New Suit, New You


A knock at my bedroom door brought me back to life. For the last hour I had been in a zombie like trance while strolling through countless job boards. “Hey Cora, are you alive in there?” The voice of my roommate Paige called out. I let out a groan of some sort in response. I was not sure if you could count job hunting as being alive. I guess Paige saw this as an invitation to enter and my door cracked open. Her head popped into room with her trademark happy smile plastered on her face. It did waver a little at the sight of my unkempt, messy room but she held on “Well, you are alive I suppose.” She said as she eyed my pile of unfolded clean laundry.

“If this is life, I want a refund.” I replied sarcastically as I exited out another job that I needed a ridiculous amount of experience for.

“Don’t be so dramatic. You will find another job soon and then be complaining about having to get up for work.” I didn’t reply with any sort of intelligible response but rather sounds of discontent. “Anyway, I am off to my lab but will back tonight and I was thinking I could treat us to some takeout. Sound good?”

I looked up from my screen at her with a quizzical look. “How are you able to have extra money to spend? I thought you decided to do an unpaid internship for one of your professors this summer. You know because a doctorate is not impressive enough on a resume?”

“Umm yea It started out as that. Doctor Green changed it to paid once we started to work on something that could actually turn a profit. He also offered me stock if this product does go to the market.”

I rolled my eyes. Some people had all the luck, though the ever-sweet Paige was someone that did deserve it. “Well, I am glad one of us is lucky. What are you two working on anyway?”

It may have been the mixture of the hallway light mixing with my dark room, but I was sure I saw Paige blush. Her eyes did drop to the floor before making contact with mine again in a rough recovery. “Do you want me to put you to sleep with terms you don’t understand?”

“No, I guess not. I was just look for a distraction from this shit.” I replied still thinking about her reaction to my question.

Her smile brightened once again, and any signs of embarrassment were gone. “Curiosity killed the cat.” she said teasingly. Anyway, got to go but you pick out something we both will like on DoorDash. Charge it to my card so I can have food when I get home. See you tonight.” With that she vanished as my door closed with a solid thud, returning me to the dark realm of job hunting. I let myself think about her reaction for a moment before turning my attention back to my job hunt. “Oh, look a job I’m not qualified.” I thought to myself as I dramatically laid my head down on my desk. “Why can’t I have some of her luck.”

It took about another half hour for me to finally throw in the white towel. I decided it was best to give up on the hunt for now and have some breakfast. I made way to the kitchen intent on attacking some leftover pasta in the fridge. On my though something caught my eye. On the counter was Paige’s floral lunchbox. I shook my head at the sight and sighed. Paige was often the smartest person in the room but was somehow so forgetful. Worse of all I knew she would not eat now because she would feel bad spending money after making herself lunch. I hadn’t planned to go out today, but I knew where her professor worked, and I could use the break.

This kind of thing was why Paige and I had remained friends and roommates for so long. When we had been assigned the same room our freshmen year it had seemed a disaster. A sweet loving smart girl with a snarky asshole had bad sitcom written all over it. But we had gelled instantly. I had felt the need to keep this clueless girl safe. She seemed to like taking care of me in return. Over the years I had helped her avoid bad relationships and helped her when she was forgetful. She had made sure I lived a semi healthy life and had acted as a live-in therapist for me when I hit low points. Now five years later and in the grown-up world, I could not imagine having a life without her in it.

Returning to my room I got dressed in a loose tee shirt and jeans from the pile of clothes Paige had been eyeing earlier. Grabbing her lunch, I headed out to make sure the girl ate something today. The trip to the small office space her professor rented was rather short, which surprised me. Even my rundown old car could handle it with no issue. I always made fun of Paige for leaving so early for work when it was ten minutes down the road. She always argued back that not being early was late and I decided to let her have it. Though, I was so not letting her get away with leaving her lunch without at least a few days of teasing at the least.

Pulling into the parking lot of the office building where the lab was, I made my way to the front door. After a quick look at a list of the companies in the building I found what I was looking for on the ground floor. Making my way through of those hallways that scream no character maltepe escort I reached the door I needed. I knocked and waited, hoping that Paige would answer so no one else would see me in my rolled of bed state. I was still not as lucky as her though as a young man around my age answered the door. He had the same innocent kind of look as Paige, which was cute, but he seemed rather confused by my presence. ‘I guess visitors are rare.’ I thought.

“Umm hi. I’m Paige’s roommate, and she forgot her lunch so I thought I would bring it by.” I said after a moment since he seemed to forget to greet me.

His confused look vanished and a warm smile replaced it. “Oh, you must be Cora. Paige has mentioned you before. Let me go get her for you.” By go get her I guess he meant yell for her to come to the door, but it worked. I could imagine that the lab wasn’t that big so no need to go fetch her I suppose.

“Coming Ian. Hold on.” I heard Paige’s familiar voice call out. I prepared a smartass remark but as she entered my view, it flew out of my brain. My eyes went as big saucers, and I was pretty sure my mouth was open. Paige yelped when she saw me and her hands rushed to her mouth with a bright red blush. Now in the five years we had been roommates I had seen Paige in various forms of undress and outfits. Even if she was rather modest and shy. Still, I had never seen her in something like this.

From her neck to her feet she was wearing a bodysuit. It was so skintight I could almost see the nipples of her braless breasts and every curve of her body. Weirder of all the suit seemed to be covered in white fur. It gave it an animalistic look and I was pretty sure I saw a tail swishing behind her. Even if I didn’t see one the ears on her head gave it away that this was something animalistic and very very kinky. I didn’t think Paige had this in her. The most sexual thing I had seen her wear was a clubbing dress. Even that was modest by clubbing standards. Now I was seeing her in some sort of kinky sexual outfit thing.

We both stood there for a moment not speaking, with the very awkward Ian standing between us. He muttered something to one of us and excused himself from the situation. I saw him dart back into the lab from the corner of my eyes, but I could not stop looking at Paige. It was enough to get me back into the land of the living and I held out her lunchbox straight in front of me. “You umm forgot your lunch, Paige.” I stammered out my eyes shifting from her to the floor. I could hear her shuffle forward and she grabbed the lunchbox.

“Thanks…this is not what you think. I…” She tried to explain but I could hear her trail off.

“It’s fine Paige you do you. I am going home to…process.” I started to leave letting my eyes enjoy the normality of the boring hallway. I was stopped as a furry arm grabbed mine, the softness rubbing against my skin.

“I promise Cora I will explain tonight I promise it’s not…that.” She said in a pleading voice. What was she scared that I would not be her friend? Or judge her when I used to have one-night stands in our dorm when she was studying in the library to give me privacy?”

I turned to face her and gave her a big smile, trying to avoid looking at her body. “No judgement Paige. I just need to process seeing you like this. You’re still my bestie.”

“Promise?” she asked in the same tone.

“Of course. I will see you tonight and have some food ordered.” She didn’t respond so I turned and headed out while my mind was racing through countless thoughts. Many of them not clean. I could not wait to hear why she was dressed as a literal sex kitten.

I decided to take the rest of the day off from job hunting as my mind was very much not in the right headspace. I tried watching a movie, surfing the web, and even cleaning. Nothing worked as today’s events had put my mind completely off the trails. Time did pass though, and I ordered us Chinese from our favorite local place. It arrived minutes before Paige returned from work and I plated up hoping to add some normality to the day. I didn’t get up from my seat at our small dining table but yelled across our apartment. “Hey Paige, I got your food in here. It’s your favorite. I felt you needed something good today.”

Paige crept into view holding her hands close to her chest and with a look on her face that was hard to read. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one that had been thinking about our incident earlier. She had also changed not just from the “suit” but also from the dress she had worn that morning. Now she was wearing a matching black sweater with sweatpants that had our school logo on them. Her hair was up in a ponytail giving her a very athletic look which seemed odd on the bookworm Paige.

She made her way to the chair where I had set up her food but didn’t sit down, instead was staring at it. “Umm can we talk about earlier Cora?” she asked in a voice filled with nerves and uncertainty.

I finished chewing the bite of beef I had been eating and swallowed. I mamak escort put down my fork and gave her the best genuine smile I could. “Yeah, if you want but we don’t have to if you don’t want to. You’re my best friend no matter what and as long you weren’t tricked into it you can do whatever kinky stuff you like. I will always be here for you.”

Her face finally showed a readable emotion. A warm smile beamed on her face before turning to a look of annoyance. A look I knew well. If you ever want to get the usually timid Paige fired up you needed to mock a project she was working on. Clearly, I had just done that.

“Thanks Cora but it’s not a kink thing like I told you earlier and I was not forced into it.” She said dropping her arms from her chest down to her side. Her eyes locked with mine and I swear I could see some fire there. Honestly, I was hoping for this outcome and had baited her a bit. If she had decline to talk about it, I would have respected that for sure. But I was curious to know what the fuck was going on in that office.

“Paige it was covered in fur. White fur.”

“That’s just a design look for now. The actual suit is this ugly beige color with all sorts of stuff on it. I could explain them, but you wouldn’t understand.”

“Hey, I have learned a few smart words living with you.” I protested. She replied with a look that screamed sure you have so I decided to fire back. “Ok if it wasn’t a kink thing then why did it have a tail and ears. Or was the tail not part of the suit?”

Paige turned a bit red at my accusation about the tail. She wasn’t ready to back down though. “The ears and tail are part of the design and key to what we are hoping to achieve.”

I sighed and gave my eyes an over the top roll. “They are a big part but it’s not a kink thing.” I could see Paige lining up a reply, but I figured was time to calm this down and get some actual answers. “Tell you what I will let you explain all this but if I am not convinced at the end, I get to call it a kink suit.”

I could see her mind calculating if this was a good deal or not. I guess it was as a grin crossed her face and she nodded. “Deal and you have to apologize for calling it a kink suit.”

I nodded in return. “Fine so start explaining cat girl.”

“I am… urgh never mind. Ok Professor Green and two of his colleagues were working on new technology. The goal was that it would allow you to use your mind to control items. Such as artificial limbs, appendages, and other things. On top of that they wanted to create a way to convince the mind to feel sensations that you told it it was feeling. Say I told your mind that you got slapped in the face when you didn’t. With this you would still feel pain in your face like you have been slapped.”

“Ok…what use would that be?”

“It has numerous uses. Like creating prosthetic limbs for amputees that give you pain and sensation like real limbs. Anyway, back on topic. So, they actually figured out how to do this. Plus, they were able to get it to work on a scale so small that it could attached to fabrics and such.”

“That is pretty cool I guess but I have no idea how your suit comes from this.”

“I’m getting to it. So, the three were conflicted on the best applications for this technology. Or if they should just focus on one. They decided to split into their own projects and teams. Each of them have a share in the others and assist. But mainly they focus on trying to perfect their own application for this technology. One did focus on prosthetics. I think the other was military uses and Professor Green looked into entertainment.”

I rolled my eyes again as she had laid out a story that proved my point right. “Entertainment? Like for example porn and sex?”

“No.” Paige replied with a bit of a yell before bringing her voice down. “For like theme parks and movie special effects. It could change so much in the movie world. It would also bring characters really to life. Characters that would be played by guys in awkward suits otherwise.”

“Ohh. That actually makes a lot of sense.”

“Yeah, so it’s not a kink suit.”

“Fine you win. I am sorry I called your groundbreaking thing a kink suit. There happy?”

Paige beamed with pride at her victory and nodded her head. “I suppose it will do but sorry for not warning you about all this.”

“it’s cool you didn’t know I would stop by with your lunch on a day you were testing it. Why were you in it anyway? I thought you would be more into the science of it rather than being a test subject.”

“We only have budget for a small staff of me, Professor Green, and Ian so no money for a test subject. Plus, the chance to feel how this technology affects the mind firsthand was too great to pass up.” She paused for a second with a slight blush before continuing. “And I was the smallest so less work to make one for me.”

“Fair points and hey it looked great on you even with the fur. I would have never knew you had curves for days with how you normally dress.”

Paige ankara ofise gelen escort blushed heavily at this and her hands returned to their nervous fiddling in front of her chest again. Her eyes avoided mine and her voice went much softer. “Umm thanks. If…you could see me in it again, would you want to now? Knowing its purpose now of course.”

I played with a pea on my plate as I thought of my answer. The suit wasn’t intended to be sexual in anyway but the way it fit Paige so tightly still did add a sexual side to it. I did not want to make thing awkward with her because she was my closet friend. I was so curious about seeing it close up and in action though. Plus, I am sure our friendship could handle one of us looking sexy while the other looked them over. “Sure, but I doubt I will be by your work anytime soon.”

Paige’s eyes stayed glued to her food and I could see her struggling to find words. “What If I wore it home to try and help you understand how it works.”

My eyes went big and I stared at the girl. “Really? Won’t Green be mad you took it out of the lab?”

She shook her head. “No, he was ok with it. He thinks it will give good feedback to what wearing it in different environments and for extended periods is like.”

Well damn I didn’t expect her professor to be okay with his prized technology going on a stroll but okay then. “Then fuck yeah let me see. Strip girl.” It was my time to turn red. As soon as the words had left my lips, I realized how sexual they were but it was too late. I looked at Paige expecting a shocked look but instead she had backed away from the table. Quickly she removed her sweater and pants revealing the suit underneath. Up close all I could think was damn she did look good in it.

I stood up and started to walk around her. I knew I was supposed to be looking at the suit but the way it hugged her body made it hard not to look. She had breasts that fit her frame well. I knew Paige was not super model skinny, but the extra weight was where you want it. Giving her amazing hips and an ass. I had no idea my nerdy friend was hiding such a great body underneath her normally prudish clothes.

I tried to stay behind her so she couldn’t see my eyes wandering over her and my very red face. “So, is it hot to wear?” I asked tying to focus on the actual task at hand.

She shook her head in response. “No, it’s made with fabrics that keep you pretty cool no matter what. It was the Professor and Ian’s work. I did the brain stuff.”

“Cool cool.” My eyes wandered down to her ass and I noticed that the cat like tail was sitting there not moving at all. I thought that moving the tail was one of the key points of this whole thing. “So why is the tail not moving?” I asked “and on top of that where are the ears?”

“Oh one sec.” Paige ran from her spot towards the front door and where she kept her work bag. It took her a few moments to return with the ears on her head, but she was holding something in her hand. Walking up to me she handed me what turned out to be a regular tablet. “The ears are connected to a headband that helps relay information from your mind to the suit. Nothing works without the tablet activating it and the headband being on the person’s head. We have different ideas how to make the connection, but the headband is the main prototype for now.”

“Mind if I turn it on?”

“Go for it.” I didn’t need a second invitation to play with a new toy and hit the power button. After a few moments, the screen came to life with a diagram of a human filling the middle. On the side was different numbers and information that made little sense to me. I looked over the tablet and looked at Paige. Her tail was no longer still but waving back and forwards like a real cat’s tail and one of her ears twitched. Not only was it cool but it make Paige look so cute, like a real cat girl.

“So does the tablet do anything else but shows stats and turn it on?”

“No, we have programed to test lots of different things. You can click on any area of the figure and it will bring up options you can apply.”

I decided to test this and clicked on the right arm on the screen. The device zoomed in on the arm and as she said options came up. I click on cold to give it a test and dropped the temperature for her arm down about five degrees. Looking at Paige I waited for a response. Sure, enough she started to rub the arm and looked at me quizzically.

“Did you just make my arm cooler?”

“Yep, that is so cool.” My curiosity was starting to take over and I dove further in. I wondered how small of a body part you could affect so I clicked on her middle figure. Sure, enough it zoomed in and gave me options. I clicked on a tickle and set it for just a second. Paige jumped and squealed as my command relayed to her suit.

“Rude Cora It felt like there was a spider on my finger.” I only half listened to her as I was lost in the possible other things I could do. Then it hit me. If this wasn’t a sex suit, then I shouldn’t be able to click on certain body parts. Zooming back out I clicked between the figure’s legs. I didn’t expect anything to happen, but the screen zoomed in and come up with options. Looking over them my mind went evil. I was about to get her to surrender her victory and prove that this could be used for kink.

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