Nylon Overall



Copyright Oggbashan September 2008

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


“Blast,” Amelia said. “I wish it had ripped.”

She had just caught the hem of her overall’s skirt on a protruding shelf at the end of an aisle in the convenience store where she worked.

Her remark wasn’t really addressed to me but I had to ask.

“Why did you want it to rip?”

“Because if it had torn I would have been given a new cotton overall dress instead of this heavy nylon monstrosity.”

Amelia is my favourite shop assistant. I tend to hang around in the store whenever she’s on duty. That evening, at the end of a hot and sticky day, I’d finished delivering the customers’ orders and was waiting for Amelia and Mary to close the store. Mary was out the back recording the day’s waste. While we were alone I hoped that Amelia would finally agree to one of my repeated requests to go out with me.

She obviously wasn’t in a good mood so my prospects seemed worse than usual. I tried to continue the conversation.

“What’s wrong with that overall? I think you look great in it.”

“You would,” Amelia snorted. “You don’t have to wear it. You wear cotton trousers and a cotton shirt. Even Rowena can wear a cotton overall since she ruined her nylon one.”

Rowena is the trainee. She had started only a couple of weeks ago. Rowena is tall and solidly built, even taller than I am.

“How did she do that?”

“She spilt bleach while cleaning the toilets. Even then it only took some of the colour out. She couldn’t wear it because of the white splodges but the fabric is still strong. She’s got a cotton one. That’s much more comfortable than this.”

“Couldn’t you tear it and say it caught on the shelf?”

“No, Andy, I couldn’t. It won’t tear. It’s almost indestructible and bloody hot in this weather.”

“I’m sure it will tear…”

I reached for the hem. Amelia jumped away.

“No you don’t! I’m not having you peeping at my panties. You couldn’t tear it anyway.”

“I’m sure I could.”

I missed the calculating look in Amelia’s eyes.

“Want to bet?” She asked.

“Bet what?”

“I’ll bet that you couldn’t tear one of these nylon overalls if you were wearing it. No knives or scissors — just your bare hands.”

“What do I win if I succeed?”

“An evening out with me.”

That was worth winning.

“And if I lose?”

“You stay here, with me, while I catch up on my assignment for college. The boss lets me use the computer terminal after the shop’s closed. You know what it’s like at home. Oh, and you’ll have to wear the overall until I’ve finished.”

Amelia is one of a large family in a small house. She has very little space of her own and although they have a computer and internet access it has to be rationed between the siblings. She is studying retail management and hopes to be promoted once she has qualified.

I thought I couldn’t lose. I like the way she looks in that royal blue nylon overall. It strains across her breasts. It has a back zip to a high collar, is fitted to the waist and has a tight skirt ending just above her knees. If I won I’d get to take Amelia out for an evening. If I lost, I’d still spend a couple of hours with her. Wearing a nylon overall if only she and I knew about it seemed a small price to pay.

“Bet?” She asked.


“OK. When we’ve shut the shop you can try to tear a nylon overall dikmen escort while you’re wearing it.”

Amelia, Mary and I went through the familiar routine of closing the store. Mary left through the back door and we closed it. The main area of the store was now alarmed and covered by closed circuit TV. We couldn’t access it without ringing the owner and asking him to override the time delay on the system. The back door was locked and bolted but the alarm system hadn’t been set because Amelia and I were still there.

“Make us some coffee, Andy, while I change,” Amelia said as she went through into the women’s staff area.

“OK,” I replied thinking that I might be wearing Amelia’s nylon overall shortly. Would I get in it? I was getting excited at the idea of wearing something that she had just taken off.

When she returned she put a large carrier bag on the table. We were in the cluttered staff room. The CCTV monitor flickered on the wall, switching from areas inside the darkened store to the outside cameras. Apart from the stock computer on a small desk there is a small kitchen area, a formica-topped table with four upright chairs, two armchairs and a battered settee long enough for four people to sit side by side. The room was rarely used by more than a couple of people at a time because we were too busy. The only times it was full would be when we had a rare staff meeting to be harangued by Joyce, our manageress.

As she turned to face me I could see that Amelia was wearing a flared tiered skirt and a T-shirt top cut low to show the swell of her breasts. My eyes dropped to her obvious assets. I nearly dropped the coffee mug I was handing her.

“Andy!” Amelia rebuked me as she grabbed the coffee. “Look at what you are doing.”

She sat at the computer and started connecting it to the internet. I sipped my coffee sitting in one of the armchairs. I was waiting to start winning the bet. Amelia clicked the mouse before swivelling her chair towards me.

“OK, Andy. Go into the toilet, relieve yourself because this may take some time, take your trousers and shoes off and then come back here.”

I did as I was asked. Even in my boxers the room would be hot enough.

Amelia glanced at me.

“Kneel with your back to me.”

There was no please. Amelia was ordering me around and enjoying it.

A mass of blue material passed my face as Amelia threw the overall over my head. She yanked it down hard and my head emerged through the neck. I heard and felt the back zip being closed. I hadn’t been given a chance to put my arms into the sleeves. This overall couldn’t have been Amelia’s because she couldn’t have zipped it up with my arms inside it.

I started to rise from my knees.

“Stay there!”

I heard the sound of tape being pulled from a roll. Amelia pressed it along the line of the back zip, tucking the end inside the high neck and pressing it flat.

“Now you can stand up.”

She gave me a hand to steady me as I struggled to my feet. She pulled at the hem of the skirt. The overall clamped around me as the fitted waist slid down. More tape was pulled from the roll and tightly wrapped just above the hem, pulling my legs together. This definitely wasn’t Amelia’s overall. It must have belonged to someone even taller than I am because the tape was around my calves. I was bagged inside it from calves to neck.

“Nearly done, Andy,” Amelia laughed at me.

She pulled yet more tape from the roll and wrapped it around my waist, pulling it tight before pressing it hard.

“OK. You’re ready to start winning the bet.”

She guided me towards the settee. I could barely move my feet as I shuffled across the floor.


I emek escort bent. The nylon overall squeezed me. Amelia lowered me to the settee before swinging my bound legs up. I slumped to the settee’s cushions. Amelia smiled at me as I lay along the settee. She bent over me and kissed me on the lips — the first time she had ever kissed me there. I couldn’t respond except by raising my head towards her. She pulled away and stood with her hands on her hips surveying my predicament.

“You can start trying to tear that overall now. It was Rowena’s. I think she deliberately spilt the bleach because it was too long for her even after she had turned the hem up six inches. Of course, I’ve let the hem down again. You might have noticed.”

“How can I…?”

“How can you what? Win the bet? You probably can’t. I didn’t say what the conditions were, did I? Perhaps I forgot on purpose. Anyway, you can try while I complete my current assignment. You’ve got about an hour, I suppose.”

“An hour? Like this?”

“You made the bet, remember?”

Amelia turned away.

I tried to move my hands. I could move them below the elbows. The tape tightly wrapped around my waist stopped my arms moving further. My feet scrabbled for purchase. Within a few seconds it was obvious that Amelia had confined me so effectively that I wasn’t going to get free. My fingers slid across the strong nylon. I tried to free myself for about five minutes as Amelia concentrated on her work.

“Amelia!” I called.

“Yes,” she replied without turning from the screen.

“I’ve lost. I can’t get out.”

“That’s a shame, isn’t it? You’ll just have to wait until I’m ready to let you go, won’t you?”

She hadn’t even looked at me. I relaxed from straining against the nylon enveloping me. Despite myself I was excited by being Amelia’s prisoner. She had kissed me for the first time. I could sense her perfume. I bent my head forward as far as I could and sniffed. It wasn’t Rowena’s scent on this overall. This was Amelia’s. She must have sprinkled some on the overall. The perfume was getting stronger as I became hotter inside the clinging nylon. I lay there watching Amelia’s back as she worked. This was the longest time I had been alone with her. Even trussed up helplessly I still longed for her.

Twenty minutes later by the clock on the wall I asked again.

“Amelia? Please let me out.”

This time she turned to look at me.

“No.” she said flatly. “You’ll have to wait.”

She turned back to the screen.

“I’m getting hot in here.”

“Told you it was uncomfortable.”

She carried on working.

Ten minutes later I tried again.


“What is it?” she snapped angrily.


Amelia stood up, her skirt falling below her knees. She looked down at me.

“No, Andy. You have to stay there until I’ve finished. Understood?”


“No buts. You lost. You stay like that.”

“Please let me free.”

Amelia didn’t answer. My eyes opened wide as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. I saw a flash of stocking tops. She waved the panties in front of my face. They were pale blue cotton, sensible instead of sexy.

“Like them?”

I nodded.

Amelia dropped to her knees beside the settee. She spread the panties between her hands and poised them over my face.


I had been going to ask what she was doing with them but she covered my face with the panties and held them tight against my mouth and nose.

“Shush! If you don’t stop bothering me I won’t finish this assignment tonight and I’ll be annoyed.”

She lifted the panties from my face and scrunched eryaman escort them into a ball. She stood up, kicked her shoes off and made a production of shedding her stockings one by one. She draped each stocking over my nylon sheathed body.

“Please, Am…”

Amelia shoved the balled panties into my open mouth. She wrapped a stocking twice around my head before tying it tight. She sat on the settee, sliding her legs under my head. She spread the other stocking top before pulling it down over my head, further and further until the nylon flattened my nose. She bunched the stocking around my chin.

“Now I’ll have some peace. Don’t even grunt or you’ll get more than you want.”

I could still breathe through my flattened nose. I could get air around her panties even though her stocking cut into my mouth and cheeks. I daren’t make a noise because I thought Amelia would make my helplessness even more uncomfortable than it already was. I just lay there as a helpless package waiting for her to finish her work.

I had a warm feeling of surrender to Amelia despite my discomfort. I was nearly asleep when she finally shut the computer down.

“OK, Andy,” she said. “Time to talk. I’ll make some more coffee once I’ve let you breathe but no talking — not yet. Agreed?”

I nodded.

Amelia eased the stocking off my head. That was a relief. She had a struggle with the stocking knotted over my mouth. Eventually she had to cut it with a pair of scissors.

“That’s a pair of stockings you owe me, Andy. Still keep quiet until I’ve made the coffee.”

The kettle boiled. Amelia made the coffee and put the mugs on the table. She pulled the tape from around my legs, then from my waist. She sat me up and removed the tape covering the zip which she pulled down.

“Arms in the sleeves, Andy!”

I complied. The three-quarter length sleeves clung to my sweaty arms. Amelia closed the back zip again.

“Come and sit at the table. Then we can talk.”

I staggered as I got up from the settee. Amelia caught an elbow to stop me toppling. I sat down gingerly, lifting the overall’s skirt. Amelia pushed my coffee in front of me.

“OK. You lost. You couldn’t win. You need scissors or a knife to cut that nylon material. There’s no way you could have torn it even if I had given you a chance.”

I started to respond. Amelia held up her hand. I shut up.

“But I’ll be generous. You can still take me out. We’ll go to a movie of my choice and then for a meal out. What happens after than depends on how I feel about you. You won’t be in control of the relationship. I will be and if you try to change that…”

“What if I…”

“Did you forget that this room is covered by the CCTV? Everything we’ve done this evening was recorded.”


“Indeed. So if…”

“But won’t the manageress see it anyway?”

“Why should she? There have been no alarms. She knows that I would be here this evening. She has got better things to do than look at video recordings of nothing. But I know, and you know, what is on that recording. If you don’t accept that I’m the boss in this relationship I might accidentally copy the video to our friends and colleagues. You looked sweet eating my pants and wearing my stockings as a gag and mask.”


“OK what?

“OK, Amelia. I accept your conditions. You didn’t need to go to these lengths. I would have accepted almost any condition you wanted to make just to go out with you.”

“You would?”

I sighed.

“Yes. I would.”

Amelia jumped onto my lap, wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me hard. This time I could respond. My arms went around her.

Our coffee was cold when we finished kissing.

Now I’m Amelia’s recognised boyfriend. She bosses me around but I enjoy her company. She still has Rowena’s old overall and a high definition copy of the video of that evening.

Amelia is still my favourite shop assistant. I’m her slave.

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