Naughty Nadia, she was Knot like other girls.


Naughty Nadia, she was Knot like other girls.She’s a good looking girl – slim and petite, with long straight black hair, olive skin, and a smile that looks like it was created for dental advertising. She’s almost playful in the way that she moves and talks, but between the jokes, the laughs, and the enthusiasm, there are brief moments where her mask slips and her true face shows through. It’s the surface that’s happy, beneath that, she’s miserable. Her accent is South London, flavoured with just a hint of Croatian, the price for being raised by immigrant parents.“Allo. My name is Nadia Mitrovic. I’m 27 years old. I’m from Sutton, in South London, in England. (pause whilst a prompt comes from off camera) And I’m a secretary at the head office of a major insurance company.”We interview her on her lunch-hour, sitting on a bench with a large office building in the background. She’s wearing a sensible women’s two-piece business suit and blouse, plus two inch heels. Her hair is tied back in a pony-tail, which is pulled forward over her shoulder. She toys with the loose ends as she talks – putting a few strands in the corner of her mouth to chew on when she has to think.“I’ve wanted to do it for years… It’s a big turn on. Everyone else thinks it’s disgusting and perverted. I think the same thing really, but that’s why I like it. Just the idea of doing something so dirty gets me wet.”Have you tried anything like this before?“No, I’ve always been too scared of something going wrong. I’ve never taken the chance.”What first attracted you to it?“It’s a funny story this one… My boss, he’s a real perv. He keeps signing up to porno sites from his computer – but he doesn’t know that I get a copy of every email he gets, so that I can log all his mail. So I get access codes sent to me for all the websites he signs up to. I’ve been there for years – and one of the first emails I get is from b** – and I look, and he’s got premium membership, so I can see everything… And like I said, I’m shocked, and disgusted, and turned-on… And I keep looking, and downloading all the time – and he’s got no clue that I’m sitting outside his office getting more turned-on by his b********y membership than he probably is. When he sees this I don’t know if he’ll be more embarrassed that I know he’s on there, or more frustrated that I’m out here touching myself and he doesn’t know.”Does your husband know?“No… I wouldn’t know how to tell him.”So… Why ‘come out of the closet’ now?“I’m not happy… My parents, right, my parents were Serbians living in Croatia, and they managed to escape the war and bring me here for a better life when I was a baby… I’ve taken everything for granted.. I didn’t work at school, I ended up getting a job I don’t even like, I’m married – and he’s nice and treats me well and all that, but, uh, I don’t feel like that’s forever… I basically don’t think I’ve done enough with my life. And I want to start again… Then I was on b**stforum and I saw the ad for your show – and bingo, here I am… Couldn’t resist. I know this’ll change everything. Everyone will treat me different. I’ll have to do things differently.”We cut to a shot of her standing right infront of the doors to her work. The company name/logo perfectly framed behind her but blanked out after we received some strong legal advice.She speaks direct to camera with a quite cheerful tone.‘My name is Nadia Mitrovic and I need to suck and fuck a dog.’And then she turns and almost skips back into work, her round bottom wiggling as she goes. This one is going to be fun!A week later and it’s time for Nadia’s ‘date’. We meet her leaning on the bonnet of her (second hand) BMW, talking direct to camera. She is wearing a white, too-tight t-shirt, and what appears to be a Wonderbra izmir escort bayan beneath giving her firmer, rounder boobs than before; her skintight blue jeans show off her wide hips (she’s slightly pear shaped), and knee length boots. Her hair is loose over her shoulders, and she’s wearing large sunglasses and too much make-up. It’s almost as if she’s trying to hide her identity. Second thoughts?“Not second thoughts… No… But I won’t deny I’m feeling a little bit nervous. The closer I got, the less excited I was and the more scared I got.” A pause. “This is a big thing for me.”It’s not too late to back out…“No. I’m not backing out. Not when I’m so close.” She looks to the side and we pan to show that she’s parked in the street outside Rob’s home in Oldham.Are you excited? She nods.Are you turned on? She smiles and nods.Shall we step inside? She pauses, smiles nervously, and nods.Nadia heads up the driveway on foot. We follow, enjoying that wonderfully round behind squeezed into those tight jeans. The front door opens and Rob greets Nadia, who greets him with an air-kiss on both cheeks, then steps inside.Minutes later, Nadia is sitting on the couch in the lounge room. Rob’s big hairy Alsatian, Vader, is sitting on the couch next to her, panting away with his huge tongue hanging out, looking slightly puzzled.Rob speaks up. “I think he’s a bit confused. I usually tell ladies to wear a dress or a skirt, but with her wearing jeans he’s probably not sure what she is. He won’t be able to smell as much.”Nadia’s face is blank as she strokes Vader’s back and shoulders with a hint of sympathy. She struggles to force a smile as she says, “That makes two of us a bit confused… I’m not sure why I’m here anymore…”Maybe if you take off your jeans he’ll have a better idea of why you’re here, and you might remember too…She remains emotionless as she unzips and pulls off her boots, then stands and unbuttons her jeans. Wriggling them over her hips, down her thighs, over her knees and her large calves, and pulling them off her feet. She throws them onto the arm of the couch and pauses. Looking at the dog and smiling a little as he jumps off the couch and starts to sniff at her crotch. “Now he knows what’s going on…” She giggles nervously.She’s small next to the dog – not the smallest we’ve seen, but a small woman all the same. Maybe 5’3”. Slim but not skinny. Big hips, round behind and strong legs, but not fat. She pulls the gusset of her panties to one side and lets the dog sniff at her. He likes what he smells and moves closer to inspect – with his tongue. She shivers and staggers backwards with a giggle.Kev suggests that she remove her panties, sit on the couch – then lean back, spread her legs and let Vader help her relax… She takes his advice. Panties off to reveal a hairy pussy. Sits on the couch, legs wide apart with a hand over her pussy and leans back. Get’s comfortable, and then – nervously – moves her hand away to reveal a set of the meatiest pussy lips we’ve seen on the show in this whole season. Big and – judging by Vader’s reaction – juicy.The dog dives in, his snout right up between her thighs, his nose pressing on her clit, his tongue working both lips and up in between. Nadia gasps and moans, one hand running over her tight t-shirt, the other checking her dark glasses are still covering her eyes.He keeps working her cunt with his big hot tongue. She continues to moan, no words, just pleasurably happy noises. Mmmmmmm, nnnmmmmmm, mmmmmmnnnnn. In a quick close up we can see her big pussy lips being pushed around by his even bigger tongue, the shiny pink insides glistening for the camera.She breaths harder and deeper, trying to control it… Her chest straining the t-shirt with every breath. The dog’s tongue izmir escort bayan driving her to distraction. Wet, sloppy, hot… Changing his angle or going deep inside her lips just when she needs him to keep doing the same thing for a few more seconds. She finally loses her patience with him and pushes his head away. Shyness and nerves are long gone… “Okay,” she says, “fuck this, I need his cock in me…”She sits up and catches her breath, then slips forward off the couch and takes up position on all fours on the carpet. She crawls next to Vader and pushes him away playfully – a move she’s seen on a dozen b********y videos – but she’s not ready for how it will affect him. It’s a red rag to a bull. It’s a big green light to a road racer… He launches himself at her. No foreplay required, he’s ready to rock.Mounting her, scratching at her tight t-shirt, wrapping powerful front legs around her. Gripping tight. His cock propping toward her, poking at her thighs, her fat pussy lips, her butt-cheeks. Her crawling to get away from him, just to slow things down a little… But not crawling fast enough – because he’s still on her. Front legs gripping, back legs stepping to keep up with her crawl. His cock jamming up against her from behind. Determined. He wants his.When she’s ready, Nadia stops crawling, drops her shoulders and pushes her arse backwards to meet Vader’s thrusts… His cock finds it’s home quickly, a few pumps then it flops out… But before Nadia can express her disappointment – he’s back in. And this time he goes deep. All the way to the hilt.“Ooooh FUCK! Faaaaarrrrkkk! Ouch….” She screams. The dog’s cock bigger and his thrusts harder than she had expected. He doesn’t care about her screams though, he just wants to go hard – so he does. Jackhammering into her cunt. His cock parting the folds of her pussy lips, slipping and sliding inside. Her gasping and moaning with every thrust, her eyes bulging, her mouth open – half in a silent scream, half in a white toothed open-mouthed smile.Standing to the side our angle catches the dog in action perfectly, the little lady under him unable to do anything other than take what she’s given and be happy with it. “Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwdd – he’s so fucking big…. I didn’t think he’d be soooo fuccccckiinnngg BIIGGGGG!”Maybe she hasn’t watched her videos carefully enough, maybe she doesn’t realise that his knot is forming inside her – but it is. Bigger, fatter, nastier than anything she’s ever had inside her body before. And getting bigger by the second.Nadia is moaning louder, crying out. “Ooowwwwwwww!” as the knot reaches full size. Straining to open herself up, trying to take this pain without screaming. “OOmmmmmmmm-make it stoppppp…” She groans… Trying to catch her breath as Vader just stands over her, his fur on her back, his legs still gripping around her belly. Standing still. Owning her. His big balls emptying into her belly. Squirting his load into her.She begins to adjust to him being so big in her. The pain subsiding slightly as the throbbing begins to feel good to her. She reaches down and rubs her fingertips over her large clit. Pressure and little circles, the tingling starting right away. Her looking toward camera, her face still half obscured by her long hair and big sunnies.“I can feel him squirting inside me…” She smiles a little. Clearly still in pain, but enjoying herself all the same. Controlling her sensations with her fingertips – matching the speed of her pussy fingering with the throbbing of the dog’s cock.Whenever we need to approach a subject during filming, we always try to use Charley, our production assistant, because when she approaches the action it doesn’t threaten a vulnerable woman in the way that a man might. And right now Charley approaches Nadia and reaches one hand into frame to help slip her sunglasses off – there’s just a hint of her wanting to pull them back, but she doesn’t. Charley strokes the long hair out of Nadia’s face and behind her ear, then retreats from frame. Much better. Nadia’s face is now fully exposed, and the dog is still on her back, his cock still stretching her pussy out. She’s looking straight up into camera. Charley is just trying to ‘help’.Charley asks the questions this time… Who are you?“Nadia Mitrovic.” Gasp, stammer, still fingering herself.What are you doing?“I’m getting fucked by a dog!” A little smile as she realises that Charley is fulfilling her wish and completely exposing her.Where do you work?“[bleep] Insurance. Head office.” Breathing harder now – the combination of dog-cock, fingers and being completely exposed is working.What do you think your pervy boss will think of this?“He’ll love it… He’ll be wanking off over it all night…”Are you looking forward to him coming into work the next day?Nadia can barely even answer this one because the orgasm hits her too hard. Between gasps she forces out, “I hope he sacks me and fucks me… I hope he sacks me and fucks me….” She keeps repeating this as she milks every last shiver out of this orgasm. “Sacks me, fucks me, sacks me, fucks me…”A little later, she’s sitting on the floor, Vader standing behind her, his cock still half exposed. She gets her cue from the director, makes a big deal of licking her lips. “This one’s for you there Mr Dennison.” We assume that’s her boss. She lays back under the dog, lines her mouth up with his cock, and lets him squirt his cum on her face for a few seconds before she envelopes his meat with her lips. She sucks it slowly, then begins to work on swallowing as much of it as she can. Sucking the whole semi-erect shaft into her mouth.Her pussy is facing the camera, he legs apart, dog cum still leaking out of her and running down the crack of her ass as she fingers those big lips and clit. Vader sees her fingers working that pussy and decides to join in. Shifting position so that he can lick at her pussy – and with her mouth still wrapped around his cock they find themselves in the most glorious 69 ever put on film.He’s licking her pussy, drinking up his own spunk, and she’s sucking on his cock, savouring more of that delicious doggy jism. We change position to get this image side-on, capturing the whole thing in one perfect frame. We filmed for another 10 minutes or so, but only used about 30 seconds of footage before fading out, because as hot as it was, it wasn’t exactly dynamic tv.Later, Nadia sits on the couch, her t-shirt now streaked with dog-cum and huge sweat patches under the arms. Her pussy still exposed as it’s almost too sensitive for her to close her thighs. Smiling into camera.“I’m glad I did it. I got a little scared when we started, but I’m glad. He hurt like nothing I’ve ever felt before, but it was still good. I don’t know if I’ll do it again. It was good, but I’ve done it now. Maybe if someone else wanted to join in…”Do you think you’ve just changed your life..?“I’m pretty sure I won’t have a job once they see this. And I don’t think my husband will be talking to me… And my friends are all superficial bitches… So unless some of them want to play doggy with me, I think I’ll have to start again there as well. So yes… I think I’ve bottomed out. It’s all up from here!!”Video diary – Nadia, now with her hair cut short and wearing a crop top that reveals a pair of dog-paws tattooed on her belly. “I’ve started my life over and I’m much happier now. I lost my job and I lost my husband – but I gained… ” She pulls another young women into frame. “Mandy! I’ve known her for years but I never knew she was having sex with her dog the whole time, so I’ve moved in with them now. I’m not interested in men any more… There’s nothing between Mandy and me – I’m only interested in her for her dog, haha.”

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