New Neighbours! Pt. 02 – Roxanne


Roxanne had spent the best part of her holiday doing a tedious but necessary task at work. So, when she arrived home early, it was a pleasant and titillating surprise to find her husband John having a very hot threesome with the young couple she recognized from next door.

As soon as the front door had swung open she heard the familiar and obvious sounds of three adults simultaneously about to orgasm. Intrigued and excited, she silently latched the door, slipped off her shoes and sneaked up to the open bedroom door.

When she peeked around the door she saw them all in a dp sandwich, facing the other way. Roxanne was able to observe their horny writhing and thrusting without fear of discovery: they were all totally absorbed in the moment.

The girl was screaming and swearing like someone possessed while both husbands were trying manfully to cram as much of their hard cocks into her as was possible. The young, thrusting man had a delightful ass and an awful lot of energy. She couldn’t help wondering what wonderful sensations the girl must be experiencing and had a twinge of jealousy. For a brief moment she imagined herself being the focus of these two studs’ horny desires until, as one, they all erupted into one enormous orgasm.

Roxanne snapped out of her erotic musings, finally announced herself at the door, then watched bemused as the young couple scrambled to grab their things and rushed out of the front door.

Roxanne decided there and then she wanted in on the action this evening after dinner.

Dinner was prepared and quickly eaten in silence, with John looking sheepish. She suggested he went up to the playroom and he left immediately. She followed him up the stairs and into the room and silently prepared him for later. She then left him, closing the door behind her, to get dressed for their session.

Roxanne squeezed into her new, already favorite, leather outfit, selected a suitable item for John from her toy drawer then headed back up the stairs to the playroom where, she knew, he would be waiting eagerly for her.

As she reached the landing she paused in front of the full length mirror to check her appearance.

“Hmm, not too shabby for a 40 something: you’re still the hottest gig in town,” she thought with a large measure of smugness.

She made the final adjustments to the sex toy and turned to view her profile, which she always found so hot! A final flick of her long auburn hair to bare her shoulders and she was ready for action. John had been a very naughty boy earlier and she knew this session was going to be a sweet tease of mock revenge.

As the door swung slowly open she saw John exactly where she had left him.

As he raised his head and gazed upon her beautiful body squeezed into her newest, and by far the sexiest leather outfit yet, he mumbled what sounded like, “Oh, fuck!”

“Oh dear, that wasn’t a very nice welcome. I think it’s time to teach you some manners again.”

She selected the paddle from the open cabinet full of bdsm paraphernalia, walked around ‘the horse’ that he was bent over, and tied to, and thwacked his naked butt.


“Oh, stop it! I wasn’t even trying… that was just a practice swing.”



“Now that I have your full attention I’m hoping you’ll be better behaved. I’m going to remove your gag and then you might be able to articulate what you’re actually trying to say.”

“You’re wearing your biggest strapon again,” he blurted out as soon as the ball gag was removed.

“Well, yes! I am still waiting for an explanation of your behavior with our new neighbors earlier. So, what were you thinking genius?”

“A great opportunity just presented itself and I didn’t want to waste the chance to make a connection with them”.

“A connection, without me? So, exactly how did you connect?”

“Well, I saw them in the yard and went to say hi and… “



“We don’t have all night… just give me the essentials.”

“They saw my cock pump, wanted to try, he and I pumped, he went to the bathroom to clean off the lube and I went down on her, her first time. He came back in, she sucked his cock then wanted to ride mine cowgirl, then he fucked her ass: her first double penetration.”

“Well, it sounds like you all had a lovely time but I missed out on all of the fun! I don’t think it’s cool: taking the initiative adiosbet yeni giriş without me. So, you are going to be disciplined.”

She put the paddle back and took a silk cord already tied with a slip knot. Stepping between his spread eagled legs, tied at the ankles to the horse, she lifted his pendulous ball sac with one hand and slipped the loop of cord around his balls with the other. She pulled it tight enough that it couldn’t slip over the captured balls and slowly pulled the cord to ensure it would tug his balls down if and when required.

His limp, but always impressively hung cock was pressed against the polished wooden side of the horse. She took a big squirt of his favorite jack off lotion, spread it on the palms of her hands, then took his cock in both hands to cover his shaft and cock head with the silky lotion. As she began to stretch his cock downward, alternating hands and gripping his cock as tight as possible, she felt his always willing fuck tool start to become engorged and twitch powerfully from the base.

The musky scent of the lotion and the way his cock head quickly swelled and throbbed always turned her on. After only a few minutes of stroking his huge cock was rock hard and the feel of it, the size of it and the heat began to make her wet. Reluctantly, she let go and saw pre cum oozing from the tip as the curve of his erection pressed it hard against the wood.

“Time for another lesson in humility,” she gleefully noted.

Her darling husband was, outwardly, the ultimate, macho man’s man with the perfect male form, a cock to die for, courage and intelligence. But… occasionally, she felt it was her role to rein back his rampantly virile masculinity to keep him more balanced and less impetuous. She achieved this by making him feel vulnerable, uncertain and dependent on a woman: nothing like a fragile, needy woman but a goddess and dominatrix.

“Are you ever going to thank me for getting that filthy, unworthy organ of yours ready for your de-milking? You clearly have far too much cum in your balls.”

“Yes, I am sorry Goddess, thank you so much.”

“Not quick enough, you ungrateful prick, you need to be taught some humility,” she said walking slowly around the horse to face him, enjoying the sound of her heels on the oak floorboards.

“Now suck on my cock like the slut you are and make it good and slobbery for the sake of your tight slut ass.”

She stepped forward and placed the tip of the real feel, double ended, strapon, vibrating dildo into his already open and receptive mouth.

Seeing her vulnerable, constrained and compliant, submissive of a husband doing her bidding made her juices flow. As she slid more of the realistic nine inch shaft into his mouth she felt the other end moving gently inside her.

Her cleverness in pleasuring herself whilst humiliating her macho hubby was so deliciously empowering.

Roxanne grabbed a handful of hair on the back of his head and began to thrust harder and faster into his mouth and felt the more vigorous action reciprocated in her dripping wet cunt.

He began to gag and splutter on the four to five inches of dildo she had thrust into his mouth and seeing the eruption of frothy and slobbery saliva running down her shaft she decided it was time to fuck her cock slut in the ass: hard!

“That’s enough of your pathetic cock sucking you slut. Now it’s time to really fill your other slut hole.”

She withdrew her long slobbery cock from his mouth and made her way around to his backside once more, pausing at the toy cabinet to select some lube, surgical gloves and a wide leather belt with a D handle riveted at the center.

Roxanne stepped between his strong, muscular legs and was thrilled, and felt herself getting wetter, to see that he still had a raging hardon that had leaked even more precum, which was now dripping down the side of the horse.

After checking that the video was still recording and the scene was suitably illuminated and composed she leaned over and blew a kiss into the lens. Frequent airings of the edited highlights would be used to reinforce to him just how much of the dildo he had taken and how much he had enjoyed it: undeniable proof of being a cock slut.

She placed the lube and belt on the small of his back as though he were an occasional table then rested her weighty cock between his adorable, well rounded adiosbet giriş butt cheeks.

Taking the thick but supple leather belt in both hands she reached under him to buckle it tight around his waist, ensuring the metal D handle was in the middle of his back. She tugged on it hard then bent low over him and whispered in his ear, “There, now I can ride you good and hard cock slut.”

Next, she put the gloves on, flipped open the cap on the lube and began to douse her long majestic tool, dwelling on the back and forth stroking action as she felt the other end, moving inside her. Finally, she dribbled lots of lube onto his butt hole and swirled it round with her thumb, feeling him twitch and tense. Then she put two fingers round the end of the butt plug and slowly withdrew it from his gaping asshole.

“Perfect, my long, slim cock should slide inside nice and easy now,” she teased as she admired her handiwork.

It was at this moment that she always wished she had a real cock to know how it really felt to penetrate someone, of either sex, but especially a woman. But, then again, it was unlikely she wound be endowed with the fabulous tool that she had between her legs right now.

She grabbed the D handle with one hand, shuffled in a little closer then grabbed her cock with her other hand and pressed the spongy tip against his butt hole. It slid straight in and she heard him gasp so she eased out a little and paused whilst she turn on vibrations at half speed.

“Oh, jeez, this brute is so strong,” she thought as she made a mental note to start more gradually next time.

The Cadillac of strapons, that was now her first choice, featured two separate vibrators: one in the tip and one up her very grateful cunt. She knew John would be feeling his end and soon she heard his first moan, then realized her cock had slid into his receptive slutty hole, maybe four inches already, as she was distracted by the sweet vibrations.

She eased back gently then thrust until another inch slid easily into his well lubed and inviting slut hole. John groaned loudly this time and she saw all of the muscles in his arm straining and his butt cheeks in a bunch.

“Mmmm, such a hot sight,” she thought has she landed two hefty slaps on his clenched buttocks.

“Relax you cock slut you know you can take all of this: and you’re going to.”

Roxanne made a mental note to slow down but the sight of her big, slick cock, the vibrations and the feel of the dildo as she thrust seriously diminished her self control. She eased back almost all the way then slowly and steadily slid her shaft back into his ass: this time she heard a moan. Repeating the same move for a few minutes led to more, and louder, moaning.

After barely pausing to turn the vibes up she started to fuck him faster and slightly deeper each time. The moans came faster too and began to be punctuated with, “Oh, fuck!”

Almost six inches of her long and realistic, veiny cock was now buried in his asshole and she couldn’t help smiling and released a satisfied sigh. Now that he was taking her cock so well she decided to fuck him, and her sopping wet pussy, hard and fast.

She took a firm grip on the D handle and clenched his still erect cock mid shaft with her free hand. Simultaneously, she moved her ass back and her hand down his shaft then clenched her butt cheeks as she thrust deep back into him and slid her hand up his cock. He moaned loudly this time, with intense pleasure.

Continuing the same motion she increased her depth of penetration and speed until he was taking all of her length and her mound of Venus was pounding into his backside.

She knew he was close and could feel his throbbing hard cock jerking in her wanking hand. Her knees began to tremble and buckle as she felt her own climax building. She increased her fucking and wanking speed until John was moaning and swearing uncontrollably and his abdominal muscles started to convulse.

Now for her moment of supreme, uncontested power over her hubby, having turned him irreversibly into a total cock slut. As his anal orgasm came to a crescendo she pounded his ass as hard, fast and deep as she could, trying to hold off her own orgasm.

He climaxed hard and long in a series of waves and gradually diminishing moans. As she slowly stopped fucking him her attention switched to the throbbing cock in her hand and she began adiosbet güvenilirmi to rapidly masturbate the full length of his shaft. His butt and thighs tensed and she knew he was ready to release his load for her.

She took his tied and now dangling ball sac in her free hand and pulled his heavy balls up, cupped in her palm. With just a few more strokes of his shaft he let out a loud, animalistic growl and she felt his cum spurting out of him as she finally succumbed and was consumed by her own intense and hard earned multiple orgasm as she flopped down over his back.

As she gradually regained her senses she was aware of John’s hot, clammy back beneath her and could feel him still cumming. Her strapon was still buried inside him and the vibrations were enough to keep his assgasms alive and well. She reached down to turn the vibe off then peeled herself off his hot, sweating body. She eased out of him and admired her highly effective orgasm maker once more.

Taking a step back she saw the strands of cum had gradually slithered down into the receptacle she had placed below, before they started. Another hefty load, as usual, from her amazing stud. Now, she could complete the lesson!

Roxanne placed the container of cum on John’s back then unbuckled her strapon harness. The end that was still inside her slipped easily out of her sopping, wet pussy and she flopped the whole arrangement onto a tray for John to clean up and put away later.

She took the cum dump, sat on the edge of a leather chair then maneuvered and carefully positioned it beside his head.

“Cock slut, pay attention!”

John raised his head, still in a post orgasmic stupor and beheld his wife’s fishnet stocking clad thighs raised up beside him and her wet pussy in front of him.

“Time to eat your cum and clean me up. Then I want you to show me how you ate out that trollop from next door. When I’m satisfied you will be released and forgiven,” she said assertively as she eased the chair, and her pussy, up to his gaping mouth.

She eased back the hood on her clit and trickled a little of the cum onto it. Forcing his head down with her free hand she simply said, “Begin, but don’t miss anything.”

John had become accustomed to the taste of cum as a penance for his frequent misdemeanors. He lapped up the cum from the hard nub of his beautiful wife’s clit with gusto, almost like a dog, as she trickled more on for him. When the cum was all devoured he licked up the juices from her groin and labia before plunging his tongue into her wet cunt in search of the motherlode.

Having been happy to watch John’s mouth and tongue cleaning up their juices the growing intensity of his licking then the sudden plunging tongue became too intense for her.

“Now show me how you made that filthy whore cum for you,” she blurted out to the top of his head.

So, as instructed, he repeated almost exactly, because he remembered so well, how he brought Analisa to such a fast and powerful climax: he had enjoyed pleasuring her so much because she was sensitive and eager for each flick of his tongue.

Roxanne was extremely familiar with all of his oral skills, so he doubled the time and speed of each step he had lingered over and savored with Analisa.

Finally, on the verge of cumming, she screamed, “Oh, fuck that, lick me like a dog and tongue fuck me you cocksucker.”

When he started to penetrate her tight hole with his tongue she started thrusting her mound in time with his rhythmic tonguing until her ass shot into the air as her back arched and her legs tensed then trembled as she came intensely, again. Her ass collapsed back down into the chair as she shuddered and gasped for air, dizzy from John’s wonderful pleasuring.

When she realized that John had been bent over the horse and bound for way too long she jumped to her feet to release his bindings and help him stand.

“OK, my darling, you take care of the toys and shower while I go and fix us a drink. I want us to think about how I can get in on the action with both our neighbors and after the slut’s first double penetration maybe we can follow real fast with a triple.”

When John came to join her, refreshed and smelling good again, they cuddled up on the sofa and drank the cocktail she had made. Roxanne plotted with her hubby using all of their combined experience and guile in the art of seduction.

The more they drank the more fanciful their schemes became until an hour or so later, they fell asleep entwined in each others arms. Roxanne experienced some unusually vivid, erotic dreams that night: of how Analisa might be added to her growing entourage of submissives.

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