New school uniform


New school uniformSummer was nearly over and mom said I needed to get fitted for my school uniform. I was nervous because it’ll be my first year in Jr high. We went to a large department store in the near by city. Walking into the boys department, we were greeted by a older man looking in his sixties. Hello mam, my name is David. How can I help you today, he said. Mom told him I was starting a new school and needed a new set of uniforms. Not a problem man, he said. He guided us to the back area of the department and introduced Robert to us. Mom told Robert I was starting a new school and needed everything. Of course mam, he said. First do you know his measurements. No, mom told him. Go ahead and do what you have to do, I’ll be back in a couple of hours and left to do some shopping. Grabbing his measuring tape Robert checked my chest, arms and neck. Kneeling down he measured my waist and leg. Then asked me to turn around and spread my legs. Measuring my inseam his hand touched my butt, and I giggled. Robert said to turn around again and measured the front of my inseam. This time his fingers touched my little dick. Again I giggled. Looking up he asked, you like that. It tickles, I said. Moving his fingers back and forth kaçak iddaa he said, you ready to try on some clothes. Robert lead me to the dressing rooms and said he’ll be right back. When he returned ,he had some shirts, pants and underwear. He helped me take off my shirt and try on a new one. Running his hands over my chest, back, and stomach he said, let’s take this off and try the pants. As he pulled down my pants he reached around and rubbed my butt, which made me giggle again. As I stepped out of my pants Robert held me by my upper thighs. As I pulled my leg out of the pants, his fingers slid under my underwear and squeezed my butt cheeks. I see you like that, Robert said quietly. Puzzled, I looked down to ask what he meant. That’s when I noticed my little dick was getting hard. Please don’t tell my mom, I begged. Squeezing my cheeks tighter Robert said, I won’t tell her anything about it if you won’t. With his fingers still in my underwear Robert slid his hands around to my front. I started shaking I was so nervous, but as soon as his fingers touched my balls, I giggled again. Pressing his fingers under my balls he asked, do you play with it. Shocked, I quickly said no. My mom said it was wrong. Holding my underwear kaçak bahis he said, let’s take these off. My heart beat faster as I watched him as he slowly pull them down. His eyes lit up when my dick sprang up as the elastic band passed over it. Looking up Robert said, you really shouldn’t try on new pants like this. Frightened I asked, what do I need to do to make it go down. There’s a couple of things we can do, Robert said. Should I try them. On the verge of tears thinking my mom was going to catch me like this, I said please do what ever it takes. Robert cupped his hand up under my balls and squeezed them softly. With his other hand he reached behind me and rubbed my butt. I started getting a funny feeling and my breathing quickened. Moving his hand from my balls to my dick, he moved it back and forth on my dick. My heart was pounding as Robert stroked my dick. After a couple of minutes he said, this isn’t working, let’s try something else. He turned me around and said to bend over. I felt his hands on both sides of my butt. My legs started shaking as he spread my butt cheeks open. My heart nearly stopped when I felt something wet touching my butt hole. I couldn’t catch my breath as he licked my hole. My dick hurt illegal bahis it was so stiff. Looking between my legs I noticed something dripping from my dick. After a minute he said, that’s not working either. Let’s try one more thing. Robert turned me facing him and said, this always works, and opened his mouth. I almost fainted thinking he was going to bite my dick, but was pleasantly surprised when he started sucking it. As he bobbed his head, I felt his hands move over my butt. Something funny was happening deep inside me. I started shaking and my legs began to wobble. I had to put my hands on his shoulders to keep my balance. I started to get the urge to pee. Before I could say anything Robert pushed a finger deep into my butt. My dick started throbbing and I couldn’t hold back any longer. Robert moved his finger in and out as he moved his head faster. My head felt like it was spinning. Moving his head back, he released my dick. I could barely breathe and my heart slowed back to normal. That’s better, Robert said, as he pulled his finger out of me. Looking down I seen my dick start to go down. Squeezing my balls, he sucked the last of my juices from me. Looking up Robert said, how was that. Stuttering I said it was the most amazing thing I ever felt. That’s good he said. Dressing in my old clothes, Robert said he’d tell my mom to bring me back next week when the uniforms were ready. I gave him a hug and said alright.

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