Not so faithful – Part 2


Sally entered the Studio 1 in the gym for her fitness class. She noticed another younger woman there. It was a welcome change to see someone younger at a 10 a.m. class, as it was usually filled with much older women. Sally, a school teacher, could only come to gym this early on a weekday as it was summers and schools were closed.She couldn’t help but notice herself in the mirror, she was proud of her well-toned body. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail, her ample breasts stretching her tank top and tights showing off her legs. She was thirty-four, had two children but could easily pass for a woman in her mid-twenties. ‘A very sexy MILF’, she thought and smiled, ‘Ray should be fucking grateful.’The younger woman walked towards Sally as if she knew her. She had shoulder length red hair, green eyes, an easy-going smile and a certain mischief in her eyes.The younger woman, who was wearing sports bra and capris, said, “Hello, Sally! I’m Rachel”.Sally was surprised she knew her name. ‘Is she someone familiar?’ she wondered.“Do I know you?” Sally asked.“I don’t think so,” Rachel blurted, “I… I probably saw your name on the list.”‘There were six other names kaçak iddaa on the list,’ Sally wondered, ‘How did she guess it was her?’ She didn’t think about it again. It was nice to have somebody young around. They chit-chatted about the weather and ‘The Great British Bake Off’.During the gym session, Rachel was on the mat in front of her. She had firm breasts with erect nipples, visible despite the sports bras’ thicker fabric. She had this naughty sexual vibe about her.The gym session finished. Sally had showered and had put on her skirt and bra and was shuffling through her gym bag for her tank top. Rachel walked in from the shower area, towel around her waist but otherwise naked. Sally was looking at her beautiful body, perky boobs, wet hair, few drops of water making its way down her left breast.Sally was perhaps looking for a second too long, Rachel caught her staring and winked. She turned away red-faced, but then looked back and smiled.Rachel walked towards Sally, still just in that towel, and said, “Let’s have a coffee!”“Sure, I’ll see you in the cafeteria.” Sally smiled back.Sally was waiting in the cafeteria. She watched Rachel coming down kaçak bahis the stairs to the cafeteria, she was wearing crop top and capris. Rachel spoke about recently moving to the area and buying a house. Sally explained she was coming to Gym more regularly as schools were closed for the summer, and her children were away to the Grandparents. Her husband was also away at a conference in Berlin, so she basically can do what she pleases.Rachel moved her fingers on top of Sally’s hand, lightly caressing. “Whatever you please?” she enquired.Sally looked at her hand and then looked up, Rachel winked and giggled and moved her hand away. Sally admired how confident and convivial she was. She had almost forgotten they had met this morning.They left the cafeteria and walked to the car park. Rachel mentioned she lived only a few streets away, but Sally insisted on dropping her home.They parked in Rachels driveway. Rachel insisted to come in. They walked through the hallway, Sally sat on the couch. Rachel went to the kitchen and then peeked out from there.“How about some wine?” Rachel proposed.“We just came out of gym,” Sally protested.“Yes, and we are now illegal bahis having wine, Prosecco?” Rachel smiled.Sally gave-up protesting and nodded with a smile, Rachel got some wine glasses on the coffee table and a bottle of prosecco.“I always struggle to open this right,” Rachel said.Sally took the bottle from Rachel and asked her to get a kitchen towel, just in case the cork flew out. She removed the foil, carefully opened the wire cage, all the while keeping the thumb on the cork. She put the kitchen towel over the hand pressing the cork. She held her hand still inclining the bottle gently and using her other hand, she turned the bottle slowly at the bottom to carefully open it up.“Expertly done! I guessed you wouldn’t say no to wine,” Rachel said.Sally looked amused and asked, “What made you guess that?”Rachel winked, her naughty eyes beaming, “You wouldn’t want to know what other things I have been wondering about you?”She got some wine glass, and put them on the coffee table and sat next to Sally, quite close. She poured Prosecco and offered it to Sally.“If I weren’t married, I would have thought you were trying to seduce me,” Sally laughed.“I’m not good at it, am I? I’ve indeed been trying that all day,” Rachel whispered in Sally’s ear. Her hand resting on her thigh. Sally looked down at her hand, stretched her fingers out, gazing at her wedding band.

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