Subject: Naturist Campsite 5 This story has no element of truth in it, although I wish it had. If you enjoy it please consider a donation to Nifty. The address fty.html ——————— After Jean and his family had left for home George had shown me a cutting in the woods that had some tree trunks arranged in a triangle. We’d had a bit of fun together then but we were hoping to George was hoping to see a few more of his friends aroused and enjoying each other there later in the day. I saw the group of boys going down to the beach together, all naked, of course, as we were staying on a naturist campsite. There must have been eight or nine of them, ranging in age from ten to about fifteen. It was great seeing such a number of boys cheerfully chatting to each other being completed unphased by being naked. I enjoyed watching their butts wiggling as they walked away from me and it was cute the way a couple of them had their hands round each other’s waists. One of these boys put his hand into the other’s butt crack and there were big grins on both their faces when they turned to each other. They disappeared along the path that went through the wood to the beach. After about ten minutes I followed them down to the beach. They had taken over the volleyball court and were engrossed in a game. I sat a little way off and watched them. My eyes went straight to George, who I really adored. He was about to serve and I could see his flaccid dick and beautiful balls clearly. He was quite lean with shortish brown hair on his head that was duplicated around his penis. He raised his arm to hit the ball � no armpit hair – and it flew over the net. The boys on that side won the point and on the game went. There were three other boys on George’s side. One of them looked the oldest in the group, with a mature body and the beginnings of a six-pack. He was very darky tanned with smooth legs and body. He had jet black hair and a thick bush of similarly coloured pubes. His balls hung down a lot and swung around as he ran. However, his dick was short, nowhere near reaching the bottom of his ball sack. Another one of George’s team was definitely not into puberty yet. He was thin and short without any sign of hair anywhere except his head, and this was cut very short. I had to look carefully to see his dick, but he definitely had one even though it wasn’t very pronounced. Had he had any sex experience I wondered. The final boy on this team looked about the same age as George (13), was about the same height and had the same nicely tanned body. He was a blonde with flowing long hair and his dick and balls seemed somewhat “full” � a thickish shaft with almost spherical nuts underneath. From the distance I was I couldn’t see whether he had pubes, but if he had there weren’t very many. The groups changed sides so I guessed they were going to start another game. It would give me a chance to enjoy the details of the other team, but as George had told me they usually played two games I just feasted my eyes for a few minutes before moving off to be ready for them in the woods. I crouched down where we agreed, about four metres away from the triangle of tree muğla escort trunks and waited in the heat of the late afternoon. A little later four of the boys came down the path; better than nobody but I’d hoped for more. They stopped by the tree trunks and two of them put their arms round each other’s shoulders. George, one of the four, commented that they looked cute, suggesting jokingly that they should kiss. The two boys mocked him saying that that was a gay thing to say, and then turned towards each other and pulled together for a cheek kiss. They then started grinding their hips together sexily. “Is that what you had in mind, George?” one of them said as they moved apart. I couldn’t help but notice that one of their dicks was already hard. “No, like this” he replied and went up to the one with a boner and slipped his tongue into his mouth. His arms were round his shoulders and he let one hand drift down to his butt and put a finger into his crack. The boy who hadn’t seen any action yet, one of the younger volleyball players who was probably around eleven and completely hairless, started fiddling with his dick. “Hey, what are you doing? Paul’s got a massive boner.” It was true; the boy who had got hard (actually George’s was lifting now as well) had gone from about two inches to six and it looked out of proportion to the rest of his body. “Group hug” shouted Paul and the other two boys joined in with the kissers. “Hey, mate!” There was a shout behind me. I’d been enjoying the start of what looked as though it was going to be a real sexy show and hadn’t heard two more boys arriving from a different direction, carrying a bag each. They had seen me as I had knelt up to see the others better. They dropped their bags and ran the last few metres over to me. The big boy I’d seen on the volleyball court told me to stand up and I was marched by both of them to where the other boys were. “This man was spying on you” he shouted. This was not going according to plan. It’s amazing how quick an erection can disappear when you’re caught. “OK, OK, Phillippe” George said. “This is a set up. John here is a friend of mine and I thought we could have some fun with him. We agreed he should hide over there, but didn’t expect anyone to find him. You guys OK with this?” They all looked at each other, not sure. “Come on, Andr�, you said you wanted to see a man hard even though we all see soft adult dicks all the time.” It turned out that Andr� was the blonde from the volleyball game. “Come on, get the bags and let’s have a drink.” The oldest boy let go of me and said to Andr� that if he’d known he would have got hard for him. “OK, you’ve got a nice dick, but look at that man’s! I want to see both of you with boners.” “I’ll go and get those bags and we can all have some fun.” George gave everyone a coke and a chocolate bar from the bags and we all had a drink. The tension evaporated and I waited for someone to take the lead. “Everyone sit on that tree trunk except John” said George. “John you face us and I think we should let Andr� have the first go with you.” They did as they were told and Andr� came up to me rather shyly, staring muş escort at my dick. He was obviously thinking the right things because I could see his beautifully tanned penis rising up in anticipation. Even at this close range I was not sure whether he had any pubes, but my overriding thought was that this sexy boy with a rod sticking out in front of him was about to touch me. Very gently he felt my balls, thoughtfully moving to the side so that his friends could see, and then moved my dick up away from them. We could all see me growing and it was great seeing the smile on Andr�’s face as it did. “Can I pull your skin back?” he whispered. “You can do anything you like with it” I replied. He knelt down and slowly retracted the skin and then put it back. “This is great! I don’t know what else to do” “Give him a wank” said the youngest boy. “I’ve only seen my brother’s cum”. “Give him head” said the oldest boy. “What’s that?” asked Andr�. “I’ll show you.” He got up, knelt in front of Andr� and started licking his dick. He put his head on one side so he could get round the outside of it with his tongue, and then in went the tip of Andr�’s cock into his mouth. “Get the idea? Make sure you don’t use your teeth, though”. “Wow that’s great!” Andr� gasped. Reluctantly the older boy withdrew his mouth and Andr� started licking my shaft. I was surprised that he said he’d not done it before, because he easily made me feel very good. After a bit I was close to cumming, but he had got a bit bored and stopped, so I suggested he finished me off with his hand. It wasn’t long before there were spurts of white liquid from my penis and a big grin from ear to ear from Andr�. “Wow, look what I’ve done!” he cried out. I didn’t point out that it was actually me that had cum… I said that it was only fair for me to do him next. I looked around for approval from the rest, all of whom were very hard now and a couple of them were wanking. I noticed the two boys who had kissed were now stroking each other � they’d obviously done that before. I told Andr� to lie on his back on one of the logs, and his hard dick fell back on to his stomach. For the first time I could see that in fact he did have a few pubes, but they were almost invisible against his tanned skin. I wondered whether he could spurt yet but decided not to ask him; it would be a nice surprise either way. I started on his ball sack. I licked the underside and then gently put each ball in my mouth in turn, using my tongue to feel. He tasted salty and the smell around his gear was intoxicating. As I was playing with them his skin rode back right in my line of sight. His tip was a dark purple and I was so excited about the prospect of putting it in my mouth. I left his balls and went straight to the tip. My tongue found its way all round his tip, from the piss slit to the bottom ridge. He groaned in appreciation when I got to the sensitive ridge so I stayed there playing with it, first with my tongue and then sucking it. His legs bent up involuntarily as I caressed his dick and he was obviously enjoying the experience. Suddenly there was a sharp intake of his breath and a squirt of nevşehir escort liquid hit the inside of my mouth. I gently clasped my lips around his cock as more liquid came out. A few seconds later, when he had calmed down, I released his dick and opened my mouth to show him his cum. He put on another of his beautiful grins. I then showed the contents of my mouth to everyone else. To my surprise, the oldest boy, Phillippe, came across and gave me a kiss, stealing some of the cum. “Andr� enjoyed that, didn’t he?” he said. “But I want to be a real man and have you inside me.” “You want my dick up your arse?” I double-checked. “It might hurt. Have you been fucked before?” “I might have had a few small ones up there and it was cool. I want to feel what it’s like to have a full-size cock up there.” “OK, then, you’re on.” I looked around at all the naked boys and guessed there wasn’t any lube around. “Come on, lads, you’ve gotta help. I need more cum to make it easier to enter Phillippe”. George came over and started wanking me. “No, I’ll need that inside him; you other boys need to cum. I need your juice.” Four of them started rubbing their hard dicks and judging by the moaning it wasn’t going to be long before they would oblige. “Squirt on to my cock when you cum. Doesn’t matter if it’s not much; every little helps.” What a sight seeing these boys enjoying themselves, knowing they were going to cum over me, which they did. There wasn’t much from most of them, but Paul, one of the boys who had done the cuddling earlier, produced a very big load, thick and creamy rather than a liquid spurt. The grinning boys saw me rub their cum over my dick and then I told Phillippe to kneel on all fours. I climbed on top of him and put my sticky penis at his entrance. I pushed the tip in and waited for him to get used to it. I like the feeling of just having my sensitive cockhead inside, so I was in no great hurry to proceed. In went a little more and I was surprised that he shouted out “Go for it, John. All the way. Please” I was more than happy to oblige, and push the rest in. I gave him a few seconds then started fucking him properly. I hope I was fairly gentle, but I felt I wasn’t in complete control. It was a good job I had recently cum, otherwise I would have only lasted a few seconds, but I think I gave him a good fuck. As I was about to cum Phillippe sprayed a lot of jizz out front, and that took me over the top. Wow! Phillippe cried out how much he had enjoyed it and he was amazed that he’d come without touching his dick. All the other boys clapped and cheered loudly, but I warned them not to make too much noise as others might come. One of the boys whose name I did not know, with a reasonable spattering of hairs and a raging boner, said “So what, I want to do this with more guys.” I reluctantly pointed out that not everyone would think what we were doing was a good thing to do in public. I’m not sure he was convinced, though. “Right guys, you all smell of sex � I love it � but I don’t think your parents will be pleased. Why don’t you all run back to the beach and have a swim to wash off? Perhaps chat about sport first so your cocks can go down.” “This has been great, mate,” one of them said, “Thanks. I want to play again soon. Let’s go go back for a swim now. Never mind our boners” and they all ran off excitedly. I just hoped their dicks deflated before they met anyone…

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