Noise In The Night


Noise In The NightNoise In The NightBy: Londebaaz Chohan After finishing 4 years of college, Nunez; Abraham Nunez had come home to his parent’s home with their permission for a maximum of 6 months or earlier provided he found himself a job. His parents told him in no uncertain words that this was not a hotel and even if he thought, it was; the rent shall be due every month and after 6 months there shall be no service free of charge. Abraham did not know, that the most incredible night was also waiting for him to experience. It was a cozy spring night. The weather was not warm yet but very comfortably warm after snowy, windy winter. He woke up to the strange noises coming from the hall out of his bedroom door. It very much sounded like as if someone was in some kind of discomfort and pain.Abraham jumped out of the bed to investigate and slipped on his underwear before slowly opening his bedroom door and come out in the hallway, where he realized that the sounds were coming from his parent’s master bedroom next to his bedroom. That was strange because now the noises were not only getting louder and different but also some muffled sounds were mixed as well coming from their bedroom. This mixture of words and sounds was obviously sounding like pleasure and not pain. It was no secret that his parents were enjoying sex and a very verbal one. He always thought that their sex was kind of stale and calmed down after so many years of marriage but no, he could tell it was not stale at all. He crawled closer and put his ear to the door. His father had a pretty gruff voice as he heard his father tell his mother to suck harder on his fat cock and drain all of his male syrup from his balls. Abraham, just could not believe it. For all his life, he had never heard his father use a curse word, and his mother, oh fuck no. He never wanted to believe hearing his mother’s vulgar voice, “You are good to go, big boy. Fuck me now. Put it in me and fuck me crazy”.Abraham just could not think straight. Here he was, outside his parent’s bedroom listening to them, fucking hard inside. His young cock was getting hard and swollen. He was not a pervert or sick but still wanted to hear and see more. With caution, he slowly turned the door handle and opened the door little bit. The scene hit him like güvenilir bahis a ton of bricks. His mother was on her back, legs spread wide apart, feet towards the door and his father like a jackhammer between her legs, giving it to her extremely hard and rough. His mother’s neck jumping up with each powerful thrust in her cunt and with the impression on her face, she was positively in heaven. Abraham felt his cock oozing and soaking his underwear.“Oh fuck! I am ready to cum once again”, she was heard loud and clear as she gasped and her voice tremored. “Oh my God! Fuck me baby, yes, deeper yeses”! A strong orgasm had hit her in the cunt to make her slip into total ecstasy. “Oh yes baby, cum on my fat cock. Make my dick take a shower in your pussy juice”. Dad gasped as he felt the tremors, contractions and shaking in her thighs and his own climax surging as well in him. Dad’s ass hole began quivering, he was surely Cumming in her. Abraham’s erection was hurting him by now. He simply could not believe, how turned on he was watching his father and mother enjoying a fucking. He direly needed a relief as well and wanted to shoot out his load. So he pulled his cock out and started stroking it to his parent’s, having sex. He was about to cum when something strange to a much higher degree happened. He heard the door at his back open and Melissa, his baby sister appeared in the hall and let out a silent gasp. While still stroking himself at the verge, big cock in his fist, Abraham turned to see, exactly, what the noise was and exactly then he shot all over Melisa, on the front of her long sleeping shirt. Surprisingly, she did not say anything, only looked at Abraham with a devilish grin, scooped up some of the male liquid with her finger, tasted it and then walked into the bathroom.Abraham was stunned as he stood there. Was his sister mad at him, shall she tell it all to the parents? He had questions in his mind. Maybe he shall never know the answers. He tucked his cock back inside the underwear and quietly walked back to his room and fell in the bed thinking about everything that happened in the past 15 minutes or so. Hardly half an hour or less, he was laying there when there was polite knock on his door and he whispered, asking, who it was?“Your baby sister, Melisa”, she güvenilir bahis siteleri answered. “I am coming in”, and before he said a word, she was in his bedroom. She only had a black bra and a black lace panties on her sexy body. Abraham could not believe, how delicious she looked. Her very fit boobs, erected nipples and nicely shaped ass with a grin and twinkle in her eyes was mesmerizing him as she came close and sat on the edge of his bed. “I am sorry”, he hardly whispered, when he was stunned by Melisa, cutting him off saying, “It was fine”. She could see a shocked look on his face and placed her hand on his naked knee and repeated, “It was fine and everything shall be ok”. She promised. Quietly they sat there for hardly 20 minutes but it seemed like 20 hours, then she suddenly started rubbing his knee, telling him that she will make sure, nothing goes wrong. Abraham had started to achieve a fresh erection due to her intimate moves. He looked at her again and she gave him a big smile, before shocking him by moving her hand up on his thigh, higher, very close to his balls and he almost hit the ceiling, when she groped his cock and balls in the underwear. “Did I do this to you”, she asked as she slowly moved her hand up and down the expanding shaft. Abraham could only muster a weak whining and a moan. His head was spinning, his heart was beating as if it was ready to jump out of the rib cage. The younger sister, he had dreamt about for years was now with him, in his bed, holding his larger cock and stroking it too. Then she moved close to him and asked, if he was enjoying her ministrations? He looked at her and began to say something when she leaned over and they kissed, a very passionate, deep soul, wet kiss. It sent Abraham flying in the air as they sat there and kissed and kissed and kissed some more. Their bodies crashed against each other as their tongues danced to the music of sexual lust filling their minds. Melisa moved up and pushed Abraham onto the bed, kissing his hairy chest. Her hands tugged the underwear off making the long stiff cock to slap into her cheek. She looked at Abraham in his eyes while flicking her tongue on the cock knob and then down to his shaft while stroking also continued.“Oh Melisa babe, please suck me”. Abraham asked iddaa siteleri her and she sank her mouth on his rod, saying, he had always wanted it, haven’t you big brother of mine?“Oh yes baby. I had always wanted to put my cock in your mouth. Always”. He confessed. Melisa started sucking Abraham’s cock for his cream as if her life depended on it right now. Her head was bobbing fast and her mouth was sucking hard, gagging and choking on the huge size till Abraham warned her that he was ready to cum, hoping for her to stop and jerk him off instead of taking his essence in her mouth but to his amazement, she began sucking him even harder and in no time, Abraham blew his load in her mouth and she swallowed every single drop of it. After done, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand and looked at Abraham with a big grin. As Abraham had a lot, still left in his balls, he was stiff once again faster than he ever did before. Melisa climbed up, pushed her panties to a side and positioned her pussy mound right above the cock head and slowly lowered herself down on his flag pole for a horse sized cock, complaining and being cranky that he was huge as she impaled herself on it. “Oh baby, all for you. Ride my fat cock babe”. Abraham said, as he reached, ripped her bra and took both of her tits in his hands and squeezed them. “Now do not cum quickly, let me fuck this monster for a while”. She was being greedy. “Enjoy baby, enjoy your fucking ride all you can”. Abraham said and now they were both at it, fucking so hard, so raw, so rough, so deep, and so brutal and ruthless. The young cunt was slaughtered but Melisa kept fucking her brother’s cock with a fervor and force till both were getting tired. Abraham’s balls, even his teeth were sweating. He had fucked her so prude and now she was also begging to cum deep inside her pussy. With no more than a dozen thrusts and she let out a scream. With a long moan, Abraham felt her young pussy get wrapped around his cock with a death grip and they both shot their virile seed for one another. Her cunt had a vice like grip as she milked his cock dry.All night they spent in each other’s arms and fucked again and again and again and then some more. They knew, that Melisa was home from college for only a few days of spring break. They fucked every chance they got during the week and prayed that Abraham will get a job close by and would not move far away for their lovely rendezvous to go on. The End. Your comments help me to entertain you better. Londebaaz Chohan July 16, 2020.

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