My True Odyssey Of Slavery And Submission 2

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Was It was a test? It had to be a test. Why else would he leave me here, spreadeagled and naked on the cold tiled floor? He wanted to see if I would do as I was told. My head was spinning with emotions but the rest of my body knew exactly what it thought of the situation. I was incredibly aroused. Slipping my fingers between my legs, they came up soaking wet. This only added to my confusion. Why was I so aroused? Was it the memory of the incredible orgasm Renaud had given me with his fingers and tongue? Or something deeper, more animalistic, a base emotion in me that had been present but hidden for so very long?My immediate problem were the cold tiles of the floor. Where my body touched them was starting to be painful so I moved. But I never strayed far from the spot He had placed me in.My senses were so alive in my yearning ….I heard the key in the lock, he was back! I quickly resumed the position just seconds before he entered the room. He seemed like he was in a hurry, late for some unknown appointment, preoccupied. But when he saw me there, still naked on the floor, His floor, His handsome rugged face shone, it was lit up with something I could not quite fathom. Pride? Joy? Maybe even pleasure?He told me simply to rise, get dressed and go home, that He would see me later.As I walked home the smile on my face proclaimed my jubilance to the world. I had pride in my heart, I had a lover in Renaud, who cared for my pleasure. Who made me cum like no-one else ever had. I felt I was victorious. I had won over a powerful man by giving him my body.When I got back to our little shared room, Panek, my boyfriend, pestered me with what now seemed to be trivial questions. Where had I been, where was his t-shirt, why didn’t we have any milk? In truth I couldn’t care, these questions simply washed over me and I didn’t want anything to intrude on my happiness.I started to undress to take a nap – I didn’t shower because I wanted to keep Renaud’s presence around me, his smell and the memory of his touch. But the sight of my naked body stilled Panek’s questions and filled his head with different ideas. He came up behind me as I stood next to the bed and pushed me forward, trying to get me onto the bed so he could fuck me. I resisted, but it only meant I was bent forward, my hands on the bed. Inside my head, I was screaming “NO” but something inside me wanted to be filled. Maybe, it was the memory of the orgasm I had already had that afternoon, or, maybe I was just too tired to say no, but I let him take me and he did.I moved my legs apart so he could enter me from behind; as it almanbahis şikayet always did, his big cock stretched me open and he started to fuck me, slowly at first then faster, always varying the speed as was his usual method of thinking he was pleasing me but as usual, he failed. Knowing that he could keep this pounding up for some time, I resigned myself to yet another disappointing fuck session. But deep in my mind, the movement stirred me to remember what Renaud had done to me only a few short hours ago. I reached between my legs and started to play with my clitoris. This had the desired effect and very soon I lost awareness of my actual surroundings, losing myself in the memories of Renaud. I came very hard and fell forward onto the bed in a haze.When I came to, I could hear Panek in the shower, getting ready for work but I didn’t move, content to lie there, my mind with Renaud and my pussy full of someone else’s cum. Thoughts ran around in my head about what had occurred in the bar with Renaud. What did it all mean? Did he still want me? Why did he leave me on the floor for so long (even though it was only about 30 minutes, it seemed a lifetime)? Did I pass whatever test it must have been?After a while, I rose and got ready for my own work. I took particular care with my make-up, eye shadow, eyeliner, blusher and my gorgeous red lipstick, for once making myself pretty for someone else’s eyes, not just someone, or anyone, for Him, for Renaud. We were busy in the restaurant that night and although He was around, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Him or even see Him very much.When the restaurant closed, we all went to His bar to relax after the hard work and share drinks and stories with each other before going home. He was there, busy with his other customers, beautiful and smiling. My heart melted at the sight of Him but He had no time for me and didn’t talk to me at all. I was hurt and disappointed. Did this mean it was not to be? It was only when I said goodnight to him that he spoke. “Tomorrow, same place, same time!” The way he said it sounded like an order, an instruction that he expected me to follow without question. I was not about to disappoint him then, or ever.I was there before Him again, my heart thumping with anticipation. When He arrived, He looked at me, said hello but didn’t kiss me. We went inside the bar and we sat on opposite sides of the counter and talked. He asked about me, my life, everything to do with me. Eventually He asked me how I felt lying on the floor the previous day. Something deep inside me, almost instinctive, made almanbahis canlı casino me tell him that it overwhelmed me but that I felt “in my proper place” lying there.I could not lie to Him so I told him that I had moved because of the cold floor. He stopped me there and told me to remove my dress. I stripped without hesitation, leaving me in just my panties sitting at his bar. Looking at me, He stepped around the bar and stopped in front of me, making me stand before Him.With his powerful gaze looking directly at me, He said “You can say stop and leave any time you wish. But know that I don’t like that you disobeyed me yesterday by moving from the floor, even though you had the courage to confess to me.”As I stood there, I could feel the moisture building between my legs, my nipples were hard, like bullets. I was afraid of him but I was also incredibly excited and aroused, curious as to what would happen next, desperate to know. And knowing deep in my heart that whatever He did, I would accept it. We kissed for a while and he had me suck his fingers before making me cum using his mouth.He lifted me up and lay me down on the bar top, leaving me lying before him naked with my legs slightly parted. He started fiddling with the bottles on the shelf behind the bar and turned to me holding one. Seeing the bottle scared me, I knew instantly what he intended to do with it and I was worried that it was too big. What if it broke inside me? Why was he doing this? At that point I could have said something, I could have said No. But I didn’t, my body, my mind and my heart needed… no, craved Renaud. Was it because I was so deeply in love with this wonderful man? Or was it because I was also curious about what it would feel like to have the bottle inside me. Something deep inside me wanted to trust Renaud, so I stayed silent and I allowed him to use me.His hand on my belly held me still while he used the neck of the bottle to part my labia. Slowly he inserted the bottle into me, it hurt to be stretched so, but at the same time I was incredibly turned on. Apart from cocks, this was the first object that had ever entered my pussy. The bottle was exchanged for another of a different shape. Again he penetrated me with it as if I was merely an object for his amusement, seeing what he could fit inside me. After trying a few different bottles, he turned once more and this time he held an unusual one, Galliano, if you can picture it in your mind . Long, tall and flared towards its wide base. I knew this one would go deep, and deep it went. He pushed the bottle further almanbahis casino and further into me and the flared shape stretched my pussy open more and more. He had no problem inserting it as I was soaked with arousal. He spoke for the first time since he started using the bottles.He told me “Play with your clitoris. I want to see you cum.”Once again, I did as I was instructed and used my fingertips, strumming repeatedly over my now very sensitive clitoris as he moved the tall bottle slowly inside me. The feelings were unbelievable and it wasn’t long before I came violently and repeatedly.Once the aftershocks of my orgasm had started to subside, He told me to keep the long bottle inside me and to move it slightly while he spoke.Then he said the most beautiful thing I have ever been told, He, the majestic Renaud said “I feel that you were made for me. You are my gem and I want to make you into a diamond.”In that moment I loved him like I had loved no other and I cried in happiness. In my heart I thought he loved me back but writing this now so many years later I realised that he was testing me as a prospective slave. Seeing how far he could take me without total commitment to the D/s lifestyle. It never even entered my head at the time that this was happening, all I knew was that this sophisticated man was loving me and wanted me forever. I was in ecstasy.Once he had removed the bottle from inside me, he helped me down off the bar and stood me in front of him, naked and vulnerable. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Then, holding me at arms length, he asked me if he could do a little test. I, of course, agreed, at that moment I would have done absolutely anything he asked of me.He reached out and took my nipples between his fingers and thumbs. He started to apply pressure to them, squeezing them harder and harder. The pain was incredible but I was not willing to show it to Him. He just kept increasing the pressure until I couldn’t stop myself and I screamed into my mouth, keeping my lips firmly closed.He released my tortured nipples and said, ”Don’t move”. He took a step back, it was obvious to me that he was thinking. I looked at him and smiled, proud of myself for not screaming aloud.Then he forced me to my knees and he took out his cock. I thought he wanted me to suck it but I was wrong. I opened my mouth and he put his hands on the back of my head and thrust it deep into my throat. He held it there as I gagged and struggled to breath. This was no love-making, this was a brutal assault on my throat and I thought I might pass out. Just as I started to lose it, he withdrew and helped me to my feet.A look came over His face as if he had made a decision. He stepped forward and took me in his arms.He said “If you choose to stay with Me, we will have a long journey together.”Then he kissed me once again…………

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