Subject: Now He’s My Brother Chapter 6 – Flirting Author’s Note: This is a story about two best friends who become brothers, but also learn that they have more feelings for each other. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks ail Chapter 6 – Flirting The awkwardness continued for a few days after the incident, just like the times before, but it actually went back to normal quicker than I expected, especially since this time we had gone a lot farther than ever before, but maybe that’s the reason things went back so quickly. I noticed a few days later that Gabe started to get touchy again by putting his hand on me a lot and leaning on me while we watched TV or played games together. As much as I enjoyed both the new normal between us, and enjoyed the possibility of incidents happening again in the future, I didn’t really like the idea of stuff like this just happening on a loop forever, at least without getting a real boyfriend who I could be together with anytime. So this made me a lot more motivated to actually seek out a boyfriend. One thing I realized as senior year was approaching, is that if I did get a boyfriend, we might want to have full-on sex, and I needed to figure out what position I wanted to be in for that. I started doing research and some experimentation, which included playing with my ass. After doing that for a bit, I realized that I really did enjoy it, and so fingers in my ass became a regular part of my jerk off routine. A few days before school started, I was hooking up with Chris, and we got to talking after we came. I told him that I really wanted to be fully out at school for the upcoming year, and he agreed. So the first week of school we both came out to our friend groups, and told them that we wanted to be openly gay. Chris was even not very shy about telling people that the two of us hooked up a lot, but it was fine by me. I hoped that şişli travesti the word would eventually get out and some of the closeted guys might approach me, and I wasn’t wrong. A few weeks after school started, a fellow senior guy named Matt approached me after school one day. Matt and I had a few classes together before, and had chatted before, but didn’t know each other well. He was also really in shape because he did multiple different sports. I had never gotten any gay vibes from him before, so I was suprised when he told me that he was curious about being with guys. I knew that Gabe was going to be at Anne’s house for a few hours, so I invited him over so we could experiment. The first time, he was pretty nervous and just wanted to jerk off together. He was also really uninterested in kissing, so after we kissed a few times, he started to pull away. I had him over a few more times, and we escalated things a bit more. He wanted to try blowjobs, and so he was the first guy I blew and it was the first time I received one too. It felt good, but his unenthusiasm really put a damper on things. After a few times, I told him I wasn’t interested in meeting up anymore if he was going to keep being weird about things, and he seemed to understand. He was at least thankful that I was going to keep his secret for him, since I would never want to out someone like that. Matt was the only guy who reached out to me, and I was a bit disappointed that I still didn’t have a boyfriend, especially with the homecoming dance coming up. Since I was a senior, this would be my last chance to take a guy to the dance. I also noticed an open condom box on Gabe’s dresser, which made me wonder if he had started having sex with Anne. If so, I was really jealous, for multiple reasons. There was another guy that I had my eyes on though. His name is Jack, and I had a pretty strong crush on beylikdüzü travesti him for a few years. I had always thought he was nice and attractive, and was disappointed that he was involved in different groups of friends than me, because if not dating him, I really wanted to be his friend, but it just never worked out. We were friendly when we saw each other in class or something, but he always had other friends around, so I never felt like I had a chance. He really became a large part of my jerk off fantasies in 9th grade when we were in the same PE class and I was able to sneak peeks of him changing. Even though he wore boxers, the thought of him in just those boxers was enough for me to blow my load very quickly. Anyways, the reason I bring him up was I noticed that he started talking to me a lot more than in previous years. Nothing really substantial, but he always made a point to make eye contact and say hi whenever we passed in the hall or something. Alone it wouldn’t seem like flirting, but since it happened so suddenly after I came out, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was his attempt at flirting. I also thought about it and realized that I couldn’t ever recall him dating any girls. He would take girls to the dances and stuff, but I don’t think I ever knew him to have a girlfriend. So even though I wasn’t sure if he was actually flirting or not, I figured what would be the harm in trying to flirt back? It’s not like we were really friends before or anything, so what did I have to lose? I tried to be really subtle, so in addition to making eye contact and saying hi when I saw him around school, I went out of my way to wave at him from farther away, and paid attention to where his locker and classes were, so I could route my way to see him more often. It was immediately obvious to my friends what I was doing, but they seemed to enjoy it and encouraged istanbul travesti me to continue. I tried that for a few weeks without noticing any change. He was still greeting me like he was before, but nothing more. That is, until a few weeks passed, and I noticed that I saw him a lot more often. It was almost as if he had learned my schedule too and switched things up so we would see each other more. What really seemed to solidify this was one day when I was walking to one of my classes, and he walked up beside me and walked with me most of the way to my class, before saying goodbye and heading a different way. Knowing his schedule, I knew that his next class was on the other side of the school, so I was confused when it happened. We didn’t chat about anything specific, but he seemed really happy to be talking to me, and I was happy to talk to him too. What was even more surprising was two days later when he did the same thing during the same passing period. After it happened a few times, I decided to talk to Austin about it while we were eating lunch. “So you think he is flirting back to me too?” I asked. ///”I definitely do… like I guess it could just be him wanting to make a new friend, but he does seem to be going out of his way…” “I know… it’s frustrating that I don’t know. Like with homecoming next week I really wish I could ask him to the dance… but I don’t think things have progressed enough to actually make that move. I’m terrified that if he does want to be friends, I might just ruin any chance of that happening…” ///”It sucks… well what do you say we just go, and I’ll see if I can help you two get together there… like at least have a dance together.” “You’d do that? Really?” ///”Of course! You are one of my best friends, and you helped me hook up with one of those softball girls last year, so I owe you one! Also, my brother is gay too, so I need to learn how to wingman for gay guys, since I’ll probably have to do it for him at some point.” I smiled and thanked him. I hoped things wouldn’t get too weird at the dance, with Gabe going with Anne, and me trying to guy I’ve been crushing on for years.

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