The day was warm and sunny, as we set out for our walk. Hand in hand we cross the road over the tracks and down behind a stand of trees. We sat to smoke a bowl after wards we stayed talking and laughing just enjoying being together. I leaned over and kissed you. As I pulled back you hold me in place with your hand on the back of my head. You keep kissing me light and playful. Your other hand comes up holding my tit pinching and pulling as best as you can though me top and bra. I moan and push myself into you hand wanting more. Breaking the kiss you let go saying “take off your top and bra baby”
I look around grin and slowing pull my top over my head. With great care i remove my bra as slowly as possible I work it down my arms before lets the cups fall way from my 40 DDD tits my nibbles harden and pucker as the breeze plays over them. You watch me like this for a few moments enjoy the look on my face before pulling my close to suck and tease my nipples my hands rest on the back of your head holding you close to my body. Moaning and softy crying out when you bite down on my sensitive peak.
“touch me baby” you whisper as you bring your hands up to cup my tits I slide my hand down and inside your shorts wrapping my fingers around your dick I slowly work my hand up and down squeezing at the base before moving my hand back up. As my hand reaches the head I rub my thumb over it working pre cum in to you skin as you moan and rock you hips up at my hand.
“ will you be a good girl and kiss it for daddy” you say pushing me to stand “and take off you jeans but leave your panties on.”
“yes daddy” I answer as I turn around bending over to pull my jeans down over my hips and ass slowing working them down my legs letting you get a nice view of my ass and pussy before standing up right and turning around to kocaeli escort bayan face you.
“very nice butterfly” now get over here and make daddy feel good” you say as you pull your short down and spread your legs before leaning back
“yes daddy” as I move between you legs I enjoy the feeling of the warm sun on my skin I wrap my hand around you again working it up and down over and over I move my hand over your shaft. Watching as pre cum glistens in the sun light
“kiss it” you demand. I do as my master asks and bend over you licking at the tip before sliding my mouth down you. moaning as the breeze blows over my hot wet pussy I spread my legs wider so the cool air can move easily more over my hot skin. I Continue to work your dick in and out of my mouth. Sucking as hard as I can I wrap my hand around the base squeezing and moving it up to meet my lips. im so hot and turn on I don’t hear the foot steps come up behind me. I don’t know there’s anyone else there until I feel I finger run up my wet pussy. I try to pull away from you wanting to cover my body but u hold tight to my head pushing more of you dick in my mouth as you say
“I was wondering how long you would watch my hot wife work my dick before you joined in”
“the man says “ was just enjoying the show” looking at his finger he adds “this one wet bitch. Mind if I have a taste, its been a while since I’ve had pussy on my tongue”
I try to say no. but you dick is down my throat. I cant even shake my head your holding me too tight. So I try to close my legs but the new comer step between them holding my knees apart with his legs saying “oh no you don’t little girl, this ol man wants to taste that hot wet pussy” again I try to wiggle away
“Do not close you legs butterfly, my new friend here wants a taste and I feel like sharing” you say kocaeli sınırsız escort letting go of my head before adding “ but do not open you eyes. And get back to work on my cock”
I tense up as I feel the new comer rip my panties off before laying down between my legs. Using his hands he holds my lips open before shoving his tongue inside me moaning he pulls away saying “ damn she tastes good.” I moan too and lower my pussy to his face it feel so good he laugh befor sucking my clit in to his mouth making me cry out as I work your cock in and out my mouth faster and suck it in deeper “that’s a good girl you say Be nice to daddies new friend, oh yeah that’s it baby work daddys dick while he eats you out” at your words I cum the man sucks at my pussy drinking my juices down he kisses the inside of my thigh before standing up behind me. I again I tense up as he pushing a finger inside “fuck she has a tight little pussy on her. Mind if I take it for a ride” I raise my head eyes closed shut and whisper “ no daddy please don’t let him fuck me”
“Open your eyes butterfly but look only at me” I do as you ask. Soon as my eyes are looking in to yours begging you not to let him. You answer “ yes fuck her good and hard”
The new comer gives me no time to move or beg he rushes forward and pushing his whole dick deep in my pussy I cry out as I feel his legs touch the back of my thighs I know he is in I can feel him hitting off the deepest walls inside me. It hurts I don’t thinking he could get any deep but has he grabs my hips pulling me back on him sinking inside me even more I cry out and try to move away from him. But he wont let me.
You smile and say “ that’s it baby take all of his dick“. you push at my head say “ no show daddy how much you like having two dicks at once. izmit anal yapan escort Make me cum. And remember do not open your eyes again”
With the new comer fucking me hard and fast I suck you deep gagging as you hit the back of my throat I feel your hand in my hair and you push more of your dick in, now both your hands are in my hair as you fuck my face and the new comer fucks in to my pussy I have no choice but to hold on and let you both do as you please. Im so turned on I cum over and over
“ damn I didn’t think she could get any tight but every time she cums it feels like she is sucking me in deeper”
You moan and answer back “ yeah ive trained her to do that. Feels like yes that cunt of hers is gonna milk the cum out of you don’t it”
“fuck yeah he says adding. It be ok if I cum in her?”
“cum in her all you want you answer back”
You fuck my face as hard as he is fucking my pussy. Soon you both push in deep and I feel his cum enter my pussy seconds before your cum shoots down my throat I gag and moan cumming harder then u both.
“Lick me clean” you say. As the new comer continues to fuck me with this softing cock. Once I have you all clean he slips out and you move me to him saying “say thank you butterfly for that good fucking you just got. And remember you manners, just do not open your eyes”
Keeping my eyes closed I look up saying “ thank your for fucking my pussy, may I lick you clean. I open my mouth and soon as his dick touches my lips I start licking and sucking the juices off him when he is clean he pulls from my mouth saying
“ thanks Jw its been fun. Your sure were right she is a good fuck”
Laughing you answer back “ any time buddy”
My head comes up as I realise you set this up but I do not open my eyes I stay on my knees as I hear you walking away with the new comer soon you return pulling me to my feet you say “ you can open those beautiful eyes now baby girl. Smiling I do as you say “ I love you. Thank for you this ” I say
You help me get dressed and we head for home hand in hand.

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