Nancy Controls Her Household Ch. 04


This story involves incest, spanking and other punishments as well as several bodily functions, including menstruation. If any of that offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. This story will likely make more sense if you first read the first three chapters first because events here do refer back to what occurred in those chapters.

Meg and Keith returned from their vacation refreshed and more happily in love than ever. They arrived late one afternoon and found Keith’s mother, Nancy, greeting them with a dinner she had prepared, and Meg’s two class aides, Glenda and Maryann, also on hand to welcome them.

Meg asked Maryann and Glenda how Nancy, of whom they had been in charge during the time Meg and Keith were away, had behaved. The two young women, both 22, had been asked by Meg, who was their professor at the university, to undertake as graduate students this monitoring as a special project.

Maryann answered with a smile that Nancy had been a good girl. Although Nancy did wince to herself at that humiliating reference, she was also very pleased that the young women had given her dominant daughter-in-law a good report on her behavior. Keith excused himself as he didn’t want to participate in this review of his mother’s conduct. He agreed with Meg’s supervision of her after Nancy had welcomed the couple to living in her house by dominating them totally until Meg turned the tables on her and took over, with Keith.

Now that Keith was gone, Meg said with a smile that they could discuss this as “girls together.” She further embarrassed Nancy by asking Maryann and Glenda whether Nancy’s toilet behavior was acceptable.

“Nancy started out with a few failed panty inspections, Meg,” Maryann began, “but after we whipped her each time, she began paying more attention to her anal hygiene. We also had to punish her for disobeying your order that she use pads for her period. She was caned for using a tampon.”

“Tsk, tsk,” Meg snapped. “You’ve been a bad girl in some ways, Nancy.:

“She really turned around during the week, Meg,” Glenda now chimed in. “After the first few times, we did not need to discipline her again. Maryann and I will give you a complete written report.”

“It sounds like you both performed quite well,” Meg complimented the younger women. “And as for you, Nancy,” she went on, “I’m quite unhappy that they needed to punish you for having a dirty bottom and defying my order regarding your period.”

“I forgot about the tampon,” Nancy pleaded gently, “and I apologize for being careless in wiping my bottom-hole,” she now blushed.

“A dirty anal area is disgraceful in a girl of your age,” Meg chided her. “Did you decide to give her an enema?” she asked Maryann and Glenda. They nodded in the negative.

“Well, you’re going to get one now, Nancy,” Meg announced. “Let’s go into my bathroom.”

When they arrived there, Nancy was summarily ordered to get down on her knees and bend over the tub. Meg flipped up her skirt and lowered her white panties to below her bottom. Then she took out the pink enema bag and filled it at the sink with warm water and a bit of soap powder. She attached the hose and nozzle and bent down behind her mother-in-law’s bared bottom.

Meg took a dab of vaseline and with her finger, inserted it into Nancy’s anus. Then she lubed the nozzle tip and gently pushed that into Nancy’s anal ring. When it was secure, she released the clamp on the bag and watched the warm water flow into Nancy’s rectum and colon.

Nancy showed some discomfort at the water pouring into her bowels but retained her composure. After the bag was emptied, Meg pulled a butt plug from her handbag and slowly inserted it into Nancy’s bottom-hole. Nancy felt relieved that she had the plug wedged in her bottom-hole although that was uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it ensured she would not fail to retain the enema solution.

The pressure began to build while Meg was emptying the contents of the bag into Nancy’s rectum. Nancy was embarrassed but managed to plead to be allowed to expel. Meg decided it would be good humiliation for Nancy and excellent training for Maryann and Glenda to observe the expulsion.

After having Nancy retain for several minutes, Meg had her position herself over the toilet and reached under her from the rear and gently extracted the plug. It took a few seconds for Nancy to begin to expel the solution. Once it started, it came out fast and the two women could see that it was brownish liquid and smelled to high heaven.

“Looks like you definitely needed to make a doody, Miss Nancy,” Meg commented to her distraught mother-in-law.

Nancy felt totally humiliated as the enema kept pouring in dribs and drabs now from her bottom-hole. She was also offended by the smell she was making and was ashamed that everyone knew it was emanating from her.

Once it was obvious that she had finished expelling, Meg told her to wipe herself thoroughly, which she did. Maryann and Glenda could see how soiled the toilet paper ulus escort became and Nancy once more felt wildly embarrassed.

Meg now suggested that Nancy could pull up her panties and go relax in her own bedroom. Nancy did exactly that and left the scene of her shaming as rapidly as she could.

Meg smiled at her two aides and cordially invited them to share a drink. Since everyone was in their 20’s, she didn’t feel she was behaving irresponsibly. She mixed some cocktails in the kitchen, deciding after discussing the matter with her guests that Manhattans were the preferred or most acceptable choice of all.

They discussed the upcoming course the young women would be assisting Meg in giving. Meg asked them if they were happy in their personal lives. Both were willing to say that they had had boyfriends but that at present, they were uninvolved.

“I do hope you find someone compatible, whether that be a he or a she,” Meg posited. Then she smiled and asked if they would like to retire with her to her bedroom. Both immediately accepted happily.

Once there, the three lay down on Meg’s massive bed. They had swiftly taken off their blouses and skirts, flipped off their shoes and now Meg had them all cuddle together. She asked them if they had enjoyed their time with Nancy.

“She was all right, especially since you had given us quite a lot of authority over her,” Maryann responded.

“I’m amazed, Professor, at how you managed to reverse things here as regards your relationship with her,” Glenda observed.

“I’ll have to introduce you to my husband soon,” Meg suggested, “because he had a lot to do with how we approached dealing with his mother. I expect him to be back any time. If you don’t object, I will invite him to join us here.”

Maryann and Glenda hesitated for a second, then said, “Are you sure you want him in with us? Would you be unhappy if either or both of us got it on with him?”

“We’re ok with that stuff,” Meg assured them. “Keith and I love each other dearly. But we also enjoy playing with others whom we find compatible.”

“Let us make you feel good, Meg,” Maryann urged. Glenda also noted that she was on board with Maryann.

They then unhooked Meg’s nice bra, releasing her 34B orbs, which they fondled and kissed. Glenda took one side, Maryann the other, and they slid Meg’s matching panties down and off. Now Maryann bent over between Meg’s spread legs and began to lick her.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Meg sighed, “I think I need some of this. Keith and I exhausted ourselves in the water, swimming and snorkeling and kayaking.”

Glenda giggled at Meg’s description of what sounded like a low-sex getaway. Then she unhooked her own bra and slipped her panties down and off. Maryann followed suit.

Meg was getting closer and closer to orgasming as Maryann licked her between the legs. Glenda began fondling Meg’s breasts and teasing her nipples.

Suddenly Meg jerked up and clearly had had a huge orgasm. She kept on going as Maryann and Glenda stroked her most sensitive places until she pleaded with them to stop.

As she came down from her glorious cum, she gazed into Maryann’s eyes and drew her close and kissed her deeply. She was lying on her back and she got Maryann to position herself sitting over her. Now Maryann’s dark-haired pussy was staring Meg right in the face. Meg brought her hands up to softly caress Maryann’s now puffed-up labia and barely touch the extended clit that poked from her vulva.

Glenda lay behind Maryann and applied her tongue to her fellow grad student’s dainty little anal rosette. Glenda pushed a slim finger into Maryann’s anus and thrust her digit in and out of Maryann’s bottom hole.

Meg bent forward so she could apply her tongue to Maryann’s pussy. Maryann was now being stimulated on both her front and back openings; she began to move her bottom as she felt herself being ever more agitated.

Just as she reached orgasm and began to explode from inside, Keith quietly walked into the bedroom and gazed upon the three women entwined on the bed.

Meg saw him and invited him to disrobe. She told him that Maryann and Glenda had made her feel very welcomed back here at home. Once he had shed his clothing, the women gazed at his lean form and large appendage.

Glenda smiled and said, “I claim the first contact because you two have both cum already.” Meg nodded her assent to both Keith and Glenda. Glenda then lay down next to Meg and brazenly opened her gorgeous legs to expose the blonde light hairs on her pussy.

Her “come hither” look combined with her shiny blonde tresses excited Keith so that he now was hard and placed himself over Glenda while holding himself above her with his hands and arms. Glenda wrapped her arms around him and enjoyed his pressing on her 36C boobs.

Keith kissed Glenda and kept the kiss going while he reached down to gently insinuate his fingers between Glenda’s sopping labia. He softly ran his finger up and down them and touched her clit, stirring yenimahalle escort an immediate reaction from Glenda, who felt the touch quickly pass through her to her core.

Glenda grinned at Keith and she didn’t need to tell him that she wanted him inside her right then.

Keith grinned back and after pushing his finger into her and feeling how wet her cunt had become, he lined up his cock and gently pressed it right into her wide-open hole. They began to fuck aggressively: Keith’s thrusts were matched by Glenda’s abdominal crunches. Maryann was amazed at how long they kept this up until Glenda shouted out her glee as she orgasmed, and Keith ejaculated deep inside her. It took a while for the two to calm down.

Meanwhile, Maryann was helped by Meg to lie down next to Glenda on the couple’s massive bed as Meg clambered up to lie between Maryann’s spread legs and start applying her most talented tongue to Maryann’s open vulva, cute little clit, and wet vagina.

Meg knew how to fire up a girl and she was just as effective as when she stimulated her husband before they fucked. Her fingers penetrated Maryann’s vaginal opening and Maryann responded immediately to the fingering in her quim. Meg upped the ante by reaching under and playing with Maryann’s pretty anal rosette, letting her forefinger press past the tight little anal ring into Maryann’s probably virgin rectum.

This cranked Maryann up to her own surprise and she was now bucking and writhing and went into a series of orgasms that had Meg, Glenda, and Keith focused on her.

“Wow,” Maryann managed to murmur as she regained consciousness, “you really know how to get a girl going, Meg.” Now she felt slightly embarrassed by her display of eroticism.

“Oh, sweetie,” Meg said as she held her tight on the bed, “you are such a wonderful friend.”

As the four were resting comfortably on the bed, the door opened, and Nancy appeared.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Nancy quickly murmured as she moved to depart as quickly as she entered.

But Meg quickly motioned to her to come in.

When she did, looking confused and worried, Meg told her not to be upset or concerned.

“All you did, sweetie,” she said warmly to Nancy, “was arrive just after some of us had been extremely happy here.”

Nancy’s face turned red because she realized she had almost interrupted them in flagrante.

Pointing to Keith and Glenda, Meg smoothly announced, “They were fucking” and then to Maryann and herself, “and we were sucking.”

Nancy was confused now and thought Meg might be setting her up.

“You can play a part in this, Nancy,” she said calmly.

“Come over here next to the bed,” Meg ordered. “Now lift up your skirt.”

Nancy proceeded to follow Meg’s order and lifted her short skirt—Meg liked to make her wear short skirts—and exposed her full-sized white panties.

“Ok,” Meg commented, “now pull those panties right down below your knees.”

Nancy couldn’t resist a grimace as she now exposed her pubes and her cunt.

“She has a nice cunt for a lady her age, doesn’t she, ladies?” Meg asked archly.

Glenda rose to the invitation and said Nancy was very attractive “down there.”

Keith had become hard again and with his finger, he summoned his mother to stand beside him. Then he stood and pointed to his place on the bed and Nancy lay down on her back. Keith then reached down, slipped her panties all the way off, and also removed her nice pale tan shoes.

He then mounted her, reached down to check if she was wet, found that she was, and slowly penetrated her vaginal opening with his hard cock.

Nancy was embarrassed for the two young women to see her being fucked by her grown son. But once Keith was inside her vaginal vault, she started to feel so much better. She was growing comfortable with regular fucking with her son. His wife had taken over and Nancy was now the submissive, but she also had developed some deep feelings, she began calling it love, for her daughter-in-law, who had recognized that Nancy needed Keith.

She also accepted the fact that few wives would be as generous with their husbands as Meg was in allowing Keith to have it off with her. Nancy knew she was not in prime condition anymore. She hadn’t entered even perimenopause yet and figured she had some good years still in front of her.

Fucking with Keith was just pure pleasure. He had a nicer and larger cock than her late husband. He also showed her that he truly loved her as a mother and as a lover. She was delighted that he could love her as a lover while still adoring his wife. Nancy felt she was even pleased with and accepting being disciplined by Meg. Somehow it seemed to make sense to her.

Glenda decided that Meg had opened everything up so much that she might see if she and Keith, and Nancy too, were open to some play. She grinned at Meg and said, “I’m beginning to think, Meg, that you and Keith, and Nancy, too, need your babysitter to step in here because you have all been eryaman escort encouraging this incestuous behavior.”

Affecting the manner of an older teacher or other authority, she adopted a serious mien and continued, “I’ve found that those who misbehave in the way you three have do need to be severely disciplined and I hope you recognize that now, too. It’s high time you submitted to some recompense for your naughtiness.”

Meg smiled and decided to go along with Glenda’s daring foray.

“You’re right that we have misbehaved,” she admitted to her grad student aide now turned potential disciplinarian. “And I suppose we have set a poor example for someone Nancy’s age to encourage her to join us in this bad conduct.”

“Are you prepared to take charge and put us through our paces to eliminate this naughtiness?” Meg asked, as if she were a young unsophisticated woman caught in a nasty act.

“I certainly am, Meg,” Glenda said in a very serious voice. Pointing to a row of chairs along the wall of the bedroom, she ordered, “All three of you now get up and kneel up on the seats of those chairs so I can discipline you appropriately. And you will all call me Miss or Miss Glenda while you are being disciplined.”

Nancy and Keith were surprised, and a bit put out with this young woman calling them out for their enjoyment in their copulating. Nancy actually began to feel ashamed that she had allowed her son such liberties. But she was torn by how much pleasure she had gained from her joyous sex with Keith. Meg did have a submissive side to her nature and thought she would enjoy having Glenda give her a going-over.

The three did now stand and ashamedly walk over to the chairs Glenda had specified. They were naked and climbed up onto the seat and knelt on the seat facing the wall. Their bare bottoms were now on display to Glenda and also to Maryann who was watching intently, amazed at her friend’s daring gesture had managed to get the three older people to submit to Glenda’s will.

Glenda picked up the small thin cane that Meg had given her to use in punishing Nancy. She swished it through the air and came up behind Nancy. She humiliatingly ordered the middle-aged woman to spread her legs more.

“We need to see your protruding naughty cunt, Nancy,” Glenda snapped. “I want you to tell me that you have been naughty with your cunt and that it needs to be punished.”

As in a trance, Nancy responded that she indeed had been a very naughty girl and that Miss was correct in telling her that her cunt needed to be whipped.

“And you, Keith,” Glenda moved on to stand behind him, “you have stuffed that imposing cock into your mother’s dirty cunt. You need to be disciplined, too, don’t you?” she asked as she poked the cane between his legs and touched his scrotum and ran it up his cock.

“Yes, Miss, you did catch me fucking my mother and I know I deserve for you to punish me,” Keith said modestly.

“Megan,” Glenda said in a sterner tone, “you have generally been in charge and have encouraged this bad behavior.” She poked the cane between Meg’s legs and tapped it on her clit, making Meg squirm.

“You deserve to be punished more severely than the others,” Glen continued.

“Yes, Miss,” Meg answered, “I do.”

Now Glenda stood behind Nancy and proceeded to flick the cane three times across her broad bottom: once in the middle, once at the top, and lastly at the base of her bottom. That last stroke was the strongest and the one that hurt the most because the area was the most sensitive. Nancy screamed after that third stroke.

Glenda now insinuated the cane in the gap below Nancy’s crotch created by her spread legs. She gently snapped the cane up so that it struck in between her spread, protruding labia. Nancy screamed and reached to touch her vulva, but Glenda ordered her to keep her hands at her sides. Nancy was crying.

Glenda moved and gave Keith three strokes similarly on his bottom. She tapped the cane then between his legs on the base of his scrotal sac. He flinched and cried out.

“Oh, what a baby!” she commented with deprecating scorn. Then she tapped the cane gently on his shaft. This time he didn’t cry out, as there was no pain, but she knew how frightened he was that she would cane his cock.

Then she came to Meg. “Megan, you have been the ringleader, the superior domme, so you will be shown what happens to big girls who are naughty.”

Glenda stepped back, drew the cane back from Meg’s bare bottom, and gave her two stinging strokes across the middle of her white bottom. Meg grunted, but somehow managed to hold position and not scream despite the hurt the strokes produced.

Glenda proceeded to give her two more sets of two strokes each on the top and then base of her bottom, near the crease. By the last of these, Meg was indeed screaming.

Then Glenda delivered two crisscross strokes diagonally across the others and now Meg was yelling. Nancy and Keith consoled their wounds but considering that they were luckier than Meg.

Maryann had not been sitting still during the punishment’s being administered. She had prepared for the next stage. In the bathroom she had sliced six sleek soap stocks from a bar of soap. Then she placed them in a bowl of warm water and brought them in to Glenda.

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