My VideoChat Error Ch 04


Monday night I was busy running kids around. The wife had her regular yoga class and time out with the girls after. That gave me more time to think. I thought a lot about what had been happening to me.

Naughty happened to me.

Naughty had caught me watching what my wife would call deviant porn. Naughty had found that I had left my video chat screen share on.

Naughty recorded it.

Naughty had me wearing lingerie under my suit at work. Sometimes pink. Sometimes white.

But everyday lingerie.

Lacy bra. Lace trim panties. Lacy garter belt. Sheer stockings.

Naughty had me submitting to a black man’s cock.

A cock much bigger than mine. A cock that I had to worship orally. Big balls that I had to coax the seed out of by my own oral ministrations. Naughty had me doing this.

Naughty had me swallowing his gooey spunk. And then had me thanking him for it.

Naughty was feminizing me. Yes I had to admit to it. Or so he/she was trying.

Naughty had me eating out my secretary Denise.

My hot looking, brunette secretary, Denise. She was now part of it, but I could not tell her yet. Even if my wife only saw that part of the videos, me eating out Denise, she would leave me, she was too prudish when it came to sex.

I had to continue. What else could I do?

Tuesday morning after dressing up I headed to my boss’ office. We talked long about our possible new client and after he saw the prep that I had done, he offered me the lead. We then went over a lot of details together. Our meeting this afternoon with him would determine if he would become a new client or not.

The meeting on Tuesday afternoon went well and we had our new client. I had my first project manager role. I also found out that a lot of the details were to be finalized two weeks from now in the client’s city 300 miles away. They wanted the project manager to come to their business and see their organization and meet all of their key people in person.

So my boss was sending me along with my secretary to get the details worked out. In person. Monday to Friday. 300 miles away. I would be staying in a hotel, the same hotel as Denise.

Daytime meetings and nighttime?

I had to tell Naughty.

We had our regular Tuesday end of day meeting at 4:30. I watched the most recent video of me submitting to Mike again attired in lacy lingerie.

I witnessed me worshipping his big black cock. Licking his balls. Sucking lightly on the head. Licking it like a lollipop. Eagerly bobbing up and down on his manly cock. Sucking. Stroking. And swallowing all of his seed as I milked it out of his cock and balls.

Again I swallowed my cum while watching myself suck another man’s cock.

I did not bring up the trip.

Wednesday ended in the same way. Me swallowing my own cum.

Again I did not bring the trip up. I was afraid of what it would entail. On the trip Denise and I would likely be free from 5 pm till the next morning. Both of us. Maybe a bit of work to do to prep for the upcoming day. Maybe.

Thursday I received the expected email at 11:59 am. ‘Log into chat room and get web cam on. Mike was coming over.’

He was coming over to give me his seed. Again.

At that moment, Mike walked in with Denise. She shut the door behind her and took her place on the couch. She was becoming part of this. Willingly it seemed.

Mike glanced at my screen, Denise noticed. “Does Shauna have good porn up again?” She giggled like a school girl.

Mike grinned. “Maybe. But we will make a better scene than any online porno. That I know. I think we will all need some water today. Go and get three glasses Denise.”

She noticed the firmness of his voice. Hesitated, like when she was deeply aroused, then smiled. “Ok, back in a moment.” She hurried out of the room.

“Read your message and make it happen,” Mike whispered loudly.

I turned to look at the screen and saw Naughty’s words. “Turn the cam so all of Denise’s exploits will be captured from the start. Do it now.”

I turned my web cam to catch the view of the couch from the start. Normally Mike did that when she was distracted by me eating her.

Never from the start before.

Just after I finished, Denise was back. Three glasses of water on my desk and the door shut. She got back onto the couch, a look of eager anticipation on her face.

She looked so hot. She had on a white blouse, navy blue skirt and navy blue stockings and heels. Her dainty fingers had her usual bright red nail polish, her wrists had thick red bracelets. She wore red lipstick and had pink blush on her cheeks. She look amazing, as usual.

Mike cleared his throat which broke my stare. “Shauna, lets begin,” he said firmly.

Shauna, he meant me.

My internal resistance to that name I knew was waning. It shouldn’t be. I am a man, not a woman I whimpered to myself in my head.

Whimpered, not shouted.

I took my business clothes off to reveal my lacy white lingerie set. Covering my breasts was a lacy white bahçelievler escort bra. My bra. Covering my legs were my sheer white stockings. My stockings. Held up by my lacy white garter belt. My garter belt. Covering my penis were my lace trim white panties. My panties.

My lingerie.

Seeing this on me, feeling this on me, made me feel humiliated. Made me feel submissive. Yes humiliated and submissive. Especially when I knelt before Mike’s massive black cock and balls.

I knew what to do next. I began to remove his clothes. Yes his clothes. A man should not be removing another man’s clothes. But I was.

“That’s always so hot,” chimed in Denise. “You in your lingerie, unclothing your man gently, before dropping to your knees to service him. That always gets my juices flowing.” She almost moaned as she finished what she was saying.

My man.

Yes my man, as it seemed Mike had become. I felt a stirring in my panties. My penis.

Betraying me.

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, button by button. That is how he likes it. I kissed each of his nipples as they appeared. Progress, I had to show progress.

I hesitated as I unbuckled his belt. I could see the bulge in his pants. It was for me. His large veiny cock and large hairy balls. Balls that held his seed. Built up and saved for me since Monday.

Saved for me.

I pulled down his pants. My face passed before his bulge. I stopped and kissed it tenderly through his shorts. Twice.

I could not look at him. Not now. This was humiliating. I was ‘lovingly’ undressing my man. I was preparing to take his cock in my mouth.

My cock began to swell in my panties. It always did as I dropped to my knees before my man. And it stirred more as I pulled down his shorts.

I saw his massive black cock right before my face.

His cock was ready for me to suck on. Every time I was about to do this, I would get hard. That increased my humiliation. My panties would tent.

Everyone would see my erection.

My erection from sucking on a large black cock while dressed in lacy lingerie. How could I be turned on by this? How could servicing another man’s cock turn me on? I know I am not gay. My cock keeps telling me otherwise.

His big black cock was waiting before me.

I reached forward to begin stroking him and moved my lips to his balls. He loved it when I played with his balls. Sucking, tugging, licking, even kissing them. They held his seed. He loved it indeed. I could tell.

I had to make him feel special.

As I turned my physical attention to Mike’s cock, I glanced over and saw that Denise was already going. She had unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her front opening bra. Her ample breasts had been freed and her left hand was playing with her large pink nipples. They were already erect. They looked amazing.

Her other hand was busy making things happen under her skirt. She already had a semi-glazed look on her face. But she was still watching us intently.

Soon I had the head of his cock in my mouth.

I was lightly sucking on the tip and gently licking it with my tongue. He was excited. I tasted some piss that was still in it. It should have revolted me. But it didn’t.

“That feels good Shauna, so good,” Mike moaned.

I was gently taking the head of this manly cock in my mouth in between licking the thick shaft of this black monster. By now it had a thick coating of my saliva on it.

My own member was rock hard. It betrayed me.

It always did. Part of me felt so ashamed, part of me felt turned on. I felt more turned on now I think than ashamed. I did not want to admit to that.

I continued using my tongue on Mike’s big black cock. I continued making love to it. He had to be turned on. I had to turn him on. I had to make him shoot his load in my mouth.

I had to swallow his seed.

I already tasted his spunk in my mouth, even before he leaked his precum. I salivated at the thought of tasting his seed in my mouth again. That should not be happening. But every time I thought about his spunk, I could taste it in my mouth and I salivated. Part of me must be beginning to like it. Part of me must want it. The thought of that made me shudder.

I looked up into his eyes. Mike smiled back at me and then turned his head to Denise. I glanced her way too while continuing to lavish Mike’s cock with my tongue. She was really going at it.

“You like my big black cock, don’t you Denise.”

She just kept fingering herself and moaned in response.

“You know you do. You always stare at it. You do, don’t you?” Mike added with a grin. He knew the answer but asked anyways.

“Uhh, huh.” She nodded her head slightly as she kept frigging herself.

Mike stopped me, pulled his cock from my mouth and turned to show it fully to Denise.

My mouth felt empty suddenly.

“Tell me you like my cock. Tell me you like my big black cock,” he said firmly as he pointed his massive tool towards her.

“Uhh huh. I like balgat escort your big black cock” She moaned lustily. Her fingers moving faster. Her eyes fixed on his large glistening member.

He took a step towards her. His engorged member merely a few paces from her.

“You want my big black cock, don’t you?” He seemed to wave it at her.

She started to nod, then shook her head no. “I have a boyfriend, I can’t have your cock.” The word cock seemed to linger on her luscious lips.

“Is his cock as big as mine?” Mike held his cock in his right hand. He stroked it as he spoke.

She shook her head no.

He took a step forward.

“Are his balls as big as mine?” He lifted his big cock upwards to give her a better view of his massive ball sack.

She shook her head no.

He took another step forward.

“Do you stare at his cock as much as you do mine?”

She paused, then she shook her head no.

He grinned. He moved closer.

“Does his penis excite you as much as my cock does?” He was stroking his tool again and his grin was growing wider.

She hesitated, then she shook her head no and looked down.

He was now standing almost up against the couch, her legs outside of his. His rock hard cock was right in front of her.

She looked up at it anxiously.

“Be honest, you want my big black cock.”

“You want it inside you. You want it inside you now. Its only natural,” Mike said firmly. He looked into her eyes. Into her soul. She did not look away. She knew she couldn’t look away.

Her hand was going faster. “I do want your big black cock,” She finally said in a trembling voice and looked down.

With that he gently grabbed her arm to stop her. He then placed her wet hand on his cock. She did not resist. Her dainty fingers tightened a bit on his cock.

“Show me. Show me Denise that you want my large cock inside you. Don’t be shy. I know you know how to show a man you want him,” he said commandingly.

“Show me now.” His hands were on his hips. He loomed large before her.

With that she began stroking him.

She leaned forward and licked the underside of its head. She began to play with his balls with her other hand. She licked up and down his shaft.

Then she took each ball in her mouth and sucked on it. Tugged on it gently with her mouth. Then back to licking his cock. Every moment she got more into it. I could tell. I sucked cock now.

I still knelt where I had been left. Unsure of what to do. Turned on by what I saw. I wanted to stroke my rock hard cock. But I had to wait. I had to save my load for the end of the day. So I knelt there in my lacy lingerie

Soon she was bobbing up and down on his cock. She showed that she wanted it, that she really wanted it.

Her mouth moaned around his cock.

He gently stopped her and picked her up. He held her whole body above his cock. Her legs clutched at his sides. As he kissed her deeply with his tongue he turned and slid onto the couch with her straddling him, poised just above his rock hard cock.

“Now take me inside you. Show me that you want me.”

“I want you so bad, I want your big cock inside me” she said lustily as she pressed the entrance of her vagina down onto the tip of his cockhead. Her labia bulged.

“Its so big. I have to have it. I have to have it inside me,” she said huskily, “Now.” She seemed in a trance.

A lust filled trance.

This small white brunette was on top of a muscular black man. Both were breathing heavy. Both wanted each other. It was a hot scene.

She pressed herself down a bit more. Her labia stretched as she took the entire head of his cock inside of her with a moan.

“Oh, you are so tight. You are so fucking tight Denise,” Mike groaned. His large hands caressing her nipples and her breasts.

Then she backed off of his monstrous cock. And back down again.

And again.

She now had over three inches of his cock inside her. I could hear the squishiness of her juices as she moved.

“That feels soooo good,” she moaned as she was impaling herself on his massive member.

And she raised herself and pressed her sex onto his cock again.

“Uhhhhnnn that does indeed,” replied Mike like he was in heaven.

His cock glistened with her juices every time it came out. Her tasty juices.

Another inch. Then another.

She kept this up till she was sitting with her pubic hairs touching his. Amazingly she had worked that massive cock into her pussy. He was in her to the hilt.

“That feeeeels sooooo fucking good.” She moaned.

“You are so tight Denise, so tight,” replied Mike.

“I have never felt so full in my entire life. No one has ever been that deep before.” She flung her head back wantonly. And with that she kept going slowly up and down, each time taking his entire dick inside her.

Each time shuddering in excitement as it stretched her to her limit.

“That does feel so good baby,” Mike moaned again.

Part of me was disappointed. batıkent escort

Yes disappointed. The big cock that I was getting used to worshipping- did I just think that? – yes worshipping – was now fucking Denise.

Or rather she was fucking it. It was inside her pussy not my mouth. I had mixed feelings. These lunches with Mike were beginning to leave me more turned on than sex with my wife. Was it because of that big black cock? Seriously? Or was it getting to eat out my super hot secretary, Denise. Or, was I beginning to like the taste of his –

“Come over here Shauna,” commanded Mike. That broke my train of thought.

I scooched over to the raw sex scene happening before me, stopping in front of the couch. It was hot. Part of me was excited. From what I saw or what Mike would ask me to do?

“Suck on my balls.”

“Lick my big hairy balls Shauna. Use that great mouth of yours on me.” With that he raised up her skirt so I had access to his manly balls.

I moved in and wedged my head down between his muscular thighs and began licking and sucking his balls. As best I could with my hot young secretary bouncing up and down right above my head.

He moved himself to the edge of the couch to better accommodate me.

Mike’s large balls were coated with Denise’s juices when I began licking them.

As she made love to his monstrous cock she was so turned on that her juices were flowing freely. When I could, I licked the base of his cock, hungry for more of her juices.

Denise began to moan deeply, then breathed out “I’m cummmming,” as she continued to work his large cock in and out of her.

Mike moaned as she continued.

“I love your cock,” Denise whispered loudly. “Its so big. Its a real man’s cock.”

I was rock hard.

It was such a hot scene. Denise was so hot. She had shed her blouse and bra at some point. His massive hands were on her sides. Her hands had taken over tweaking and caressing her nipples. Her ass was so nice and round and even though it was firm, it jiggled a little as she kept up the pace.

She was covered in sweat and so were Mike’s thighs. His balls were covered in my saliva and her juices. She was so wet.

Mike began to shake a bit. He was about to cum. He was about to cum in her pussy. She quickened her pace a little. It was obviously still a tight fit. Her hands were on his shoulders now, her head leaning forward. Her short hair draping down.

Mike’s body stiffened. “I’m cummmming!” He exclaimed. He thrust his hips upwards again and again. I pulled back. His thrusts caused Denise to gasp, then moan. He was unloading his seed into her.

Then on his last upthrust, he held still, butt cheeks clenched.

When he stopped thrusting that stilled her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself tightly into him.

“That was excellent baby, I love your tight pussy.” He was still in her to the hilt. He kissed her deeply. She kissed him passionately in return.

They seemed to kiss forever. Finally he motioned for her to get off and sit beside him.

“Shauna is going to eat you now.”

“She is going to eat my seed out of your pussy. I promised her my seed, she will get every drop of it,” Mike said as she was settling herself down.

He motioned her to shift her ass to the edge of the couch. His other hand gently pushed me her way. I moved into position before her splayed legs and messy cunt. His spunk was already coming out of her. It was running down from her pussy and into the crack of her ass.

“Eat her out Shauna, make sure to get all of my seed. Make her cum again,” Mike commanded.

Part of me was revolted, part of me not.

At least when he shot his load in my mouth, I could swallow a couple of times and it was gone. Just the aftertaste remained.

Now, it would keep seeping out onto my tongue as I ate her. If he shot deep enough, and I am sure he did, that would come out more the more I excited her.

“Now,” he commanded as I had hesitated.

I began scooping up his jism with my tongue. It was mixed with the taste of Denise.

Denise shivered.

I licked more. I ran my tongue down between her ass cheeks. And licked back up from there. A hint of muskiness was mixed in with his semen and her pussy juices. I licked until it was all gone.

Then I licked up towards her open vagina. I licked it like I was licking an ice cream cone. I was going to get all of their sex juices and turn her on at the same time.

I then pressed my lips around her pussy and dove my tongue in. She moaned. Her vagina seemed wider than the last time I ate her. She had to stretch to accommodate that big black cock.

Her tunnel was coated in her juices and I could taste more of his spunk with my tongue. She moaned more.

I moved to her clit. That made her shudder. Then back to her pussy, I had to have all his seed.

Was that his command or my desire?

I swirled my tongue around her clit.

She moaned more. I lapped it over her pussy. My tongue went in. I swallowed. Mike really came today. Lots of sperm.

I glanced up. Both of them were playing with her breasts and nipples. He began to kiss her again. She was giving him lots of tongue. She paused to drink in the feeling and moan.

I kept eating the creampie I was given.

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