Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 62 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 62 ——————————————————————————- “Aw fuck!” Boner muttered, as he looked down at me, as I was slathering the KY all over my dick, in preparation of fucking Andy. “How’d he find out about our special place?” “So THAT’S why you guys all call him ‘Horse’!” Cindy whispered, somewhat in awe. “He’s HUGE!” “What’s that supposed to mean?” Steve whispered to her fiercely. “Oh don’t go getting your shorts in a dither, I seriously wouldn’t want a guy to try and stick something that big in me!” she said. Steve looked a little dejected. “C’mon Honey, you know I love your dick, it’s just right for me!” Cindy said, taking Steve’s hand in her’s and pulling him back down off the top of the dune. Steve smiled a little then. “Let’s go a little further down the beach and get our own dune,” she said. Steve was grinning now, and the boner he’d had when they arrived at the beach, but had lost when Cindy became enamored with my tool, began to return. The two set off walking south over the dunes, looking for another spot for themselves. * * * As Steve and Cindy walked off, I leaned forward over Andy and lowered my body toward his. Leaning in, I began kissing him on the lips. He responded, and opened his mouth, allowing me to cover it with mine, and slide my tongue inside his mouth. I began exploring Andy’s mouth with my tongue, as he sucked on it. At the same time, I reached down to my crotch and held my hardon out straight, so that it was aimed at Andy’s hole. As I continued kissing him, I gently pressed forward, until the tip of my penis made contact with Andy’s anus. Once it did, I let go of it with my hands, and gently pressed forward some more. Simultaneously, I felt Andy let some air out of his lungs, and relax his sphincter. The head of my cock slid easily through his muscle, and up inside his rectal orifice. As I continued kissing him, I slowly pushed forward, sliding my hard cock further and further up into him, until eventually, I was completely inside him, and my pubic bone was pressing up against his ass. I stopped kissing Andy then, and held myself up off him. Slowly and gently, I began pulling back out of Andy, as he moaned lightly. When I was almost all the way out, I reversed, and started pushing back into him, as he moaned a little louder. I did this a few times, so that he could get used to my presence within him. “Go faster now,” Andy whispered, somewhat urgently. I began to move in and out of him a little faster then. “OH yeah!” he crooned, as I pushed and pulled myself in and out of him still faster. I kept increasing my speed a little bit. Soon Andy was moaning continuously, and he was rocking his hips back and forth a little. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as well, and I could tell that it wouldn’t be long before I’d begin to feel my orgasm building up. After several more strokes in and out of Andy’s ass, I did begin to feel my orgasm building up. “Oh John! I’m going to cum soon!” Andy exclaimed, suddenly. “Me too!” I said, as I quickened my pace. We were both grunting and moaning, and Andy was rolling his hips up and down. I began pounding in and out of him as fast and hard as I could then. My orgasm was just strokes away. Then suddenly, Andy exclaimed “OH JOHN!” and I felt his body tense, and his asshole squeezed my dick really hard. Then he sprayed my belly with a copius glob of cum. “Fuck!” I cried, and I too exploded, coating his insides with my own cum. I kept on fucking Andy, and the two of us exploded over and over in a mutual orgasm, both emptying our balls. As I filled Andy’s rectum with my juices, he shot ropes of his semen all over our bellies. Eventually, our orgasms ended, and I slowed my pace down. Finally, I stopped, then I collapsed on top of Andy, my dick still up his ass. As I fell on top of him, his cum was smeared between us, thoroughly coating both of our stomachs and chests. “Gonna be messy!” Andy said, smiling. “Yup!” I said, grinning back at him, as I lowered my face to his and we began kissing again. As we were kissing, a couple minutes later, my body spasmed one last time, and I felt a last glob of cum leak out of my dick, into Andy’s bowels. Andy must’ve felt my spasm, as he too shuddered, and a little more cum oozed from his dick, onto our bellies. * * * Just about the time Andy and I were both in the throes of orgasm, Craig and Jeremy were fast approaching their orgasms as well. Craig was on his hands and knees, and Jeremy was behind him, laying over the top of him, giving it to him doggie-style. Jeremy was plowing in and out of Craig’s rectum, and both boys were moaning and gasping. “Harder Jer! I’m almost there!” Craig gasped. “Me too!” Jeremy grunted, and he began slamming his dick in and out of Craig as hard and fast as he could. A few seconds later, Craig let out a sharp cry, and a string of jism blew out the end of his dick, streaking across the blanket below him. A second later, after feeling Craig’s sphincter contract around his cock, Jeremy groaned, and stopped moving in and out of Craig for a split second as his own orgasm began. He too tensed up and blew his first volley of cum deep into Craig’s intestines. Then, he resumed fucking Craig, as both boys groaned and spasmed over and over. * * * “Christ almighty! These guys are here too?” Boner complained in a low tone as he and Cindy crested the top of a dune and came upon Craig and Jeremy, who didn’t notice them because they were both busy cumming. Cindy snickered and tugged on Steve’s shirt, pulling him toward the beach. “Maybe we better go north instead!” she said, snickering. The couple walked up the beach a ways, continuing on past where they’d happened upon Andy and myself. Eventually they turned left and walked up into the dunes again. Unfortunately for Steve and Cindy, they hadn’t walked far enough up the beach. As they walked up over the dunes, they soon encountered Doug and Franco, who were laying naked on their blanket together. They were both on their sides, and Franco was behind Doug, spooning him, and fucking him up the ass. They both seemed close to orgasm. “Oh Fuck Me!” Steve groaned, “What’d they rename ‘Asbury Park’ to ‘Gay Haven’?” Cindy started to giggle then, and quickly ran back down onto the beach so the guys didn’t hear her. Steve followed her, frowning. “C’mon Steve! One more try! Let’s go just a little further up the beach!” Cindy said. * * * Cindy set off up the beach, with Steve in tow, who was still grumbling. “At this rate we’ll end up up in Long Branch!” Steve muttered. “I don’t even have a fucking hardon anymore!” Cindy snickered and said, “Well, if we can find an empty dune, I’ll take care of that for you!” Steve grinned then, thinking about the blow istanbul travesti job Cindy was likely to give him. As they walked along, his boner started to grow again. Eventually, Cindy said “OK, let’s try here.” They walked up into the dunes, climbing the highest one, then they looked all around them. There was nobody to be seen. Steve grinned, and stumbled down into a hollow between the dunes. “This is it!” he said joyously to Cindy, spreading out the blanket he’d brought. Cindy chuckled and sat down on the blanket, as Steve opened the bottle of wine he’d brought, using a corkscrew he had on his keychain. He sat down next to Cindy then, and the two of them shared a few sips of their wine, as they chuckled about how hard it had been to find a spot where they could be alone on the beach. “Let’s get undressed!” Cindy said shyly. Steve grinned. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He began taking off his shirt. Cindy took off her’s and her bra. Then together, the two stripped their jeans and underwear off. Finally naked, they lay down next to each other and started kissing. Reaching down, Cindy found Steve’s penis, which was fully erect again. “And I thought you’d lost your hardon!” she said. “One look at you babe!” Steve said. “That’s all it took!” Cindy grinned, then crawled down between Steve’s legs, which he spread apart for her. She sucked his cock into her mouth then, and began sucking up and down on him. “OH CINDY!” Steve groaned. “Swing around and let me do you too!” Cindy smiled and spun around straddling Steve in a ’69’, so her pubic bush was right over his face, then she went down on him again. Steve grinned and breathed in deeply the distinct musky odor of a woman in heat, which he so loved. Then he buried his mouth in her muff and began licking her all over, zeroing in on her nipple-like clitoris, which he began nibbling at. Cindy began squealing with delight, as Steve nibbled, licked and sucked on her little love button. A couple minutes later, Steve urgently pushed Cindy off his cock and said, “If we don’t stop, I’m gonna shoot before I’m even inside you!” Cindy grinned and rolled over on her back and spread her legs apart for Steve. Steve reached for his jeans and began rooting through his pockets. “Steve!” Cindy said, smiling, “I have a surprise for you! We don’t have to use a condom anymore! I’m on the pill now. I have been for a few months. The doctor says it’s OK to do it without a condom now, as long as I know you’re disease and drug free – and I know you are! Come on! You can fuck me without a rubber now!” “REALLY?” Steve asked, incredulously, his face lighting up in a broad smile. “Really!” Cindy said. Steve grinned and moved between Cindy’s legs and lowered himself toward her. Gently he placed the head of his dick up to Cindy’s vagina and began pushing. Then, for the first time in his life, Steve felt what it was like to enter a woman’s hot, dripping vagina, completely naturally, without a condom. “Oh Fuck,” he said softly, as his hard dick slid all the way up inside his girlfriend’s vagina. “Feel good?” Cindy asked. “OH YEAH!” Boner replied, grinning, laying completely still for a minute, for fear he was going to shoot before he even got started fucking Cindy. “OK, then fuck me!” Cindy said, after a few seconds. Steve grinned and began to slide back out of Cindy. When he was almost all the way out, he shoved his cock back in. He couldn’t believe how much better it felt without a rubber. Grinning then, he began to slowly fuck Cindy. After a few strokes, he was plunging his cock in and out of her at a good pace. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he had his orgasm. Less than a minute later, Cindy began whimpering and twitching around underneath him, as she usually did just prior to her orgasm. This excited Steve even more, and he started fucking her even harder and faster. A few seconds later, Cindy let out a sharp cry, and began gasping and moaning. Her vaginal muscles began contracting and releasing around Steve’s dick, as he continued fucking her. Steve gave a few more shoves in and out of Cindy’s cunt, then he tensed up as he felt his juices starting to flow, and with a loud gasp, his cock exploded, blasting a load of cum deep inside Cindy. “Oh Fuck!” he groaned, as he resumed pumping in and out of Cindy. The two of them kept humping each other, both lost in the ecstasy of their orgasms, he spasming and shooting load after load of semen into her, and she shuddering and groaning over and over. Eventually, Steve’s orgasm subsided, and he slowed down, and then stopped. He sprawled on top of Cindy, leaving his dick buried in her pussy. Both of them lay that way panting for a while, until Steve’s cock finally shrank back to normal, then he rolled off Cindy and onto his back, pulling his dick out of her cunt in the process. They both laid together like that for some time, enjoying their mutual feeling of post orgasmic ecstasy. After a few minutes, they sat up and drank some more wine. About a half hour later, they made love again. This time, their lovemaking was slower, and lasted longer, and as a result, culminated in an even more passionate climax than their first time. * * * While Steve & Cindy and Doug & Franco were still making love up the beach, Andy & I had finished, and so had Craig & Jeremy. The four of us met back on the beach and shared our last bottles of beer. Jeremy and I got talking about something, and I noticed that Craig had moved a little closer to Andy, and the two of them were having a very quiet conversation. They both kept looking at us and smiling. Eventually, I said, “OK, what’s up with you two?” “Nothing,” Craig said. “I was wondering though, how many times do you think the average senior ‘balls’ after their senior ball?” We all snickered, and I said, “I don’t really care about how often other people do it, all I know is I feel the need again myself.” “Me too!” Craig said. “Make that three,” Andy said. “Well! Hell! I’m always ready,” Jeremy said, and we all laughed. “John!” Andy said, “Jeremy has a favor to ask of you. Craig and I have already just discussed it, and it’s OK with both of us, but just this once!” I looked at Andy curiously. He just smiled at me and nodded at Jeremy. I looked at Jeremy and noticed he seemed very nervous. Craig just smiled at me as well. “Is someone going to tell me what’s going on?” I asked finally. I noticed Jeremy was squirming, and he was blushing. “Well,” he said finally, “you remember when Andy threatened to have you rip me a new asshole if I wasn’t nice to Craig?” “Yeah,” I said. “Well,” he said, “I’ve been nice to Craig, so that isn’t necessary really. But… I was wondering if maybe you’d do it anyway – only really gently! See, I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be fucked, but I’ve never tried it, except that one time I tried with Craig, but it didn’t work then.” I looked at Jeremy a minute, then I said “Is this some kind of a joke?” “NO! I swear! I just want to learn how it’s done.” Jeremy said. “I asked Craig, but he said if I really want to learn, I should have an expert teach me. He says you’re an expert, and kadıköy travesti that I should ask you. He told me how you and Andy helped him learn how to do it the last time you were over here. At first I was jealous about that, but then I realized you were just trying to help him. Now, I was wondering if you’d help me?” “This is for real?” I asked, looking at Jeremy, somewhat incredulously. “It’s for real John!” Craig said, “He really wants you to teach him, and it’s OK with me.” I looked at Craig, who was smiling at me. Then I looked at Andy. Andy grinned and said, “It’s OK with me if you do it this one time. But, only if it’s OK with you two if Craig and I have a little fun too!” Jeremy looked a little dismayed at first, but then said, “I guess that’s only fair. It’s OK with me.” Everyone was looking at me then. I wasn’t sure what to say, or do, but I was horny, and I figured it might be interesting to teach Jeremy. Andy was smiling at me, so I figured he really was OK with the plan. “OK, I guess,” I said after a minute. They all grinned at me then. “C’mon then,” Jeremy said, “Let’s go, before the sun rises.” He got up. Craig got up then too. Jeremy picked up the blanket they’d been sitting on. I looked at Andy and said quietly, “You really sure?” He smiled back at me and said, “Yes, it’s OK. But just this one time!” “OK then,” I said, standing up. “I’ve got the KY,” Jeremy said, grinning at me. “We’ll be back in a bit,” I said. The two of us walked off down the beach together then. * * * Jeremy led me to the spot between the dunes where he and Craig had made love a little while earlier. He spread the blanket out then, and quickly began stripping. I watched him as he stripped. A minute later he was standing completely naked in front of me. He had a raging hardon. “H-have you changed your mind?” he asked nervously, as I hadn’t taken my clothes off yet. “No,” I said, smiling. “But Jeremy, are you certain you really want to do this?” “I’m sure,” he said, he said grinning. “I trust you. I know you’ll be really gentle, and won’t hurt me.” “Craig would be gentle, and wouldn’t hurt you too,” I said. “I know,” he said. “It’s just we both decided it’d make things more equal for us if we’d both learned from you.” I smiled then and started stripping, as Jeremy grinned and watched me. As I undressed, Jeremy’s hand moved to his crotch and he began fondling himself. Once I was completely naked, Jeremy stepped over to me and took my hardon in his hand and fondled it a little. I reached down and fondled him as well. “I’d suck on you a little, but you had it up Craig’s butt already, right?” I asked. “Yeah,” Jeremy said, sounding a little dejected. “Your’s was up Andy’s too, right?” “Yup,” I said smiling understandingly. “So what do we do?” Jeremy asked. “How about you lay down on your stomach,” I said. Jeremy smiled and laid down on the blanket. “OK, now spread your legs apart, and pull your knees up, like this,” I said, pulling on Jeremy’s legs. I knelt down behind him, between his legs, as he looked back at me and smiled. I leaned down toward Jeremy’s ass then. His cheeks were partially spread open. I leaned in all the way and kissed him lightly on both buttocks. At the same time, I surreptitiously took a deep whiff of his crack, in an effort to determine if he was clean. All I smelled was his boyish, musky scent. My dick throbbed at the smell of him. I kneaded Jeremy’s ass cheeks for a minute, then holding one cheek in each hand, and spreading them apart, I leaned in and gently kissed his anus. Jeremy gasped with delight at the sensation. He smelled clean, so I began licking slowy, and gently, around and around his asshole. “Oh God!” Jeremy exclaimed. Slowly I licked around and around my target. I felt Jeremy pushing his hips up toward me, as if he wanted more. I stopped and bent lower then and started licking in one big swipe, from the back of Jeremy’s balls, up through his ass crack, right over his hole and all the way to his back. “Fuck!” Jeremy gasped, as my tongue washed over his hole. I zeroed in then on Jeremy’s anus, and began licking directly at it, back and forth over it. Jeremy gasped, and started moaning lowly, as my tongue rubbed over and over his hole, giving him immense pleasure. I kept at it licking harder and faster, as Jeremy’s moans became more continual. I stopped after a minute, and formed my tongue into a spear. I pressed the tip of it up against Jeremy’s anus and began gently pushing. I pushed a bit, then relaxed, then pushed again, then relaxed. Eventually, Jeremy must’ve relaxed his sphincter, as when I pushed forward, my tongue suddenly broke through his muscular barrier, and slid up inside him. “FUCK!” Jeremy gasped, as my tongue slid up into him. I waited a moment, with my tongue stuck up his ass. Then I began tongue-fucking him. His moaning began again, and he began humping his ass up and down trying to force my tongue deeper still inside him. I tongue fucked Jeremy for a little while, but I could tell he was getting too close to cumming, so I stopped. I didn’t want him to cum, until I was inside him. I picked up the KY jelly and squirted some into my hand then, and using it, I lubricated my index finger. Gently, I pressed my finger against Jeremy’s rosebud, and pushed. My finger slid right through. I finger-fucked him for a moment, then decided to try a second finger. I pressed it into him very slowly, giving him time to get used to it. Shortly, I was fucking him with two fingers, as he lay, moaning, on the blanket with his ass pushed up in the air. I could tell he was really into it now. Eventually, I gently started poking a third finger at his hole. He grimmaced a little, but relaxed when I told him to, and slowly I slid a third finger up inside him. Once it was there, I stopped and held it inside him for a minute, before I began gently fucking my hand in and out of him. “OH Fuck!” Jeremy groaned, pressing his face into the blanket, as I began fucking him with three fingers * * * While Jeremy and I were busy down the beach, Andy and Craig had pulled our blanket back up into the dunes. They too were both completely naked, and were laying together in a ’69’ sucking each other off. Their hands were busy fondling each other’s balls and exploring each other’s assholes as well. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Both of them realized it wouldn’t be long before their orgasms came. Both of them were getting hotter and hotter. Finally, Andy wrapped a couple fingers around the base of Craig’s cock and began masturbating him as he sucked on him. Using the index finger of his other hand, he began massaging Craig’s asshole. The sensations Craig was feeling were wonderful. He followed Andy’s lead, and began working on Andy in the same fashion. Both of them began moaning then, as their orgasms approached. Seconds later, Craig’s orgasm began. He groaned, and Andy felt a glob of hot goo hit the back of his throat. Andy kept on sucking and pumping his cock, and fingering his hole. Craig groaned and spasmed over and over, filling Andy’s mouth several times with his salty-sweet cum. Just as Craig’s bakırköy travesti orgasm was slowing down, Andy’s began. He too groaned and fired a load of semen down Craig’s throat. Craig gently pushed his finger through Andy’s sphincter, and while he kept on jerking him off and sucking on him, he began massaging Andy’s prostate as well. Andy moaned and spasmed several times, cumming over and over again in Craig’s mouth, while Craig kept on swallowing and manipulating him. Eventually, both their orgasms ended, and they stopped sucking on each other. For a minute or two they lay looking at each other smiling. Craig’s dick oozed one more drop of cum. Andy licked it off Craig’s cock, savoring the flavor of his semen. Eventually Craig gave Andy’s dick a couple tugs, and a drop of cum oozed out his piss slit as well. Craig licked it of, and grinned at Andy. * * * As Craig and Andy were having their orgasms up the beach from us, Jeremy and I had changed positions a little. I had him on his hands and knees, and had greased my dick up and was on my knees behind him, between his legs, pressing the tip of my cock against his asshole. “OK, relax now, and gently push like you’re taking a shit, and I’ll ease on in!” I said. Jeremy looked back at me and grinned, then I felt his hole relax, as he pushed. Gently, I pushed forward, and the head of my cock popped through his sphincter. “Oh My God!” Jeremy exclaimed. “You OK?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Just go slow!” “K,” I said, grinning. Jeremy laid his head down on his right cheek and grimmaced, as I slowly began pressing forward. “Just relax. It’ll be fine!” I said. Ever so slowly I pushed forward, and more and more of my dick disappeared inside Jeremy. When I was about half way in, Jeremy began moaning a little. I stopped and waited, then resumed. After a couple minutes, I was all the way up inside him, with my pubic bone pressed up against him. “How ya doin’?” I asked. “OK,” he gasped. I waited a minute or so, then began withdrawing. I withdrew a little faster. When all the head of my cock was out of him, I slowly began pushing back up into him. I went slightly faster. I repeated this process a few more times, each time moving a little faster. Finally Jeremy said, “Go ahead and fuck me!” I started going a little faster. I long-dicked him in what looked and felt like slow-motion for a few strokes, as he lay beneath me moaning. “Go harder!” he hissed. I started fucking in and out of Jeremy at a more normal pace then, as he lay grimmacing yet. Soon, Jeremy was moaning passionately all the while, as I stroked in and out of him. I began to feel my orgasm building then. I started fucking Jeremy a little faster and harder. He began groaning and breathing heavily. I kept at it. I knew I was going to cum soon now. Soon, I was pounding my dick in and out of Jeremy, practically ravaging him. He didn’t seem to mind. He was too busy moaning. Suddenly, I felt my cum starting to move through me. I kept on pounding in and out of Jeremy. Then with a gasp and a groan, my cock exploded, firing a huge glob of cum deep inside Jeremy’s bowels. “OH FUCK!” Jeremy gasped, and I felt his asshole contract violently, then release, as he squirted his first gob of cum all over the blanket. I kept fucking in and out of Jeremy, and the two of us kept groaning and gasping and cumming, over and over. Eventually our orgasms ended, and I went to pull out of Jeremy. He reached back and grabbed my arm though. “NO! Stay inside me a while yet!” he said. I smiled, and lay down over Jeremy’s back and wrapped my arms around him. We remained that way for some time, until I felt my dick shrink back to its normal size. It was still up Jeremy’s ass though. “Shit my dick out!” I told him. He looked back at me with a funny look, but then I felt him pushing with his ass muscles, and my dick popped out of him. We both grinned then, as I turned and sat down next to Jeremy. “Well?” I asked. “That was Awesome! Thank you SO much!” Jeremy grinned at me. I grinned back at him. We sat for a few minutes, then finally got up and got dressed and headed back to our spot. * * * Craig and Andy were sitting on their blanket, smiling at each other when we rejoined them. “Everyone have fun?” I asked. The two of them grinned at us. Jeremy looked at them and said, “Thanks for letting me borrow John. He’s a great teacher. What he showed me was awesome!” “It’s always awesome with John,” Andy said, grinning. I chuckled and said, “you’re all pretty awesome yourselves!” “Is that Doug and Franco coming?” Craig asked, looking up the beach. “Probably,” I said. As the couple we saw got closer though, we saw it wasn’t them. “Glad to see you guys with your clothes on again!” Steve said, chuckling, as he and Cindy walked up to us. “What?” we all asked. Steve just chuckled and said, “Well, Cindy knows why we call you ‘Horse’ now John!” I felt my face go crimson. “You guys were spying on us?” I asked. “No, but you were using ‘our’ spot!” Steve said. “So that used condom was your’s then!” Andy said. We all snickered then. Cindy said, “We just caught a glimpse of you, then we headed up the beach, and got our own spot.” “You gonna stay for the sunrise?” Craig asked. “Can’t! I gotta help my dad in the morning, and I need some sleep before that,” Steve said. “OK, well, we’ll see you back here tomorrow afternoon then for the beach party though, right?” I asked. “You bet!” Steve said. “You guys enjoy the rest of the evening!” We all said good-night then, and Steve and Cindy wandered off down the beach. * * * A little while later, while we were sitting talking, and the sky had begun to lighten a little over the ocean, Doug and Franco finally came back and joined us. “Use up all those condoms?” Jeremy asked, chuckling. “Yeah,” Doug said, shyly, “My poor hole’s all stretched out!” “I know the feeling,” Jeremy said grinning at me, while Doug looked at him strangely. * * * We sat talking for a while, watching the sky to the east. Eventually, a dot of orange light appeared on the horizon, which kept growing. Then the sky turned orange, as the dot, that was the sun, rose higher and higher over the ocean. “That was awesome! My first sunrise!” Andy said, after the sun had risen completely, and we were all bathed in its light. We all chuckled. “We do this every so often here at the ocean,” I said. “Anyone hungry?” Doug asked then. We all snickered, but agreed we were indeed hungry, so we gathered up our things and headed for our cars. “Where should we get breakfast?” Craig asked. “I think Danny’s Place might be open, or The Late Nite Cafe, or maybe Main Street USA.” “Well, lets go see what’s open,” I said. We got in our cars and drove back into town. Eventually we found a place that was open and the six of us went in and all ordered big breakfasts. None of us wanted coffee though, as we all wanted to go home and get some sleep before the beach party later that day. When we left, we said good-bye to Doug and Franco, then Andy and I drove Craig and Jeremy back to Craig’s house and dropped them off. Finally, we drove home and quietly tip-toed into the house and upstairs, where we stripped and crawled into bed together. We were both out like lights within a couple minutes… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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