NIKKI’S JOURNEY – CHAPTER 3CHAPTER 3: EXPLORING NEEDSFor the rest of that year Joe gently pushed their boundaries and comfort zone. Especially, Nikki’s. A month after the restaurant experience Joe announced that he was taking her to shop for some special clothes at a boutique that was recommended. Joe wanted her dressed in a skirt, blouse, bra, panties and heels. She was for some reason getting used to Joe expressing how he like her to dress and she found herself never sure what might come as a result, but nothing to the extent of the restaurant repeated.Upon arrival at the shop which looked nice and in a nice area, but inside was filled almost exclusively with very sexy dresses, blouses, underwear, sleepwear and accessories. The shop was empty with a very attentive attendant as a result. Joe just took right over and indicated that they were interested in some new sexier clothes and interested in a classic short black dress and appropriate underwear to start. The woman suggested a dress that was indeed short, filmy and would provide plenty of bare shoulders, arms and upper chest. And probably lots of cleavage. Holding it up to her she also selected a couple of lacy bras to try and thong panties. With these selections they all went towards the changing room at the back of the shop. Joe and the woman waited outside as Nikki went in and took off her clothes. Once naked she started dressing in the underwear and the dress. She came out to model the outfit which did look striking. The woman indicated that it would look better with an even smaller thong. She pointed out the marks showing through the dress on her butt. The woman asked her to raise the dress and she would remove the panty. Once removed, the woman looked at Nikki’s crotch for a moment and then suggested that maybe this wouldn’t work after all. Joe pushed and asked why not. The woman seemed reluctant but Joe pushed. Finally, the woman said that the small thongs just don’t look good unless the woman was shaved. She looked over her shoulder at the front of the shop and not seeing anyone else having come in, asked Nikki to take off the dress and stand in front of the full length mirror. As Nikki did, much to her own surprise, the woman asked her to take the panties off and she would return with the appropriate thong to show them what she meant. Returning almost immediately she held the thong for Nikki to step into and gazed intently into Nikki’s crotch as she lifted and opened her legs. Once raised in place the woman knelt alongside Nikki and with her hand sliding over the front of the thong, directed their attention to the hair, even though trimmed, visible. While both Nikki and Joe watch, the woman slipped a finger into each side of the thong front and down under Nikki where she grazed her pussy causing a gasp which Joe quickly picked up on. Joe knelt down with the woman in front of Nikki and touch and adjusted the thong in front and underneath until both had stroked Nikki who was realizing the situation she was in. Standing in a boutique in only her bra, a thong and her heels with her husband and the sales clerk playing with her pussy. Then, the sales clerk was sliding the thong down her legs and explaining something to them but Nikki was missing it. Joe asked, “Nikki, what do you think?”“What? I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you were saying.”“She was saying that it would be better if you were bare here. Or at the least trimmed a lot more to eliminate most of the hair. She was recommending getting rid of all of it, though. She has a product that can be applied that removes the hair and can be applied entirely over our pussy and back to our anus to be totally bare. Then you just shower and wash it off. Do you want to try it and then we can come back another day?”All the while Joe and the woman had their hands between her legs causing her, she realized, to have her legs wide open. Nikki looked down and saw that both were looking up at her as they moved their fingers back and forth, bumping into each other. Joe stood up and went behind Nikki and unclasped her bra and removed it. Then he returned to kneeling with the woman and both were actively fingering her pussy. Both had their fingers inside her at the same the time while Joe also reached up and squeezed on of her breasts. It couldn’t have been the amount of physical stimulation as much as the mental image of what was happening to her in this public space where a strange could just walk in. Hell, a total strange had her finger in her pussy at the moment. And with that, she came and came hard. Joe stood and held Nikki while the woman continued to finger her and then used her mouth on Nikki’s clit to complete the climax.Just then they heard the door open and close and Joe took Nikki by the arm and assisted her into the dressing room while the clerk gathered up the discarded clothes. In the changing room Nikki leaned heavily on Joe as her orgasm ended and sighed, “What’s happening to me?”“Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy letting yourself go and letting others take control? Did you enjoy the thrill of being so exposed while being pleasured?”“God, yes! It was amazing and so wicked. I’m not sure I would even recognize that woman if we were outside the store but she was just fingering me to an orgasm while I was naked in her store. Just thinking about it might make me cum, again.” Looking into his eyes, “I don’t know what you are doing to me”, she kissed him hard, “but I love it and you.”“Well, unless you’re going to walk out of here naked except for your heels, why don’t you get dressed and we’ll leave. I’ll meet you at the front.” With that giving her a swat on the ass and leaving.He noticed as he approached the front that the person who came in was at the other side of the shop. Walking to the counter and the woman, he said, “Thank you. That was quite an experience. Honestly, nothing like this has happened before but we are opening ourselves to new things.”“Do you think she might like to try that lotion to remove the hair?”“Whether she wants to or not, now I want her to. Yes, we’ll take some with us now.” With that she handed a bottle she already had next to her and said it was her gift just as Nikki walked up. “Are you sure?”“Absolutely, I am sure you’ll be back to try on more clothes and I would love to try that again” and whispering, “but without the hair”. She handed Joe a card and said, “Call some evening to make sure I am here and come just before closing.” With that she came around the counter, checked the other customer, and kissed Nikki on the lips. Over the next several months they had returned to that shop several times. Each time purchasing sexier and sexier outfits for Nikki but also allowed time for the woman to again taste Nikki each time.Several months later, Joe began to press Nikki again about Jane and the dog. “Do you think Jane is a lesbian? Other than the dog?”“Yes, I am sure she is. I never really thought about it but after the way she came onto me and then realizing she is never with a guy or talking about one, yes, she has to be. OOOOHH, that feels so good! Why?” She is on her knees, naked in the bahis siteleri family room with Joe behind her with his body over hers, one hand helping to support him off her body while the other alternates between pinching her nipples and strumming her clit as he plows into her wet pussy. Easy strokes in and out while playfully teasing her nipples and clit. Over the months since her revelation sex had become a much better part of their lives with some interesting and very exciting diversions along the way like the events at the boutique.“I keep going back to that night you were with Jane and the dog. How did you feel when you and Jane were doing each other? Like the woman in the shop? Or was it too new, then? Would it maybe be more intense now after the other things that have happened?” Nikki just moaned and arched her back higher trying to take Joe deeper into her cunt. “And the dog, do you ever think about that?” “Ooooohhh, God. Oooooh, right there on my clit. Ooooooh, you really have learned my spots. I love this. I love you doing it!” “Nikki, do you ever wonder what it would be like again without being drunk, the ****, the being held down against your will?” “Ooooh, Joe, what are you doing?”“You did say you gave into it and had a powerful orgasm.”“Yes, it was ….”“After all the sex and variations we have been enjoying since then, you can’t tell me you haven’t wondered how it would feel again. Tell me, Nikki.”“Yes, yes, yes. I have thought about it many times, especially lately. You have opened me so much to options in sex. Yes, I have thought about it.”“Good.” And with that the intensity increased and Nikki went straight into an orgasm from the increased thrust and penetration into her cunt, the stimulation of her nipples and clit, combined with the mental image provide by Joe of her again with a dog. And she came hard. Joe kept pounding into her until finally he too gasped his climax and sent ropes of cum shooting into her cunt. The both collapsed onto the floor, Joe still tight to her back and still firmly lodged inside her cunt. She wiggled her butt into him and seductively contracted her pussy around his slowly softening cock.“Why all the interest in Jane and her dog?” she asked.“Please don’t be upset, but I think it would be exciting for you to have Jane and her dog over for some play time with us.”“I really do think she is a lesbian.”“Except for the dog, right. I mean it is definitely male from what you’ve said.”“Oh, yes, definitely male.”Continuing to caress her breast and pinch her nipple and she continuing to press into him and contract her pussy around his cock, he said, “I don’t have to do anything with her. But the 3 of us can enjoy the evening with you and her, me and you, and you and the dog. Together, consenting, and comfortable.” Her breathing picked up, “That actually does turn you on, doesn’t it?”“Am I a slut or something if I said it did turn me on and, yes, I am still curious?”“No, that doesn’t make you a slut. But it does show that you have potential.”“What?”“You love sex! I never really knew just how much you did. The more we do and the more unusual and exciting the situation, the more you seem to enjoy it. Most women would have died to find herself naked in a shop with a strange woman fingering her. You? You went back twice more! I love it. I get hard just thinking about it.”“Yes, you do. I can feel you getting hard right now. Right inside my cunt, just talking about this you are growing inside me. God, it feels so good!”“Call her now and see if she would be willing to come over here. But tell her that part of it is that you want to try the dog, again.”“That’s so perverse.”“Yes, but sooooo exciting. But, I don’t want you to do it if you are doing it for me. Right now at this stage, I want you to be doing this ONLY if you want to. Okay?”“What do you mean ‘at this stage’?“In time, my dear. Is this your decision?”“Yes. Yes, I really do want this. I might not have without your support and encouragement to know that you were also excited and with me, but with you, yes, I want this.”“Do it, now.”Nikki slowly moved away and in the process his cock slowly slipped out from between her lips . As she stood over him, he could see a drop of his cum at the opening of her pussy. God, what a sight! She grabbed her cell off the coffee table, found Jane’s profile, and pushed the button. Joe just watched as Nikki paced back and forth.“Jane? Hi, this is Nikki. No, no, Jane stop. Listen, please. I know I haven’t been very friendly since being at your apartment that night. Jane, just listen for a minute. My husband and I have talked about that night a lot since. Yes, I told him, what did you think I would do. No, it fine. He is very understanding. In fact we have talked about that night quite a lot and we have a proposition for you. We were hoping you would like to come to our place for an evening together for just a few drinks and … being together. What? Yes, Jane, that’s what we mean. Yes, Joe will be here, that’s why it is ‘we’ but he would be very comfortable with just being with me when I am not … with you. Yes, Jane. Yes, we’re serious. Jane, you’re the one who started this. Okay, but there is one other thing. Would you also bring your dog? Yes, I am. I am very much wanting to try him again, without being drunk or being held down. Yes, Jane, he knows about that, too. Great! This Friday night at about 7:30? Great, I’ll give you direction at the office. Thanks, Jane.”Friday night finally arrived. Since Jane like white wine, they had that ready along with other drinks and some light snacks available. Joe was waiting in the family room in slacks and golf shirt and bare feet. Nikki was puttering away in the kitchen putting out the snacks. She was very nervous. She couldn’t believe she was behaving like this. She was dressed in one of the new filmy, see-through nighties that came down to just past her pussy and ass. With that she had on thigh high stockings, high heel, and see-through thong. No bra. Her breasts and nipples were clearly on display. Just after 7:30 the doorbell rang. Joe stood at the entry to the family room and waited as Nikki passed him and went to the door. She nervously looked at Joe, sighed deeply, and opened the door. In front of the wide open door she stood, nearly naked, to greet Jane. Jane was shocked and literally taken aback. Nikki walks up to her, put her hands on either side of her face and kissed her on the mouth. She took Jane’s hand and backed into the house. “Come inside, Jane, before the whole neighborhood sees more of me than they ever have.” With Jane came the dog on his leash. Nikki petted the dog, scratching his ears, standing right next to him as she introduced Joe and Jane to each other. As they talked, the dog clearly was catching a whiff of Nikki’s arousal and poked his snout into her front and discovering the source.Jane said, “I wasn’t really sure about this when you called. We were drunk that night. But I can see you were very serious about what was going to happen tonight. But I think I need some wine if that is okay.”Joe said, “Of course, sorry, I should have offered.”Joe canlı bahis siteleri let Nikki and Jane take the couch and he sat a side chair as they all talked but more and more it was just Nikki and Jane as Joe tried to fade away. Nikki finally took the matter into her hands, kissing Jane and brushing her breast outside her shirt. Soon Nikki had Jane down to her bra and panties and devoured her with kisses, every exposed inch of skin. Then the bra came away and breasts and nipples were lavished with kisses and tender bites. Next, Nikki was sliding Jane’s panties off her hips and down her legs. With that Nikki buried herself between Jane’s legs and was greedily sucking, tonguing, and nipping away at her pussy lips, clit and probing into her cunt. Jane came quickly while Joe sat watching and slowly rubbing his hard cock through his pants. When Nikki rose, Jane gasped and said, “Nikki, where did that come from?!? You were so timid in my apartment just some months ago.”Nikki sat between Jane’s spread legs, looked at Joe and back to Jane, “Joe and I have been … having fun since that night as a result of that experience and figuring out why it happened and what I was looking for. We decided I needed more excitement and experiences and needed to avoid the ‘old married couple’ rut.” She reaches out and ran one finger along Jane’s pussy and slowly pressed it inside. Took it out and brought it to her lips and sucked it noisily clean.Joe finally spoke and said, “Nikki, you are nearly naked but it is time to now BE naked.” With that she slipped off the night gown in front of Jane, turned with her back to Jane, bent over at the waist and slowly, very slowly slid her thong panties down her hip and legs. She then looked back at Jane through her legs and smiled. “Jane, do you love your dog?” She nodded. “No, not just love him, but really love him.”She looked at Nikki and back at Joe and said, “Yes. Yes, I do. His is the only male cock I’ve taken in 2 years.”“Excellent. Would you help Nikki this to take his cock in her cunt? Would you help her to willingly, gratefully, take his cock? To be his bitch for the night? To dump his load into her like he could breed her with puppies?”Both women squealed and groaned, looked at each other and took each other’s hands. Jane had Nikki get on the floor on her back with her legs pulled up and spread out wide. She then called the dog over and led him in the vicinity of Nikki. The dog quickly picked up the sent and found its source. The first tentative lick sent a visible shiver through her. With each successive lick and deeper probing of the tongue she was clearly quickly reaching an orgasm. She later said that his licks didn’t just touch her pussy but started at her asshole and went right up and over her clit with each swipe. Then his tongue curled and found its way inside her and snaked around inside before coming back out and over her clit again. At this point she was arching her back and driving her crotch into the dog’s mouth and she finally came so hard she shook and closed her legs around the dog’s neck. Jane opened her legs and slowly moved the dog and crawled over her and sucked on Nikki’s breasts and nipples. Then, looking at Joe and getting a nod to proceed, she instructed Nikki to get onto her hands and knees and lower her head and rest on her elbows. Then she instructed her to wiggle here butt back and forth. “That’s it, Nikki. Invite him to mate with you. He can smell you, he has tasted you. Be his bitch and let him know you are his for the taking.” The dog came to Nikki, licked her open cunt a few times and then jumped up onto her back and just as quickly began pushing his extended shaft and hitting her butt and thighs. Jane reaches underneath him and help guide him into her and with another push was deep inside Nikki. She gasped at the sudden penetration and the sudden fullness. She began feeling his cock swell even more and groaned out her feelings. She could feel his cock seeping fluids and making her hot, hungry cunt even more receptive for him. Again, Joe asked of Jane, “Jane, do you take his knot when you mate with him?”She looked up quickly to Joe blushing profusely over her face, neck and chest and said, “Yes, I love his knot.”“You women. You’re naked in my house after meeting me only a couple hours ago. My wife thoroughly ate your pussy and took you to a very powerful orgasm. Now you’re helping my wife fuck your dog. And you blush … That is so sexy! Now, is his knot at her opening? Good, help her take his knot and then help her after he comes while they are stuck together.” She looked at Nikki arching her back and pushing back to the dog and then back at Joe. “The internet is just a wealth of available knowledge, isn’t it?”She reached down between them at Nikki’s butt and said, “Nikki, you need to push back into him and move side to side to open your cunt. He needs to get his knot into you to truly breed you. You want to fully be his bitch don’t you? A bitch gives totally for his mating. The knot assures he has maximum potential for breeding you. At least, he thinks so. Good, press back and move side to side. Feel him? Feel the knot? Now push back as he pushes into you.”“Ooooh, Goddddddd! What is that? I feel like a softball trying to go into me. Oh, Oh, Oooooohhhh. Ugggghh, yessssssss. I have it! God, that feels so good. It feels so huge inside me. Oh god, oh god, he’s fucking me so hard, so fast, oh god, oh god. Yessssssss, I’m gooing to come, yesss. Oh, he’s swelling even more and his knot is so big. Oooooh ggggooodddd, he’s coming, too. Oh, so much come. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, I’m cummmmming so hard!!!!”Nikki collapsed with her but held high and the dog firmly stuck inside her. She wiggled her but and sighed. Then the dog started to move and she panicked because they were stuck and she couldn’t get away. Jane grabbed the dog’s collar and let him slowly turn so they were butt to butt. Nikki groaned deeply and whimpered each time the dog tried to pull away. Each time it pulled on her cunt and then when it went back it rubbed on her insides and she swore it was rubbing on her g-spot. A few more times and she was again crying out in an orgasm. Subsequent pulling and release just continued smaller climaxes until she was nearly exhausted. Finally, the dog’s knot did slip out and Nikki totally collapsed onto the rug. Joe got up and taking a cover from the couch, covered Nikki and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Rest, dear. That was amazing.”Joe stood and walked over to Jane. Putting out his arms to her, she looked at him and took his hands and he helped her up. Putting his arms out, she again looked into his eyes and walked right into his arms. He closed his arms around her naked body and stroking her back down to her butt he kissed her cheek and thanked her for helping Nikki. She pulled her head back and looked him in the eyes again and said, “You are truly an amazing man. Nikki is so lucky to have someone who loves her so much he will do anything he can to provide her with pleasure.” She then kissed him passionately on the lips. When she broke it a little embarrassed, canlı bahis he said, “Go sit on the couch and I’ll get you another wine. Do you want a robe or anything? If it was up to me, though, I would much prefer you just stayed like that.”Seemingly blushing, again, “In that case just the wine, than you.”When Nikki came around finally, she found Jane sitting on the couch, still naked drinking a glass of wine. Looking to the other side she found Joe sitting in the chair with his drink and both of them had huge smiles looking at her. “First, how are you feeling, dear?”“WoW! That was amazing. I have never cum so hard in a fucking. Listen to me! But, WOW.”“Okay, I have a wine for you here but this is what we’re going to do if Jane is willing. I am going to get undressed and then we will continue.” Joe gave Nikki her wine, then stood and stripped down naked and sat back in his chair. He was already hard and when he sat down he held his cock up straight, “Nikki, I want you right on here, facing Jane.” They all 3 looked at each other and the 2 women smiled and shrugged their shoulders but Nikki came over, handed her glass of wine to Joe to hold, turned to face Jane and then backed up to Joe, straddled his legs, reached underneath her lining up his cock and slowly sat down until she was sitting fully on his lap with a sign and grunt. Joe handed her the wine and they slowly drank. The women wondering what happening, what Joe had in mind, how was Jane involved in this? Nikki couldn’t help to move slightly on Joe’s cock and the longer the minutes passed the more obvious the situation was to Nikki and she moved even more until she was actually raising her hips and lowering them, again. Finally, “Woman, you seem to be enjoying yourself. Are you leaking the cum of your last lover?”“Yes, this feels so good and so obscene in front of Jane. And, yes, my last lover, the dog, shot soooooo much doggie sperm into me that I am very definitely leaking. I bet Jane can see it from there.”“I can”, she said. “Sitting on your husband’s cock, moving up and down in front me with dog cum seeping out of your nasty, bald cunt is sooooo hot.”Joe said, “Jane that is exactly what I wanted to know. Come over her, Jane, and kiss my wife. Hard, passionate, tongue. Good, now feel her breasts and nipples while you kiss her.” Then whispering to both of them, “Now lower your hand, Jane, to where my cock is joined in Nikki’s wet pussy. Roll her clit, play with our joining. Her cunt, my cock.” Joe reached around Nikki and took Jane’s breast in his hands, squeezing them, pinching the nipples. And leaning forward, pushing Nikki into Jane, he reached down and found Jane’s pussy. It was wet, very wet and open. It was charged with arousal. She moaned and pressed her crotch into Nikki to allow Joe better access. He took that access and dipped 2 fingers into her and pumped them in and out and using his thumb on her clit while Nikki continued to move up and down on Joe’s cock. Nikki stopped, embraced Jane and pulled her so she could suck on Jane’s breast and nipple. Sucking, gently chewing the nipple and sucking the nipple, biting and pulling with her teeth while Joe continued finger fucking her and her clit. In moments the combination sent her over the edge moaning and shaking. Jane holding her tight so she wouldn’t fall. Then, after recovering, and still held by Nikki, breast to breast, she passionately kissed her on the mouth and whispered, “Thank you!” She gazed into Nikki’s eyes, kissed her again and repeated it. Then looking at Nikki as if asking for something, she finally leaned around Nikki to Joe, kissed him passionately on the mouth and whispered her thank you to him as well. Then they were locked in a 3-way embrace with Nikki squeeze in the middle.Joe said, “Now, Jane, I want you on your knees between our legs.” She looked at Nikki and then Joe, smiled sheepishly and dropped to her knees. “Nikki, you need to get fucking me. Jane, you need to get to sucking and licking our joined crotches. Any questions?” Both women looked at each other, smiled to each other and began. Nikki again moving up and down on his cock which caused more dog cum to escape and Jane licking cock and cunt and lapping up cum, initially doggie but eventually man cum, also. Jane licked from the base of Joe’s cock up until she came to Nikki’s pussy lips and then up over her clit. Occasionally, Nikki stopped at the top offering the most cock to lick. Then, looking down at Jane and her hungry mouth and lips, she raised herself completely off Joe to his protest. Jane looked up at them both, smiled, licked her lips, licked up the full length of cock and at the top fully took the head into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on his cock until she released it with a kiss to the tip and placed it back to the Nikki’s spread and dripping cunt that dropped down onto it with one movement. After Nikki and Joe had orgasmed, Nikki stood up and his cock plopped out of her well used cunt. Joe asked Jane to lay on her back, Nikki to sit over her mouth facing away from Jane’s feet and Joe knelt in front of Nikki instructing her to clean his cock off of the his cum, dog cum and her cum while Jane cleaned out Nikki cunt of the same. At the end they all rolled over with satisfied sighs.Joe got up first and carried the empty glasses into the kitchen and returned. Both women were standing. Nikki walked up to Joe, hugged him and whispered into his ear. He said, “Sure. That would be nice.”Still having one arm around Joe, Nikki reached out with her other arm towards Jane. Jane walked to them and Joe opened his free arm and she walked right into their embrace and accepted 3-way kissing among them. Nikki said, “Jane, it is late and we’re all tired. We would like you to stay here tonight and share our bed. We can work something out for your dog.”“That sounds great. You guys are awesome and I am exhausted. He doesn’t need much. I will just take him out to do his thing and he’ll be good for the night.” She reached for her clothes and Joe stopped her. “It’s after midnight. Just take him out like that. It’s warm.”“It’s like I can’t say no to him. He must have you doing all kinds of wild things.”“I know just what you mean, I feel the same way. But we have just gotten started, I have a feeling.”Joe walked her and the dog on the leash to the patio door and watched as she went out into the backyard, naked. When she came back she was flushed, “God, I hope he didn’t see me. Your neighbor came to the window and looked out but it was probably impossible for him to see with the light in their room. If he did, he’ll probably think he saw you, you little hussy.” As she swatted Nikki butt. She walked up to Joe, still naked and pressed herself up against him and allowed his cock to press into her abdomen. She kissed him deeply, pulled her head back looking into his eyes, “Thank you, Joe! You are a fantastic man.” Taking his cock in her hand which was a surprise to Nikki watching, “I wish I had met someone like you.” Releasing his cock and kissing him again, “Knowing I don’t swing with men, you made this evening for me so totally safe, comfortable and sssoooo exciting. I loved it all, thank you. Both of you.”Once in bed, Nikki spooned up to Jane with Joe to Nikki. Sleep came quickly.* * * CHAPTER 4: A SPECIAL WEEKEND AWAY, will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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