New Beginnings Ch. 01


Writing a series to see what I can do with it. Nearly a diary of the adventures my wife and I have had since I took the biggest risk of our relationship. Sometimes, with great risks, come great rewards. I hope you’ll endure this introduction to our adventures, I promise I’ll get to the erotic parts much quicker in the stories to come.

All of my stories will be hot tales from a monogamous, straight, but not narrow, perspective. If that isn’t your jam, I get it, there is plenty more out there. Constructive comments and critiques are welcome, I am not precious about my writing, I have a lot to learn.

I was sitting at my computer, having just jerked off to some fairly kinky porn. Hadn’t really been my thing before, but as a 58 year old, I was looking for new sensations. My wife and I have always had very different libido’s. I had been working out a ton, eating right, and my libido was in high gear. Hers had been ravaged by menopause for a while. She still liked sex, but had virtually no “drive” for it. If I initiated, my advances were rarely spurned.

Our sex life has always been good, but also a little rote. As high school sweethearts, we were each other first and only, we’ve now been together for over 40 years. We were well versed in how to get each other off, but we’d fallen into a rut. It was the same behaviors, in the same order, in the same position, until we reached climax. My imagination went to the possibility that we were missing out on some pretty spicy sensations. My wife’s roles as a teacher and mother had always held her back a little in the bedroom, she admitted years ago. The old programming convinced her that nice girls don’t do that kind of thing, at least for the kinkier aspects of sexuality, even sex toys.

Now she was retired, the kids were out of the house, and all of her roles had changed. I decided, in that moment, that it was now or never, and I was going to take the biggest risk I had ever taken in our relationship. Knowing that I would chicken out in a face to face conversation, I wrote her a long letter outlining a new plan for us, of exploration and openness to new sensations. I poured over it for hours, changing language here and there to not make it sound like some kind of ultimatum, or a desperate plea. The next morning I dropped it on her pillow for her to discover later and read in private. My heart was racing all day, was she going to see me as some pervert and decide she didn’t want to be with me? Was she just silently going to judge me for the rest of our lives, for my darker desires? Or, was it a new beginning for us, that would open a whole new world?

In my letter I told her I had discovered a book by Joan Price “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty: How to Maintain – or Regain – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life”. Buying it electronically allowed us both to have access to the book on our e-readers. I suggested we both read it, and discuss it along the way. Thankfully, my beautiful wife agreed to opening up a much deeper dialog, and to reading the book together. One night we even read a couple of chapters out loud to each other, discussing things I doubt either of us had ever thought about. We both got pretty hot under the color that night and passionate lovemaking was the result. I think we were both looking forward to this new adventure we were negotiating, and the ability to ask for what we might want to experience, even if only once.

We had just planned a Mexico beach vacation, bonus veren siteler which I took as another opportunity. I compiled a Kinky Interest Inventory using several lists from the internet and combining or customizing for us. It covered most everything, role play, bondage, anal, group sex, sex clubs, watersports, you name it. Some of them were things I wasn’t interested in, but if she had some deeply hidden desire I was unaware of, I wanted to know about it. I am pretty much a try it once, more if I like it, kind of guy. I made us both a copy, asking her to rate each thing from 1 (No Way) to 5 (Sounds Hot), but to keep it to herself until our trip, I did likewise. The excitement of all of this had our libido’s in a higher gear, and we were having a lot more sex in the weeks leading up to our trip. At this point I wasn’t pushing any limits, not until I could be sure of where they were, or in more cases than I realized, weren’t.

The day finally came, we were off to Mexico for a week of relaxation and vacation sex. On the plane we played Scrabble on my iPad, the only rule was that any word had to be able to be used in a sexy or naughty context. It was pretty funny as we whispered dirty little things in each other’s ears as we played. Leaving the snow in Colorado and landing in the warmth of Cancun was wonderful. Hopped on a shuttle and we were off to a beach hotel south of Cancun that we had never been to before. We ended up with a great room on the second floor overlooking the Gulf of Mexico with Cozumel across from us in the distance. We explored the resort a bit that night, had a few drinks, some dinner, and we were off to bed, it had been a long day of travel.

The next morning we had a bite to eat, collected our beach bag, and headed to the beach for some sun and margaritas. We claimed a couple of beach chairs under a canopy, and settled in to relax and catch a little buzz. Our chat was a little stilted at first as we both knew that we were about to discover new, exciting, and possibly uncomfortable things about each other, even after having been together essentially forever. We exchanged our lists, and quietly read them, I was astonished how much she was up for, and I had to adjust my baggy swim trunks as my cock began to swell with all of the kinky things running through my mind.

All of the sudden I realized most were not only possible, but welcomed. Unsurprisingly, she had zero interest in having others join us in any way, but was open to role playing that direction, letting fantasy take over where we were unwilling to go in reality. Turned out she was all systems go on some things I didn’t expect, and, sure let’s give it a try on things I thought she would instantly reject. Then the conversation got going, there we were, drinks in hand discussing every aspect of the list and the subjects it brought up. We went so much deeper, and more open, than we ever had in our long history. I finally had to flatten the chair and roll over on my stomach, I was getting a raging hard-on, that, had anybody been looking, would have been pretty obvious. We laughed, we whispered, saying so many sexy, and occasionally dirty things to each other. It turned out some pretty strong dirty talk was on the menu as well.

Being a little sweaty and hot, we headed back to the room for a shower and dressed to go out for dinner. My wife put on a loose fitting short dress with sandals that looked terrific on her curves. bedava bahis The neckline plunged much deeper than she usually wore and highlighted her cleavage and her 36D tits beautifully. Testing her desire for me to be more assertive and dominant, I told her to lift her skirt, remove her panties and leave them on the bed. She complied with a saucy little smirk. I patted her cute little butt as we walked out the door for dinner, already feeling my cock filling.

As we walked the paths through the jungle to the restaurant, I’d pull her off to the side in a dark area, kissing her deeply and feeling her up. After a couple of these little teases, I noticed a slightly more secluded spot off the trail, and pulled her into the shadows. I sucked her mouth to mine and played with her nipples through her dress. She moaned a bit, and I ran my hand down her stomach, lifted her skirt, and rubbed her slit with a couple of fingers. She was as turned on as I had been all day, judging by her dampness and the ease with which I slid a finger into her. She gasped and rubbed my cock through my shorts. I saw the lights of one of the little shuttle buses on the resort coming our way and warned my wife. I pulled my finger from her pussy with a wink and stuck it in my mouth, savoring the taste, and giving her a dirty smile. Once again I had to adjust myself a bit and stay in the shadows to hide my arousal and wait to calm down a bit. Even if we ate quickly, this was going to be a long dinner. I was ready to take her back to the room and ravish her right then.

We did in fact eat pretty quickly, and teased each other as we ate, mostly with even more sexy ideas from our discussion on the beach. Very open seating so we couldn’t get too crazy, but I was looking forward to the return walk through the jungle. There was a lot more teasing on our way back to our room, as there were even fewer people moving about that time of the night. I picked a little side trail that was pretty dark and diverted us that direction. There was a bench along the way, so I walked around to the back of it pulling her with me. I leaned my wife over the bench and rubbed my shorts clad cock over her dress covered ass.

“I want you right here and now”, I said with a shudder.

She was wound up and, I think, tempted, but denied me.

“We need to get back to our room, fast!”, she said.

I lifted her skirt rubbing her bare ass and slid a finger into her pussy again.

I growled “You sure?”.

She shuddered and nodded, pulling away and getting ready to dart down the path.

With a smile, I said, “Well, at least take your bra off for me”.

She did that magical thing women do, undoing the clasp, pulling the straps through the arm holes of the dress, and removing her bra through her neckline. I enjoyed the bounce of her ample breasts as we headed down the trail to our room. Watching her nipples harden and become obvious through her dress, was a huge turn on. She never did anything this brazen.

We hit the door of our room at speed, we were both ready to explode. My wife asked for help with her zipper, kicked off her sandals, turned to face me and let her dress fall to the floor. Kicking it from around her ankles, she knelt on the fabric. As I was pulling off my shorts, she put a hand on my chest, pushed me back upright and wrapped her mouth around my cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip and proceeded to lick the length. Then, looking deneme bonus right into my eyes, took the entire length down her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust in and out of her mouth, her moans increasing my need. Within a couple of minutes I was ready to cum, but I had been craving something else all day, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She gave me a knowing smile, and then a bratty little pout that damn near sent me over the edge!

I guided her up from the floor, then pushed her roughly against the wall pinning her naked body between my naked body and the wall. Kissing her with everything I had, I let my hands wander her luscious curves. As I passed by her nipples, I played with them, circled them with my fingers and then gave each a firm pinch, eliciting a gasp from her lips. Picking her up, I held her off her feet against the wall, bringing my mouth to her nipple and giving it a bite, she moaned and pulled my mouth to her tit even harder. Keeping her in my arms I turned and walked a couple of steps and tossed her onto the bed. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I knelt and buried my head between her legs. I love the taste of her, especially when she is very aroused. She had been aroused for a good part of the day, and her scent had my head spinning. I lapped eagerly around her lips and into her opening, sucking each of her lips into my mouth in turn. She started to writhe around a bit, and I knew she was getting close, so I locked my mouth, open wide, over her vulva and flicked my tongue quickly, side to side, over her clit. She came in gasping convulsions and shook all over, coming again almost immediately.

This was my moment, I stood up pulled her to the edge of the bed and guided my cock to her entrance. She looked at me with animal need in her eyes, as I buried myself in her in one long slow thrust. She moaned with pleasure. I picked up the pace, slamming into her with all I had, she came again. As I was getting close, she came yet again and her pussy clamped around my length, sending me over the edge. I shot load after load, of long pent up desire into her hot moist cunt. I hadn’t come that hard in a long time. We fell to the bed satisfied, for the moment.

The air was hot and sticky and I jumped in the shower to cool off and clean up a bit. As I left the bathroom, my wife headed in for a shower as well. I stepped out onto our fairly private balcony still completely nude and enjoyed the night air. As I stood there listening to the waves roll in and looking at the stars, my wife stepped up behind me and pulled me close to her naked body. Hugging me close, she reached down and took my cock in her hand, which responded quickly. She gave me some long languid strokes, feeling me swell in her hand. She leaned in close putting her mouth next to my ear, and whispered,

“All of these years together and we still have things to learn, this is going to be fun.”

With a kiss on my neck she left me standing at attention on the balcony as she went in and climbed into bed. All I could think was that this was going to be a great vacation, and I am so glad I took this risk.

More and sexier adventures to write about. This was largely to set the context for the stories that are to come. We have always been monogamous, with each other, we are in fact our one and only lovers. That sounds really crazy in today’s world, but it has worked for us. We never judge others, if all are having fun and getting enjoyment, more power to you. Are we curious about what it would be like to take others to our beds? A bit, but the context of a long term monogamous relationship can lead to some pretty wild expressions of sexuality. When trust is a given, how far might you go?

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