Subject: My Soul Mate.(Incest) Chapter 6. If you read the first 5 Chapters, then you know that this story is a true story. I would like to address a issue that a couple of my readers have raised with me. I never and my Daddy never cheated on each other. I was a anal virgin until my 13th Birthday. My Dad was the only man allowed to fuck me until 1 year after I buried him. Now does that mean I and Daddy only had sex with each other no it doesn’t. Daddy fucked his nephew David but with My consent. I gave blowjob’s to my cousin’s Andrew and David but always with my Dad present. Men that cheat do it behind their lovers back. My Dad taught me Real Men don’t cheat. If you think you are better than me because I showed 4 men in my life that I still love to this day. My Dad and Uncle AD are gone now. But since 2001 I have been Handfasted to my cousin Andrew and sometimes cousin Davy joins us. All I’m saying is this is my life, I live by the teaching *An harm ye None, Do as ye Will*!!! And a even better one *Judge not lest ye be Judged ************* My Daddy asked me to write this as a way to deal with his Death. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I have given my Heart to two men in my 56 years while living on Terra. My Dad and my Husband Andrew. ************ Nifty is a free resource. But maintenance takes time and our Archivist needs to eat too. So be kind and find a few dollars to donate today. ************ Later that night when Daddy and I snuggled up in bed we talked about what happened with the twins. Daddy admitted to me he loved both Andy and Davy but was not IN love with either. Just like he loved his older brother AD, but there is one person he was head over heels in LOVE with! I started breathing hard because my brain was trying to figure out who Daddy was in love with, my jealousy already taking control. “Would you like to meet my own true love Son”? I couldn’t help myself and lashed out at Daddy and said “I don’t wanna and I started crying”! Someone knocked on our door and Daddy said “come in whoever it is”? Andy stuck his head in and said “Uncle West is Mark okay I thought I heard him crying”! Looking at Andrew for some reason embarrassed me and I turned over away from them both. Daddy told Andrew about our conversation and with a sly wink to Andrew, that of course I didn’t see, got out of bed and come around to myself and picked me up and cradled me like a new bride. “Mark I want you to look at my true love”! Expecting to look at Cousin Davy I looked and saw Daddy holding me in front of the big mirror in our bathroom. “I thought you were in love with Davy, Andrew şişli travesti said he loves me and you didn’t say anything”! Daddy said “Baby the only reason I fucked Davy was because I can’t make love to you yet”! “Son do Daddy a favor and get that Vaseline”! I picked up the Vaseline and Daddy carried me back into our room and Andrew must have gone back to bed because he wasn’t in the room. Daddy gently laid me in the center of the bed. “Baby I want to show you why I can’t make love to you now, but I will try my best not to hurt you”! Daddy spread Vaseline around my hole and then without warning shoved three of his fingers inside me all at once. I couldn’t help but Yelp in pain and just as fast Daddy’s fingers were out of me. Daddy leaned over and kissed me apologizing saying “I’m sorry baby you know I would rather take a butt whipping rather than hurt you, don’t you”? Daddy showed me how big around his three fingers compared to the thickness of his soft cock and they were the same. “Now baby suck Daddy’s cock and get it hard, and I will show the difference”! After I got him hard it was easy to see why it just wouldn’t fit, unless of course he forced it in and ripped me open. “I understand now Daddy but I still don’t want to share you with anyone, your mine and I never want to leave you”! Daddy began kissing me and said “baby I feel the same way, I won’t ever touch another human you are all that I want and need”! The next morning I woke up before Daddy or the twins. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Going back to the bedroom I gave Daddy a sweet kiss and quietly went to the kitchen. I made a big pot of coffee and put two pounds of bacon in the oven, then I whipped up a dozen biscuits. I set the table and started whisking eggs to scramble. Taking the bacon out and then the biscuits the last thing I made was a big pan of my Mama’s family Tomato gravy. I was putting it on the table when Daddy walked up and squeezed me from behind. I turned around and Daddy bent me over and kissed me with so much passion he made me breathless. “Something smells delicious and I ain’t talking about the food”! I smacked Daddy on his manly rock hard butt telling him to behave. Andy and Davy walked in the kitchen making a beeline for the coffee. “Good morning Bubba they both sang”! “Okay guys get your coffee, foods on the table, Daddy go sit down I’ll bring you some coffee”! After breakfast I asked them to find something to do and I asked Daddy to put the fresh flower plants in the trunk with the tools. We were going to the cemetery because beylikdüzü travesti yesterday we saw grounds keeper need a little help beautifying the grounds. I had a picnic basket packed with sandwiches, deviled eggs, and a big bag of Golden Flake Potato Chips. My great great grandfather had bought the land for this Cemetery and his son put in a new invention called a water pump. Baldwin County Alabama has the sweetest drinking water you have ever had. Later at the house Daddy received a phone call. I went to take a shower waiting on Daddy to finish his call. I was standing in our room drying off when Daddy came in and sat down on the bed. “Who was the phone call from Daddy”? “My Colonel, Colonel Ford, telling me to report back to Fort Benning asap, I have to fly to California for a joint exercise with the Marines, they’re unveiling a new Tank and want me to rate it’s effectiveness”! “I’ll start packing now, do we leave in the morning Daddy”? “Yes, we have to return to Columbus and since Uncle Tank is going with me you’re going to stay with Aunt Bella”! Uncle Enrico and Aunt Bella was my Godparents. When Mama passed away Aunt Bella taught me how to cook authentic Italian. Uncle Enrico aka Tank has known Daddy since Boot Camp. We told Andy and Davy we were leaving in the morning and called Uncle AD and asked that they both come to the beach house for a goodbye dinner. I fixed a Meatloaf with whipped Mashed potatoes and fresh Lima beans. Of course there were no leftovers. We all hugged and cried when we said our goodbyes the next morning. Andy asked Daddy timidly if he could visit us? “We’ll see boy, by the way aren’t you and Davy at Camp Pendleton, how far is that from Twenty Nine Palms”? Andrew and David looked at each other and said at the same time 2.5 hours. Four and a half hours later we pulled in to Fort Benning and drove straight to our house. We emptied the car and went to pick up burgers and shakes from the bowling alley and went to bed. The next morning I fixed a large breakfast for Daddy while he packed his Uniforms and civies. I admit I tried to be brave, and fought to keep the tears out of my eyes. Let me say Daddy was the Last one to want to go TDY to California but like he has trained me to accept and follow orders. Aunt Bella and Uncle Tank pulled up outside and Aunt Bella told me to just put my stuff in her car and we could do the laundry at her house. Daddy picked me up and kissed me goodbye and told me (quite unnecessarily) to obey Aunt Bella. I gave Uncle Tank a hug and they left to catch the Army Transport istanbul travesti to Twenty Nine Palms. “Oh Bambino I know you will miss your Papa, but I am going to teach you how to cook while he is away”! “Aunt Bella I know how to cook, Mama taught me before she went to heaven”! “Ahhh but did she teach you how to cook Italian, because I know for a fact, that while your Mama was a “damn” fire cook she didn’t cook Italian”! We drove off Post to their ranch style house and the first thing I did was start my laundry. Aunt Bella already had the guest room made up for my visit. We began my lessons by making the Sauce for Spaghetti. One of the secrets she taught me was the longer you let anything slow simmer the more the ingredients merge together. The pasta sauce cooked for 10 hours. Another secret was whenever possible to use fresh ingredients. Those 8 weeks seemed to fly by thanks to Aunt Bella keeping my mind off Daddy. Aunt Bella insisted on my attending Mass every Sunday with her. Being Italian she was a devout Roman Catholic. I decided to wisely keep my religious views to myself. I believe in God but I also believe there are more than one. Daddy and Uncle Tank were do to land at 5pm Friday evening. I asked Aunt Bella if I could make baked Manicotti and garlic bread at our house to welcome them home. We shopped the Commissary for all the ingredients and Aunt Bella bought a very expensive bottle of Italian red wine and I gave her the money to pay for it. We watched the transport land and they walked down the stairs to the tarmac and before the guards could stop me I ran towards my Daddy who quickly set his luggage and packages down and I jumped into his arms. I couldn’t help the tears falling and Daddy’s soft voice assuring me that I was loved and missed. We finally made it home and Aunt Bella made drinks for them while I finished making supper. I took Uncle Tank to the spare bathroom and showed him a tee shirt and shorts from his house and told him to take a hot shower. Then I led Daddy to our room and after giving him a real kiss told him to shower and come to the dining room to eat. The meal was a complete success and after Aunt Bella explained my cooking lessons I was applauded by Daddy and Uncle Tank as a now accomplished Italian cook. After I cleaned up the kitchen while the adults talked they went home and Daddy undressed me and I gave him him a blowjob. I had a hard time swallowing so much cum, Daddy admitted to me he only jacked off once while he was gone. The twins drove up from Camp Pendleton and David and Uncle Tank had sex but Daddy told Andrew he wasn’t going to cheat on me. Andrew admitted to being in love with me but would not try to come between us. *********** To be continued in Chapter 7. Daddy makes me a man. *********** Remember Nifty needs our support. Please Donate what you can.

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