My Wife-to-be Received The Cane

Anna Bell

Mike knew his wife since they were at school together. She’d been the most striking of girls, and there wasn’t a boy in the school who wouldn’t have relished calling her their partner. Melissa had been seventeen and he was just a couple of months her junior.They were both been captains of their houses, very popular with their peers and teachers alike. Although he’d never dated Melissa, she captivated him and he often imagined thrusting his cock inside her pussy while he was wanking in bed.Melissa was strikingly beautiful, very charismatic and most of the school thought they would love to fuck her. Everybody told them they made a perfect couple and looked good together. They occasionally kissed and held hands on several occasions but they had never been on a real date.It was near the end of term when they made their fatal decision. Mike asked her if she would like to see the film Al Capone with him at their local picture house. Melissa told Mike as the term had nearly ended they could get their mark, play truant, and no one would be any the wiser.He reminded her if the school kaçak iddaa discovered they had gone awol, the head would deal with them harshly, so they would have to be extra vigilant. The punishment at their school was the cane and truancy always resulted in the ultimate penalty.Mike had been the recipient of the cane when he was in the second year and certainly did not want to feel that stick striking his bum again. Melissa was full of bravado, never felt the pain of stinging palms after being thrashed. She thought the chance of anyone seeing them had been virtually non-existent while they were at the pictures anyway.Melissa told Mike that if they got caught, so what. Melissa was not afraid of caning, as several of her friends had the experience and lived to tell the tale. She thought to herself she often wondered what a caning would be like and was not afraid to discover if the head became aware of their discretion.It had been sod’s law one of the dinner ladies was sitting behind them in the pictures. She also saw they were smoking as well as playing truant. She told the kaçak bahis Headmaster what she witnessed and they were summoned to his study. It did not take them long after a temporary denial to realise the game was up. Mr James told them he would be caning Mike and called the girls’ head, Miss Michaels to deal with Melissa. He added that only their unblemished record saved them from expulsion as he was disgusted at their behaviour.He explained he thought seeing each other punished would emphasise that breaking rules would always have severe consequences. The Headmaster caned Mike first, six stingers across his backside that left him with tears in his eyes. The stinging was excruciating, but he managed to take the punishment stoically without jumping up or crying out.Then poor Melissa received her punishment, six strokes of the cane three on each hand and she reacted quite differently from Mike. She screamed and cried out for her mum to help her as the cane bit into her tender flesh. Melissa had thrown back her head and stamped her feet, begging Miss Michaels to stop as the cane illegal bahis struck her palms.Miss Michaels told Melissa to stop acting like a child and take her punishment as a senior should. It had been the severest thrashing Mike ever witnessed.Mike thought to himself that Melissa had not been so brave now she experienced what a caning entailed. When her thrashing finished she’d been a total wreck and blew on her palms and rubbed them together, trying to relieve the intense pain. He knew she would never be blase about the cane again.He felt sorry for her but at the same time became aroused at the sight of Melissa holding her hands out and watching the cane striking those lovely palms. His cock jumped straight to attention as it turned as hard as steel and he wanted to fuck Melissa so much he was in pain.When their punishment finished the head told them they could go home and come back the following day. He added he was sorry they were caned but it was far better than being expelled and thoroughly deserved.They hurried straight to the toilets and the distressed Melissa had put her stinging palms under the cold tap to try and cool her damaged palms. Mike had selected a cubical in the gents and dabbed cold water onto his punished bum to help relieve the stinging pain he felt.

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