate the office with a decent sized tree and some festive trimmings. December was a frantic month with all the Christmas bookings and preparations for cooperate parties, employees bonus’ and staff sickness was on the rise to. A date with Ryan also helped take my mind off the impending dinner with Alan the following week after.

Finally Friday arrived and I was dropping Laura off at my mother’s for the evening before rushing back to get ready. I dressed warm and comfortable for our evening together. Dressing provocative and flirting couldn’t have been further from my mind. I just wanted a casual drink with Ryan and see how I felt afterwards. Sure there was chemistry on the phone, but I felt a real sense that something positive could come out of spending time getting to know each other.

I walked into the bar wearing a pair of jeans tucked inside my tan knee-high boots, accompanied by a warm woolly jumper and black coat. Ryan acted the gentleman by greeting me with a handsome smile and kiss on my cheek.

“You look beautiful.” He sounded relived that I had turned up, before he took my coat and pulled out a chair for me.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“What can I get you to drink, Sophie?”

“A glass of white wine please.” I responded and that warm fuzzy feeling reappeared.

When Ryan returned we picked up where we left off on the phone. He took a genuine interest in me and then Laura, complementing me on my achievements as a single mum. Over the next thirty to forty minutes, I finished my glass of wine and learnt he was also raised by a single mum and he was working at the hotel five days a week while he trained to be an electrician in night college. He was clearly intelligent and I found myself being pulled closer towards him, fully engaged in our conversation until the nicotine receptors in my brain started calling.

“Sorry, Ryan.” I went to excuse myself. “I’m just going to pop outside for a cigarette if that’s ok?” I asked rhetorically as I reached for my coat.

“Smoke here,” he suggested nonchalantly with a I don’t mind look on his face, “no need to freeze your arse off outside.”

“Are you sure?” I responded in relief. “It doesn’t bother you?”

“Not at all.” He said before breaking into an awkward chuckle. “Quite the opposite actually.”

“What is?” I inquired, making sure I understood him.

Ryan stopped chuckling and blushed. “Nothing, nothing.” He clearly lied.

“I’m confused now, Ryan.” I smiled, needing to fully understand if what I think he meant, he actually did mean, as I took out my cigarettes and lighter.

Ryan appeared really nervous and awkward now, just like he was during his dreadful but cute introduction at work. Only one way to find out I thought. “Are you sure you don’t mind me smoking? I don’t mind going outside if you do?” I probed him.

“Honestly, it’s fine, lots of people are smoking in here.” He pointed out in an attempt to avoid answering his slip-up. “Besides, I knew you smoked anyway.”

I nodded, placed the cigarette between my lips and raised the lighter to the tip. I sucked hard before inhaling the smoke and putting my lighter down. Ryan watched me intently. I smiled and exhaled the smoke upwards. “Thanks, it’s nice when a guy doesn’t mind that I smoke.”

Ryan shifted in his seat, glancing at me and then the cigarette before looking around the bar. He didn’t know where to look and I couldn’t help smiling. Did he have a kink for women smoking I wondered?

“I have to say …” I pulled his attention back towards me before I took a deliberate deep drag. Ryan watched as I sucked on the cigarette and then inhaled. Holding the smoke, I tilted my head up and exhaled a long plume of smoke. “It’s rare to find a guy who doesn’t smoke, but who’s also happy to sit with a woman who does smoke.”

Ryan waved it off, but his deep gaze wasn’t lost on me. “Like I said, it’s no big deal.”

I tapped the ash into the tray as Ryan continued to watch. He was trying to act casual as I smiled out at the window beside us and took in a longer drag this time. He thought he was stealing glances of me smoking, secretly admiring me with cigarette in hand without revealing his true feelings. I felt a power surge deep inside of me before I exhaled and took yet another long drag. The silence whilst I smoked was deafening. As the nicotine receptors calmed down, my curiosity awakened. However, this wasn’t the time or place to explore any hint of a smoking fetish, so I kept to the script … drinking, talking, getting to know Ryan … and smoking.

“We should do this again.” He suggested as the night drew to a close. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and I would love to take you out again, maybe to dinner?”

“How about tomorrow?” I struck while ankara rus escort the iron was hot and relying on my mother’s weakness to have Laura at the drop of a hat.

“Tomorrow?” He was taken aback.

“Unless you have more important plans?” I teased with a smile and lit my final cigarette of our evening together.

He laughed and nodded. “I do have plans but I’m happy to take stick from the lads if it means I get to take you out to dinner.”

I took a deep meaningful drag and leaned across the table to whisper. Ryan laughed and leaned in to meet me. I turned my head slightly to the left and exhaled. “Tomorrow can be our first official date.”

Ryan responded by looking straight at me and taking a deep inhale through his nose. “You smell amazing and I’d definitely want a first date with you tomorrow.”

“What? Cigarettes and wine.” I laughed and sat back in my chair, sucking another mouthful of smoke from the cigarette.

“That perfume, you smell as gorgeous as you look … and I don’t mind the smoke.”

Poor Ryan I smiled whilst finishing my cigarette. He had no idea what or who he was dealing with. I was going to be his pussy alright, my mind was made up that evening … but he had no idea he was going to be my mouse!

Saturday morning I woke around 9am, turning and groaning from the effects of the wine. I didn’t think I had drunk that much, suddenly realising I hadn’t consumed a bottle of wine too myself in quite a few years. Begrudgingly, I slid my naked body from under the duvet and quickly grabbed my warm dressing gown from the radiator. My body welcomed the heat before I made my way downstairs for my morning fix of caffeine and nicotine. I really needed to get back to my yoga and pilates and finally knock this habit on the head for good. I’ll start tomorrow I told myself as I opened the back door and gasped at the cold air that came rushing inside to replace my central heating. The sky was clear blue as the morning sun shone, but it was also January.

“Good morning,” my neighbour shouted over his fence.

“Morning,” I nodded and waved as I desperately lit my cigarette.

The smoke appeared thicker than usual as it mixed with the cold air and plumed.

“Fresh one this morning.” He grinned and stared, keen to initiate a conversation.

I lived in a semi-detached 2 bed property, private renting. I had three neighbours. A young childless couple to my right, a middle-aged couple with grown up children to my left and then this guy, the one suddenly wanting to talk to me, who lived in the next street behind my house with our back gardens backing onto each other. He spoke as I clutched my dressing grown and shivered. My nimble fingers going white as I held the cigarette to my lips and sucked the warm smoke into my body.

“Too bloody fresh!” I shouted with a friendly but fake chuckle as I exhaled.

“You need that fella or those fingers to warm you up!” He laughed, moving his ladders to trim one of the branches on his bare tree.

“Excuse me!” I shot back.

“That fella you had a couple of weekends back, and that naughty show you put on the other night.” He chuckled once more as he resumed his tree surgery.

I stood in amazement, suddenly filled with hot rage before I took two deep drags in quick succession to calm myself. I exhaled, about to hurl abuse when suddenly I realised what he was talking about.

“Don’t be shy, love.” He stopped and grinned. “You gave this old man something to smile about. Lucky fella if you ask me, but next time you need a hand just shout over the fence.”

“Well nobody asked you and I don’t need a hand with anything!” I fired at him. Cheeky bastard.

“I meant no offence, love. But if you’re going to let some bloke bend you over the sofa or if you decide to play with yourself whilst facing an open door then what do you expect?” He laughed again.

I was speechless, but only for a moment. “How dare you speak to me like that! Who do you think you are?” I was raging as I finally finished my totally ruined first cigarette of the day.

“Calm down you silly woman.” He argued back as he climbed down from his ladder. Unfortunately, his fence was only chest high. “I was standing in my bedroom,” he informed me, turning to point, “you were shagging in direct line with my bedroom window and then the other night you had your hand up your skirt. I think you’re a bit of an exhibitionist!”

“That doesn’t give you the right to speak to me like that!”

“Ah, piss off!” he waved his hand at me. “You need another good shagging or fingering by the sounds of it!”

“What a horrible, disgusting, vile man you are!” I stuck two fingers up at him and turned to go back inside.

“Great tits but shame I didn’t catch a good look between those legs!” He laughed at me over the fence as I slammed my door.

Trying to blank out the most bizarre and rude start to a day ever, I made some coffee and headed upstairs to get showered and dressed. I planned to spend a few hours with Laura and my mother before getting ready for my official date with Ryan. Deep down I had plans to invite him back for the evening, but wanting to ensure I made him earn it, I decided to relieve a little tension so I could attack the day and prepare for our date with a clear mind.

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