Subject: Nico the Manny – Part 6 (Adult-youth section) Hello readers. I hope you enjoy this work of complete fantasy fiction. Remember there is a big line between fantasy and reality. This piece, as all of my work here, is purely fantasy and should never be enacted IRL. Also if there are any minors reading this intro please click the X at the top of the screen and leave now. Come back when you’re old enough. Also remember that a small donation can help keep this great community of likeminded men free to all. Take a moment to make a donation here fty/ to keep free and kinky. Please message me and let me know what you think. On with the story, “Nico The Manny – Part 6″ ************************************************* My name is Reggie and this is all new to me. I’m 26, 6’2 190 pounds. I’m black and born and raised in Washington heights. I’ve been blessed with a 12” thick black cock that I’ve used to please pussy for years. I’ve always preferred white women and love when a bitch wants my cock and then squeals and screams when I give it to her. Last year I met a single mom with 3 sons on a dating app. We dated for 10 months and we got engaged 10 months later and married less than a month after that. I never thought about being a dad but suddenly I had three little stepsons. That’s where this story really starts. I grew up around brothers and nephews and never thought twice about them. They were always just annoyances to me. It wasn’t until I moved in with my wife that I discovered my dick was attracted to little white boys like crazy. I couldn’t help it, I’d get hard around them all the time. Her kids are so sweet, affectionate, and (god help me) hot af. Seriously, I was surprised too but one day while watching tv with her youngest boy I started noticing his little body. Pink skin, red lips, big blue eyes and a tiny bubble butt like his mom. He cuddled with me and sat on my lap making me hard. I couldn’t stop the thoughts until I finally had to get up and go beat off thinking about his little ass swallowing my black cock. I pictured him whimpering while his tiny pink dick stood up like a nail. Afterward I tried to push the thoughts from my mind but I couldn’t shake them. All of them loved to wrestle and play and feeling them crawl and jump on me always made my dick hard. I didn’t want to jeopardize my marriage so I just beat off a lot when I was alone with them. I’d also fuck her at night with thoughts of her boys taking my raw dick playing in my head. She even commented that I was fucking so much harder since I moved in. I just told her it was because she was so sexy. I started chatting with other local guys into the same. There were several websites and codes on hookup apps. Turns out there were a lot of men like me. While some knew early, a lot were like me and didn’t discover this part of their sexuality until later. I chatted with a lot and even met up with a few to jerk off just looking at pictures and videos of boys. I even met one local dad who would show me pictures and vids of his 10 year old white sons playing in the pool. We would beat off together while he encouraged aksaray escort me to tell him what I wanted to do with them. No matter what I said and how extreme my fantasies got he would be into it and cum. I got a job as a doorman in a building on the upper east side recently and that’s when I met Andy. I never believed in love at first sight but it happened with him. While my wife’s kids were cute as shit and I wanted to fuck them, Andy was something special. He was 9 years old and fucking adorable. He had a wide, full mouth and a big smile with dick suckin lips. He had big brown eyes and shaggy dark hair. His skin had an olive complexion but he was fair. I could just imagine his smooth little butt taking my black cock. I could see how cute he’d look as he cried out on my dick and begged me to fuck him harder. Every time I saw him my dick would instantly swell up. I eyed him for months trying to figure out a way I could get him alone and play. I became friendly with the kid and his family and every time I saw him I gave him a fist bump. His mom was a stuck up old cunt who never looked at me but his dad was cool. His dad was about 40 and had salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. Not bad looking for a white guy. He was a doctor but loved music and movies and we’d chat in the lobby occasionally with Andy by his side. It was hard to keep focus with this adorable little boy so close. A few times I thought I saw Andy looking at my dick through the grey slacks I wore as part of my uniform. I’d make a point to spread my legs to give him a good view in case he was looking. One day I met their new manny, named Nico. Nico was a young Italian kid from Queens. Most of the babysitters or Nannies in the building were little white girls or older Latina ladies. Nico was young, early 20s, and cute. I could imagine what he looked like as a little boy and def would have wanted to fuck him. So the real story. One day Nico and Andy came in the building after school. It was still warm out and Andy was wearing little shorts and a tshirt with a tiger on it. He looked as fucking cute as ever. I adjusted my dick as it instinctively swelled just at the sight of him. I chatted with them for a second and gave Andy a fist bump like always. They got in the elevator to go up to Andy’s apartment so I thought I’d catch another peek at Andy on the monitor from the elevator camera. I was shocked by what I saw. Nico got down on his knee in front of Andy and at first it looked like he was just going to adjust the kids backpack or something, but I watched as Nico leaned in and kissed him. Not just a peck either. This big long wet kiss. And Andy kissed him back. Andy put his little arms around Nico’s neck and Nico ran his hands down Andy’s body. He moved his hands down and cupped Andy’s little perfect butt as they kissed. Andy moved one hand down and I watched as he grabbed at Nico’s dick and squeezed it. Then Nico reached around and grabbed Andy’s little cock through his shorts. I could see on the HD camera that little Andy’s dick was standing up in his shorts. They hit their floor and left and I just sat alsancak escort there amazed. Was Nico fucking the kid? Was he taking him inside to fuck him right then? My dick immediately got rock hard. My mind was racing. I wanted to leave the desk and go to that apartment and use my master key to catch Nico balls deep inside that little kid. I wanted to go take my turn and finally feel that little boy’s white ass stretch out on my dick. How big was Nico? Could the kid take all of him? Could he take my 12″ dick? As I sat there with my mind racing it started to get busy and I had to do work. All through the evening I thought about Andy’s little hole. I rode the bus home still daydreaming about possibilities. Suddenly all I could think about was little white boys. On the bus across from me was a dad and his little boy. I eyed him up and down as my dick swelled. Walking home I saw more little boys walking by eye level with my dick. In the elevator of my building I rode up with a neighbor. She was a new mom with a baby in a stroller and another kid standing beside her. I thought how hot it would be to shoot my load all over that kid. When I entered my apartment it was late and my wife and kids were already in bed. I thought about stroking my cock there in the living room but suddenly had another idea. I went to the bedroom of her youngest and opened the door. I could see him sleeping in his bed, curled up with a teddy fast asleep. He was on his tummy and had kicked off the covers and his tiny ass was exposed. I could see in the dark he was sleeping in tiny undies with little yellow ducks all over them. His tiny ass was like two perfect mounds and the undies were pressed into his crack. I pulled out my black cock and stroked slow looking at him. Slowly I crept closer keeping my dick in my hand. I stood over him stroking my long black cock. He was sucking his thumb and I kept thinking how hot he would look covered in my load. I continued stroking faster as I thought about little Andy. Sweet little white Andy with his pretty dick sucking lips and firm little white ass. How his babysitter was fucking and molesting him. How hot it would be if I could fuck and molest him. How his face would look as I forced my 12″ black cock deep in his guts. How much I wanted to gape that hole and make him whimper. How he’d sound while he cried on my cock. Suddenly I felt my cock erupting with cum. Without warning I shot all over my stepson’s little undies, soaking his briefs, blasting on his legs, and on his little back. Big strands of my cum covered him as I continued to think about my cock inside Andy’s tiny hole. After I came I watched my stepson as he continued to sleep, sucking his thumb, with my cum covering his tiny ass. After I tucked my softening dick back in my slacks I pulled the blankets back over him and tucked him in to sleep in my cum. After that night I did the same as often as I could with every one of my step kids. They were all heavy sleepers, and all looked cute as fuck with my ped jizz on them. Each time I shot a load on one of my stepkids, I was thinking amasya escort of little Andy. Flash-forward to today. My wife took the kids to her mom’s for the holiday and I was working the next few days. I had taken the opportunity to lay in the bed of my youngest stepson and beat out a load on his teddy before coming to work. Even after that I was still horny when I saw little Andy walking up with Nico. I was sneaking a quick smoke before my shift when they walked up. “Andy! My man!” I said trying to stay casual while picturing Nico fucking this little kid. I gave Andy a fist bump before I looked back to his babysitter/molester. “How’s it goin Nico?” “Good, bro. You workin tonight?” He asked. “Yea, I’m here until midnight. About to start my shift but sneaking a smoke first. Don’t tell anybody.” I knew they were both good at keeping secrets. “Secret’s safe with me. Any big plans after that?” he asked. “Nah, wife and kids are at their grandma’s this week and I couldn’t take time off so I’ll be hanging at home and watching movies after work.” And jerk off on their little teddies I thought. “That’s too bad.” He put his arm around Andy’s shoulder and pulled him toward him. Andy put his arms around Nico’s waist and pressed his little head against him. “Andy and I are alone this week too. His parents went skiing so he and I are going to be celebrating thanksgiving tonight together. Maybe you could pop up when you get off and help us.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I felt like I was maybe just hearing what I wanted to hear and didn’t want to say the wrong thing. I licked my lips and said “That sounds fun.” Nico stepped a little closer and said “Andy told me that he’s wanted to play with you for a long time. And I think the feeling is mutual. Am I right?” I realized I was staring down at Little Andy and finally looked back up to Nico. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing so I just nodded as I imagined Andy’s little ass impaled on my black cock. “Good. So when you’re off, come up for a while. I promise you’ll have fun.” Nico said to me. I still wasn’t sure if he meant what I hoped he meant. That’s when Andy said, “Please Reggie! I promise I’ll be a good little boy.” The sweet little white boy moved away from Nico and stepped over and gave me a hug. He was so tiny I felt his little face press against my cock. He didn’t just leave it there. He nuzzled against my dick. My cock immediately extended and started leaking. All I could say was “Fuck!” real low and hopefully quiet. I know they heard me though. “So plan to come up when you get off. I’m having a few friends over tonight to celebrate as well. Mind letting them up when they get here?” Nico asked. I said “Fuck yes I will.” Nico said he would see me later and they walked into the building. As they walked away I had to adjust my cock and realized I had a huge wet spot of precum on my pants and my 12″ hard cock was rock fucking hard. So that brings us to now. It’s been a mostly quiet night since most of the residents leave for the holiday. I’ve sat here all night hoping that Nico was suggested what I thought he was. They’ve had a few guests come so far and I wonder if those guys were also fucking Andy. I have less than an hour before I get off and I can’t wait to see. I’m just sitting here occasionally jerking my cock and thinking about Andy’s little hole. Is this really happening?

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